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Voldar: ... Leigh Steinberg, Jerry Maguire and Free Fallin Tom Cruise, as Jerry Maguire, fiddles with the radio and finally finds a tune to sing to, Tom Pettys Free Fallin. He belts it out, celebrating what he thinks is a career turnaround. http://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/21/leigh-steinberg-jerry-maguire-and-free-fallin/ , , , ?

Voldar: "" . Tom Pettys Free Fallin Gets Country Treatment by RaeLynn and Adley Stump on The Voice Tom Pettys Free Fallin Gets Country Treatment by RaeLynn and Adley Stump on The Voice by: Ultimate Classic Rock Staff Yesterday RaeLynn / Adley Stump NBC Two country-singing female contestants battled it out on The Voice tonight with a dueling version of Tom Pettys classic cut Free Fallin. Coach Blake Shelton decided to pit 17-year-old RaeLynn against the more experienced Adley Stump. Both are country singers, but as Shelton suggested, Theyre both completely different. For RaeLynn, Shelton brought aboard his country music star wife Miranda Lambert as a guest mentor. While Stump had the honor of working with American Idol champ and pop superstar Kelly Clarkson. Were not ones to judge oh, screw it, thats our job but it was a fairly bland a performance of Free Fallin. RaeLynn had a more affected twang to her voice, while Stumps voice was more powerful but not as interesting. After the other coaches weighed in, Shelton decided to go with the younger Raelynn. She moves on to the next round of The Voice, while Stump heads home. : http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/adley-stump-vs-raelynn-free-fallin/

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Voldar: . Doblo backs down after complaint DOMINIC Doblo won't back down...unless he gets a warning from a major record company. The Morning Bulletin understands the Rockhampton mayoral candidate had received a notice from Universal Music Group Australia requesting he take down or alter his campaign jingle due to similarities to the Tom Petty song, I Won't Back Down. The two-minute jingle, which appears to be set to the music and melody of the Tom Petty song with new lyrics by Doblo himself, had been available on Mr Doblo's website until it was taken down on Thursday morning. It has been played regularly in radio advertising supporting his campaign to oust Mayor Brad Carter. Mr Doblo denies the reason the song was removed was due to any copyright issues relating to the Tom Petty and Jeff Lyne composition. "We took the song down because I want to put out something different. I am making every effort to keep my campaign fresh, so there will be a new campaign song out on Monday and probably a few more to follow," Mr Doblo said. Mr Doblo said he had never heard I Won't Back Down before and was not aware of any similarities between his jingle and the hit song. "I haven't been tied down with any of that stuff. I just wrote the words. My campaign manager put that together as I am really only focused on the campaign," he said. Petros Khalesirad, whose company manages Mr Doblo's social media, website and blog sites, confirmed he had been contacted by the music group, but said there were no legal implications from the jingle and people shouldn't think there's any conspiracy theory. He said the music company informed the group the songs were very similar and rather than any "argy-bargy" a decision was made to freshen up the message. The jingle was the creation of a local company, The Twinz. Beau Crummer of The Twinz, who put the song together for Mr Doblo, said he had not been contacted personally by Universal about the jingle, but said the ditty was definitely within fair usage of the song. "I am a professional and I have been recording music for 20 years. I wouldn't put something out if it is going to be infringing on copyright." Mr Crummer explained that while he believed there were noticeable differences between the jingle and the Tom Petty song, he took the precaution of making amendments to the song to avoid any further criticism. A spokeswoman from Universal Music Group Australia said the matter was in the hands of its legal representative and "any subsequent progress, if applicable, will be a private and confidential matter between the respective parties". : Which is Tom Petty's greatest song? This poll ended on 13 March 2012. Free Fallin 33% I Wont Back Down 30% Learning to Fly 11% Refugee 15% Dont Do Me Like That 9% http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/story/2012/03/12/team-doblo-backs-down-after-petty-complaint-doblo-/

SLQ: 100 greatest artist of all time Tom Petty by Stevie Nicks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1976, I'd been in Fleetwood Mac for about a year when I heard Tom Petty's debut. I became a fan right then. I loved the way Tom's Florida swamp-dog voice sounded in cahoots with Mike Campbell's guitar and Benmont Tench's keyboards. Tom had the same influences we had the Byrds, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash but he dropped in lots of serious old blues. And Tom is such a great singer and so charismatic onstage. I became such a fan that if I hadn't been in a band myself, I would have joined that one. When I started doing my first solo album, Bella Donna, my first thought was, "Who produces Tom Petty?" When they said Jimmy Iovine, I got Jimmy, because I wanted my solo work to be as much like Tom's as possible. I first met Tom in the studio, and he was pretty much what I expected. There's not a fake bone in his body. Jimmy and Tom decided to give me "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," which they had written with Campbell. When they showed it to me, I was like, "Is this the right thing to do? I only get 11 songs and one of them won't be mine." And both Tom and Jimmy said to me, in a brutally honest way, "You don't have a single on this record. And here's a single for you." Tom is a great and loyal friend, but he's also honest like that. In 1994, I had just gotten out of rehab, and Tom and I had dinner. I wanted to make a new record but I was scared. I said to him, "Will you help me write a song or two?" I didn't really expect the reaction I got, which was, "No, I won't. You are one of the premier songwriters in this business. Go home and turn off the radio. Don't be influenced by anything. Just write some great songs that's what you do." He reinforced that I was still Stevie Nicks. I wrote a song about him I've never recorded, but I will someday. It goes, "Sometimes he's my best friend, even when he's not around." In 2006, I did 27 shows with him. Tom made me a little platinum sheriff's badge that had 24-karat gold and diamonds across the top and said "To Our Honorary Heartbreaker, Stevie Nicks." On the back it says "To the Only Girl in Our Band." I keep it on my black velvet top hat. It goes with me everywhere. It's probably the most beautiful piece of jewelry a man has ever given me, ever. Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-artists-of-all-time-19691231/tom-petty-19691231#ixzz1pAZ4YPI5

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SLQ: Cougar Town , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cougar_Town_episodes

Voldar: Legendary Jimmy Cliff to open for Petty in Halifax Hall of Fame musician Jimmy Cliff has been named the opening act for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Atlantic Canada tour. Cliff, a Jamaican-born music legend whose career spans five decades, has produced hits such as You Can Get It If You Really Want and Many Rivers To Cross. Hes also collaborated with artists like The Rolling Stones and Annie Lennox, while Willie Nelson and Cher are some of the names who have performed and recorded his music. The much-anticipated Petty show will be rocking out the Halifax Metro Centre on Thursday, May 31 at 8 p.m. The concert is one of three shows for Atlantic Canada, with the legendary rockers also taking to the stage at Mile One Stadium in St. Johns on June 2 and 3. According to a release from show promoter David Carver, there are still some tickets remaining for the show in Halifax and the two in St. Johns, but they are very limited. http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%B6%D0%B8%D0%BC%D0%BC%D0%B8_%D0%9A%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%84%D1%84 http://www.metronews.ca/halifax/local/article/1132429--legendary-jimmy-cliff-to-open-for-petty-in-halifax

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Voldar: , . Isle of Wight, . Lana Del Rey to join Tom Petty and Pearl Jam at Isle of Wight Festival The Born To Die singer will make an appearance on the Big Top stage on Friday June 22nd, with the performance likely to be a highlight of the weekend, with Del Rey this year having made the transition from cult status to mainstream success. Other names performing on the stage over the weekend include Kelis, Enter Shikari, Professor Green, The Darkness, Ash and Pulled Apart By Horses, with an appearance by Primal Scream on Thursday June 21st. One massive draw for music fans attending the weekend will be the fact that Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band are set to headline the Main Stage on the Sunday, while Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are rounding off the Saturday with their first performance on British soil for almost a decade. Other highlights include Biffy Clyro, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Example, Feeder and Noah & The Whale. Despite securing a place in the Isle of Wight line up, Lana may be feeling slightly nervous about singing live after being slated by critics for a less than pitch-perfect performance on high profile US comedy show Saturday Night Live. Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/music/892673-lana-del-rey-to-join-tom-petty-and-pearl-jam-at-isle-of-wight-festival#ixzz1qCZegpo4

Voldar: . Tom Petty, I Wont Back Down An arsonist set fire to Tom Pettys L.A. home in May 1987, burning most of the house to the ground. While his wife and daughter stayed at a friends place in Beverly Hills, Tom began rebuilding the house on the exact same plot of land, using his basement recording studio one of the few rooms to survive the blaze as the foundation. He wasnt going to back down to any firestarter. The house was still under construction by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. The Pettys, whod already spent half a year in someone elses home, were getting restless. Deciding that a game of softball was the best way to blow off steam, Tom got into his car and went out in search of baseball mitts. I was going to drive down to the Sav-On in Beverly Hills and buy a dozen ball mitts so everybody could play ball, he tells author Paul Zollo in Conversations with Tom Petty. [It] was the only place open on Thanksgiving Day. So Im at the traffic light, and I look over to my left, and theres Jeff Lynne, who Id only just recently seen in England. So I honked my horn, and he turned around, and we pulled over. Petty and Lynne talked for a few minutes, reconnected during the Christmas holidays, and formed the Traveling Wilburys in early 1988. When Petty started writing songs for a solo album later that year, he naturally went to Lynne for help. Full Moon Fever was the result of that collaboration, and I Wont Back Down was the albums first single. A defiant song about standing up to ones enemies, I Wont Back Down is directed at the person who set Pettys house ablaze. Gonna stand my ground / wont be turned around, goes a line in the first verse, which calls to mind the charred ground where his original home once stood. Despite his personal connection to the lyrics, though, Petty turned I Wont Back Down into an anthem for anyone struggling against some sort of oppression. The song isnt really about a house fire. Its about resilience. Petty certainly knew a lot about resilience at the time. Several weeks before the house fire, he successfully sued a tire company for mimicking one of his songs, Marys New Car, in a TV commercial. A few years before that, he waged a public battle with his own label, MCA Records, after the company tried to charge customers a higher sales price for his 1981 album Hard Promises. The Heartbreakers were waging a few battles of their own, too, and drummer Stan Lynch was already planning his exit by the time Full Moon Fever rolled around. I Wont Back Down became Tom Pettys musical motto, a song that summed up everything he stood for in less than three minutes. Like many Tom Petty tunes, the lyrics are simple and direct. The arrangement is straightforward, too, a rarity on an album filled with Jeff Lynnes multi-layered production. Sometimes, the easiest way to say something is to just say it, and I Wont Back Down speaks volumes. I Wont Back Down Well I wont back down No I wont back down You can stand me up at the gates of Hell But I wont back down No Ill stand my ground Wont be turned around And Ill keep this world from dragging me down Gonna stand my ground And I wont back down Hey baby, there aint no easy way out Hey I, Ill stand my ground And I wont back down Well I know whats right I got just one life In a world that keeps on pushin me around but Ill stand my ground And I wont back down Hey baby, there aint no easy way out Hey I, Ill stand my ground And I wont back down Hey baby, there aint no easy way out Hey I, Ill stand my ground And I wont back down No I wont back down Written by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne http://www.americansongwriter.com/2012/03/tom-petty-i-wont-back-down/

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Voldar: , . 3 15 . . Mike Campbell: The Guitars We are highly anticipating the April 3 release of Mike Campbell: The Guitars, Chapter #1. Directed by Justin Kreutzmann, this 15 chapter web documentary features Mike Campbell taking us on a tour of his guitar collection and explaining the stories and significance behind the instruments as they relate to his own personal journey and the music of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/mike-campbell-the-guitars-video-preview

Voldar: . Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks Stop Draggin My Heart Around Performed on American Idol Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, each and every one of the Heartbreakers and classic rock fans in general got dragged through the mud tonight on American Idol as Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone sucked all the sultriness and texture from the classic duet Stop Draggin My Heart Around. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/stop-draggin-my-heart-around-american-idol/

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