Voldar: Куда ж без них?

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Voldar: Подарок от пятого битла. George Martin - In My Life(1998) 01. George Martin - [In My Life #01] Come Together (feat. Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin) 02. George Martin - [In My Life #02] A Hard Day's Night (feat. Goldie Hawn) 03. George Martin - [In My Life #03] A Day In The Life (feat. Jeff Beck) 04. George Martin - [In My Life #04] Here There & Everywhere (feat. Celine Dion) 05. George Martin - [In My Life #05] Because (feat. Vanessa Mae) 06. George Martin - [In My Life #06] I Am The Walrus (feat. Jim Carrey) 07. George Martin - [In My Life #07] Here Comes The Sun (feat. John Williams) 08. George Martin - [In My Life #08] Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (feat. Billy Connolly) 09. George Martin - [In My Life #09] The Pepperland Suite 10. George Martin - [In My Life #10] Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End (feat. Phil Collins) 11. George Martin - [In My Life #11] Friends And Lovers 12. George Martin - [In My Life #12] In My Life (feat. Sean Connery) APE http://rapidshare.com/files/242725729/George_Martin__-_In_My_Life_1998__APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/242726545/George_Martin__-_In_My_Life_1998__APE.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/242727265/George_Martin__-_In_My_Life_1998__APE.part3.rar

Voldar: Booker T. & the MG's - McLemore Avenue - 1970 Tracks: 01. Medley: "Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight", "The End", "Here Comes The Sun", "Come Together" 02. Something 03. Medley: "Because", "You Never Give Me Your Money" 04. Medley: "Sun King", "Mean Mr. Mustard", "Polythene Pam", "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" FLAC http://rapidshare.com/files/220843066/Booker_T.___the_MG_s_-_McLemore_Avenue_1970_MFSL_FLAC.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/220844950/Booker_T.___the_MG_s_-_McLemore_Avenue_1970_MFSL_FLAC.part2.rar P.S. Достаточно посмотреть на обложку и треклист и понять, что это очередной трибьют на битлов. Я тоже так думал, начал слушать, чтобы качество проверить, только оторваться не смог. С третьей коипозицией можно довольно много денех заработать у метро или в переходе.

Voldar: Всем нам большой подарок от одного cultozavrа битловского периода. The Beatles: Complete Ultra Rare Trax (Volumes 1-8) Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.1 Tracklist: 1. I Saw Her Standing There - take 2 (3:08) recorded 11.02.1963 from "Please Please Me" session Continued from warming up, they start a great live performance in the studio. John a mistake with some lyrics and Paul makes a mistake with some bass lines Taken from original master stereo Pitch correction: +0.8% 2. The One After 909 - takes 4-5 (2:57) recorded 05.03.1963 edit of take 4 & 5. "Sessions" mix, 1984 From "From Me To You" session Composed by John in the late 50's ~ early 60's in the period of the Quarrymen. Released on the LET IT BE Album but absolutely different Taken from original master stereo Pitch correction: +0.8% 3. She's A Woman - take 2 (3:17) recorded 08.10.1964 No lead guitar, piano or additional over dubbed vocals. No fade out at the end. Very primitive version. Taken from original master stereo Pitch correction: -1.2% 4. I'm Looking Through You - take 1 (3:12) recorded 24.10.1965 From "Rubber Soul" session No chorus made yet. Beginning with percussion vocalson single track. No fade out at the end. Taken from original master Stereo Pitch correction: -2.0% 5. If You've Got Trouble - take 1 (2:20) recorded 18.02.1965 'Sessions Mix', 1984 From "Rubber Soul" session Taken from original master. Stereo Pitch correction: -1.9% 6. How Do You Do It - take 2 (1:59) recorded 04.09.1962 Take 2, RM1 (4 sep 1962) From "Please Please Me" session Prepered as a second single, but never released Line at around 1:36: "Wish I knew how you do it to me,I'd do it to you" Pitch correction: +1.3% 7. Penny Lane - take 9 (3:07) recorded 17.01.1967 Take 9, RM9 Basically same version as on "Rarities" album, but including dialogue and Paul's count in the beginning. Taken from original master Pitch correction: -3.0% 8. Strawberry Fields Forever - take 26 (3:19) recorded 15.12.1966 The information given is all wrong. Takes 1, 25 and 26 of this song were played in the key of B natural. Takes 2-7 were in B flat. They are a semitone apart. No versions exist in A or C. There is also no acetate of Take 26, only of Take 7, and this isn't it! stereo Pitch correction: -6.4% Liner notes: There's two takes for this song First a slower version-A- (key on Bb) and a faster version-B- (key on C) The previously released version consists of take A & B with controles speed, and it is also remixed. This version is Take B with a different mix Taken from original acetate 9. From Me To You - take 2 (1:51) recorded 05.03.1963 beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4", no harmonica Absolutely different Taken from original master stereo Pitch correction: -0.4% 10. Besame Mucho (2:32) recorded 06.06.1962 with Pete Best on drums A different take from " Decca Tapes" Taken from original master Pitch correction: -2.7% 11. The Fool On The Hill - demo take 1 (2:45) recorded 06.09.1967 Demo take 1 Paul performs solo demo on piano Taken from original acetate Pitch correction: -2.2% 12. Paperback Writer - take 2 (2:37) recorded 16.04.1966 Beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4" on the right channel. Same as the single, but different mix, no echo effects on vocals, and no fade-out at the end Taken from original master Stereo Pitch correction: +0.5% APE http://rapidshare.com/files/214958791/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_1.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/214984076/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_1.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.2 Tracklist: 1. Can't Buy Me Love (2:15) recorded 29.01.1964 2. There's A Place - take 3 (0:12) recorded 11.02.1963 3. There's A Place - take 4 (1:56) recorded 11.02.1963 4. That Means A Lot (2:25) recorded 20.02.1965 5. Day Tripper - take 1 (0:29) recorded 16.10.1965 6. Day Tripper - take 2 (3:07) recorded 16.10.1965 7. I Am The Walrus (4:23) recorded 05.09.1967 8. Misery - take 1 (1:53) recorded 11.02.1963 9. Leave My Kitten Alone (2:52) recorded 14.08.1964 10. We Can Work It Out (2:11) recorded 20.10.1965 11. A Hard Day's Night (2:34) recorded 16.04.1964 12. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (2:29) recorded 10.1965 APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215000607/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_2_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215010494/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_2_APE.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.3 Tracklist: 1. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da recorded 02.06.1968 2. Tomorrow Never Knows recorded 06.04.1966 3. A Day In The Life recorded 19.01.1967 4. Yes It Is recorded 15-19.02.1965 5. I Saw Her Standing There - take 10 recorded 11.02.1963 6. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - take 1 recorded 12.10.1965 7. Not Guilty recorded 1968 8. Across The Universe recorded 04.08.1968 9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - acoustic take 1 recorded 1968 10. Ticket To Ride recorded 1965 APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215353087/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_3_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215355712/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_3_APE.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.4 Tracklist: 1. The One After 909 (3:17) recorded January 1969 From Get Back sessions 2. A Taste Of Honey - take 7 (2:17) recorded 11.02.1963 3. I Feel Fine - take 7 (2:49) recorded October 1964 John's vocals are not double tracked, different to the previously released song 4. Yer Blues - from Rolling Stones Rock'N'Roll Circus (4:02) recorded 11.12.1968 John's group was "The Dirty Mac" Performed by John (vocal,guitar),Keith Richards(Bass), Eric Clapton( lead guitar) and Mitch Mitchell (fom the Jimmy Hendricks Experience, drums) 5. Blues Jam - rehersal from Rolling Stones Rock'N'Roll Circus (3:48) recorded 11.12.1968 The same group as above 6. Not Guilty - take 102 (4:25) recorded June - October 1968 7. Get Back (2:17) recorded January 1969 From Get Back sessions - very funny version 8. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues (1:52) recorded January 1969 From Get Back sessions 9. Do You Want To Know A Secret - take 8 (2:44) recorded 11.02.1963 no echo effects on george's lead vocals 10. All You Need Is Love - TV broadcast (5:00) recorded 25.06.1967 from the "Our World" TV Programme APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215359642/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_4.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215364248/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_4.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.5 Tracklist: 1. Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (1:11) recorded 28.11.1967 Edit 2. Because - vocals only (2:19) recorded 14.08.1969 3. Revolution - reduction mix (3:20) recorded 10-12.08.1968 4. I Me Mine - "unlooped" original final take (1:44) recorded 03.01.1970 5. Strawberry Fields Forever - take 1 (3:09) recorded 24.11.1966 6. Hey Jude - take 9 (5:39) recorded 30.07.1968 7. Magical Mystery Tour - film version (2:36) recorded 25-27.04.1967 8. Lady Madonna - take 3ab (2:15) recorded 03-04.02.1968 Vocals (with laughter) overdubs 9. What's The New Mary Jane - mix from take 4 (6:05) recorded 1968 10. The One After 909 (2:34) recorded 04.09.1962 11. Medley: (3:29) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - alternate take / Christmas Time (Is Here Again) - edit This mix was prepared for the cancelled "Sessions" album APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215377612/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_5_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215384032/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_5_APE.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.6 Tracklist: 1. Come And Get It - Paul's Demo (2:30) recorded 24.07.1969 2. Hold Me Tight (2:38) recorded 12.09.1963 3. I'll Be On My Way - from BBC (2:00) recorded 04.04.1963 4. Strawberry Fields Forever - take 7 (4:06) recorded 29.11.1966 5. It's All Too Much - complete recorded 25-26.05.1967 6. 12 Bar Original - take 2 (3:53) recorded 04.11.1965 7. St. Louis Blues (1:02) recorded July - August.1968 8. She's A Woman - take 7 (6:33) recorded 08.10.1964 Including extended ending - jam 9. What's The New Mary Jane - mix (6:50) recorded 14.08.1968 10. Dig It - compete (8:19) recorded January 1969 APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215395104/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_6_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215426959/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_6_APE.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215429782/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_6_APE.part3.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.7 Tracklist: 1. I Saw Her Standing There - concert (3:11) recorded 24.10.1963 recorded live in Stockholm, Karlaplans Studio 2. Too Much Monkey Business - radio (2:04) recorded 04.04.1963 recorded live in London for BBC London, Paris Studio 3. This Boy - concert (2:32) recorded 16.06.1964 recorded live in Melbourne, Festival Hall 4. If I Needed Someone - concert (2:44) recorded 30.06.1966 recorded live in Tokyo, Nippon Budokan Hall 5. She's A Woman - concert (5:43) recorded 03.10.1964 recorded live in London 6. I'm A Loser - concert (2:37) recorded 1964 recorded live in London, Odeon Cinema, Christmas Show 1964 7. Yesterday - TV (1:57) recorded 12.08.1965 recorded live for Ed Sullivan Show, New York 8. Crying, Waiting, Hoping - radio (2:10) recorded 16.07.1963 recorded live for BBC, London, Paris Studio 9. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - concert (2:22) recorded 20.06.1965 recorded live in Paris, Palais Des Sport 10. Shout - TV (2:02) recorded 28.04.1964 recorded live in London for Around The Beatles Show, Wembley Studios 11. Yer Blues - TV (4:01) recorded 11.12.1968 recorded live in Wembley for Rock'n Roll Circus, with Eric Clapton and Keith Richards 12. Nowhere Man - concert (2:24) recorded 30.06.1966 recorded live in Tokyo, Nippon Budokan Hall 13. Anna (Go To Him) - radio (3:02) recorded 17.06.1963 recorded live for BBC, London, Maida Vale Studios 14. Twist And Shout - concert (3:17) recorded 16.06.1964 recorded live in Melbourne, Festival Hall APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215446053/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_7.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215457364/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_7.part2.rar Ultra Rare Trax - Vol.8 Tracklist: 1. Baby's In Black - concert (2:34) recorded 20.07.1965 recorded live in Paris, Palais Des Sport 2. You Really Got A Hold On Me - concert (3:09) recorded 24.10.1963 recorded live in Stockholm, Karlaplans Studio 3. The Fool On The Hill - rehersal (2:43) recorded 1967 Paul playing piano and sing 4. To Know Her Is To Love Her - radio (2:47) recorded 16.06.1963 recorded live for BBC, London, Paris Studio 5. A Hard Day's Night - concert (2:34) recorded 1964 recorded live in London, Odeon Cinema, Christmas Show 1964 6. Day Tripper - concert (3:33) recorded 30.06.1966 recorded live in Tokyo, Nippon Budokan Hall 7. All You Need Is Love - TV (4:34) recorded 25.06.1967 recorded in London for "Our World TV Show" 8. Till There Was You - concert (2:37) recorded 16.06.1964 recorded live in Melbourne, Festival Hall 9. And I Love Her - radio (2:19) recorded 14.07.1964 recorded live for BBC, London, Studio 52 10. Can't Buy Me Love - concert (2:14) recorded 20.06.1965 recorded live in Paris, Palais Des Sport 11. I Feel Fine - concert (2:14) recorded 1964 recorded live in London, Odeon Cinema, Christmas Show 1964 12. Hey Jude - TV (7:42) recorded 1968 recorded live for "David Frost Show". While David Frost were introducing The Beatles to the audience they were jaming for a few seconds on stage APE http://rapidshare.com/files/215783799/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_8_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/215790133/The_Beatles_-_Ultra_Rare_Trax_Vol_8_APE.part2.rar Cегодня ещё не 1 апреля,поэтому это совсем не розыгрыш: We proudly present the rarest material of the Beatles for real fans. This series contains some tracks which never appeared on any over and underground releases! Enjoy yourself to listen to it, and you,ll come to know the Beatles deeper than ever! In the 80s, the Ultra Rare Trax series were one of the most famous because it gathered in an excellent quality and with reasonably exact liner notes, some of the best material available. Today, this material has been booted numerous times and most of it appears on the Anthology. However, for beginner collectors, this collection might be interesting to trade. Once completed, you'll have a good selection of what is available (concert material and Get Back sessions omitted). Откуда и с чьей помощью The Swingin' Pig "заполучили" эти записи, где и почему вся напечатанная партия хранилась столько лет - "тайна покрытая мраком". На этих дисках собраны редкие записи, ранее не публиковавшиеся, но ценность их не только в этом, но и в том, что к каждой песне есть комментарий, уточняющий где и когда был записан трек и его отличия от того варианта, который мы все привыкли слышать. Пока прослушал только 1 диск,там на She's A Woman - take 2 МакКартни в середине песни не смог удержаться и засмеялся,но петь продолжил,очень прикольно получилось.

Voldar: The Beatles- Meet The Threetles! (2003) Tracklist: Reunion Jam Sessions - Friar Park Studios, Henley-On-Thames, England, 23rd June 1994 1. Raunchy 2. Thinking Of Linking 3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4. Baby What You Want Me To Do 5. I Will 6. Dhera Duhn 7. Ain't She Sweet The Evolution of FREE AS A BIRD - Dakota, New York City, 1977/The Mill Studio, Sussex, England, 11 February 1994 8. John's demo 9. acoustic mix 10. 5.1 center channel 11. 5.1 front channels 12. 5.1 rear channels 13. 5.1 enhanced mix 14. video mix The Evolution of REAL LOVE - Dakota, New York City, 1979/The Mill Studio, Sussex, England, 6-7 February 1995 15. John's demo 16. acoustic mix 17. 5.1 center channel 18. 5.1 front channels 19. 5.1 rear channels 20. 5.1 enhanced mix 21. single mix - original speed 22. Kevin Godley mix 23 video mix BONUS TRACK - somewhere in 1981 24. All Those Years Ago (enhanced mix) FLAC http://rapidshare.com/files/249977158/The_Beatles-_Meet_The_Threetles___2003_.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/249978018/The_Beatles-_Meet_The_Threetles___2003_.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/249978787/The_Beatles-_Meet_The_Threetles___2003_.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/249979641/The_Beatles-_Meet_The_Threetles___2003_.part4.rar Внимательно посмотрев приложенные сканы полиграфии, я не обнаружил нигде даже упоминания имени Джефф Линна, а для нас это звучит в данном случае оскорбительно, потому что материал практически весь посвещен записи двух песен FREE AS A BIRD и REAL LOVE. Подумал, что возможно, работа производилась сначала без Джеффа, ан нет - и сроки, и многочисленные потверждения, собранные Робертом Портером говорят о обратном. Цитата: "Free As A Bird was recorded by John Lennon in demo form but never finished, and in 1994 the tape was entrusted to Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The outcome is an elevation of the simple beauty of John's original demo to a much higher level. Jeff Lynne, co-producer of the recording, modestly remarks, 'It was tricky, but I think we've pulled it off.'" Author Unknown (1995 liner notes for Free As A Bird CD single) "Paul McCartney: 'So when we got in the studio, uh, we had this cassette, Free As A Bird. It was very bad quality. It was just a mono cassette, um, with John and piano locked in on one track. Uh, which nobody would normally deal with, you'd just think, Oh, I can't deal with this. But the song was so strong that we overcame those technical diffulties, or rather Jeff Lynne did. He was producer.' Jeff Lynne: 'It wasn't an easy thing because they were like mono tapes and John singing on 'em with the piano as well. And so you couldn't really separate anything. So, John is actually playing piano on the records, too, y'know. Um... Which is a great thing. So it kept the integrity of that, and it wasn't like, uh, like his voice just appearing out of nowhere, he was actually doing a performance at the same time. Technically, it was virtually impossible to do it, but we did it because, y'know, we worked at it, very hard.' Ringo Starr: 'So, after that we did, like, a basic track with all these gaps in it. And then, we had to fill in the song, uh, which... which is what happened.' George Harrison: 'What we actually did was remake this song. I mean, even with chords and stuff, we changed chords... We changed the arrangements, we added parts, and we wrote lyrics and then we'd made the multi-track tape of this song, and took John's voice and made him into the track.' Jeff Lynne: 'When it started taking shape, John was sort of in there, coming up singing and... I think everybody at that moment said, Wow, this really works, y'know, and... And I was really thrilled because I'd spent a long, long time, after we'd got the backing done, making the vocals, y'know, fit exactly. And once that happened, I think we were all Oh, yeah, this is really... this is really good. And it's not doing John a disservice or whatever. It's actually making it into a really good record.' Ringo Starr: 'I listened to it [after we'd recorded it] and I thought it sounds just like them. Y'know, I've taken myself away from it for so long, that it... that it was just like listening it from a... like an outsider. And it sounds just like them, it's brilliant.' Paul McCartney: 'When George and I were doing the harmonies and that was what Ringo said, when we got back in the [studio, we thought], it just... it sounds just like the Beatles!' Jeff Lynne: 'It wasn't surprising to me, really, because that's what I went there for, to work with the Beatles. So I always, like, assumed, in my naivety or whatever, that it was going to sounds like a Beatles record, because I'm working with the Beatles.' George Harrison: 'It's gonna sound like them, if it is them. It sounds like them now. That's what I think.' Paul McCartney: 'The first choice, uh, was Free As A Bird and we did that in February 94...'" Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne, Ringo Starr & George Harrison (circa 1996 - Recording Free As A Bird and Real Love special feature from The Beatles Anthology Special Features DVD) "Also, fittingly, Lynne was asked to produce a song by a band to whom his entire musical career has been a kind of homage: Free as a Bird, in 1994, by the Beatles." David Cheal (December 8, 2005 - The Daily Telegraph) P.S.Материал очень интересный,даже содержит моно оригиналы записей Леннона,его было трудно скачать в течении недели,так люди хотели послушать.

Sergey`M: Voldar пишет: Внимательно посмотрев приложенные сканы полиграфии, я не обнаружил нигде даже упоминания имени Джефф Линна Что неужели вообще не упомянут? Ну дела.

Goldenday: А зачем? третий - лишний

Goldenday: Наконец, скачал. Чудный бутлег! Спасибо, Миш!

Voldar: Да,насобирали богато.Жалко у парней в своё время не хватило терпения закончить Now And Then,во время работы над Антологией.

Goldenday: Терпения ли? Мне кажется, скорее терпимости. Да, очень жалко. Более чем уверен, что у Линна всё было на мази, только зелёный свет требовался.

Игорь г.Дзержинск: На Ёку намекаешь?

Goldenday: Вполне. С другой стороны, кто же мне говорил??... ходили слухи: Полу не нравилось, что его самого в песне будет слишком мало.

Goldenday: Боже!!! Закрыл пальцами поочерёдно части лица. На фоне правой половины какая хитрая рожа слева!

Voldar: Мне кажется ,для обложки больше бы наш герб подошел.

Goldenday: Не, мы своих орлов не отдадим! (хотя действительно ты в самую точку.)

Игорь г.Дзержинск: From Me To You № 31

Voldar: Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band Offers Public 'Dress Rehearsal' 16 февраля Йоко с со своей пластиковой бандой выступит в Нью-Йорке.На этот раз к ней присоединились весьма приличные люди r Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Bette Midler, Martha Wainwright, Scissor Sisters .Надо сказать очень хорошо думаем о Йоко не только мы.Комменты к этому сообщению: Susanat 2-02-2010 Oh, honestly, big fu...g deal. Go away Ono. You did NOTHING to deserve such attention. You were only married to Lennon. You are nothing w/o him. Go away. algonquin j. calhounat 2-02-2010 i had a nightmare a few days ago that yoko was going to revive the plastic oh no band and i woke up in a cold sweat, thrashing the sheets and screaming uncontrollably...much like yoko herself. markat 2-03-2010 Your very Ugly,,,,,,,I don't know what John Lennon seen in you,I've got all his Music Albums thou,love to see he boy take off where his dad was in music,Keep Lennon music going http://www.spinner.com/2010/02/02/yoko-ono-plastic-ono-band/

Voldar: А вот другая тётя,очень даже хорошая ,записала целый альбом с песнями битлов. Roberta Flack Focusing on Beatles Tribute Album She said the record is coming together quickly. "I've finished about eight, so we're on our way," she says. "I have 'Here, There and Everywhere,' 'Here Comes the Sun,' 'Come Together,' 'Eleanor Rigby,' 'Let It Be,' 'Hey Jude.'"

Goldenday: Я вот всё не перестаю удивляться шаблонности выбора западных исполнителей. Каждый раз встречая новую кавер-компиляцию на тему Битлз, встречаешь практически одни и те же песни. Неужели ни у кого нет желания кавернуть какие-нибудь нестандартные варианты?

Игорь г.Дзержинск: Дима, я подозреваю(может я не прав),что они не очень знакомы с наследием Битлз. Это как на радио, крутят вещи,которые набили окомину(а песни неплохие).

ТНЮ: Игорь, ты прав! По радио одно и то же: Let It Be, Michelle, Yesterday и Strawberry Fields Forever. Остальное оставляют за кадром.

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