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Турне 2012 года

SLQ: Для удобства отслеживания информации и конкретных обсуждений завожу отдельную тему. Первая новость : from tompetty.com Amsterdam, NL Show Added on June 24 We are excited to announce that Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will return to Holland for the first time since 1987 with a show at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on June 24. The Amsterdam show replaces the Zurich concert which, as announced last week, was cancelled due to logistical and production issues.

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Voldar: Отличная идея сделать отдельную тему про тур.Вот и новость. Amsterdam, NL Show Added on June 24 We are excited to announce that Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will return to Holland for the first time since 1987 with a show at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam on June 24. The Amsterdam show replaces the Zurich concert which, as announced last week, was cancelled due to logistical and production issues. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/amsterdam-nl-show-added-on-june-24

Voldar: Tom Petty Hosts One Million Facebook Fans Giveaway Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are so elated to have hit the one million-fans mark on their Facebook page that they’re giving away 28 pairs of concert tickets! The giveaway takes place over the next seven days and you can enter here. One visit to Tom Petty’s website and it’s evident that they totally believe in giving back to their fans but this offer especially shows their appreciation for the fans. Twenty-eight lucky winners will receive two tickets to a show on the 2012 Tour in the city of their choice. On the first day, one fan will win tickets and will get to choose the concert in the 2012 tour city of their choice (excluding the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival), with the number of winners increasing by one fan each day. In short, seven winners will be announced on the final seventh day, resulting in 28 tickets total for the week. Granted, this prize only includes concert tickets and does not include travel or accommodations but what a great excuse to hit the road. After all, you’ve been named a contest winner and that’s an excellent excuse to take a little vacation. Visit Petty’s website for all the details and the official rules of the contest. Winners will be selected by random draw, so take a chance and who knows you may hear the words ‘You Got Lucky.’ http://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-hosts-one-million-facebook-fans-giveaway/

allamina: Да, давайте уже готовиться! Во-первых, надо тренироваться делать утреннюю зарядку и тренировать забеги на короткие дистанции, в Хорсенсе придётся бежать в первый ряд (ну или хотя бы во второй) очень прытко А во-вторых... какие бы детали еще обсудить? Разогрев еще не раскушала, хотя и послушала.. надо поднапрячься

Voldar: Может э.... с шестом попробовать?

SLQ: Официальный сайт сообщил , что срепетиционной базы группы были похищены несколько гитар :( Five guitars belonging to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have been stolen from the Soundstage in Culver City where they have been rehearsing for their US tour which will start next week. The stolen guitars are: Tom's Rickenbacker 360/12 - 1967 Blonde (serial # GH 3747) Tom's Gibson SG TV Junior - 1965 (serial # 318533) Scott's Epiphone Sheridan - 1967 (serial # to be updated ASAP) Ron's Fender Broadcaster – (serial # to be updated ASAP) (The photo is of Mike's Broadcaster, but Ron's was stolen Mike's Dusenberg Mike Campbell Model (serial # to be updated ASAP) Police in Culver City are investigating the burglary. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are offering a $7500 reward with no questions asked to anyone with information leading to the recovery of the guitars. If you have any information on the whereabouts of these stolen guitars: Culver City Police Department, Detective Grant, (310) 253 6305 or email StolenGuitars@TomPetty.com (Please only email if you have actual information). Thank you. Mike's Dusenberg Mike Campbell Model (serial # to be updated ASAP)

allamina: Ойй((( Рикенбакер хороший шибко... жаль... надеюсь. найдут.

SLQ: А мне Dusenberg больше всего жалко.

allamina: Ну да, Майковые гитары в руках хозяина просто бриллиантовые... Но рикенбакер в руках Тома я больше помню... Вот поднялась же рука у кого-то, просто ничего святого у этих воров

Voldar: Мдя,а до начала тура осталось всего ничего...

SLQ: Voldar пишет: Мдя,а до начала тура осталось всего ничего... Ну гитару у них на тур хватит, но все равно обидно

Goldenday: Воры что здесь, что там - одно слово: . В России их поболе, а может, в Штатах просто закона боятся сильнее. Верните музыканту инструменты, уроды!

allamina: ааа... это другой рикенбакер! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haCk5XFj1lw я ошиблась, но конечно ж всё равно безумно жалко

Sergey`M: Эх клевый концерт! Да, гитары не для игры наверняка сперли, загонят и пропьют ироды.

Voldar: В гугеле уже больше 350 статей о краже,если это PR-ход менеджмента группы,то он удался на 200%.Интересно, что после разогрева у Тома,Регина даст один концерт в Крокусе. http://center.ria.ru/culture/20120416/82646459.html

allamina: Все повалят на концерт, смотреть на чем же будут Майк пилить american girl? Если только пропиарить винтаж гитар... Да даже если и пиар, то пускай, не лишне совсем напомнить Европе, пора (ты, Володь, прямо смутил меня сиим предположением , я то доверчивая простушка, а сейчас в непонятках тут )

Voldar: Нормальный ход,а если инструменты вдруг найдутся, то ещё 350 статей ,очень грамотно получается.Тут канешна заковыка,насчет дюзенберга Майка - редкая гитара(вот только интересно сколько у него дюзенбергов).

SLQ: До начала тура осталось совсем суток времени, вот и посмотрим, на чем они играть будут.

SLQ: Tom Petty guitar theft leads to arrest A security guard has been arrested following the theft of five of US musician Tom Petty's guitars from a rehearsal space in California. The instruments, worth an estimated Ј100,000 ($160,000) have also been returned to Petty and his band. Writing on his Facebook page, Petty said he was "extremely grateful" to the police and "touched by the outpouring of good wishes" from fans. The arrested man was Daryl Emmette Washington, 51, of Los Angeles. He was a private security guard at The Culver Studios lot, which is used for filming music videos and tour rehearsals. Police Chief Don Pedersen said the break in the case came when the suspect attempted to sell one of the guitars at a Hollywood pawn shop for $250 (Ј157). Washington was booked on suspicion of grand theft, said a police spokesman, adding: "We believe that there is a very strong and compelling evidence in this case." The instruments included Petty's blond 1967 maple 12-string Rickenbacker and his Gibson SGTVJunior. Three other guitars belonging to his band-mates also went missing. The band had previously set up an email address for tip-offs about the instruments' whereabouts, with a "no questions asked" reward of $7,500 (Ј4,712) for information leading to their return. Known for hit singles including American Girl, Learning To Fly and Breakdown, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are due to kick off their US tour in Colorado on Wednesday night. They come to Europe in June for a string of festival dates, as well as two nights in London's Royal Albert Hall. The shows will mark the band's first major UK shows for more than 20 years.

allamina: Хотелось бы порадоваться счастливому концу, но история с продолжением.... Я так поняла, что рикенбакер нашелся (стоит мне захотеть) Эх, что-то я всё равно верю Тому (или менеджементу евошнему) и страдаю

Voldar: Ну в общем, то ли тамошняя полиция отлично работает,то ли менеджмент. "I am extremely grateful to the Culver City Police Department for a job well done and touched by the outpouring of good wishes and concern from our fans and friends," Petty said Tuesday on the band's Facebook page.

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