Voldar: В этой теме обсуждаются животрепещушие вопросы современности.

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ТНЮ: А мне он не симпатичен никак. Уж простите, ничего привлекательного для себя в нём не открыла.

Voldar: Ну ,не Ален конечно,но в молодости был ничего,посмотри галерею на сайте.

ТНЮ: Я уже только этим и занимаюсь! Сколько переслушано-пересмотрено! Меня гложет вопрос: кто и что в нём нашёл привлекательного?

Goldenday: В молодости вполне симпатичный парень. Цинизм, правда, витает... наверное, заодно с корнями его впитал.

ТНЮ: И фамилия у него какая-то слишком..... подозрительная: Циммерман......

Sergey`M: Подозрительная была бы Цимерманов, а так всё понятно...

Voldar: Sergey`M пишет: Подозрительная была бы Цимерманов Сереж,отличная шутка,правда Боб никогда не шифровался насчет происхождения.Более того,когда он был здесь в СССР ,то очень хотел попасть в Одессу,откуда родом родители.

Sergey`M: ...я из Одессы, здрасте...! А чего шифроваться нормальному человеку-то. Не бандит и не вор...

Voldar: Sergey`M пишет: Не бандит и не вор... Это точно один критик,так вообще его Чарли Чаплиным обозвал. Bob Dylan: the Charlie Chaplin of rock http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/02/08/2813141.htm?site=thedrum

ТНЮ: Мне он почему-то то ли цыганина, то ли пирата напоминает

Goldenday: ТНЮ пишет: то ли пирата напоминает Угу, на картинке осталось только повязку на глаз


Voldar: Ну цыган или не цыган,я не знаю,но в белом доме Боб спел,сегодня ночью. Bob Dylan Sings "The Times They Are A-Changin'" for President Obama With President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill all sitting front-row center at the White House’s relatively intimate East Room, Bob Dylan took the stage at the first “In Performance at the White House” concert of 2010, which was themed “A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement.” Whereas gospel singer Yolanda Adams changed the tense in a few lyrics to Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” by singing “a change has come” as a shout-out to President Obama’s ‘08 campaign slogan, Dylan’s lyrics to “The Times They Are A-Changin’” didn’t need any, uh, a-changin’. Accompanied by stand-up bass and piano, Dylan sang his 1964 anthem loud and clear, highlighting the song’s many apropos lyrical moments (“Come senators, congressmen / Please heed the call / Don’t stand in the doorway / Don’t block up the hall”). His former musical/romantic/protest partner Joan Baez also performed, though the pair did not sing a duet as we had hoped. Baez sang protest classic “We Shall Overcome” with a little help from the crowd for the refrain. немного посмотреть можно здесь. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/feb/10/barack-obama-civil-rights-music

Voldar: Неутомимый Боб в этом году наверно решил побить все рекорды по гастролям.После гастролей в Азии он возвращается в Европу и даст в июне концерт в Белграде,может его и к нам занесет? Legendary American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, one of the most influential musicians in history, is to hold a concert in Belgrade in June this year, Blic understands. The event will be put together by Avalon Music Production, while the venue of the concert in early June will be the Belgrade Arena. http://english.blic.rs/Culture-Showbiz/6050/Bob-Dylan-set-for-Belgrade-gig-in-June

Goldenday: Voldar пишет: даст в июне концерт в Белграде, Блин, ну совсем же рядом! Ещё чуток...

Voldar: Здорово было бы посмотреть на Боба,насчет послушать сомневаюсь,а посмотреть интересно.Только боюсь нам не светит,у Боба та же история что и у Тома(может я ошибаюсь) на всю страну едва ли десяток преданных поклонников наберется.

Voldar: Идея насчет любимых гитар наших музыкантов,становиться все более реальной.Фирма Гибсон собирается опубликовать статью о акустических инструментах на которых играл Боб Дилан.В кратком анонсе к статье,причем из другого источника,говориться даже о гитаре,подаренной Бобу Джоржем - это Gibson G-200 .На официальном сайте этой статьи ещё нет. Bob Dylan's loyalty to Gibson acoustic guitars has lasted throughout his career, a new article has explained. The legendary solo artist began his career back in the 1960s playing a Gibson J-50 guitar, which was featured on the cover of his self-titled first album. Dylan then moved to Gibson Nick Lucas Special before being given a Gibson G-200 guitar as a present by Beatles star George Harrison, reports the music instrument manufacturer's Lifestyle blog. The instrument featured on the cover art of his 1969 record, Nashville Skyline. By the 1990s, he had turned to a Gibson J-45, which featured on Time Out of Mind as well as Love and Theft. "From his famous Gibson Nick Lucas Special to the Gibson J-45 that has logged in countless miles on the Never Ending Tour, Bob Dylan's history with Gibsonguitars goes deep," the article explained. Earlier this month, Dylan played at the White House in a special event celebrating the work of the civil rights movement in America. http://www.gear4music.com/news/article/Bob-Dylans-history-of-Gibson-guitar-playing-remembered/14C/2010-02-19

Voldar: На венецианском фестивале Кейт Бланшет получила золотого льва ,за лучшую женскую роль в фильме основанном на жизнеописании Боба Дилана I'm Not There. Blanchett triumphs with portrait of Dylan CATE Blanchett has captured the top award for an actress at the Venice Film Festival, confirming her position as the great screen actress of her generation. She won for her portrayal of Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, a study of the singer's life and influence in which several actors portrayed different aspects of his personality. Director Todd Haynes collected her prize, as she could not attend the festival, as well as a jury prize for his inventive approach to biography. "Cate turned what could have been a stunt into a compelling performance," he said. He had first decided to cast a woman as the Dylan of 1966, who became notorious for ditching folk music in favour of electric instruments, because he felt it was the only way to convey how strange and outrageous he seemed at the time. "But of course it would take an actor of Cate's supreme intelligence and ability to bring to the role the kind of depth and subtlety she delivers so stunningly on screen," he said. In a sensational twist at the end of a consistently interesting competition, Taiwanese director Ang Lee won the festival's top award, the Golden Lion, only two years after he won his first. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/entertainment/blanchett-triumphs-with-portrait-of-dylan-20100223-owlx.html

Voldar: Сегодня определенно день хороших новостей. Bob Dylan and Clint Eastwood given White House arts awards Боб Дилан получил национальную медаль за достижения в области искусств ,и надо же такому случиться.что получил он её вместе с другим любимым нами персонажем - Клинтом Иствудом. President Barack Obama has honoured actor and director Clint Eastwood and singer Bob Dylan with arts and humanities awards. The White House called Dylan "an icon of youthful rebellion and poetic sensitivity" and said Eastwood's films and performances were "essays in individuality, hard truths and the essence of what it means to be American." "Obviously, their careers have marked the landscape of American culture for decades," Mr Obama said, noting their absence from the East Room ceremony. They were among 20 people and institutions recognized for their contributions to American culture through the arts and humanities. Among those in the East Room to accept their awards were author, activist and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel for his work to educate the country and the world on the Holocaust, and conductor Michael Tilson Thomas for his efforts to expand audiences and the repertoire for contemporary music. Soprano Jessye Norman was recognized for "broadening contemporary operatic repertoire." Maya Lin earned a medal for her architecture, including the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, one of Washington's most visited monuments. Mr Obama also awarded composer John Williams a medal for music featured in films such as the "Star Wars" series and the soundtrack to the Olympics. Noting that the United States has produced talents ranging from Mark Twain to Toni Morrison, John Philip Sousa to Louis Armstrong, Mr Obama praised the diversity. "They bring us joy, they bring us understanding and insight, they bring us comfort in the good times and perhaps especially in difficult times in our own lives and the life of our nation," he said. Тут ешё интересная статья по этому поводу: http://www.thewrap.com/ind-column/dylan-lucas-award-winning-washington-style-14653

Goldenday: Вот это я понимаю! Очень приятно за Клинта! Ну и за Дилана, конечно.

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