Goldenday: Здесь материалы, НЕ ОТНОСЯЩИЕСЯ к участникам TRAVELING WILBURYS, а также к коллективам и музыкантам, для которых существуют отдельные темы. Качаем и заливаем, заливаем и качаем

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krasnovenator: Ну, вот вроде и выложил.

Voldar: Спасибо,Александр,буклет действительно очень интересный и фотографии подобраны весьма живые.

ТНЮ: Ещё один знаменитый гитарист-левша

Goldenday: Спасибо!

Voldar: Свежий номер Ролинг Стоунз в тему. On August 26th, 1970, Jimi Hendrix celebrated the official opening of his Electric Lady Studios in Manhattan’s West Village. It would be the last time he ever set foot in his beloved recording sanctuary; he died three weeks later in London at age 27 after ingesting a powerful dose of the sedative Vesperax. But a month prior to the party, the man Rolling Stone would later name the Greatest Guitarist of All Time laid down a few special tracks, including a jam with Steve Winwood on “Valleys of Neptune,” in Electric Lady’s Studio A. That song, in a different incarnation, is now the centerpiece of a new collection of previously unreleased Hendrix gems called Valleys of Neptune. In the new issue of Rolling Stone on sale at newsstands today, David Fricke dives into Hendrix’s last days and lost recordings, tracing the epic plans and earthly troubles that marked the guitar god’s final months. Jimi Hendrix on the cover of Rolling Stone: see all the issues. Speaking with Hendrix’s longtime engineer Eddie Kramer, as well as bassist Billy Cox and former assistant engineer Tommy Erdelyi (better known as Tommy Ramone), Fricke explores Hendrix’s high hopes for Electric Lady and his anticipated fourth studio album. In an interview just days before his death, the guitarist had said he was thinking “this era of music — sparked off by the Beatles — had come to an end. Something new has got to come, and Jimi Hendrix will be there.” Explore Rolling Stone’s essential guitar coverage. Fricke also provides a guided tour of the previously unheard Hendrix recordings found in Jimi’s vaults, from the whirlwind nine-minute Band of Gypsys song “Burning Desire” to an alternate master of “May This Be Love” — both of which will see release later this year via Experience Hendrix’s deal with Sony. As a bonus, you can read original Hendrix reviews — including Lenny Kaye’s original take on The Cry of Love, plus Rainbow Bridge, Into the West and War Heroes — online now.

Voldar: Такая вот не простая кода. Coda - What A Symphony(1996)2CD Track Listing: CD 1 - WHAT A SYMPHONY: 01-03.Overture (7.36) 04.Nostalgia (2.41) 05-12.Lament For Planet Earth (27.54) 13.Spirit Of Waves (3.12) 14.Deja Vu (1.45) 15-17.Rise And Eclipse Of The Sun (16.03) 18-20.What A Symphony (12.29) 21.Last View From The Universe On Humanity (4.25) CD2 - LOVE POEM (EP): 1. Again And Again (7:07) 2. The Bridge (2:12) 3. My Heart Is Bleeding Love (4:10) 4. Chico Rio (5:31) 5. Overture (3:03) The Band: -Erik de Vroomen / Keyboards, Bass pedals, Vocals -Jack Witjes / Guitars, Vocals -Jacky van Tongeren / Bass -Wolfram Dettki Bludeau / Drums and Percussions -And many more APE http://narod.ru/disk/18889228000/Coda%20-%20What%20A%20Symphony(1996)2CD.rar.html

Voldar: Что то после после живого джем-сейшена меня пробило на такого резкого парня. George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Greatests Hits 30 Years Of Rock (2004) Tracklist: 01. Madison Blues [0:04:28.28] 02. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer [0:08:26.44] 03. Move It On Over [0:04:19.00] 04. Who Do You Love? [0:04:25.37] 05. Bad To The Bone [0:04:49.64] 06. I Drink Alone [0:04:32.03] 07. Gear Jammer [0:04:33.49] 08. Willie And The Hand Jive [0:04:03.63] 09. The Sky Is Crying (Live) [0:08:01.43] 10. Reelin' & Rockin' (Live) [0:05:48.72] 11. You Talk Too Much [0:04:34.35] 12. If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave) [0:04:11.64] 13. Get A Haircut [0:04:07.33] 14. Rockin' My Life Away (Alternate Take) [0:03:28.08] 15. American Made [0:04:06.65] 16. Who Do You Love? (Rothrock Remix 2004) [0:03:34.71] APE http://narod.ru/disk/19138404000/George%20Thorogood%20%26%20The%20Destroyers%20-%20Greatests%20Hits%2030%20Years%20Of%20Rock%20(2004).rar.html

Goldenday: Мне этот товарищ очень нравится.

Voldar: Любителям пап и мам,а также пляжных мальчиков очень советую. Flower Pot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco (1967-1993) 01. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #01] Let's Go To San Francisco, Part 1 & 2 02. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #02] A Walk In The Sky 03. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #03] Am I Losing You 04. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #04] Man Without A Woman 05. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #05] You Can Never Be Wrong 06. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #06] Piccolo Man 07. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #07] Mythological Sunday 08. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #08] In A Moment Of Madness 09. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #09] Young Birds Fly 10. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #10] Sweet Baby Jane 11. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #11] Journey's End 12. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #12] Silicon City 13. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #13] Busy Doin' Nothing 14. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #14] White Dove 15. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #15] Let's Go Back To San Francisco, Part 1 16. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #16] Let's Go Back To San Francisco, Part 2 17. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #17] Cooks Of Cake And Kindness 18. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #18] Gotta Be Free 19. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #19] Heaven Knows When 20. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #20] Brave New World 21. Flower Pot Men - [Let's Go To San Francisco #21] Children Of Tomorrow FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/19316874000/Flower%20Pot%20%20Men%20-%20Let's%20Go%20To%20San%20Francisco%20(1967-1993).rar.html

Voldar: Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra - The Dave Stewart Songbook 2CD 2008 CD-1 01. Sweet Dreams (Are made of this) 02. Don;t Come Around Here No More 03. American Prayer 04. Would I Lie To You 05. Old Habits Die Hard 06. Underneath It All 07. Lily Was Here 08. Here Comes The Rain Again 09. Taking Chances 10. Midnight In Chelsea 11. Love Is A Stranger CD-2 01. Missionary Man 02. Possessed 03. Greetings From The Gutter 04. Thorn In My Side 05. Goodess Of Love 06. Jealous 07. Miracle Of Love 08. Stay 09. This Is The World Calling 10. Ordinary Miracle FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/19826864000/CD-1.rar.html http://narod.ru/disk/19827422000/CD-2.rar.html

Voldar: Queen - Smiles From Under The Crown(2004) (B-sides & Rarities) (2CD) CD1 01. Doing All Right [0:03:51.48] 02. Blag [0:03:13.37] 03. April Lady [0:02:42.70] 04. Polar Bear (Pre-Queen,Rare1970"Smile" Demo:Brian May-Guitar,Vocals;Roger Taylor-Drums;Tim Staffel-Bass,Vocals) [0:03:54.51] 05. I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex,1973, Featuring Brian May, Freddie Mercury And Roger Taylor) [0:03:16.01] 06. The Man From Manhattan (Original,Eddie Howell 1976 EP"The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:03:19.10] 07. Hallowed Grond (Eddie Howell 1976 EP "The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:03:58.16] 08. Bring Her Away (Eddie Howell 1976 EP "The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:03:04.04] 09. The Man From Manhattan (Back Again,Eddie Howell 1976 EP"The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:04:55.38] 10. We Will Rock You (Rock Mix, 1992) [0:04:45.72] 11. Dragon Attack (Dragon's Return Mix) [0:07:12.71] 12. Human Body ("The Game" 1980 Outtake) [0:03:47.62] 13. Emotions In Motion (Billy Squier Featuring Freddie Mercury And Roger Taylor,1982) [0:04:57.28] 14. Radio Ga Ga (Re-Cut 1992) [0:09:53.62] 15. It's A Hard Life (12-Inch Mix) [0:05:03.07] 16. Hammer To Fall (12-Inch Mix) [0:05:21.00] 17. She Blows Hot And Cold (B-Side Of "Made In Heaven" Single) [0:03:18.71] 18. Stop All The Fighting (B-Side Of "I Was Born To Love You" Single) [0:03:16.45] CD2 01. Blues Breaker [0:12:53.06] 02. Star Fleet [0:08:06.00] 03. Let Me Out (Brian May And Friends "Star Project", 1983) [0:07:13.62] 04. Thank God It's Christmas (Previously Unreleased) [0:04:20.15] 05. Rock In Rio Blues (B-Side Of "Too Much Love Will Kill You" Single) [0:04:30.28] 06. Blurred Vision (B-Side Of "One Vision" Single) [0:04:42.48] 07. A Kind Of Magic (12-Inch Version) [0:06:27.62] 08. Love Is A Hero (Billy Squier Featuring Freddie Mercury, 1986) [0:05:07.73] 09. Hold On (Jo Dare Featuring Freddie Mercury, Taken From "Zabou" Soundtrack, 1986) [0:03:36.48] 10. Stealin (B-Side Of "Breakthru" Cassette Single,1989) [0:02:12.34] 11. Hijack My Heart (B-Side Of "Invisible Man" Single,1989) [0:04:03.27] 12. Lost Opportunity (B-Side Of "Headlong" Japanese Single,1991) [0:03:49.61] 13. Love Kills (12-Inch Mix Re-Edit, 1992) [0:05:16.12] 14. You Don't Fool Me (Dancing Divaz Club Mix, 1994) [0:07:06.63] FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/19859588000/Queen%20%20-%20Smiles%20From%20Under%20The%20Crown(2004)%20(B-sides%20%26%20Rarities)%20(2CD).part1.rar.html http://narod.ru/disk/19860779000/Queen%20%20-%20Smiles%20From%20Under%20The%20Crown(2004)%20(B-sides%20%26%20Rarities)%20(2CD).part2.rar.html

ТНЮ: Первая ссылка выдаёт несуществующую страницу.....

Voldar: Нин,то же народ,там ссылки целиком копировать надо.

AlexYar: Voldar пишет: 07. Hallowed Grond (Eddie Howell 1976 EP "The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:03:58.16] 08. Bring Her Away (Eddie Howell 1976 EP "The Man From Manhattan", Featuring Brian May And Freddie Mercury) [0:03:04.04] Спорный момент. Не буду злоупотреблять своими знаниями в этом вопросе и занимать время форумчан, просто внесу некоторую ясность. Эти две вещи, действительно, присутствуют на сингле The Man From Manhattan, но на его переиздании 1994 г. Фактически, согласно исторической хронологии Queen и воспоминаний самого Хауэлла, Фреди продюсировал и вместе с Брайаном принимал участие в записи только заглавной вещи The Man From Manhattan. Для желающих, более подробно здесь

Voldar: Это просто замечательно,когда на форуме есть такой информированный квинолюб.

Voldar: Asia - Omega (2010) 01. Asia - [Omega #01] Finger On The Trigger 02. Asia - [Omega #02] Through My Veins 03. Asia - [Omega #03] Holy War 04. Asia - [Omega #04] Ever Yours 05. Asia - [Omega #05] Listen, Children 06. Asia - [Omega #06] End Of The World 07. Asia - [Omega #07] Light The Way 08. Asia - [Omega #08] Emily 09. Asia - [Omega #09] I'm Still The Same 10. Asia - [Omega #10] There Was A Time 11. Asia - [Omega #11] I Believe 12. Asia - [Omega #12] Don't Wanna Lose You Now APE http://narod.ru/disk/20746745000/Asia%20-%20Omega%20(2010).rar.html

Goldenday: Редкий в лосслесс сольник американского музыканта Bleu (по его словам, сам он большой поклонник Beatles и ELO, подтверждение чему - проект L.E.O. 2006 года). Сразу добавлю: ранний альбом 'Redhead' более жёсткий и хардовый. Bleu - Redhead (2003) 01 Get Up 02 I Won't Go Hollywood 03 That's When I Crash 04 We'll Do It All Again 05 Searchin' For The Satellites 06 Could Be Worse 07 Watchin' You Sleep 08 Something's Gotta Give 09 Somebody Else 10 You Know, I Know, You Know 11 Trust Me 12 3's A Charm / Feet Don't Fail / Dance Dance Babydoll Dance FLAC http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U8W459JA http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FV44UJ4I http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UO9GGY98

Voldar: The Steve Miller Band - Bingo! (2010) Track listing 01. Hey Yeah (3:16) 02. Who's Been Talkin'? (3:03) 03. Don't Cha Know (3:12) 04. Rock Me Baby (3:47) 05. Tramp (3:26) 06. Sweet Soul Vibe (3:38) 07. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) (2:38) 08. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) (3:11) 09. You Got Me Dizzy (2:22) 10. Ooh Poo Pah Doo (3:31) 11. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Bonus Track) (2:22) 12. Furtner On Up The Road (Bonus Track) (2:34) 13. Look On Yonder Wall (Bonus Track) (3:08) 14. Drivin' Wheel (Bonus Track) (3:38) FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/22564600000/The%20Steve%20Miller%20Band%20-%20Bingo!%20(2010).rar.html

Voldar: К сожалению довольно редкая в наших краях английская фольковая группа. Magna Carta - Seasons(1970)2004 Track Listing: 1. Seasons: -Prologue -Winter Song -Spring Poem -Spring Song -Summer Poem -Summer Song -Autumn Song -Epilogue -Winter Song(Reprise) 2. Goin' My Way (Road Song) 3. Elizabethan 4. Give Me No Goodbye 5. Ring of Stones 6. Scarecrow 7. Airport Song APE http://narod.ru/disk/22564600000/The%20Steve%20Miller%20Band%20-%20Bingo!%20(2010).rar.html

Voldar: Faces - A Nod Is As Good As A Wink - 1971 (Japan mastered 1990) Tracklist: 01 WICKED MESSENGER 02 DEVOTION 03 SHAKE, SHUDDER, SHIVER 04 STONE 05 AROUND THE PLYNTH 06 FLYING 07 PINEAPPLE AND THE MONKEY 08 NOBODY KNOWS 09 LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW 10 THREE BUTTON HAND ME DOWN FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/22794081000/Faces%20-%20%20A%20Nod%20Is%20As%20Good%20As%20A%20Wink%20%5B1971%5D%5BJapan%20mastered%201990%5D.rar.html

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