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Voldar: Norah Jones, Jesse Malin, Evan Dando and More Celebrate Tom Petty in New York If there's one musician most rock fans can all agree on, it's Tom Petty. Thursday night at New York's Bowery Ballroom, Norah Jones, two 'Saturday Night Live' cast members, one Strokes bassist and Reeve Carney, the dude getting ready to play the lead in U2's 'Spider-Man' musical, were among the artists on hand for this year's 'Petty Fest,' a celebration of the man's 60th birthday. The format was simple: A core sextet of house musicians, the Cabin Down Below Band, played spot-on covers of 27 Petty tunes, allowing singers to filter out individually or in small groups and indulge in some choice karaoke action. Petty's catalog is just right for boozing and wailing, and most guests were happy to do both. Jones stayed on longer than any artist, although she was woefully underutilized on four of her six tunes. The nine-time Grammy winner first lent her voice to a trio of female background singers, then tried in vain to find her way into 'Walls' and 'It's Good to Be King,' both of which featured hometown weirdo Adam Green, formerly of the Moldy Peaches, on lead vocals. On 'It's Time to Move On' and 'You Don't Know How It Feels' -- tunes befitting of her laidback singing style -- Jones and her short, shiny green party dress finally had the spotlight they deserved. Other highlights included local hero Jesse Malin's characteristically energetic takes on 'American Girl' and 'I Need to Know,' Nikolai Fraiture's decidedly non-Strokes-like 'I Won't Back Down' and Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter's Who-evoking 'Love Is a Long Road.' 'SNL' chums Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis -- twinsies in plaid western shirts -- bleated out credible versions of 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' and 'Even the Losers.' Among the unannounced special guests were Evan Dando, whose song selection, 'A Face in the Crowd,' was a bit more impressive than his acoustic performance, and Har Mar Superstar, who presided over the can't-fail, first-class fist-pumper 'Refugee.' The night was filled with such songs, as most artists wisely picked from Petty's 'Greatest Hits,' perhaps the best best-of in rock history. While the man himself never showed up, the evening's entire lineup took the stage for three encores, ending with the mother of all Petty sing-alongs, 'Free Fallin'.' That tune, perhaps more than any other in the singer's catalog, offers hope for world peace. Wherever folks can listen while beating on their steering wheels, they might stop beating on one another. http://www.spinner.com/2010/10/29/tom-petty-fest-new-york/

Voldar: 60- -. , . Petty Fest Recap Nicole Atkins takes Roy Orbison's part on the Traveling Wilbury's "Handle with Care." Billed as tribute to Tom on his 60th birthday, Petty Fest 2010 lived up to expectations on all fronts as more than 25 musicians, actors, and artists gathered October 28 at a sold-out Bowery Ballroom for a whiskey-fueled, three-hour tour through Heartbreaker hits and deeper cuts as well as songs from Toms solo albums. Though the birthday boy himself was not in attendance, there was plenty of star power in the house, brought together by Rolling Stone editor Austin Scaggs, who played bass in house band, The Cabin Below Band, and handled emcee duties for the evening. Kicking things off with the appropriate "Cabin Down Below" and frequent Heartbreakers opener "Listen to Her Heart," Scaggs and company began the parade of guests by welcoming Five OClock Heroes Antony Ellis for a solid take on "Dont Do Me Like That." "The Waiting" off 1981s Hard Promises requires a singer who can hit the high notes, and Jack Dishel of Only Son and The Moldy Peaches nailed it perfectly, leading the crowd in the first sing-a-long of the night. Fountain of Waynes Jody Porter delivered a stellar "Love is a Long Road" before ceding the spotlight to Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects for a double shot of "Breakdown" and "Yer So Bad." Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells and Longwave lent his explosive guitar playing to several songs throughout the night, but it was his turn on the mike for "Honey Bee" aided by some bluesy harmonica from rock shutterbug Danny Clinch that proved to be the nights first musical peak. The Mooney Suzukis Sammy James Jr. was up next, lending his vocals and guitar to "Here Comes My Girl" and "Jammin Me." Surprise guest Har Mar Superstar managed to keep his clothes on for a rocking "Refugee" before Nikolai Fraiture, bassist for The Strokes, led a rockin version of "I Wont Back Down" with Nicole Atkins on backing vocals and Heartbreakers publicist Jim Merlis on bass. Jesse Malins punk-to-the-bone attitude brought some grit to "American Girl" and "I Need to Know," which juxtaposed nicely with "Mary Janes Last Dance," sung by the alluring Catherine Pierce. Saturday Night Lives Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis brought some levity to the festivities with hilarious readings of "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" and "Even the Losers." One of the real highlights of the night was Evan Dandos low-key acoustic reading of "Face in the Crowd," which seemed perfectly fit for the subdued former Lemonheads frontman. Norah Jones, perhaps the nights most highly anticipated guest, appeared next, singing backup vocals to former Moldy Peaches frontman Adam Green on "Its Good to Be King" and "Walls." Jones rode shotgun to Scaggs lead vocals on "You Wreck Me" before taking center stage on a brilliant "Time to Move On" and a bouncy "You Dont Know How It Feels." Though listed on the bill, the biggest surprise of the night might have been Reeve Carney, the lead in the newly minted Spiderman musical that opens on Broadway next month. Joined by his brother Zane on guitar, Reeve dropped a killer "Into the Great Wide Open" before the backstage dressing rooms were emptied for sing-a-longs on the Traveling Wilburys "Handle with Care" (featuring Nicole Atkins singing the Roy Orbison part), hippie-anthem "Something in the Air" and a show-closing "Free Fallin." THE CABIN DOWN BELOW BAND IS: Guitars: Alex Levy Josh Lattanzi Reno Bo Bass: Austin Scaggs Drums: Matt Romano Keys: Dave Sherman SET LIST: Cabin Down Below featuring Alex Levy of the Cabin Down Below Band Listen to Her Heart featuring Reno Bo of the Cabin Down Below Band Don't Do Me Like That featuring Antony Ellis (Five OClock Heroes) The Waiting featuring Jack Dishel (Only Son, The Moldy Peaches) Love is a Long Road featuring Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) Breakdown featuring Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects) Yer So Bad featuring Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects) Honey Bee featuring Steve Schiltz (Hurricane Bells, Longwave) & Danny Clinch Here Comes My Girl featuring Sammy James Jr. (The Mooney Suzuki) Jammin' Me featuring Sammy James Jr. (The Mooney Suzuki) Refugee featuring Har Mar Superstar I Won't Back Down featuring Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes), Nicole Atkins & Heartbreakers publicist Jim Merlis American Girl featuring Jesse Malin I Need to Know featuring Jesse Malin Mary Jane's Last Dance featuring Catherine Pierce (The Pierces) Stop Draggin My Heart Around featuring Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis (SNL) Even the Losers featuring Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis (SNL) A Face in the Crowd featuring Evan Dando & Steve Schiltz (Hurricane Bells, Longwave) Don't Come Around Here No More featuring Alex Levy of the Cabin Down Below Band with Norah Jones, Nicole Atkins & Catherine Pierce It's Good to Be King featuring Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches) & Norah Jones Walls featuring Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches) & Norah Jones You Wreck Me featuring Norah Jones Time to Move On featuring Norah Jones You Don't Know How It Feels featuring Norah Jones & Danny Clinch Into the Great Wide Open featuring Reeve & Zane Carney (U2s Spiderman Musical) Runnin Down a Dream featuring Josh Lattanzi of the Cabin Down Below Band ENCORE: Handle with Care All Something in the Air All Free Fallin' All http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/petty-fest-recap

Voldar: Damn The Torpedoes VH1 Classic. Five Hours of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Programming On VH1 Classic The Tuesday November 9 release of Damn The Torpedoes Deluxe Edition will be supported by VH1 Classic with 5 straight hours of programming on Sunday November 7 starting at 3pm EST/PDT. The 5 hour block will include two world television premieres; the Damn The Torpedoes Classic Albums documentary and the December 31, 1978 concert from The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Here is the schedule of programming for this Sunday November 7 on VH1 Classic. 3pm: Soundstage Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 5pm: VH1 All Time Top Ten Tom Petty 6pm: Classic Albums Damn The Torpedoes (Television Premiere!) 7pm: Classic In Concert: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live From The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, New Years Eve 1978 (Television Premiere!) **All Times are Eastern and Pacific. Central and Mountain start times are one and two hours earlier, respectively. The Damn The Torpedoes episode of Classic Albums features comprehensive interviews with Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Ron Blair, producer Jimmy Iovine, engineer Shelley Yakus, and others close to the band about the process of writing and recording the classic songs which comprise Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers groundbreaking 1979 album. The New Years Eve 1978 Concert Live From The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was a special show filmed for television but never aired, until now. It has only been released on DVD as part of The Live Anthology Deluxe Box Set. It includes the first ever recorded versions of Refugee and Casa Dega. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/five-hours-of-tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers-programming-on-vh1-classic-

SLQ: TOM PETTY, JOHNNY CASH AND ABE LINCOLN: LIFE WITH REBELS by Jeff Cochran | Nov 3, 2010 Like the Dew Tom Petty, seated at left, during a promotional tour in Atlanta circa 1976. Behind him are Ken and Pam Jernigan. (Photo courtesy of Pam Jernigan.) Its a wild-eyed, desperate character Tom Petty conjured for Rebels, one who immediately takes center stage. The guy is out of his mind, out of money and the woman whos endured him is out of patience. Honey dont walk out, Im too drunk to follow You know you wont feel this way tomorrow Well maybe a little rough around the edges Or inside a little hollow I get faced with somethings sometimes That are so hard to swallow She picked me up in the mornin and she paid all my tickets Then she screamed in the car Left me out in the thicket Well I never woulda dreamed That her heart was so wicked Yeah but I keep comin back Cause its so hard to kick it In her Rolling Stone review of Southern Accents, the sixth album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Joyce Millman calls Rebels a vivid scene setter full of bedraggled humor, referring to the songs protagonist as an embattled-but-scrappy-antihero. Hes also a piece of work, one that requires heavy maintenance. Its logical that his woman, tired of paying his bills, getting him out of trouble and simply dealing with his bluster, would scream at him, demanding he remove himself from her car. But bathed, presentable, and sober, all is likely forgiven as he charms his way back into her good graces. The situation is reminiscent to what Stanley and Stella Kowalski experienced in A Streetcar Named Desire. After a late night barrage of cruelties, verbal and physical, Stella cant take it anymore. She and her sister Blanche go to spend the night with a neighbor, looking for safety at least until the storm passes. But in no time, she yields to the call of the wild possessing her and Stanley both. The time that passes between then and the dawn is wild and fulfilling. Stella is smiling again, blinded by her love and hopeful the scary moments will end. In Rebels, Pettys protagonist keeps going back to his woman, cause its so hard to kick it. It could be she has a hard time kicking it too. Years later Tom Petty noted the complexities of his protagonist, saying, The character in the song is condescended to, but he actually almost deserves it. Thats a fair conclusion. The guy is condescended to; so be it. Hes a sponge. Like a lot of people who pass their way through life, he chooses to blame circumstances for his misfortunes, acknowledging, with some pride, hes the way he is because of where he was born and what was waiting for him as he tumbled out of the womb. Even before my fathers father They called us all rebels While they burned down our cornfields And left our cities leveled I can still feel the eyes of those blue-bellied devils Yeah, when Im walkin round at night Through the concrete and metal hey, hey, hey I was born a rebel down in Dixie On a Sunday mornin Yeah with one foot in the grave And one foot on the pedal I was born a rebel Pettys character claims his family had always been rebels. Grudges have been held by the family, going back to the Civil War when blue bellied devils burned down their cornfields and destroyed their cities. Others around them may have eventually prospered and gained honor in the aftermath, but these rebels know theyve gone years, even generations without wealth or approval. They wont bother to pursue it now. More than a century passes and their resentment festers on. Its not the soldiers north of the Mason-Dixon line the Rebels cringe over. Its modern day America, replete with investors and developers: the contemporary carpetbaggers who reshape the land and petition for rezoning that turns pastures into parking lots. The vista once revealing endless sky becomes blotted with Wal-Mart, Auto Zone and Burger King signs hoisted high enough so theyre visible to travelers a good distance from the off-ramps. Concrete and metal conquers, even in the remote locales. So the rebels over the generations languish, thinking the world has it in for them. Some were defeated on their land and those after them saw the appearance and use of their land change for the worse. The blue bellied devils, now in their Izods, work to curry favor in the local business communities. The rebels feel sold out. So how do the rebels deal with their lives and hold on to a bit of pride? With one foot already in the grave, theyll floor that pedal harder, even if all the hell-raising leaves them with aches, pains and emptied wallets. Rebels is a great kick-off to the Southern Accents album, released in March 85. The song is embellished with dramatic flair and a feeling for history, but just as important for Pettys defiant character, it rocks with authority. Already known for his rebellious streak within the music business, Rebels is a perfect fit for Petty and the Heartbreakers. It serves as one of the most dynamic works in their first decade as a recording act, along with American Girl and Shadow of A Doubt. A little rebellion, as Thomas Jefferson often noted, can be good. (Historical notes on Abe Lincoln contained in article) In Rebels, Tom Pettys protagonist explains how even before his fathers father, they called us all rebels. Some of those ancestors, positioned on the side of the Confederates in the Civil War, were likely as drained as President Lincoln. Forgiveness and reconciliation seemed in order. On the title song of the Southern Accents album, Petty presents another character, one whos not so rebellious, but mindful of what makes him different from others. This character, for all the hardship hes experienced, appears thankful for what hes learned and ready for better times. Theres a dream I keep having Where my mama comes to me And kneels down over by the window And says a prayer for me I got my own way of prayin But everyones begun With a southern accent Where I come from-- The recording of Southern Accents by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers falls short of the spirit within the song. Its over-produced. The songs message gets lost in the clutter of the arrangement. But the great song caught the ear of Johnny Cash. He told Petty, That should replace Dixie. Petty replied with Wow, but Cash was serious, replying, No I mean it, its a better song than Dixie. Petty and the Heartbreakers played behind Cash on his 1996 album, Unchained. Its a brilliant work. While speaking of the album, Petty told journalist Holly George-Warren that its the best we ever played. I actually still play that albumIm very proud of it. Cash could be proud as well. Unchained may be the best album of his career. Naturally, a standout track is Southern Accents. Resolute and thoughtful, Cash is in great voice. Everything about this recording is perfect. The day after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, crowds gathered at the White House to celebrate. People sang. A band played. President Lincoln requested the band play Dixie, calling it one of the best tunes Ive ever heard. Its also likely Lincoln, born in Kentucky, would have appreciated the sounds and sentiments of Southern Accents as well. Complete article: http://likethedew.com/2010/11/03/tom-petty-johnny-cash-and-abe-lincoln-life-with-rebels/?sms_ss=email&at_xt=4cd216b350055ec9,0

SLQ: Tom Petty: Damn The Torpedoes Deluxe Edition review track-by-trackThe Heartbreakers' 1979 classic gets the two-CD treatment Joe Bosso, Mon 8 Nov 2010, 10:25 pm UTC "That was the record where life was never going to be the same again," Tom Petty recently said of Damn The Torpedoes, his 1979 breakthrough. Underscoring the weight of Petty's summation is the fact that it's an album he almost didn't get to make at all: a messy legal dispute with his label, MCA, had forced Petty into bankruptcy. And despite the fact that the he and the Heartbreakers had broken big in the UK and had finally scored a couple of Stateside singles, I Need To Know and Listen To Her Heart, from their second record, 1978's You're Gonna Get It, as the decade drew to a close, the future for the band didn't look bright. In Springsteen-like fashion, however, Petty prevailed in court and hit the studio intent on making good on years of hard promises. Working with a young production maverick named Jimmy Iovine, he and the Heartbreakers hunkered down on a collection of radio-ready songs that tied all of their influences (most notably The Byrds and Bob Dylan) together seamlessly. Refugee, Dont Do Me Like That, Here Comes My Girl, Even The Losers - purpose and passion never sounded so tuneful and triumphant. With anthems such as these, Damn The Torpedoes was all over the airwaves, eventually going double platinum and darn near hitting the No. 1 spot (a little offering by Pink Floyd, something about a wall, held it off). And now, 31 years after its release, Damn The Torpedoes is getting the deluxe treatment as a two-CD set which includes a spiffed-up, remastered edition of the classic album, along with a bonus disc of never-before-heard tracks from the 79 sessions, B-sides, alternate takes and live versions of some of the hits. With the holidays nearing and deluxe reissues coming at us from all corners, is the steroid-enhanced version of Damn The Torpedoes a stocking stuffer for the TP fan in your life? Lets check it out track-by-track and see Disc One: RefugeeThree decades later, that walloping drum intro still does the trick, shoving us face-first into a scorching rocker that hasn't aged one bit. And despite its scornful tone, with lines like "Baby, we ain't the first/ I'm sure a lot of other lovers been burned/ right now this seems real to you/ but it's one of those things you gotta feel to be true," there's a tender heart at Refugee's core. The remastered version manages something rather remarkable, accentuating each instrument in the mix without shortchanging one over the other. This includes Petty's effective vocal, which rises from an almost conversational tone to a banshee-like wail Here Comes My GirlTom Petty's second great love song (his first was Listen To Her Heart) felt both nostalgic and in-the-moment when it was first released, and the passage of time has intensified both qualities. As a three-minute primer in everything great about the Heartbreakers, it's got it all: pounding drums, swirling organ fills, fluid bass, and sparkling guitars. Here, it still sounds every bit as urgent, with Petty's voice rising above his bandmates' supportive accompaniment to tell the "whole wide world to shove it!" - 'cause, hey, here comes his girl. Some sentiments never grow old.

SLQ: Even The LosersThree songs in and Petty's still racking up winners. Buoyed by Stan Lynch's muscular, swinging drum patterns and Mike Campell's ringing guitar, he sings a song only for the lonely that stands alongside the gems of his eventual Traveling Wilburys bandmate Roy Orbison. What's amazing about the interplay of TP and the Heartbreakers is the amount of space they give one another, with each instrument serving a specific dramatic purpose. All are rendered beautifully here. Want to know how a five-piece band should play together? This track is required listening. Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid)Driven by Stan Lynch's breakneck drumming (his artful use of his ride cymbal makes the pre-chorus come alive) and the uncredited bongos of Phil Jones, Petty belts out a tale that marries melancholy lyricism with spirited determination. The guitars glide along gracefully - there's chiming chords and jagged little lines here and there - until Campbell takes a full-spotlight top-string solo, the kind of which is guaranteed to get even the faintest of pulses racing. Century CityThe Rolling Stones were also a major influence on TP, and a year after their punk-flavored Some Girls, Petty and the boys paid hommage to their British heroes with this ragged slice of take-no-prisoners white-knuckled rock. Petty's sneering vocal (which includes the occasional scream and whoop) is an emotional highlight, as is Stan Lynch's punchy drumming. But the song truly belongs to Mike Campbell, who turns in a galvanizing double-stop-infused Keef-like guitar solo. Don't Do Me Like ThatAnd to think that the first single from Damn The Torpedoes, one which would eventually reach No. 10 on Billboard's Hot 100, almost went to the J Geils Band - the song failed to make the cut on Petty's first two albums, and he was ready to let the Boston-based R&B rockers have it before giving the tune one last shot. Good thing, too, for it's still a standout - catchy as the flu, full of playful drumming (those stop-starts at the beginning - you know what song it is within seconds) and tricky guitar answer lines. As middle-eights go, it doesn't get more memorable than this. Throughout, Petty proves to be a master vocalist, alternating between a spurned lover's plea and youthful stoicism. You Tell MeAmidst the barrage of hits that Damn The Torpedoes yielded, one or two tracks were inevitably overlooked, and this tough-yet-soulful, mid-tempo, keyboard heavy number was one of them. Benmont Tench, the Heartbreakers' secret weapon, gets his moment in the sun here, sprinkling sweeping piano lines that meld with Hammond B3 swells to a stunningly effective degree. Petty, like most great singers, has a couple of different voices in his quill, and on You Tell Me he alternates between the hard and soft - one moment he's caressing your ear with a whisper, the next he's spitting his words with unmasked venom. And check out Mike Campbell, whose guitar lines scream into the night. While not a smasheroony, the song isn't a piker by any stretch. What Are You Doin' In My Life? An all-hands-on-deck rocker that wastes little time getting down to serious business. Underpinned by Benmont Tench's boogie-woogie piano, Petty rages in a chorus that you don't have to hear more than once to remember your entire life. Mike Campbell is all things Keith and Ron Wood, tossing out greasy slide runs and a gleeful solo that recalls mid-period Stones. At 2:19, it's the shortest and most un-fussed-over song on Damn The Torpedoes, but it's one which makes an indelible impact. Louisiana RainDon't let that goofy bit of sped-up tape rewind and sound effects at the beginning fool you - Louisiana Rain is a poignant, aching folk-flavored ballad about lost love, yearning and regret. Gently strummed acoustics, glowing keyboard lines and Stan Lynch's thoughtful drumming serve Petty well throughout as he sings "Louisiana rain is falling just like tears/running down my face, washing out the years/ Louisiana rain is soaking through my shoes/ I may never be the same when I reach Baton Rouge." Mike Campbell, always the ace, turns in a weeping slide solo that feels like a musical climax...that is, until Petty joins him on harmonica (ahhh, the Dylan influence!). There's many reasons why these two have become one of rock's most acclaimed duos, and their interplay on Louisiana Rain is a shining example.

SLQ: Disc Two: NowhereWhile Petty battled his label in court, tape boxes of certain songs were moved daily to avoid the possibility that bailiffs would claim them as assets. Because of this, Nowhere, recorded in 1979, was lost until recently (recording engineer Ryan Ulyate unearthed the track while preparing other tapes for the deluxe set). Good thing, too, as it's a chugging, gutsy piece of gold. The guitars of Petty and Mike Campbell collide off each other, while Benmont Tench's howling organ rises to meet them. Campbell fires off a twisty, smart-alecky solo, full of sinuous bends. "I've been trying to break through to nowhere!" Petty shouts in the chorus, like a man who knows he's marooned but desperate to get somewhere, anywhere. SurrenderDid we say it was a good thing that engineer Ryan Ulyate found those tape boxes? That goes double for the previously unreleased Surrender, an A-level Petty track that surely would have found its way onto Damn The Torpedoes under normal circumstances. With a chord pattern and loping tempo that would be revisited on The Waiting two years later, Surrender is classic Petty through and through: rousing vocals, jangling guitars, tambourine, nimble bass and the always arresting drumming of Stan Lynch. Mike Campbell's never fails to lift any song he plays on, and his solo here is one of his simplest yet sweetest ever. Casa DegaOriginally issued as the B-side to Don't Do Me Like That, Casa Dega is a slow but evocative, bass-and-organ heavy number that works its way under your skin. It's the closest thing to a spiritual that Petty and co have ever produced. Echoey guitar arpeggios punctuate both verses and choruses. The band, working with equal parts craft and intuition, play with dynamics masterfully. The bridge is big-time stuff, after which everybody drops out...Is the song over? No, the group is merely waiting for the right moment to fall back in again. Spooky and soulful. Listen to this one late at night with the lights turned down low. It's Rainin' AgainThe B-side to Refugee gets another airing. Pummeling drums (crashing cymbals especially - meant to indicate thunder, perhaps?) and slide guitar are the main musical accompaniment, with Petty, way off mic, singing "Well, it's rainin' again/ rainin' again/ roll up your window, honey/ it's rainin' again." A bit of a throwaway, this 1:31 soundscape. For aficionados and archivists only. Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) - liveThe next three cuts on this set were captured in concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon on 6 March 1980, starting with this reading of Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid). Musically, it offers no real surprises, other than the fact that it's immaculately recorded, with Petty's voice in tip-top shape and the background vocals blaring out bright and full. England was kind to TP and the Heartbreakers long before their homeland knew they were alive, and the band sounds primed to give the UK crowd their all. Mike Campbell solos with considerable fervor. Don't Do Me Like That - liveA spot-on rendition of Don't Do Me Like That for the London audience. Again, it's beautifully recorded, with Benmont Tench's keyboards poking through the mix before being overpowered by Stan Lynch's blazing drums. At the song's ride-out the band comes alive, with Petty throwing in a couple of ad-libs and Lynch dishing out well-executed accents. It's over much too soon, however - it would have been nice to hear the group go for broke on an extended version. Somethin' Else - liveIt's entirely fitting that Petty and the Heartbreakers covered this Eddie Cochran slammer in England, for the American rock 'n' roll pioneer had a major influence on British musicians in the late '50s and early '60s with such songs as Twenty Flight Rock and Summertime Blues. This is full-bore rock the way it was meant to be played. Mike Campbell is positively unhinged during his solo. And check out the finish - these guys aren't foolin' around. The crowd goes appropriately apeshit. Casa Dega (demo version)As an intimate look at the band at work, this demo of the B-side to Don't Do Me Like That will appeal to Petty fetishists. It's fairly straightforward, devoid of the haunting atmospherics that resulted from the group fleshing out the tune. But there are more pronounced synth lines from Benmont Tench - and the fact that they didn't make the finished version are telling, as they detract somewhat from the overall vibe. Petty sings a bit more forcefully than he does on the final take. A curio that has its moments. Refugee (alternate take)After some studio chatter, laughter and a count-off by Petty, the group tackles one of their biggest hits in what is essentially more of a demo than an 'alternate take.' Gone are background vocals, drum accents, guitar overdubs - and that includes Campbell's signature solo. While one can hear the rhythm guitars hitting against each other, it's all a bit lackluster. This is one Refugee that deserves to be tied up, taken away and held for ransom. VerdictWith file-sharing run amuck, 'deluxe' reissues of classic albums have been coming at a furious pace of late. Most of the time, what qualifies as 'deluxe' is what we have in this package - demos, alternate versions and live recordings of the hits. And while the concert readings vary from the fine to the incendiary, we still have a bit of filler to contend with. Still, a classic album is a classic album, and with Damn The Torpedoes, Tom Petty had more than enough cake that he could eat, too. In many ways, the disc was his coming-out party - Born To Run and Darkness On The Edge Of Town rolled into one big package. Find a record this front-loaded with hits and all-time keepers and you'll probably wind up with...Damn The Torpedoes. So if you're one of the few rock fans who don't already own it, the deluxe edition is well worth the price of admission. And should you already have the original CD in your collection, the inclusion of Nowhere and Surrender (to say nothing of the sterling sonic upgrade) will more than make up for the dollars spent. In fact, you can burn your very own mix CD or iTunes set and simply omit the last two cuts - that way, you won't feel cheated in the slightest. Bottom line: this is Petty at one of his peaks (he's had others, such as the Full Moon Fever/Traveling Wilburys period) - not a bad thing for the holidays, or any other days for that matter. +

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Voldar: Running Down a Dream. http://www.amazon.com/Runnin-Dream-Blu-ray-Petty-Heartbreakers/dp/B00486HAN2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1289398727&sr=1-1

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Voldar: ... , , 150$ . When Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers said 'Damn the Torpedoes' The adage about what doesn't kill you makes you stronger hardly has a more powerful musical manifestation than the story behind Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' 1979 album "Damn the Torpedoes." That tale has become a central part of the mythology of rock n roll, one that aspiring artists of any stripe might look to as a source of inspiration and reassurance in the face of the hurdles that inevitably spring up in front of those who are pursuing a grand vision. It's a story worth revisiting, what with this week's deluxe reissue of the original album, which catapulted the group to a new level of commercial success and critical respect with its bold ambition and fearless musical execution. The album reissue follows the recent release on DVD and Blu-ray disc of a new "Classic Albums" documentary about what went on behind the scenes between the release of the group's 1977 sophomore album "Youre Gonna Get It" and the arrival more than two years later of "Torpedoes," which yielded the hits "Refugee," "Here Comes My Girl" and the band's first top-10 single, "Don't Do Me Like That." They make excellent companion pieces, the home video edition of the documentary containing an additional 42 minutes of material not included in the August airing of a 56-minute cut on VH1. Along with new and vintage interview and performance footage of Petty, guitarist Mike Campbell, keyboardist Benmont Tench, bassist Ron Blair and drummer Stan Lynch, director Matthew Longfellow gets album producer turned often-elusive industry titan Jimmy Iovine on camera for his typically colorful insights. At one point, Iovine recalls telling Petty they had enough songs for the record. "It was the last time I ever said that to a band," Iovine says with a laugh. They also get engineer Shelley Yakus to elaborate on his perspective about what made "Torpedoes" successful on so many levels. The creative process of songwriting and recording became inextricably tied up in the band's fight with MCA Records when the company bought the ABC Records label, parent of Shelter Records, which had signed and released Petty's first two albums. As the battle for control raged between a giant corporation and a band of rock n roll brothers who'd driven across country from Gainesville, Fla., in hopes of making records, it became a classic David-versus-Goliath tale. Petty didn't want their music -- to them, their lifeblood -- treated like just another company asset, and the wily strategies they used to outmaneuver MCA's high-priced Century City lawyers showed them to be as smart as they were passionate about what they were working on in the recording studio. Petty recounts ordering band members to hide the tapes at the end of each recording session and not tell him where they were, so he could honestly go into court if necessary and testify that he didn't know their location. Ultimately, as noted in the film, "MCA blinked," and Petty and the band won their freedom, which allowed them to sign with Danny Bramsons new MCA-affiliated Backstreet Records and put them out with an executive and a label that shared their commitment to the project, not simply the financial bottom line. Musically inclined viewers should revel in what are effectively tutorials from Petty, Campbell and Tench about how they created what became the Heartbreakers' signature sound. Guitarheads will love -- or cringe at -- Campbell's story of how he came to own the iconic Rickenbacker guitar Petty holds on the album cover -- he paid $150 for it from an Anaheim musician he found through a Recycler ad. Recording studio enthusiasts also should relish the light that Iovine and Yakus offer on the technical aspects of making the album. Petty, like Neil Young and some other audiophile-minded rockers, is a big fan of the Blu-ray disc's ability to capture many more nuances of recorded music than can a CD, much less sonically watered down mp3s. Any Petty fans with a Blu-ray player owe it to themselves to hear the album as close to the way the Heartbreakers heard it in the studio three decades ago. (In the Blu-ray version, the "Classic Albums" documentary also benefits from heightened video and audio quality.) But both the Blu-ray and CD versions of the album serve up nine bonus tracks, including one, "Nowhere," that even Petty had given up for lost decades ago. The Blu-ray adds videos of "Here Comes My Girl" and "Refugee." In conjunction with other studio tracks left off "Damn the Torpedoes," such as "Surrender," "Casa Dega" and "It's Rainin' Again," and live or alternative versions of several of the songs that did make the cut, the bonus material fleshes out the picture of just how strong one American band became through its just-less-than killer struggles. -- Randy Lewis http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2010/11/tom-petty-heartbreakers-damn-torpedoes.html

SLQ: LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 14: Tom Petty (L) and Dana York attend a game between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on November 14, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) More photo on getty images

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SLQ: Tom Petty Damn the Torpedoes (Deluxe Edition) By Paula Carino on November 15th, 2010 Rating: 4 Although he was famously irked by being mis-tagged as new wave, Tom Petty nevertheless created an album (his third) in 1979 that bridged old and new so seamlessly that listeners and critics from every corner of the pop-rock map were charmed. After a promising 76 debut (that yielded the anthem American Girl) and an okay follow-up, Damn the Torpedoes was where Petty and his Heartbreakers truly defined their sound. Combining old-guard, Byrds-ian jangle, crystalline harmonies, and a hint of Southern-rock strut, Petty turned his nose up at AOR bombast and pretension. On now-classic cuts like Refugee, Dont Do Me Like That, Here Comes My Girl and Even The Losers, his rough-hewn vocals alternated convincingly between cockiness and vulnerability, and sounded refreshingly real. This 2010 re-release is digitally remastered from the original tapes and sounds fantastic, reinforcing its impact as an ageless document of quality roots-pop. The extras are cool, too. The track Nowhereliterally lost in a box for yearsis a catchy power-popper with a burrowing guitar hook that could easily have been one of the singles. The similarly affecting Surrenderwhich Petty fans will be familiar with as a frequent live selectionappears in its original studio incarnation for the first time. A leaner, less keyboard-heavy version of the flawless Refugee, seemingly without overdubs or backing vocals, brings the songs powerand Pettys desperate vocalinto sharp focus. Two versions of Case Dega (the B-side of Dont Do Me Like That) underscore its quiet brilliance. The balance of the bonuses are live tracks (two originals and a cover of Eddie Cochrans Something Else) that dont add much but will please completists. With its solid songwriting, heart-on-the-sleeve performances, Mike Campbells simple and stunning guitar work, and the conviction of a band just hitting its stride, few classic rock albums have aged as well as Damn The Torpedoes. http://www.americansongwriter.com/2010/11/tom-petty-damn-the-torpedoes-deluxe-edition/

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SLQ: Petty's rereleased album revisits career-defining moments By Bill Dean Entertainment editor Published: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 2:29 p.m. By the start of 1980, Tom Petty was a 29-year-old Gainesville rocker pursuing the rock 'n' roll dream in the halcyon land of Los Angeles. He and his band the Heartbreakers had had some success; their self-titled debut album introduced the songs Breakdown and American Girl in 1976, and their follow-up, You're Gonna Get It, crept up to No. 22 on Billboard's top 200 albums chart two years later. But it was the group's third and decisive album the hit-filled Damn the Torpedoes that announced to the world that the band had fully arrived. It hit No. 2 on Billboard, sold more than 2 million copies and contained four songs that would become kings on album-rock radio, Here Comes My Girl, "Event the Losers," Don't Do Me Like That and the ultimate kiss-off to authority, Refugee. The latter song and the album itself which has just been rereleased in a two-CD, deluxe edition with nine bonus cuts including the unreleased, studio tracks Surrender and Nowhere became simultaneously a statement of defiance to record-company meddling and proof that young rock 'n' rollers could prevail without becoming refugees. After releasing the group's first two albums, Petty found himself in an acrimonious swirl that sent him into bankruptcy and threatened to keep him in the depths of record industry servitude unless something changed. MCA had purchased the parent company of the Heartbreaker's original record label and had no intention of changing the typically unfair terms that greeted new artists at the time essentially that they didn't own the rights to their own songs and had no creative control. As recounted in Runnin' Down a Dream, the 2007 film and book chronicling the band's story, Petty faced a patronizing, defiant onslaught from high-powered, record-company attorneys, who attempted to swat him away like an annoying, rock 'n' roll gnat. MCA brings me to this big lawyer, Petty said in the book version, referring to the attorney as the big guy. He says Let me tell you something kid. You're going to forget this whole thing. You don't have a leg to stand on here. You shut up and go make your records.' But that set Petty off like lighting the fuse to a bottled-up firecracker. Look, I will sell ------- peanuts before I give in to you, Petty retorted. You can break me, but you can't make records, Petty said. And I ain't going to buckle ... I will file for bankruptcy and take it all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. The rest is musical history: Petty did file for bankruptcy thus voiding his original contract and won back his publishing rights and creative control. And Damn the Torpedoes? It shot through the music-world stratosphere to become a career-defining work, one that still resonates decades later to fans and artist alike. Damn The Torpedoes' I think is a classic record, and will always be around, Petty said in Paul Zollo's 2005 book, Conversations with Tom Petty. It really broke some ground as far as sound and creating a style of music. That one I'm very proud of. I always like to hear it. MCA brings me to this big lawyer, Petty said in the book version, referring to the attorney as the big guy. He says Let me tell you something kid. You're going to forget this whole thing. You don't have a leg to stand on here. You shut up and go make your records.' http://www.gainesville.com/article/20101116/ARTICLES/101119556/-1/entertainment?p=1&tc=pg

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Voldar: , , . Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mojo (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook) http://www.amazon.com/Tom-Petty-Heartbreakers-Mojo/dp/1423498666/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1284669629&sr=1-9

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SLQ: . , . Heart Breaker Acclaimed musician Howie Epstein was the longtime bassist for Tom Pettys band. But all that talent couldnt save him from tragedy. by Tom Matthews -- Photo by Jim Schnepf Milwaukee Magazine -- November 22, 2010 Itwas late June of 2010, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had settled into the Marcus Amphitheater for a two-night Summerfest stand. A week earlier, the band had released Mojo, a new album that included a dark rocker called Running Mans Bible. The song is about mortality, close calls and the unexpected death of a friend (It was not in my vision, it was not in my mind/To return from a mission, a man left behind). The dead man in the lyric, Petty had told Rolling Stone a few days before, was Milwaukees Howie Epstein, bassist and harmony singer in the Heartbreakers for 20 years before a devastating drug habit got him fired from the band in 2002. He died a bleak junkie death less than a year later. A sincerely loved man in an industry not known for its kindness, Epsteins death was a brutal loss not just for his bandmates but for anyone who ever made music with him. Besides Petty, Epstein had recorded or performed with Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, John Hiatt, The Rolling Stones, Warren Zevon, Stevie Nicks, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Linda Ronstadt. As a producer, he had revived the career of country singer Carlene Carter and helped create two of John Prines most acclaimed albums. Now Tom Petty had memorialized his fallen comrade in a song. Playing in Epsteins hometown, Petty could have acknowledged the friend he left behind. But the mention didnt come. Though the Heartbreakers performed Running Mans Bible that night, Petty didnt explain its significance to the one crowd that would have been most affected by it. And the song was dropped from the next evenings Summerfest set list. An opportunity to play a poignant coda, to generously celebrate Howie Epsteins remarkable musical journey, was lost. The Heartbreakers, it seemed, had moved on. ***** The journey for Howie Epstein began, as it did for many kids of his generation, in front of the television on a Sunday night, watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Born in July 1955, Epstein was the oldest of three brothers. Already owning a guitar and demonstrating considerable talent for an 8-year-old, he formed his first band within weeks of falling under the spell of the Fab Four. There was a guy named Chris down the block who had a snare drum, his brother Craig recalls. The rest is history. Music was it. Howie was encouraged by his father, a drummer and music lover who had managed local bands. By the late 60s, Sam Epstein was driving his son all over town with an amp and a piano player, providing music for restaurants like Beyond the Sea on Brady Street. The young Epstein would play backyard cookouts, bar mitzvahs and skating parties at the Blatz Pavilion. It wasnt cool, but it began a pattern of dues-paying that would serve Epstein well when he embarked on a music career. Crisis came first, though. In April 1970, Epsteins father suffered a massive heart attack at age 37; he died five months later. It was a blow from which Howies mother Judy would never recover. Coping with her loss by largely retreating from her responsibilities as a single parent, the Epstein house on Lake Drive became band central as the 60s gave way to the 70s and bar mitzvahs lost out to rock n roll. According to Craig and a family friend, there was little parental restraint as Howie and his two brothers hosted raucous jam sessions that were often shut down by Fox Point police, either because the music was too loud or the brothers were beating the hell out of each other. Howies bedroom became the center of the universe for young boys inflamed by music. His room was full of these bizarre wrestling posters until Springsteen and Petty came along, recalls Jason Klagstad, one of Epsteins earliest and most enduring musical partners. Then the wrestlers had to share space with the musicians. Epstein and Klagstad met at a bar mitzvah party in 1967, and both would graduate from Nicolet High School. Klagstad who later played guitar in such pivotal Milwaukee bands as Semi-Twang, Plumb Loco and Arroyo instantly bonded with Epstein over a serious devotion to their craft. To Klagstad, his new friend personified cool. He was the guy who would always be wearing topsiders with no socks, faded jeans and an untucked shirt, says Klagstad. Always a smile on his face, with a slight stubble. Usually some acne, but he didnt care. There was just never a tense moment when we got together. After graduating high school, short-lived bands with names like Egz, the Winks, Forearm Smash and Lord Nose came and went, with Epstein, Klagstad and a core group of musicians contributing to what was a vibrant local music scene throughout the 70s. There was no talk of stardom; it was all about writing and playing music, says Klagstad. But it was unspoken. Everybody believed they were going to be the next big thing. Maybe it was to run away from a tumultuous family life. Maybe he was more driven than the others. But despite being surrounded by equally talented musicians, it would be Howie Epstein who made it big. In 1976, he and his brother Craig saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Milwaukees Uptown Theater. Six years later, Howie would be in the band.

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SLQ: . , . Rolling Stone: Tom Petty's Playlist: The Best of the British Invasion 1. I Want to Hold Your Hand b/w I Saw Her Standing There- The Beatles, 1963 The Beatles were superior to everything. This came on the radio, and overnight everything was different. If you werent there, its hard to believe. But everything changed instantly. In I want to Hold Your Hand, John and Paul are singing the lead vocal in unison. It almost makes another voice-just a sonic pleasure. 2. You Really Got Me- The Kinks, 1964 I heard this song for the first time at a dance. The DJ played it really loud, and the whole room went still. Then, everyone erupted in applause-for a record. That guitar break-Ide never heard anything that wild in my life. 3. Weve Got to Get Out of This Place-The Animals, 1964 This made made me want to run away from home. That bass riff is classic. These arrangements were tidy. Each instrument had a job to do. 4. Shes Not There-The Zombies, 1964 The piano break was over our heads at the time, but so right. Colin Blunstones voice was a sound I had never heard before. I thought if a zombie sang, thats how he would sound. 5. When You Walk In the Room- The Searchers, 1964 I restrained myself from listing a bunch of their records. The 12-string guitar fascinated me, and they had great voices. 6. Im Alive-The Hollies, 1965 Those voices were so incredible. They were the best singers, other than the Beatles, as far as singing harmony and knocking you dead. 7. Im a Man-The Yarbirds, 1965 That break, when they go into double time, is downright psychedelic. And Jeff Beck is playing in unison with the harmonica. Its a short record - and they still have the rave-up at the end. They got it all in. 8. Anyway You Want It- Dave Clark Five, 1964 They were badass. This song sounds like a runaway train, with that sax honking down low. That was a big step, to blow the echo out that heavy. Id go crazy every time I heard it. 9. I Cant Explain-The Who, 1965 What was great about Pete Townshende early stuff was you identified with what he was saying. And hes using a Rickenbacker 12-string in a way no one else did. The guitar break is almost not a guitar break-hes moving the tone switch back and forth. 10. (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction-The Rolling Stones, 1965 They had so much attitude, it dripped off the plate. The riff and distortion grab you, and the lyric is so worldly. Its hard to talk about Satisfaction because everyone knows it so well. But its a great moment in rock history. Just the phrase is worth a million bucks.

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Voldar: Nowhere/Surrender Limited Edition 7-Inch To Be Released On Friday At Indie Record Stores Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are participating in Back To Black Friday by releasing a limited edition 7 inch vinyl at indie record stores across the country this Friday November 26. The 7 inch includes two previously unreleased studio tracks from the bonus disc of Damn The Torpedoes Deluxe Edition: Nowhere and Surrender. "Back to Black Friday" is being organized by Record Store Day, a cooperative project of hundreds of independent record stores. The day after Thanksgiving has long been the red-letter day for big-box and chain retailers. This year, indie record stores will be the center of attention among true music fans, who will find special releases unavailable anywhere else from Tom and The Heartbreakers plus Metallica, U2, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Drive-By Truckers, and others. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/nowheresurrender-limited-edition-7inch-to-be-released-on-friday-at-indie-record-stores

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Voldar: MOJO 2011. 2011 GRAMMY NOMINEES Album of the Year "The Suburbs," Arcade Fire "Recovery," Eminem "Need You Now," Lady Antebellum "The Fame Monster," Lady Gaga "Teenage Dream," Katy Perry Song of the Year "Beg Steal or Borrow," Ray LaMontagne, songwriter (Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs) "F*** You," Cee Lo Green, Philip Lawrence & Bruno Mars, songwriters (Cee Lo Green) "The House That Built Me," Tom Douglas & Allen Shamblin, songwriters (Miranda Lambert) "Love the Way You Lie," Alexander Grant, Holly Hafferman & Marshall Mathers, songwriters (Eminem Featuring Rihanna) "Need You Now," Dave Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott, songwriters (Lady Antebellum) New artist Justin Bieber Drake Florence & The Machine Mumford & Sons Esperanza Spalding Female pop vocal performance "King of Anything," Sara Bareilles "Halo (Live)," Beyonce "Chasing Pirates," Norah Jones "Bad Romance," Lady Gaga "Teenage Dream," Katy Perry Male pop vocal performance "Haven't Met You Yet," Michael Buble "This Is It," Michael Jackson "Whataya Want From Me," Adam Lambert "Just The Way You Are," Bruno Mars "Half Of My Heart," John Mayer Pop performance by a duo or group with vocals "Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)," "Glee" Cast "Misery," Maroon 5 "The Only Exception," Paramore "Babyfather," Sade "Hey, Soul Sister (Live)," Train Pop collaboration with vocals "Airplanes, Part II," B.o.B, Eminem & Hayley Williams "Imagine," Herbie Hancock, Pink, India.Arie, Seal, Konono No 1, Jeff Beck & Oumou Sangare "If It Wasn't For Bad," Elton John & Leon Russell "Telephone," Lady Gaga & Beyonce "California Gurls," Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg Pop instrumental performance "Flow," Laurie Anderson "Nessun Dorma," Jeff Beck "No Mystery," Stanley Clarke "Orchestral Intro," Gorillaz "Sleepwalk," The Brian Setzer Orchestra Pop instrumental album "Pushing the Envelope," Gerald Albright "Take Your Pick," Larry Carlton & Tak Matsumoto "Heart And Soul," Kenny G "Singularity," Robby Krieger "Everything Is Everything: The Music Of Donny Hathaway," Kirk Whalum Pop vocal album "My World 2.0," Justin Bieber "I Dreamed a Dream," Susan Boyle "The Fame Monster," Lady Gaga "Battle Studies," John Mayer "Teenage Dream," Katy Perry Dance recording "Rocket," Goldfrapp "In For The Kill," La Roux "Dance in the Dark," Lady Gaga "Only Girl (In The World)," Rihanna "Dancing On My Own," Robyn Electronic/dance album "These Hopeful Machines," BT "Further," The Chemical Brothers "Head First," Goldfrapp "Black Light," Groove Armada "La Roux," La Roux Traditional pop vocal album "Crazy Love," Michael Buble "The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time," Barry Manilow "Let It Be Me: Mathis In Nashville," Johnny Mathis "Fly Me to the Moon ... The Great American Songbook: Volume V," Rod Stewart "Love Is the Answer," Barbra Streisand Solo rock vocal performance "Run Back to Your Side," Eric Clapton "Crossroads," John Mayer "Helter Skelter," Paul McCartney "Silver Rider," Robert Plant "Angry World," Neil Young Rock performance by a duo or group with vocals "Ready to Start," Arcade Fire "I Put a Spell on You," Jeff Beck & Joss Stone "Tighten Up," The Black Keys "Radioactive," Kings of Leon "Resistance," Muse Hard rock performance "A Looking in View," Alice in Chains "Let Me Hear You Scream," Ozzy Osbourne "Black Rain," Soundgarden "Between the Lines," Stone Temple Pilots "New Fang," Them Crooked Vultures Metal performance "El Dorado," Iron Maiden "Let the Guilt Go," Korn "In Your Words," Lamb of God "Sudden Death," Megadeth "World Painted Blood," Slayer Rock instrumental performance "Hammerhead," Jeff Beck "Black Mud," The Black Keys "Do the Murray," Los Lobos "Kundalini Bonfire," Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds "The Deathless Horsie," Dweezil Zappa Rock song "Angry World," Neil Young, songwriter (Neil Young) "Little Lion Man," Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett, Marcus Mumford & Country Winston, songwriters (Mumford & Sons) "Radioactive," Caleb Followill, Jared Followill, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill, songwriters (Kings of Leon) "Resistance," Matthew Bellamy, songwriter (Muse) "Tighten Up," Dan Auerbach & Patrick Carney, songwriters (The Black Keys) Rock album "Emotion & Commotion," Jeff Beck "The Resistance," Muse "Backspacer," Pearl Jam "Mojo," Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers "Le Noise," Neil Young http://www.contracostatimes.com/california/ci_16754117?nclick_check=1

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SLQ: Rolling Stone's Best Singles of 2010 29. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "The Trip to Pirate's Cove" 1. Kanye West feat. Pusha T, "Runaway" 2. Cee Lo Green, "Fuck You" 3. Sade, "Soldier of Love" 4. Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream" 5. Arcade Fire, "We Used to Wait" 6. Mavis Staples, "You Are Not Alone" 7. Vampire Weekend, "White Sky" 8. Janelle Mone feat. Big Boi, "Tightrope" 9. Broken Bells, "The Ghost Inside" 10. Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver, "Monster" 11. The Black Keys, "Everlasting Light" 12. Mark Ronson and the Business International feat. Q-Tip and MNDR, "Bang Bang Bang" 13. The Dead Weather, "Hustle and Cuss" 14. Big Boi feat. Cutty, "Shutterbugg" 15. Drake, "Over" 16. Cold War Kids, "Coffee Spoon" 17. LCD Soundsystem, "I Can Change" 18. Jenny and Johnny, "Scissor Runner" 19. The New Pornographers, "Your Hands (Together)" 20. Best Coast, "Boyfriend" 21. Sleigh Bells, "Infinity Guitars" 22. Rick Ross feat. Styles P, "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" 23. Jamey Johnson, "Macon" 24. Eminem, "Not Afraid" 25. Nicki Minaj, "Did It On'em" 26. Robyn, "Dancing on My Own" 27. The National, "Bloodbuzz Ohio" 28. Band of Horses, "Laredo" 29. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "The Trip to Pirate's Cove" 30. Jakob Dylan, "Nothing but the Whole Wide World" 31. Gil Scott-Heron, "I'm New Here" 32. Die Antwoord, "Enter the Ninja" 33. Wavves, "Post Acid" 34. Gorillaz feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack, "Stylo" 35. Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval, "Paradise Circus" 36. Drake feat. Nicki Minaj, "Up All Night" 37. Lloyd Banks feat. Juelz Santana, "Beamer, Benz, or Bentley" 38. Spoon, "The Mystery Zone" 39. The Gaslight Anthem, "The Diamond Church Street Choir" 40. Kanye West, "Power" 41. Junip, "In Every Direction" 42. Surfer Blood, "Floating Vibes" 43. B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars, "Nothing on You" 44. Neil Young, "Love and War" 45. The Rolling Stones, "Plundered My Soul" 46. MGMT, "Congratulations" 47. Kid Rock, "Born Free" 48. Das Racist, "hahahaha jk?" 49. Elizabeth Cook, "El Camino" 50. Ke$ha, "We R Who We R"

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Voldar: . 14 Highway Companions 8 . We are pleased to present TomPetty.com Highway Companions Club Members with 14 live tracks from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers recorded during the 2010 Mojo Summer Tour. These Mojo Tour 2010 Expanded Edition Live Tracks are included as part of the membership package*. We will be emailing each Highway Companions Club member tomorrow December 14 with a unique coupon code and instructions on how to download the songs. Keep an eye out for that email. The Mojo Tour 2010 Expanded Edition Live Tracks are available in a choice of one of three high quality audio formats. 1) High Quality: 320K mp3 Smaller file size, plays on all mp3 players. Made from the master CD files (16 bit 44.1K). 2) Higher Quality: Apple Lossless Medium file size. Only plays in iTunes and iPods. Made from the master CD files (16 bit 44.1K). 3) Highest Quality: FLAC Large File Size. Needs FLAC compatible software to play back (will not play on iTunes). Made from the master high-resolution files (24 bit 48K) . Information about each digital format can be found on the download page. MOJO TOUR 2010 EXPANDED EDITION TRACK LISTING 1. Listen To Her Heart June 25, 2010 Summerfest-Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, WI 2. Kings Highway June 16, 2010 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB 3. You Dont Know How It Feels July 31, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 4. I Wont Back Down September 19, 2010 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC 5. Drivin Down To Georgia August 11, 2010 Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA 6. Breakdown August 15, 2010 Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA 7. Jefferson Jericho Blues August 1, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 8. First Flash Of Freedom August 1, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 9. Running Mans Bible September 18, 2010 Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, Raleigh, NC 10. I Should Have Known It June 16, 2010 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB 11. Good Enough July 31, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 12. Refugee June 12, 2010 Gorge Amphitheater, Quincy, WA 13. Runnin Down A Dream October 7,2010 U.S. Airways Arena, Phoenix, AZ 14. American Girl June 16, 2010 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB Enjoy! *Mojo Tour 2010 Expanded Edition Live Tracks are available to Highway Companions Club members who joined the club between February 23, 2010 and February 24, 2011. 1. King's Highway June 16, 2010 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB 2. You Don't Know How It Feels July 31, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 3. I Won't Back Down September 19, 2010 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC 4. Drivin' Down To Georgia August 11, 2010 Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA 5. Breakdown August 15, 2010 Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA 6. I Should Have Known It June 16, 2010 Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB 7. Good Enough July 31, 2010 Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA 8. Runnin' Down A Dream October 7, 2010 U.S. Airways Arena, Phoenix AZ http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/14-live-tracks-from-summer-tour-ready-for-download-

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Voldar: . Don't Pull Me Over - New Video Now Playing The video was directed by Adria Petty. I made this clip in my studio in Venice, CA with some pals one fine day a few months ago. For me it was a cool opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite visual artists, the LA-based Patrick Roberts, who created all of the collage and set elements. It was also an opportunity to support my dad's consistent output of really great music. Thirty some odd years into living in a family that makes music I still feel so lucky and excited to be one of the first to hear a new record. This song "Don't Pull Me Over" is a special one on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' latest blues album, Mojo. On first listen it is sort of the "weird track" similar to the anomalies "Don't Come Around Here No More" or "You Don't Know How It Feels". It doesn't fit on the record but in a way it is the stand out moment on the record. It is the comic relief. And the first time you hear the entire record it makes a big impression. In his reclusive way my pop did not want to do any traditional promotion for Mojo. But with some nepotism and coaxing I was allowed to produce this strange and humble offering. So trip out and have a giggle and dig that guitar solo. I really hope you enjoy this music video for "Don't Pull Me Over". : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adria-petty/tom-pettys-dont-pull-me-over_b_797020.html http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/dont-pull-me-over-new-video-now-playing

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Voldar: ? , dmvitaly32 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits 2CD (2010) : CD 1 01. Jefferson Jericho Blues - 3:25 02. Saving Grace - 3:49 03. Mary Jane`s Last Dance - 4:32 04. Learning To Fly - 4:03 05. Free Falling` - 4:18 06. It`s Good To Be King - 5:13 07. The Last DJ - 3:30 08. Flirting With Time - 3:15 09. Into The Great Wide Open - 3:44 10. Running Down A Dream - 4:25 11. Something In The Air - 3:19 12. All Or Nothin` - 4:10 13. I Won`t Back Down - 2:59 14. Waiting For Tonight - 3:29 15. You Wreck Me - 3:25 16. Makin` Some Noise - 3:28 17. Yer So Bad - 3:09 18. Out In The Cold - 3:33 19. I Should Have Known It - 3:38 20. Room At The Top - 5:03 21. Breakdown - 2:43 CD 2 01. Kings Highway - 3:09 02. A Higher Place - 3:58 03. Big Weekend - 3:18 04. Good Enough - 5:51 05. You And Me - 2:58 06. Free Girl Now - 3:32 07. Night Driver - 4:30 08. Two Gunslingers - 3:10 09. I`ll Feel A Whole Lot Better - 2:50 10. Walls (Circus) - 4:25 11. You Don`t Know How It Feels - 4:50 12. Love Is A Long Road - 4:09 13. So So You Want To Be A Rock`n`Roll Star - 3:39 14. Jummin`Me - 4:07 15. I Need To Know - 2:26 16. Refugee - 3:23 17. The Waiting - 4:00 18. Listen To Her Heart - 3:04 19. Don`t Do Me Like That - 2:43 20. You Got Lucky - 3:37 21. Don`t Come Around Here No More - 5:04

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dmvitaly32: , . Star Mark. . http://www.discogs.com/Tom-Petty-And-The-Heartbreakers-Greatest-Hits/release/2487075 http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3320241

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SLQ: 1. Tom Petty attends a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on December 31 2. Tom Petty attends a game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 2, 2011 in Los Angeles, California

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Voldar: . Top Six Artist Vs. Record Label Feuds 6. Tom Petty vs. MCA When Tom Petty presented the recordings of his first solo album, Full Moon Fever, to MCA executives, he was "stunned" at their reaction. Get ready to crack the all-too-obvious but ever-so-apt "Into the Great Wide Open" joke--they "didn't hear a single," explains Petty in Paul Zollo's Conversations With Tom Petty. This record ultimately produced a handful of hit singles, including "I Won't Back Down," "Runnin' Down a Dream," and what would become Petty's highest-charting Billboard song, "Free Fallin'." Rather than dwelling on the rejection - which Petty admitted had "never happened" to him - he instead focused his efforts on the newly formed Traveling Wilburys, releasing the band's debut LP Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 in 1988. After the Wilburys release, Petty returned to MCA, which had since undergone a regime shift of sorts. Full Moon Fever was finally accepted and released in 1989. The album marked Petty's commercial peak as an artist, produced five singles - two of which hit the Billboard Top 20 - and has now sold more than five million copies. So much for not hearing a single. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2011/01/top_six_artist_vs_record_label.php

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SLQ: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Damn The Torpedoes (Deluxe Edition)By Doug Collette January 14, 2011 Rate 3 5 http://www.glidemagazine.com/articles/56779/tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers.html Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Damn the Torpedoes was the bands breakthrough album, launching an ascent to rock icon status via a painstaking (and often painful) creative process. The combination of the bands third album in an expanded package with a simultaneously released DVD wouldve made for a truly deluxe edition. The audio remastering illustrates how Damn the Torpedoes marked a greater progression in production for TP & co than in songwriting or in performing. In fact, the album contained its share of lightweight tunes such as Century City and Dont Do Me Like That made memorable only by the highly-polished sound of the original quintets nimble musicianship. Yet its in this re-released context too, the moments where the sound and style become tougher, as on Refugee, represent high points in the bands discography to this day. On the Classic Album DVD from Eagle Vision, the content originally broadcast on VH1 is expanded to include more insightful footage recorded for that project, all of which is well complemented through David Frickes customarily insightful and passionate liner notes on the CD booklet. As Petty, guitarist Mike Campbell and keyboardist Benmont Tench, plus producer Jimmy Iovine and engineer Shelly Yakus, good-humoredly recount the process through which they fashioned the final product of their labor, it seems almost surprising they were able to collaborate so successfully. Concentrating on the technical and musical aspects of the work doesnt exclude discussion of the business aspects surrounding Damn the Torpedoes either, in the form of veiled but nonetheless emotionally pointed observations on the relationship with the MCA label with whom they engaged in more than one standoff during this interval. Because of the extensive archiving Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have already done, in the form of the box set Playback, last years multi-discs in The Live Anthology, not to mention the Peter Bogdanovich documentary Running Down A Dream, its not altogether surprising this double CD set (shorn of the plastic slipcase that adorned titles in the series previously) falls short of fulfilling its expansive concept. Tracks on the half-hour long second disc exhibit the style though not the substance of the official album (except for the demo of Refugee), alongside selected live cuts that might well have been included on on audio disc with the original album, then paired with the DVD (or Blu-Ray). Such packaging would be a more accurate reflection of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers as the superior rock and roll band they have been for over three decades now.

SLQ: Tom Petty attends a game between the New Jersey Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California

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Voldar: . Tom Petty - Live Tracks Tom Petty has certainly been generous to fans who bought online tickets to the summer-fall 2010 Mojo tour. In addition to offering a free download of the blues-oriented Mojo album, last month Petty also released eight free live MP3 tracks recorded at various stops on the tour. Taken together, the songs essentially constitute something between a long EP and short full-length album documenting a tour that found Petty and his band the Heartbreakers appearing to be as loose and having as much fun as any time in recent years. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are not typically noted for extensive jamming or tinkering with their songbook when they play live. True to form, three of the eight songs in this collection are played pretty close to their original studio versions: Kings Highway, I Wont Back Down, and Runnin Down a Dream. Fortunately, all three are superbly crafted songs that dont need a lot of tinkering to sound fresh live, especially when played with the energy that pulses throughout these songs. Drummer Steve Ferrone (a new Heartbreaker having only been with the band close to 20 years) keeps a steady backbeat throughout, and in particular I Wont Back Down benefits from the short, driven version here that supports the pointed message of the lyrics. Stoner anthem You Dont Know How It Feels is livened up by crisp harmonica from multi-instrumentalist Scott Thurston and some funky boogie-woogie from keyboardist Benmont Tench. Toward the end of the song, the band veers into some trippy improv including interplay between Tench and lead guitarist Mike Campbell that is surprisingly reminiscent of the Dead. This leads to a rollicking, bluesy conclusion more typical of a Petty show. Drivin Down to Georgia, a number that can only be found in official version on the 2009 Live Anthology box set, is probably the highlight of the set. With wry lines like Hear that engine knockin, weve both seen better days, this tale of a mindless cross-country drive is vintage Petty: characters in his songs are usually not getting the best of life, but they keep dreaming, scheming and partying in the face of adversity. The song is fast-paced and upbeat, featuring a lively Campbell solo followed by a jazzy Tench piano interlude which backs Petty delivering a spoken word monologue about peaches and red clay in Georgia, with a warning the peaches wont last long, wintertime will get em. The blistering jam following this segment underscores Pettys general message that when life gives you lemons, give it the finger and turn up the radio. Also provided is a slinky rendition of all-time Petty classic Breakdown, complete with an audience singalong of the chorus and a call and response between Petty and the crowd of Wooah, yeah yeah yeah. Although this version is longer than the studio version, it ends abruptly (a minor complaint I also had about the Breakdown I saw at the Verizon Center in Massachusetts in August.) Mojo is one of the strongest studio albums Petty has put out solo or with the Heartbreakers in years (and lets be honest, the difference between his solo and Heartbreakers work is mostly in whose name goes on the album cover), and the energy of having solid new material clearly carried over into the tour. So its fitting that two new songs, I Should Have Known It and Good Enough, are included. I Should Have Known It is a hard rock nugget with a very 70s sound featuring guitar soloing in the style of Floridas other favorite musical sons, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Good Enough is a slow blues where Tench again veers into Dead territory with psychedelic organ that sounds inspired by Pigpen. Right now, the only way to get these tracks is to have bought Mojo tickets online. There is no word on whether at some point they will be released to the general public. Until and unless that happens, if you didnt buy tickets to the tour, make friends with somebody who did and get copies. If youre not already a Petty fan, these tracks might do the trick. http://www.jambands.com/reviews/cds/2011/01/17/tom-petty-live-tracks

Voldar: , , . ROCK USA 2011. ROCK USA 2011. Coming up on its 16th year, Country USA at Oshkosh has grown to become one of the largest outdoor Country Music festivals in the nation. Starshow Presents, Inc., parent corporation of Country USA, has now announced that it will create a sister event to Country USA next summer. The event is named Rock USA, a rock festival modeled very closely after the hugely successful Country USA. and will present the same stellar level of multi-million dollar entertainment. SOLID ROCK. NO LIMITS. Rock USA will brand itself as Solid Rock. No Limits. and will present a broad mix of rock in an effort to kick up the rock festival experience. The key is listening to exactly who the rock fans want to see. Some of the names that are being considered are Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Nickelback, Lynryd Skynyrd, Journey, and Daughtry. Obviously, this is a wish-list that is driven by input from fans but the plan is to present major caliber rock. We can tell you right now that we are planning on pulling out all the stops to make Rock USA a smash hit but we need your input who do you want!? You tell us and well go for it. BIG EVENT. DISCOUNT TICKETS. The biggest news yet is Rock USAs highly aggressive ticket marketing concept of presenting three incredible days of world-class rock at discount pricing. In a troubled economy we need to pay attention to the fact that fans have fewer hard earned dollars available. The money doesnt come easy and its tough out there. Our goal is to offer the biggest entertainment value possible and we intend to sell Rock USA tickets at prices we feel will be the lowest festival ticket prices ever. We are working hard on getting our talent lineup booked and if all goes according to plan we will be announcing the lineup, ticket pricing and on-sale date soon! Watch for the big on-sale news because you are going to get more and pay less! http://www.rockusaoshkosh.com/

Voldar: . , Heartbeakers . Don Henley Working On Country Covers Album Don Henley is in the studio working on an album of country covers. The Eagles founder is reported to be spending this week in Nashville working on the record with producer/drummer Stan Lynch (Tom Petty & the Heartbeakers), according to Eagles fan site L&M's Eagles Fastlane. The album is also expected to feature an all-star cast. The album will make an interesting bookend to the 1993 album of country covers of Eagles songs Common Thread. That record featured acts like Travis Tritt, Clint Black, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill. Tanya Tucker and Brooks & Dunn singing the songs of the Eagles. The Common Thread album was the catalyst for the Eagles reforming one-year later. Don Henley has recorded four solo albums, I Cant Stand Still (1982), Building The Perfect Beast (1984), The End of the Innocence (1989) and Inside Job (2000). Also during that period, the Eagles released the live album Hell Freezes Over and the studio album Long Road Out Of Eden. The album will be the second of the solo albums we can expect this year. Joe Walsh told Undercover in December that he will release his first solo album in 18-years in May, 2011. Last year, Timothy B. Schmit released his solo album Expando. Glenn Freys last solo album was Strange Weather in 1992. http://www.undercover.fm/news/13472-don-henley-working-on-country-covers-album

Voldar: Tom Honored For His Support of the Special Olympics Last Friday January 21 Tom Petty was honored in a private ceremony by Special Olympics Southern California for his long-time support of the organization and individuals with intellectual disabilities. At the ceremony Tom was presented with an original watercolor of Leo Carrillo State Beach painted by Michael Bluechel, a 26-year-old Special Olympics athlete from Ventura, Calif. Tom has been donating royalties from his song It's Christmas All Over Again which he wrote and recorded with The Heartbreakers for the A Very Special Christmas 2 album. This album was released in 1992 and is the second in a series of albums with Christmas themed music to benefit the Special Olympics. Tom has now contributed more than $200,000 in royalties for It's Christmas All Over Again to the Special Olympics. Joining Petty and his wife Dana at the ceremony were Michael Bluechel and his parents, Carol and Ted. Ted Bluechel was the drummer with the legendary pop-rock group, The Association. Representing Special Olympics Southern California were assistant vice presidents, Monica McDade and Kim Pine. On the reverse of Bluechels painting is a thank you to Petty, which describes the artwork and significance of the gift: Please accept this gift of our esteem and friendship on behalf of the athletes we serve. We hope that as you enjoy Michaels painting, it will bring to mind the belief that artistic creativity, ability, achievement and talents can be found in us all. About Special Olympics Southern California Special Olympics Southern California has been changing lives through the power of sport for more than 40 years and offers opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in year-round sports training and competition. Special Olympics Southern California appreciates the support of its year-round Mission. Partners: KTLA, Law Enforcement Torch Run, Summit Entertainment, Toyota, and The Vons Foundation. For more information about how to compete, coach or contribute, visit www.sosc.org.Rock icon Tom Petty was honored on Jan. 21 by Special Olympics Southern California for his long-time support of the organization and individuals with intellectual disabilities. In a private Pacific Palisades home, Petty was presented with an original watercolor of Leo Carrillo State Beach painted by Michael Bluechel, a 26-year-old Special Olympics athlete from Ventura, Calif. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/tom-honored-for-his-support-of-the-special-olympics


Voldar: Rock Royalty Provide Flood Relief Songs from some of the biggest names in rock will feature on Sony Musics huge three-CD set aimed at helping victims of the flood crisis affecting the country. The release is entitled Flood Relief - Artists For The Flood Appeal and contains tracks from Bon Jovi, Midnight Oil, Foo Fighters, Crowded House and Kings Of Leon. The triple disc will be available on Monday and all proceeds will go to the Salvation Army Flood Appeal. Other acts included on the release are: Sting, Powderfinger, Bob Dylan, Hoodoo Gurus, Tom Petty, Grinspoon, Jeff Buckley, The Verve, The Screaming Jets, Birds Of Tokyo and Lifehouse. http://www.triplem.com.au/sydney/music/news//blog/rock-royalty-provide-flood-relief/20110121-b602.html

Voldar: . . TOM PETTY VS BEYONCE - "If I Were A Free Fallin' Boy" A DJ Earworm Mashup http://djearworm.com/if-i-were-a-free-fallin-boy.htm

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Voldar: ... Rock And Pop Tours Announce New Tour To New Orleans Jazz Fest 2011 Rock and Pop Tours announce the latest of their eagerly anticipated music discovery tours, travelling to arguably one of the biggest and most diverse music festivals on the planet The 42nd New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The 12 Day New Orleans Jazz Fest Tour 2011 will depart Sydney & Melbourne on April 28 returning May 9, 2011. The tour will be escorted by James Valentine, Sydney broadcaster and jazz muso. Joining him will be Melbourne music industry stalwart, promoter and Jazz Fest veteran, Patrick Delves. Founder/Director of Rock and Pop Tours, Ian Hunter Gray is delighted to have both Valen-tine and Delves on board and says, James will add humour and musical knowledge whilst Pat provides his experience of Jazz Fest to our already jam-packed musical tour said Gray, and our groups will be in great hands all the way there and back! The tour initially ventures to the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, for 3 nights of Rock and Pop, then on to the Birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, for 8 nights of Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Cajun and much, much more. The New Orleans Jazz Fest has always blended a wide variety of internationally renowned guests, including Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Santana, Pearl Jam, Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, B.B. King, Dave Matthews Band, Patti LaBelle, The Allman Brothers Band, Joni Mitchell, Al Green, Linda Ronstadt, Lenny Kravitz, Sonny Rollins, Bonnie Raitt, James Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Willie Nelson, The Temptations, Van Morrison, LL Cool J, Gladys Knight, Youssou NDour and many, many others. The 2011 official line-up will be announced later in December, with Sir Paul McCartney and Tom Petty hotly rumoured to be headlining. http://www.eglobaltravelnews.com.au/wholesaler/rock-and-pop-tours-announce-new-tour-to-new-orleans-jazz-fest-2011.html

SLQ: Tom Petty attends a game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on February 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles Lakers

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Voldar: . About Robert Scovill I am a 30 year veteran of live sound and 6 time TEC Award winner for Sound Reinforcement Engineer. I serve as Senior Market Specialist for live sound for Avid and am currently mixing front of house sound for the 2010 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers North American Tour. Tom Petty, VENUE Technology and The Future of The Concert Experience Venue owners; (Not VENUE owners) if youre listening, PLEASE dedicate some resources to upgrading and maintaining these systems. The fans will thank you and they might even come to the shows a little more often. Dont believe me? Here is an excerpt from a post on a popular live sound chat site regarding the lawn experience during the current Petty tour. I have to say, I needed that show to sound good. I have been to so many big shows that were very disappointing sound-wise. I swore off big sheds a LONG time ago The mix was just so right for TP, and the venue There seemed to be studio like separation in the mix, but yet it all blended just right. We take audio very seriously in Tom Petty land for every show and Im shocked at how many local venue techs have told us that rarely does a visiting engineer even go out to listen to the lawn during the day to evaluate it let alone adjust it. Its kind of like we say at Avid regarding the world of VENUE technology great sound quality is not a feature it comes with every console. It should come with every show too But I digress If you consider the shear quantity and quality of the technology combined with the personnel that comes with it for even a relatively modest tour such as Tom Petty, Im shocked that ticket prices are not even higher. In Toms case its a testimonial to his loyalty to his fans along with the fact that hes been an advocate for keeping prices under control for his entire career. I think his fans are in many ways rewarding him for it this summer. From my perspective, and his fans apparently, his value add appears to be quality and consistency and at a pretty appetizing ticket price. : http://community.avid.com/blogs/avid/archive/2010/08/24/tom-petty-venue-technology-and-the-future-of-the-concert-experience.aspx

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Voldar: , , , , . Jagger, Dylan to join rising stars at Grammys LOS ANGELES Legendary rocker Mick Jagger, folk icon Bob Dylan and veteran diva Barbra Streisand will join rising stars and seasoned chart-toppers Sunday at the music industry's annual Grammys awards bash. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and teen sensation Justin Bieber are also on a star-studded roster of performers at the show in Los Angeles, where rapper Eminem hopes to seal a comeback year with a brace of awards. While showcasing new talent, the glittering evening will also pay tribute to past greats including "The King of Rock 'N Soul" Solomon Burke, who died last year, and ailing soul legend Aretha Franklin. Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch will stage a combined "Valentine's" and "get-well" tribute for Franklin, recovering from reported cancer surgery. "The special segment will feature individual and collective performances of some of the Queen of Soul's classic hits," said the organizers ahead of the three-and-a-half hour 53rd Grammys show at the Staples Center in downtown LA. Dylan, appearing at the Grammys for his fifth time, will perform with country-tinged Brits Mumford and Son and folk-rock band the Avett Brothers in a special salute to acoustic music, organizers said. In other new announcements Thursday three days before the show, they said rapper Dr. Dre will appear, in his first live television performance for more than a decade. The Grammys are the music industry's equivalent of the Oscars, the climax of Hollywood's annual awards season that this year takes place in barely two weeks' time, on February 27. Front-runners for Grammys glory include Eminem, nominated in 10 categories including best album and best song, in what could cap a comeback year for the once-troubled rap star. The singer -- real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III -- dropped out of music-making in the middle of the past decade as he battled with drug problems. He returned with the album "Relapse" in 2009, before 2010's "Recovery." Hawaiian-born singer Bruno Mars came second to Eminem with seven nominations including Best Male Pop Vocal, while US rap megastar Jay-Z, Nashville-born country trio Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga each earned six nods. Perry is also in the running for Best Album along with Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire and Lady Antebellum. Best New Artist nominees were Canadian teen idol Bieber, quirky British singer Florence Welch, country-tinged Brits Mumford and Son, as well as Drake and Esperanza Spalding. But while much media attention will focus on the rising stars, older viewers may tune in to see if Jagger and Streisand can show the young ones how to strut their stuff. Here are the nominations in the main categories: - Record of the Year: "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B with Bruno Mars; "Love the Way you Lie" by Eminem featuring Rihanna; "Fuck You!" by Cee Lo Green; "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys; and "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum. - Best Album: "The Fame Monster" by Lady Gaga; "Recovery" by Eminem; "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire; "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum; and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. - Best Rock Album: "Emotion & Commotion" by Jeff Beck; "The Resistance" by Muse; "Backspacer" by Pearl Jam; "Mojo" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, and "Le Noise" by aging folk rocker Neil Young. - Best Female Pop Vocal: "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles; "Halo" by Beyonce; "Chasing Pirates" by Norah Jones; "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga; and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. - Best Male Pop Vocal: "Haven't Met you Yet" by Michael Buble; "This is It" by Michael Jackson; "Whataya Want from Me?" by Adam Lambert; "Just the way You Are" by Bruno Mars, and "Half of My Heart" by John Mayer. http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/02/10/11/jagger-dylan-join-rising-stars-grammys

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Voldar: : Tom has three Grammys, one with Traveling Wilburys, one for best male rock performance ("You Don't Know How it Feels") and one for the Running Down a Dream film .

Voldar: This Day in Music Spotlight: The Heartbreaking Loss of Howie Epstein Although Howie Epstein wasnt one of the founding members of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, he quickly became an integral part of the band after joining in the early 80s. The bassist was present for Pettys most commercially successful period, playing both on full band releases and on the singers solo records. Keyboardist Benmont Tench called Howie the coolest guy in the band. Epstein was born on July 21, 1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He began playing musical instruments at a young age, growing up under the influence of his father Sam, who was a record producer. Sam produced some of the Midwests top rock and soul groups in the 50s and 60s. As a result, Howie became entrenched in Milwaukees music community, getting to know the local acts and going with his dad to shows. As he got older, Howie convinced Sam to let some of those groups serve as backing bands on his own recordings. In his teenage years and twenties, Epstein was involved in a number of rock and country bands in Milwaukee, most often playing rhythm guitar or mandolin and singing. Tiring of the limitations of the Wisconsin music scene, Howie set off for Los Angeles in the late 70s to play bass in a band that singer-songwriter John Hiatt was putting together. He toured and recorded with Hiatt, playing on his albums Slug Line and Two Bit Monsters. Howie soon joined Del Shannons backing band, a move that would lead directly to him becoming a full-time Heartbreaker. A huge Shannon fan, Petty was producing an album for the singer (titled Drop Down and Get Me) and Howie was playing on the sessions. Petty was highly impressed with Epsteins musicianship. The bassist soon would see exactly how impressed Tom was. By 1982, the Heartbreakers founding bass player Ron Blair had had enough. Tired of the touring grind, Blair departed the band, leaving a vacancy for Epstein. Bringing Howie into the fold wasnt a surprise move, as far as the other Heartbreakers were concerned. We all kind of thought Howie would get the job, drummer Stan Lynch said. He seemed to have a real good feeling for what we were doing. Hes a good bass player, a real good singer, and he fit in real well. By all accounts, the transition was seamless. Howie helped the band record 1982s Long After Dark, bringing his strong backing vocals and steady bass playing to the album. I had a tendency to play real busy, from all the years of playing rhythm guitar, Epstein said about his playing. His style was simplicity, playing in the pocket, getting into a steady groove. Ive always considered myself a good team player and thats the way that the Heartbreakers operate. Everyone listens to what everyone else is doing musically. He would tour with the band for the next couple of decades and become a well-known and respected member of an already established rock band. After Howie had been in the band for about eight years, Petty sung his praises to Musician magazine: You gotta love him; I dont know if I ever tell him how good he is. Tonight, there was a line early in the show I could just barely sing. I was having to work harder than I normally do to make it, I was getting really close on the mike. I was thinking, Oh boy, I hope I can do this... I got to it and I heard Howie singing it with me over his mike. It sounded great, it sounded like a double track. I just looked at him, he caught my eye like Yeah! It made me feel great, cause I know he was thinking the same thing, I know hes tired, Ill cover him wham! Got it! Thats what a great bands all about. Thats what its all about. By becoming such an important part, Howie became an in-demand recording musician, playing on albums by legends such as Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and others. He also began to work as a producer, starting with Carlene Carters 1990 album, I Fell in Love. In fact, Howie had fallen in love with Carter and the pair had begun a relationship that would culminate in a proposal, but never marriage. Around the same time, Epstein produced a pair of studio albums for songwriting great John Prine, including The Missing Years, which won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Recording. A fair share of Heartbreakers also showed up to play on Prines albums. Although Howie kept up his work with Petty and the boys through the 90s, some of the excesses of the rock and roll lifestyle began to catch up with him. He was just degenerating on us to the point where we thought keeping Howie in the band was actually doing him more harm than getting rid of him. His personal problems were vast and serious, Petty would later say. We tried everything we could to reach him but it got to the point where his ability to do gigs was diminishing. By 2002, Petty replaced Epstein with the same bassist Howie had replaced 20 years earlier Ron Blair. Eventually, we realized that we were just contributing to the problem, Petty said. When youre living a life where you really don't have any responsibilities, its easy for evil forces to take over. Then, in February of 03, Epstein passed out in his bathroom, possibly due to a mix of drugs that included heroin and antibiotics he had been taking for stomach problems and an abscess on his leg. His girlfriend drove him to the hospital, where he died from drug-related complications on this day in 2003. He was 47. Epsteins remains were returned to Wisconsin, where they were interred at Second Home Cemetery in Greenfield. Upon hearing the tragic news, one-time fiancée Carter was despondent. Im devastated, she said. I loved him very much. My kids thought of Howie as their father. Petty shared his grief over his bandmates death in a piece for Rolling Stone: Theres a great sadness, because Howie was never not a Heartbreaker. He just got to where he couldnt do it anymore... Its like you got a tree dying in the backyard. And youre kind of used to the idea that its dying. But you look out there one day and they cut it down. And you just cant imagine that beautiful tree isnt there anymore. To this day, when Petty and The Heartbreakers tour, they keep a bass guitar on a stand on stage to honor the memory of their late comrade. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/spotlight-0223-2011/

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Voldar: Rolling Stone Fact-Checks Famous Rock Songs 7 Tom Petty - 'Swinging' Tom Petty never mentions which Sonny Liston fight he was referring to in his 1999 song "Swingin'," but it could only be Liston's infamous 1965 bout with Muhammad Ali. "She went down swingin'," Petty sings near the end of the song. "Like Sonny Liston." Just 20 seconds into the fight Liston fell down to the ground, despite the fact that Ali didn't even make contact with him. It's since been called the "phantom punch" by journalists and historians. People are still debating what happened that day, but Liston certainly didn't go down swinging: He just went down. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/photos/rolling-stone-fact-checks-famous-rock-songs-20110223/tom-petty-swinging-0245492

stvol: . , : "Liston certainly didn't go down swinging: He just went down.", .

SLQ: Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on February 25, 2011 in Los Angeles, California

Voldar: Warner Bros. Records and Affiliated Labels Announce Exclusive Vinyl Releases for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 16th, 2011 Vinyl Packages Will Be Available From My Chemical Romance, R.E.M., The Flaming Lips, Mastodon, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Regina Spektor and More Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Limited Edition white vinyl, You're Gonna Get It! (Limited Edition blue vinyl; both Bernie Grundman Mastering). "Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers," the band's debut album, was originally released in 1976. The album is best known for introducing the world to the classic tracks "American Girl" and "Breakdown." "You're Gonna Get It!" Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' second album was released in 1978. Building on the edgy yet always melodic sonic template created on their debut, this album features the hits "Listen To Her Heart" and "I Need To Know" which remain staples in the classic rock songbook. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Warner-Bros-Records-Affiliated-Labels-Announce-Exclusive-Vinyl-Releases-Record-Store-1402798.htm

Voldar: ,, . http://thepettyarchives.squareserve.com/

Voldar: Traveling Wilburys Raised On Promises Article By Michael Corcoran Spin August 1989 Tom Petty has been a rebel and a Traveling Wilbury, a kid who saw Elvis at 7 and grew up to fight the record company on principle alone. He may be one of the great talents of his generation or just another creep from the Valley. He may be both. Tom Petty drives a black Corvette Stingray. He could afford a much more expensive car, like a Ferrari, Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini, but as far as hes concerned, a black Vette is the ultimate set of wheels. Its the car he wanted when he was a 15-year-old in Gainesville, Florida. We are driving down Ventura Boulevard, me and Tom Petty, in his black Vette. He apologizes for the car phone. My manager said I should have one, he says, but I dont know. Id be so embarrassed if someone I knew saw me talking on it. I mean, what am I gonna do, call my wife and tell her Ill be home as soon as the light turns green? Tom Petty is the product of what he calls swamp people. His fathers mother is a full-blooded Cherokee. Petty grew up on the lower frontiers of the Okeefenokee swamp, in Gainesville, the home of the University of Florida. On the song, A Mind With a Heart of Its Own, from Full Moon Fever, he sings, Well I been to Brooker and I been to Micanopy/I been to St. Louis too/I been all around the world. Brooker and Micanopy are podunk suburbs of Gainesville; the small-town attitude is a subdivision of Pettys mind that has never been torn down. Most people come to Florida to escape something cold weather, their past, whatever, he says. And theyre very content about it. I was always uncontent. I ran a little faster than Florida. When I left Gainesville in 74, it felt like I was escaping. Its always great to go back, though. When I was 23, I camped out for tickets to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Santa Monica Civic. Took the bus from Pico Rivera, waited in line for 12 hours, then found out it was unreserved seating. Color me chump. It was the best rockn'roll show Ive ever seen, though. God, what a magnificent rockn'roll machine the Heartbreakers were/are. And Petty was the coolest the son Patti Smith gave away for adoption when she was 19, raised by swamp people and locked in a room with Between the Buttons and Blonde on Blonde. The day after the show, I bought a vest and started using conditioner. As we drive through successive unexceptional blocks, Petty tells me that Ventura Boulevard is the Broadway of the Valley. That A&P over there next to Popeyes must be Times Square. There is little distinguishable about these miracle miles except that all the first-run theaters are showing Field of Dreams and all the dollar houses are showing Bull Durham. Kevin Costner owns Ventura Boulevard this thick spring evening. I love LA, Petty says. I love Florida, but LA is home now. Petty first moved to LA in 1974 with Mudcrutch, a popular Florida bar band which also contained future Heartbreakers Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell. Driving to LA was the funniest thing, Petty recalls with a great laugh. I remember stopping the car in Arizona and getting out because we saw a cactus and couldnt believe it. The members of Mudcrutch knew even less about the music business than they did about southwestern vegetation. We told them we drove all the way from Florida to LA as if we were the first people to drive 3,000 miles to go to Hollywood. Mudcrutch was quite good, though. They received three offers to sign after only a week, and chose Shelter. We were so naive that when we signed a publishing deal we thought it meant for writing books. When he first moved to LA, Petty hung around the Premiere Motel with the other Shelter acts Dwight Twilley, Phil Seymour, Gary Busey, Leon Russell just getting high and writing songs. Hanging out with the Traveling Wilburys kinda reminds me of those days, he says. Instead of sitting around the Premiere Motel amongst dirty socks, though, were in our houses and studios in the Valley. The old spirit is still there. I guess Jeff (Lynne) is sorta the Leon Russell of this group. Hes the producer, the catalyst. He makes sure our socks are clean. Earlier in the day, when Petty met me at the MCA offices, it was the first time hed been there in years. Hes more ordinary when youd expect, this simple rock millionaire. His face shows every day of his 35 years, with his hairline starting to recede, his skin wrinkling around his basset hound eyes, and his chin doubling. You always hear that rock stars are small in person, and you come to expect it. But when Petty walks into the room, not only short but frail, youre still surprised. His white, skinny fingers look barely big enough to play a guitar. Hes been burned by words, so he approaches them cautiously, with long pauses and a still-recognizable drawl. He laughs long before he says something funny, and long after anyone else does. In the early days, he says, I badmouthed someone every once in a while, and then it would come out in the paper and Id feel so small. Id come off much worse than whoever I was talking about. We pull into the parking lot of Norms Rare Guitars in Reseda, which Petty calls the poor side of the tracks in the Valley. The street that divides Encino and Reseda is a lot thicker than it looks, he says, at least to some folks. The front door at Norms says they close at 6:00, but we enter at around 6:30. Petty called and asked Norm to stay open, because we were running a little late. Norm knows on which side his croissant is buttered. As we get to the door, we run into Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan from Guns NRoses, who recognize Petty and straighten up. Man, Tom Petty, says McKagan, extending his hand. Pettys hands are so small that when he cups his ears you can still see his lobes. Were in Guns N Roses, Stradlin says, and we think youre great. Petty smiles, says hes happy to meet them. After they tell him about seeing him at the US Festival or something they leave with their five new vintage guitars. Can you believe those guys? Petty asks, without shaking his head. Theyre bigger than the Stones ever were. He likes Gun N Roses mostly because theyre from LA, but also because, like him, they took the best from their past and punched it into the present. As hes a Byrds with balls and legs, Guns N Roses is Janis Joplin with the horsepower to bring that screech out of a skid. Norm, what do you want for this hollow-body? Petty is strumming a huge blonde guitar that he could hide behind. That ones a thousand, Norm answers. Petty gives him a look that says, Are you serious, I wouldnt pay more than eight for this piece of shit. He puts the guitar down. Petty doesnt really want the big Gretsch, hes just setting Norm up for something he does want. Its a small Fender amp, which he tells me, when Norm is too far away to hear, is the first one he ever owned. As he plays Dont Be Cruel through the tiny Fender, he asks Norm, How much for this amp? Norm strokes his chin and says hell sell the amp for a hundred and fifty. Sold! says Petty, perhaps a little too quickly for Norms satisfaction. Hey, Tom, Norm asks as he writes up a receipt, could you maybe ask Bob about that guitar I lent him for that photo shoot? He still hasnt returned it. Petty answers, He mustve forgot about it. Dont worry, hell bring it back. I know hes good for it, but its been almost six months, Norm says. Bob is Bob Dylan. Theyre younger than the Rat Pack and older than the Brat Pack. Theyre the Wilbury Doughboys, soft and rich, and their membership includes Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, the late Roy Orbison (collectively the Traveling Wilburys), and also Mike Campbell (Heartbreakers), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Randy Newman, T-Bone Burnett and Roger McGuinn. Theyre the Rolling Thunder of San Fernando Valley; working together, writing together, playing together in a small chunk of high-priced California real estate, and selling millions and millions of records together. TOM PETTY: It was Thanksgiving Day, 1987, when the seeds of Full Moon Fever and the Wilburys were planted. I wanted to play baseball real bad that day, but I didnt have a mitt so I drove to the Thrifty Drug store because that was the only place open that I thought might have mitts. I was at the red light just before the Thrifty and I looked over and saw Jeff (Lynne). I had just met him a few weeks earlier in London and I waved for him to pull over. It turned out that he was living not far up the road from me so we exchanged numbers. He was working on the Brian Wilson record at the time so I didnt hear from him for about a month and then he started coming over. The first day I played a song for him that I had written called Yer So Bad. He said he liked it, but how about if I tried a B minor here, and it instantly improved the song. We finished that song the first day and the next day we wrote Free Falling. Most of the Heartbreakers were spread all over the country at the time so I grabbed Phil Jones, who plays percussion on some of the Heartbreakers records, and me, him and Jeff went to Campbells garage studio and made demos of these new songs. When I heard them, I thought, Hey, these sound like a record. Hmmm. Why not release them as a solo album? And that was that. So youre happy with the way Full Moon Fever turned out? I dig this record so much that its hard for me to talk about it because Ill sound so gushing and immodest. With the exception of Let Me Up, it seems weve tried too hard to make albums. Southern Accents and Long After Dark were very difficult projects, and though I like them, I think theyre pretty uneven records. Southern Accents has some good songs on it, like Dont Come Around Here No More is probably the best thing weve ever done, but as a complete album its not quite there. Full Moon Fever starts here, goes to there, ends here and that makes a satisfying record. You kept the lineup pretty simple. There arent many guest stars. I didnt want to call all my friends and have a list of famous names. I just wanted a nice little group. I did get George Harrison to play on one song and Roy (Orbison) does some background vocals on Zombie Zoo. What was Roy Orbison like? [long pause] Roy was such a gentle man and a gentleman. Hes one of the greatest people Ive ever met. He was very bright, very well read, not some cracker. You wouldnt expect it, but Roy knew all of Monty Python by heart. He loved really offbeat comedy and he had a pretty keen sense of humor himself. Was he into being a Wilbury? Oh yeah. Very much so. In his last call to me, a few days before his death, the Wilburys had just gone platinum and he was so thrilled. He kept saying, Aint life grand? He was really rebuilding his confidence. I cant imagine Roy Orbison having confidence problems. Well, he knew he was the best singer alive, but he hadnt had a big hit record in a long time. God, he could sing! When hed sing during the Wilbury sessions wed all just look at each other with big eyes. Even if he was just sitting at a table working out a song and singing, wed go, Roy, quit it, youre driving me crazy. He told us that he really felt invincible because he had the support of all these people, the way everyone loved him so much. When he started recording Mystery Girl he was letting Campbell and T-Bone run everything, but by the time they finished there was a huge change in Roy. He started coming in and really taking charge of the sessions and we were really pleased to see him get his confidence back. I wish he couldve seen the success of that album, because if there ever was a guy who was going to dig it. You know, when someone dies you always hear nice things about them, but Roy really was that way, a very special person. His album went #1, didnt it? Yeah, it knocked the Wilburys down to #2. As a 7-year-old, Tom Petty was sitting in the front yard of his familys townie simplex one day in Gainesville, when his aunt came by and told him that her new husband was working on the set of an Elvis Presley movie, Follow That Dream, 30 miles away, and did he want to go? I knew Elvis Presley was some sort of rock n roll singer I remember all the ruckus that was going on in our living room when he was on Ed Sullivan a few years earlier, but I wasnt too familiar with his music, Petty recalls. There wasnt anything else going that day/that week/that month, so Tommy went with his aunt to watch Elvis get out of a car and go into a bank for six hours. It was an unbelievable scene at the filming. There mustve been a thousand screaming girls on the other side of a chain link fence. After what seemed like an eternity, Elvis got out of a long white Cadillac and walked across the street. It was the most fucking awesome thing Ive ever seen. Elvis didnt look like the people Id known. He had a real glow around him, like a full-body halo. He looked like a god to me. When that days filming was over he came over and shook my hand and a bunch of other kids hands. Ill never forget that. From that day in 1961 Tom Petty has done little else except follow the rockn'roll dream. Bruce Springsteen once said that if you saw Elvis Presley and didnt want to be like him there was something wrong with you. There was nothing wrong with Tom Petty that a box full of Presley singles couldnt cure. After I saw Elvis that one time, I became obsessed. A friend of mine had a bunch of records that his sister had left behind when she married and moved away. I traded him a Wham-O slingshot for them, which was quite a big deal in those days, but there were about 30 Elvis records, plus stuff by Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis. For the next two years all I did was sit in my room and listen to those records. My dad was worried about me because I didnt go outside, I didnt play sports, I didnt do nothing but listen to those records. I cant tell you how much rockn'roll consumed me. It wasnt a matter of choice. It was something that came over me like a disease. It was all I lived for and its only been lately, like the last three or four years, that I realized that there is more to life than rockn'roll. Tom Petty has six platinum records and two gold ones hanging on his wall in Encino. He and his remarkable Heartbreakers have torn up crowds for 13 years now. Theyve toured the world with Dylan. Petty has also cowritten huge hits for other performers, including Stop Draggin My Heart with Stevie Nicks, You Got It with Roy Orbison, Ways To Be Wicked for Lone Justice, and Rosanne Cashs #1 country single, Never Be You. Through it all, Petty remains, first and foremost, a great rockn'roll fan. His voice, tiny and expressive, is a fans voice. Though detractors might call Petty a ripoff, pointing out how the melody of Breakdown is a direct lift of the Animals Cheating, and how Listen To Her Heart and several other Petty originals are right out of the Byrds songbook, Petty just shrugs off the derivative tag. The Byrds are to me what Chuck Berry was to the Stones and what Buddy Holly was to the Beatles, he says. Roger McGuinn of the Byrds covered American Girl, like a stamp of approval, soon after it was released in 76. He knew early on that there was something exciting and different about this Byrdsphile. When your first album came out, you were considered punk rock, werent you? At first, yeah. We played with a lot of punk bands like the Clash, the Ramones and Blondie, and played at clubs like CBGBs. so we got lumped into that whole punk thing. Then people started saying, Well theyre different, but theyre not punk, so they called us new wave. I think we were the first band to be called new wave, not that its any honor youd want to hang on your wall. Did you like playing with punk bands? Yeah, it was wild; wilder than anything we saw in Gainesville, Ill tell you that. I saw some great bands. Mink DeVille, I thought, was going to be the next Stones. They killed us. We were in London for the first or second time Elvis Costello ever played out in front of an audience. I thought, hmmm, ballsy name, and then he comes out, just him and a guitar, and he was great. Those were wonderful days, though we really took shit from both sides. To the punks we were slow and wimpy and to the mainstream crowd we were too wild and original. Plus, they couldnt understand a band from Florida not playing Free Bird. Was there a lot of backstabbing from the scene when you made it big? Oh, yeah. A lot of people had the attitude in those days that it was wrong to be successful. John Doe [of X] was telling me how fucked it was that some of the LA bands were copping attitudes like they didnt want hits. He said, Id love to have a fucking hit! Thats what rockn'roll is all about. Musicians want to be heard by a lot of people. Thats a basic thing. After we got big and famous and everything, wed go back to the Whiskey and thered be all these kids in spiky hair giving us shit, and that really hurt. When we started playing the Whiskey there was no scene, but we stuck it out and helped create one. Though the Heartbreakers werent considered punk for long, they did maintain some of the spirit, especially in their dealings with MCA, which had bought Shelter and thus them. When radio resisted the single Listen To Her Heart because of the drug reference in the line, You think youre gonna take her away/With your money and your cocaine, Petty refused to change the last word to champagne, even though it meant sacrificing the chance for a hit. Shortly afterward, refusing to be dealt with like a slab of rump roast, Petty and the Heartbreakers took MCA to court for a lengthy and costly battle. The band ended up filing for bankruptcy before settling with MCA, but out of the legal dust rose their best-selling album to date, Damn the Torpedoes, which went on to sell four million copies. Petty tangled with MCA on the bands next release, Hard Promises, as well, The company wanted to raise the price on the record from the norm of $8.98 to $9.98. Petty threatened to title the album $8.98 if MCA didnt withdraw the hike. It stayed at $8.98. You know what was the worst thing about the whole Hard Promises ordeal? We spent so much time fighting about the price that we didnt realize it was a real boring album cover, Petty says. Since then, Ive always been real particular about the album covers. I still cringe when I see Hard Promises. As the black Vette turns right down La Something street, Petty says, You know, Full Moon Fevers a very Los Angeles record. He says it defiantly, proudly. One of the great things about LA is that you can be all alone in your car alone and moving fast. Its very therapeutic. I almost ask him about the fire, but I cant. On May 17, 1987, at about 10 a.m., Tom Petty was home having breakfast with his wife of 14 years and his youngest daughter when someone set his house on fire. The arsonist was never caught, and the house burned to the ground. The Pettys escape unharmed, though their maid was overcome with smoke inhalation but survived. Petty spent almost a year after the fire driving all over LA looking for a new house. A new home. He drove through the canyons, down the beaches and up the hills. He had the radio on. Much of Full Moon Fever seems written from behind the wheel of a dream car speeding from a nightmare. Its all alone and moving fast. Its very therapeutic. Tom Petty drops me off at the hotel and waves back from the red light. When it turns green, the black Vette makes a mighty roar and takes off. http://thepettyarchives.squareserve.com/magazine/magazines-1989/1989-08-spin/

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SLQ: Dear TPHB Fan, On the evening of April 14, SiriusXM will broadcast a special 2-hour, live event TOM PETTYS ULTIMATE BURIED TREASURE in celebration of Tom Pettys exclusive SiriusXM radio show, now entering its 6th year with new episodes beginning on March 31. SiriusXM's Meg Griffin will host. A select group of Toms fans will have the opportunity to be part of the intimate studio audience at the event, which includes a post-show meet-and-greet with Tom. To qualify to be part of this event, SiriusXM subscribers can submit their most creative and insightful questions about Toms musical career, or about his Buried Treasure radio show and the music played on it, for the chance to pose the question in person to Tom directly at the event. Twenty (20) of the best questions will be chosen and those people will be invited with a guest to meet up at a secret location in Southern California, where they will be face to face with Tom to ask their question LIVE during this very special event on April 14. Each of the winners will also receive a copy of the special limited edition Record Store Day releases of the first two Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers albums on 120-gram colored vinyl which Tom will sign for you at the event Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (on white vinyl) and Youre Gonna Get It! (on blue vinyl). There will also be a chance to call in with questions during the live broadcast, giving SiriusXM listeners the chance to speak to Tom as well. Click here to go to the SiriusXM contest page to enter for your chance to win and to see the Official Rules. SPECIAL CONTEST OFFER FOR HIGHWAY COMPANIONS CLUB MEMBERS ONLY If you are not a SiriusXM subscriber but you are a member of the Highway Companions Club, you will have a special opportunity to win a trip to Los Angeles (airfare and lodging paid for by the Highway Companions Club) to participate in the April 14 event. Beginning next week, Highway Companions Club members only can submit via the Highway Companions website their questions for Tom in the same way SiriusXM subscribers can submit their questions described above. One grand prize winner from the Highway Companions Club will be chosen to fly to Los Angeles with a guest and ask Tom a question in person, live on the air. The winner will also receive a copy of the special limited edition Record Store Day releases of the first two Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers albums on 120-gram colored vinyl which Tom will sign for you at the event Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (on white vinyl) and Youre Gonna Get It! (on blue vinyl). The Highway Companions Club will also choose 5 runner ups who will have the opportunity to attend the taping as members of the studio audience (each with a guest). Highway Companions members should stay tuned for information on how to enter. ---- TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS' FIRST TWO ALBUMS TO BE RE-RELEASED ON VINYL ONLY ON RECORD STORE DAY (APRIL 16) If you haven't already heard, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will celebrate Record Store Day on April 16 by re-releasing in limited editions their first two albums on 120-gram colored vinyl. These special editions of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (on white vinyl) and Youre Gonna Get It! (on blue vinyl) will be limited for sale at the 700 independently owned record stores in the USA and hundreds of similar stores internationally. The press run for each album will be 2,500 copies in the USA and Canada and 2,000 copies in Europe and Asia for a total press run of only 4,500 copies worldwide. For information on where to find these special releases on Record Store Day (April 16), click here. **Please note: Although these albums are exclusively available at a limited number of independent record stores we have made a special arrangement to provide a small quantity of each album for sale to members of the Highway Companions Club. More information on how to purchase these albums will be sent to Highway Companions Club Members soon.

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SLQ: 25 2011 Tom Petty attend a game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on March 25, 2011 in Los Angeles, California Weekly Juice Upcoming Sports & Concerts in Los Angeles June 2010 By: Caroline - June 11th, 2010 Filed under: Events & Parties, Los Angeles Scene, Music in L.A., Weekly Juice Add Comment Well, the Lakers and Celtics are once again locked in an epic NBA Final. We have tickets for what could be the final game of the season, this Tuesday June 15th. Also, the sunny summer concert season is finally here and there have been some incredible additions to the calendar including Sting, Aerosmith, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Rush, Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Roger Waters Tom Petty and many more! We can get you premium seats at most any event.

Voldar: Tom Petty at Norman's Rare Guitars Tom Petty visits Norman's Rare Guitars. Tom and Norman talked about the Mid Night Mission event on May 9th, 2011. They are honoring Tom with the Golden Heart Award. The Midnight Mission Statement of Purpose * To offer a bridge to self-sufficiency for homeless people through counseling, education, training and job placement. * To make available the necessities of life to homeless people: food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene needs, and medical care. * To offer the 12-step approach to recovery. * To serve homeless people with empathy and respect, without sermonizing. * To provide for the homeless as an independent social service agency. http://www.midnightmission.org/aboutus-mission.asp

Voldar: Full Catalog Review: Tom Petty Back in 1976, studying the debut album of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, I wondered if the smirking, leatherjacketed, flaxen-haired guy on the cover was a budding punk-rocker (like Johnny Thunders and those other Heartbreakers) or a newfangled classic-rocker. Turns out Petty was both. The combination of his insistent vocals and forward-into-the-past songs with the exceptional talents of the Heartbreakers core lead axman Mike Campbell (a true guitar god) and keyboardist Benmont Tench has made for one of rocks most golden catalogs. http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/features/2010/09/full-catalog-review-tom-petty?pnid=49371

Voldar: Rock and roll legend right here in town Stan Lynch is St. Augustines resident rock star. Lynch is known for being the drummer of the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. He is a producer and songwriter and in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Gainesville, Fla., where he began to play the guitar and piano. He said he thought he would become a guitar player, but he found the drums on accident. By junior high, I was fully focused on drums, he said. Music was my life. College wasnt an option. In Florida, Lynch joined the bands Styrofoam Soul and Road Turkey. Once he moved to Los Angeles, he got together with other Florida natives to put together Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers in 1976. His favorite thing about that time was the energy. Lynch said he left the band because of conflicts with Tom Petty and moved back to Florida. It was time for me to go, he said. We both tried very hardfor a long time we worked very hard together. I have great respect for Tom Petty. Now, Lynch writes and produces songs in St. Augustine. He said Florida has always been his paradise. My family and friends are here, he said. Crescent Beach was always heaven to me. However, Lynch said St. Augustine is not the best climate for an up and coming artist. Head to a thriving, pitiless city and measure the competition, he said. See what youre really up against, the sooner the better. Lynch said he spends most evenings in the studio. Also, a couple times a week he said he gives music lessons to children with hopes of breaking into the business. If you want to go to Hollywood, Its straight out I-10, cant miss it, he said. http://gargoyle.flagler.edu/2011/04/rock-and-roll-legend-right-here-in-town/

Voldar: , , . Sleepytime Tunes: Lullaby Trib to Tom Petty The track list: Free Fallin' I Won't Back Down You Wreck Me Saving Grace Runnin' Down A Dream Here Comes My Girl American Girl Learning To Fly Into The Great Wide Open The Waiting , . , Runnin' Down A Dream, , . http://unofficialjefflynne.blogspot.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Sleepytime-Tunes-Lullaby-Trib-Petty/dp/B003IMERE2

Voldar: TomPetty.com Nominated For A Webby Award We are happy to announce that TomPetty.com is one of five nominated sites for a prestigious Webby Award in the Celebrity/Fan category. This nomination is a 'People's Voice Award' meaning, we need your help to win! Webby People's Voice voting starts April 12th and ends April 28, 2011. (If you want to tell a few friends and family so they can vote too, please do!) http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/tompettycom-nominated-for-a-webby-award-vote-for-us Thanks - TomPetty.com Team

stvol: . U2, Team Coco. netart The Johnny Cash Project.

Voldar: . Tom Petty's Ultimate Buried Treasure LIVE Tom Pettys weekly Deep Tracks show Buried Treasure is a very special edition this week, live from a secret location in Southern California. Tom will answer questions from SiriusXM subscribers who submitted questions that were chosen as a part of the Tom Pettys Ultimate Buried Treasure contest. Hosted by Meg Griffin on Deep Tracks Thursday, April 14 at 8 pm ET. Rebroadcasts Saturday at 4 am and 10 pm, Sunday at 2 pm, and Monday at 11 am ET. http://www.siriusxm.com/deeptracks

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Voldar: Tom Petty Discusses Influences, Career During SiriusXM Q&A Session The legendary rock singer answered fan questions with humor and sincerity during the live special, which marked the sixth season of his radio show "Tom Petty's Buried Treasure." It was a rare case of Tom Petty sweatin it. He had to cover about 35 miles in L.A.s rush-hour traffic to make the live Q&A session with listeners of his SiriusXM show, Tom Pettys Buried Treasure. Minutes before the 5 p.m. airtime, he strode into the small room at EastWest Studios in Hollywood. Looking dapper but a little frazzled in a gray suit, open shirt and shades, he sat at a desk and put on his headphones. We were in Malibu trying to make it across town, and we got a little nervous, Petty said before the show went live. We had the radio on, and they said they were starting in 15 minutes. He paused. I thought, Maybe not. It was the first of many laughs the 60-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer got from the small crowd of about 70 -- contest winners, their guests and a couple dozen others. The satellite radio company staged the April 14 event to celebrate the sixth season of Buried Treasure, which launched in December 2004. The hourlong show is an eclectic mix of music -- the best in rock, rhythm, and blues, Petty likes to say -- interspersed with jokey, freestyling banter and knowledge from the longtime rock insider. Playlists are heavy with but hardly limited to early rock n roll, the British Invasion, garage bands, blues greats, country rock and R&B. Petty said the shows are very much what you would have heard at my house the night before. The contest, dubbed Tom Pettys Ultimate Buried Treasure, was conducted over two weeks in March. Listeners submitted questions for Petty about his show and/or career, and winners were invited to ask their questions in person. Twenty-one were chosen from more than 3,000 entries. The Q&A was hosted by Meg Griffin, a 35-year radio veteran -- the past 11 on satellite -- who broke into the business in 1975 at a small station in southeastern New York alongside a young jock named Howard Stern. Throughout the two-hour event, she offered setups that Petty, blessed with an uncanny comedic timing, rolled with. When she noted that his show launched on XM before Bob Dylans Theme Time Radio Hour did, Petty replied, Yeah, he copies me. When Griffin asked about his musical influences, Petty didnt hesitate. AM radio, he said. It was a great time for music, and Im lucky to be born when I was born. He said the first record he ever bought was Playboy, the 1962 pop and R&B hit by the Marvelettes. How did he get money to buy discs back then? Cashing in Coke bottles, the Gainesville, Fla., native said. An LP was three bucks. He talked about his briefly held early jobs as a gravedigger You didnt have to look too sharp, Petty deadpanned -- and a later stint at the University of Florida. Theres a tree on campus dubbed the Tom Petty Tree that, according to legend, he planted back then. Petty dispelled that. I dont remember planting anything, he said with a grin. What I did plant certainly wasnt at the University of Florida. The contest winners questions ranged from obvious to insightful, rambling to concise, and often were prefaced by understandable gee-whiz praise and adulation. But Petty -- he of the easy, laid-back, slightly snarky demeanor -- answered them sincerely, sometimes with humor but with genuine thoughtfulness. One listener asked how Petty got his badass attitude. I got kicked around as a kid, but it was nothing I ever looked for, he said. Of his move west in search of a recording contract in the 1970s, he said, I came to L.A. and got a record deal the first week and it took me years to get out of it. Another asked why Petty and the Heartbreakers used Fender amps on their most recent tour instead their usual Vox equipment. Petty said the Fender amps were simply better. Those Vox, weve been playing one since the 70s, he said. After a beat, he added, Uh, I just realized were on the radio. But we love Vox! After a musical break that featured 1957s Lucille -- which Petty called the greatest rock n roll record ever made -- he mentioned how Little Richard, an ordained minister, officiated at his 2001 wedding to second wife Dana. Griffin said, Thats the coolest thing Ive ever heard. Petty quickly replied, Well, Im pretty cool. A later musical break featured The Supernatural by John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, then featuring Peter Green, who Petty called probably my all-time favorite guitar player. One listener phoned from Haiti to ask a question, but the call was lost. When Griffin suggested they go to a musical break, Petty said: What about that poor girl in Haiti? Theyve had it rough down there. (She later called back and repeatedly thanked Petty for his contributions to the quake-relief effort. During the bands Mojo tour, all front-row seats were auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Haiti.) He got very serious, though, when asked separately about Johnny Cash and George Harrison, one-time idols who became his friends. Of the latter, his erstwhile Traveling Wilburys bandmate, he said, He was a lovely guy, and I miss him very much. Recalling rehearsals for the 2002 Concert for George benefit in London, Petty said, Theres nothing like working on a Beatles song with Paul McCartney sitting there watching you. Petty was asked if he ever feels his music has been borrowed by other acts. All the time! he said. And I dont have to tell you who they are. But Im such a nice guy; I never sued anybody. I wouldnt mind a point or two. He also talked about his early days and 2009 reunion with Mudcrutch; how Don Felder did not teach him how to play guitar as the former Eagle claimed in his 2009 memoir but did teach him the piano; his latest album, the return-to-roots Mojo; how he was blessed that he got to know everyone who I really admired except Elvis; and how much he enjoys doing Buried Treasure, sharing his favorite songs and artists with people who otherwise might not hear them. A lot of time goes into putting together a radio show to make the music flow, he said. Responding to a listeners question/gripe about how todays music is simply not as good as that of the 1960s and 70s, Petty cited a number of reasons including how physical product has given way to the download era -- If I hear something I like, I go out and pay for that record -- and the rise of singing-competitions on TV. People now think about getting on a game show and getting famous. ... We care so much about our [concerts], and we work so hard on it. He added: We still dont have corporate sponsors on our tours. Were brought to you by you. Tom Pettys Ultimate Buried Treasure repeats at 8 a.m. PT April 18 on the Deep Tracks station (XM channel 40, Sirius 16). http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tom-petty-discusses-influences-career-179282

Voldar: The 2011 Golden Heart Awards The Golden Heart Award is annually presented by The Midnight Mission to those who have demonstrated a compassion for the disadvantaged in the Los Angeles community, and who have made a commitment to helping people transform their lives. The 2011 distinguished Golden Heart Award honorees include The Edison, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Tom and Dana Petty. These supporters fully embody the spirit of the Golden Heart Award and it is The Mission's immense honor to present them with the award at the annual star-studded gala ceremony on May 9, 2011 at The Beverly Hilton. The Edison, a unique and intriguing entertainment space in downtown Los Angeles, is a place where history comes to life. Patrons of The Edison can enjoy the craftsmanship and design left by generations of artisans past, as well as delicious food and beverages in a lively atmosphere. The Edison is a consummate partner in addressing the issue of homelessness and poverty in Los Angeles by providing monetary support, in-kind gifts, and countless volunteer hours by executive staff and employees. Sony Pictures Entertainment's motion picture, television, computer entertainment, music and online businesses make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment and technology companies in the world. This honoree's commitment to helping The Midnight Mission raise funds and awareness is only surpassed by their volunteerism efforts. From serving meals year round to ensuring the needs of families in transition are met, Sony is committed to helping The Midnight Mission help the homeless. Grammy Winner, Tom Petty is the front man and songwriter for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the rock band known for their many hits including one of their most well-known songs from the late 1970s, "Breakdown." Tom, and his wife Dana, are generous supporters of Mission programs and in 2008 hosted a concert to benefit The Midnight Mission. http://www.midnightmission.org/media-stories.asp?story=goldenhearts2011&front=1

Voldar: DEL&TOM DEL SHANNON- "OUT OF TIME" BACKED BY TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS, DEL SINGS A COVER OF THE GREAT ROLLING STONES SONG Tom Petty produced this 1981 album that this song appeared on. It came from Shannon's Drop Down and Get Me album produced by Tom Petty. The album took two nearly years to record and featured Tom / Heartbreakers backing Shannon. It's a nice song, and you can hear Tom in backing vocals. This would be around the time Tom stole Howie.

Voldar: Living legends of rock MSN. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Guitarist-singer-songwriter Tom Petty began playing with the Heartbreakers in 1976, the year they released their first self-titled album. The disc contains the band's first hit, "Breakdown," and they've been creating hits such as "The Waiting," "Free Fallin'," and "American Girl" ever since. Petty also collaborated with Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and George Harrison to create The Traveling Wilburys. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/40530535/displaymode/1247?beginSlide=1

Voldar: . POP GOES THE CULTURE: Meeting Tom Petty like running down a dream It is said you should never meet your idol because you'll only wind up being disappointed. Of course that's all well and good when talking about someone else's idol, but when it came to meeting the subject of my own hero worship I was more than willing to tell those who espouse such words of wisdom where to stick it. I was going to meet Tom Petty! As long as I can remember having an opinion about music, I've loved Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This opinion only deepened during my adolescence when the band's straightforward lyrics and driving guitar riffs offered some clarity amidst a confusing haze of breakups, acne and bad hair choices. Even as I got older I kept coming back to Petty and his Heartbreakers and finding that the music still fit. With a rhythm that is classic, comfortable and never out of style, Tom Petty is the blue jeans of rock 'n roll. So when SiriusXM announced a contest where a few lucky fans would get the opportunity to meet Petty in person, I barely hesitated in submitting my entry. Fans from all around the country were asked to enter questions they would ask Petty if given the chance. Those who asked what was deemed one of the best 21 questions would get to fly to Hollywood to ask their question in person as a part of a live radio show. A forklift was required to lift my jaw of the floor when I received the news that my rambling question, which inquired about Petty's working relationship with the Heartbreakers, had been selected. With less than a week to make travel arrangements, ask off from work and beg my sister-in-law to watch our kids, my wife, Julie, and I somehow found ourselves on a plane bound for Los Angeles on April 14. After acquiring our rental car, we located the nearest In-N-Out Burger and then drove to Hollywood. After experiencing the weather in L.A., it is clear why so many people live there. And after an hour-and-a-half in traffic, it is clear why so many people vow to never come back. Still we arrived in plenty of time and even had a couple of hours to kill, so we played tourist along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, complete with a visit to Grauman's Chinese Theater, where I discovered John Wayne had surprisingly small feet. Who knew? Anyway, we got to the studio where we mixed and mingled with the other contest winners. While Julie and I weren't the youngest people there, we comfortably fell into the lower quarter of the age bracket, which I suppose is to be expected for an artist that burst on the scene way back in 1978. We were ushered into the studio, which in spite of being the site of a visual-free radio broadcast was bathed in the unearthly mood-lighting of pink bulbs and blacklights. We sat in three rows of chairs in the order we would be asking our questions. In front of us on a hastily constructed stage sat a small table and two chairs where Petty and host Meg Griffin, a renowned East Coast DJ, would sit. We all sat quietly, buzzing on the vibes of our good fortune when, with only moments to spare, in strolled the man of the hour wearing a tan suit and yellow-tinted sunglasses. The show began almost immediately and for the next two hours we asked our questions and Petty answered with as much grace, humor and thoughtfulness as he could muster. Granted, it wasn't exactly a Frost/Nixon level of interrogation as we were all adoring fan boys (and girls), but it was a surprisingly insightful and candid interview. When the time came for me to ask my question, I wasn't as nervous as I had anticipated, but when I sat down to hear his response I was absolutely flabbergasted to be making eye contact (OK, eye to sunglasses contact) with a rock legend while repeatedly thinking, "Oh, my god, Tom Petty is talking TO ME!" I had to listen to the rebroadcast of the show to actually hear his answer. After the broadcast came to an end, each winner was given vinyl reissues of Petty's first two albums and we lined up for our personal meet-and-greet in the same way eager 8-year-olds line up to meet Santa Claus. When our time came, I stepped up on stage, shook his hand and glanced over at my wife, usually the calm, cool and collected one, and saw her transformed into a giddy teenager. This made me nearly has happy as meeting Petty himself. He signed our albums, posed for a picture and chatted with us about the show last summer in St. Louis where his guitarist Mike Campbell passed out onstage from the heat. Petty was suddenly remarkably ordinary. Here he was, a dude the same age as my dad, and we were talking about how hot St. Louis is in August. In a weird way, this made him even more awesome. The very next day we were headed back home and as I looked out of my window seat down into the Grand Canyon, I thought about how surreal the whole thing had been. Here was a man who had been a part of my life for an amount of time I could now count in decades and yet for only five brief minutes did I actually become a part of his life. When I considered how blessed I was to have that five minutes to tell him how meaningful his music had been to me, it really brought home how one-sided the artist/fan relationship really is. And yet what also became clear was the shocking realization that I didn't really love Tom Petty. The man I met was just a guy. A stranger. A dude who pays his taxes, gets indigestion and gripes about the weather. It is his music that I love and the man is just the messenger. But still, we almost never get to thank the messenger for the art we love the most and that is what I treasure most about meeting Tom Petty. OK. That and the autographed records. http://www.stltoday.com/suburban-journals/illinois/life/matdekinder/article_e9a19013-07e4-5352-92b3-0ab94b3b91fb.html

Voldar: Tom Answers More of Your Questions Last week Tom Petty participated in a Q+A with fans as part of SiriusXM's Ultimate Buried Treasure Contest One lucky member of the Highway Companions Club was selected to fly to Los Angeles with a guest and participate in the taping by asking Tom a question about his career or Buried Treasure Show, live on the air. The winner also got to meet Tom after the taping. The winning HCC member was Susan Molls of Turtle Lake, WI and her question for Tom was: "If Mudcrutch had made a successful first album, back when you started your recording career, and stayed together, do you think you would have made the same music as you did with The Heartbreakers?" Here are the 5 runners-up questions and Tom's answers : http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/tom-answers-more-of-your-questions

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Voldar: . , , - Last Dance to Mary Jane.

Voldar: Jam With Tom Petty For the guitarist among our readers, Lick Library have released the latest in their Guitar Tuition series: Jam with Tom Petty double DVD and CD set. The new DVD features over three hours of guitar workshop tutorials in a collection of classic Tom Petty tracks that covers a period of over fifteen years of solo and Heartbreakers music brought to you by top guitar tutor Danny Gill. Also included is a CD of professionally recorded guitar jam tracks for each song allowing you to play along with a full session band! Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are acknowledged as a world-class outfit whose members are able to blend an array of musical styles and create their own distinctive sound in the process. The bands virtuoso guitarist Mike Campbell has been the back bone of these magical pieces of music. He is noted for his ability to play incredibly melodic tunes whilst never wasting a note, often using two or three strings at a time instead of the more conventional one string at a time. Jam with Tom Petty (RRP £27.99) brings you seven classic Tom Petty tracks which includes the fast and urgent American Girl, full of great jangling guitar riffs, followed by the track Refugee. The next lesson features the track Here Comes My Girl from the breakthrough hit 1979 album 'Damn the Torpedoes'. Danny then takes a look at the critically acclaimed Free Fallin', a huge anthem, and one of Tom Petty's most famous tracks and Runnin' Down A Dream, from Tom's first solo album. Next comes the very popular Learning To Fly, a deceptively simple song with a unique structure based on only four simple chords, F, C, A minor and G. Last but not least is Mary Jane's Last Dance, known for its fuzzy guitar solo. This guitar tuition DVD is presented by the multitalented Danny Gill. A versatile guitar player, tutor and songwriter, whose cool calm approach helps you understand each section as he breaks each track down into its component parts and will help you learn how to achieve that distinctive Tom Petty sound. Even better you can easily see what both hands are doing on the guitar with the split screen a standard feature of all Lick Library DVDs, plus you can watch any part of each lesson or track again and again through the easy to use menu navigation. http://www.antimusic.com/news/11/may/04Jam_With_Tom_Petty.shtml

SLQ: Tom Petty at The 11th Annual Golden Heart Awards held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on May 9, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.

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SLQ: Jim Ladd for Tom Petty Golden Heart Awards 2011 - Midnight Mission

Voldar: . "Stories We Can Tell"- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Bobby Valentino Filmed at Oxford Polytechnic in 1979 during the "Damn the Torpedoes" tour http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CshBWub4ySg&feature=player_embedded Roger McGuinn-Tom Petty-John Jorgenson-1990's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1oh5HV9RxI&feature=player_embedded

SLQ: Tom Petty Worried 'Idol' Winners Will Be Eaten Alive by Music IndustryBy Hollie McKay Published May 13, 2011 | FoxNews.com After more than three decades of hit making, Tom Petty is one of rock and roll's ultimate survivors. But in todays world of instant stardom, Petty wonders whether singers that win shows like American Idol might actually be missing out on the most valuable industry training of all the slog. The only bad about [winning record contracts] is all the training you get while you work your way up. We came up in increments you got a gig, then you got a bigger gig, then you got a record contract bit-by-bit, Petty told FOX411s Pop Tarts column. Were into instant gratification. They want to be stars right away. So what well have to see is how many of them are around in 30 years, and how theyll handle that. The 60-year-old musician and his wife, Dana Petty, were being honored at The Midnight Missions Golden Heart Awards in Beverly Hills for their dedication in helping the many homeless people in Los Angeles over the years. Im a very blessed person so I feel its important to give something back and I like this particular charity because its for everyone and it offers a hand to anyone under any condition on the street, he said. Its called On the Cracks. Its really simple stuff and Im just trying to raise awareness, do what I can, and maybe I can inspire somebody else to do what they can. Speaking of inspiration, Petty had the fortunate of meeting his inspiration, Elvis Presley, when he was just a little boy. That was just a really impressive thing, I think was only 10 and Elvis was pretty larger than life, Petty continued. It was 1961 so he was bigger than life and inspired me. I bought a few records and after that I caught the bug, the rock n roll bug. And 50 years later, he's still got it. Im always playing a gig and thats never stopped yet. Pretty much the same M.O., Petty said. I just want to live and be happy and continue to do what Im doing. Ive been greatly rewarded so I am humbled. Petty, who is in between albums right now certainly paid his dues in the beginning, working random mainstream jobs while trying to make ends meet in the more unconventional music arena. His worst job? I was a gravedigger, he admitted. Just briefly.

Voldar: . Tom Petty 30th Anniversary Concert Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: September 21, 2006 Stephen C. O'Connell Center, Gainesville Florida. Setlist: 01. Listen To Her Heart- 0:30 02. Mary Jane's Last Dance- 4:25 03. I Won't Back Down- 11:25 04. Free Fallin'- 15:05 05. Saving Grace- 21:15 06. I'm A Man- 26:10 07. Oh Well- 28:45 08. Handle With Care- 33:15 09. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Stevie Nicks)- 39:45 10. I Need To Know (with Stevie Nicks)- 44:52 11. It's Good To Be King- 48:07 12. Down South- 1:00:35 13. Southern Accents- 1:05:10 14. Insider (with Stevie Nicks)- 1:10:50 15. Learning To Fly- 1:15:50 16. Don't Come Around Here No More- 1:20:48 17. Runnin' Down A Dream- 1:27:30 18. You Wreck Me- 1:34:32 19. Mystic Eyes- 1:40:30 20. American Girl- 1:49:30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_HGQO0G08s&feature=player_embedded

SLQ: This week in celebrity wedding anniversaries June 3 2001 - Tom Petty and Dana York, in Las Vegas. Petty met York when she came to one of his concerts and married her a couple years later following a sold-out Heartbreaker's concert series. The wedding ceremony was small, attended only by 20 family members and some close friends. A dinner reception followed at a nearby steakhouse. Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/06/02/2921095/save-the-date-this-week-in-celebrity.html#ixzz1OCy7RNIK 3 - , , . , , , , .

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Voldar: . benmont tench III http://twitter.com/#!/benchten

Voldar: 1979 ., : Jagger: The musics rehearsed a lot. You see, all people think about is, they think, in rock n roll, they get the music off right and they think its okay standing, looking macho. Well, its not. Thats boring. If you want to be a performer youve got to do a lot more work than that. Obviously the musics got to be right. But youre not playing in a recording studio. Youve got to go out there and entertain and all that. Its too much improvisation in rock n roll. Thats whats wrong with it. People think its enough just to stand there, and for most it is enough. I think its amazing that people put up with it. High Times: Well, Tom Petty gets up there and just stands there and just sings his songs. Jagger: Does he really? Ive never seen him. I like the record. High Times: Oh, I love him. I love to watch him cause he just emanates charisma. Jagger: Yeah, but if youve got that thing, "emanates charisma" -- put that down in journalistic, cliché claptrap. (Laughs.) High Times: No, I was going to say them both in two sentences, but he emanates sex and has a lot of charisma just by standing there. Jagger: I know what you mean. Id suck his cock afterwards. (Laughter.) High Times: He might give you a hard on, I dont know. (Laughter.) No, hes real sweet. Jagger: Does he give you a hard-on? (Leers.) High Times: Yeah, he does. Jagger: Do you get a hard on just watching the guy standing there? I just think -- I dont mean it too sexually, I must admit. I forget about that, you know. I dont think about the sexual part of it very much. I mean, not when Im onstage. I just start rubbing my cock, say Ive got to do this. Ive seen other people do it. http://hightimes.com/entertainment/ht_admin/264

Voldar: Taylor Swift Scribbles Tom Petty Lyrics on Her Arm Taylor Swift showed up on stage with some more ink on her arm! The pop star performed in Columbus, Ohio as part of her Speak Now tour and showed up in a sexy gold gown and her guitar, but it was the writing down her left arm that caught our attention! Though shes been known to write her lyrics on her arm throughout this tour, the words tend to change. Her arm read: And for one desperate moment there, he crept back in her memory. The country crooner also had this written on her arm a few days prior when she performed in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on June 2. This is a lyric from Tom Pettys song American Girl. http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-06-08/taylor-swift-scribbles-tom-petty-lyrics-on-her-arm-photos/

SLQ: North American syndicated Rock radio show 'In The Studio' celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 'Into The Great Wide Open'. Coming off his massively successful solo album 'Full Moon', 'Into The Great Wide Open' would be a reunion of sorts with the Heartbreakers, which spawned two Billboard # 1 rock singles "Learning To Fly" and "Out In The Cold" Show producer/host Redbeard speaks to Tom Petty about his mindset for this album. "I don't want to put any restrictions whatsoever on what we do now, musically", remarks Petty. "It still fascinates me that you can pick up the guitar and sit for a few hours and find some tune you never knew existed." To find out where to hear this show, or to stream the interview ONLINE, visit: www.inthestudio.net As you will hear in this weekfs classic rock interview with Tom Petty, two significant events informed the songwriting on 1991s Into the Great Wide Open , Tom Petty and the Heartbreakerse first post-Traveling Wilburys/Full Moon Fever effort with his own band. First,Tom turned forty. gIfll probably look back at this as some kind of mid-life crisis album,h Petty chuckles ,hand go ,fGod, I shouldfve just lightened up ! Shouldfve had a drink and forgot about it !f But I suppose Ifm just working a lot of things out.Itfs very hard living your life as we have in tour buses and airplanes for all of this time. I think when I turned 40 I kinda did , as most people do, get a little reflective about eWhere have we been?And where are we going?f And you do kind of realize that ,f Gee, twenty more and Ifm outta here !f So you do take stock of that , you do.h The second significant factor was that the songs for Into the Great Wide Open were written with a pre-9/11 perspective during Desert Storm Gulf War 1,which disturbed long-dormant feelings in Tom as well as many others who came of age during the nationfs lengthy , deadly, ill-advised Viet Nam War . h As I wrote this album , we went to war , and there were a few anxious moments there when you feel very vulnerable to people who are running the planet . Can those people just blow me up ? Yes they can ! And it was a very hard , painful thing to go through , the war was . I had extremely mixed emotions , I never felt good about it . And of course I support the troops , but I felt terrible about the fact that , in this day and age, that wefre still barbaric enough to roll out and kill thousands of peopleceDark of the Sune was one written during that period of the (Gulf) war . When I watched the oil fires in Kuwait, I had the image of the dark of the suncimagining if it had been Indianapolis where the oil fires were burning , or Cincinnati, or Los Angeles instead of Kuwait on CNN . g-Redbeard http://www.inthestudio.net/this-week-in-the-studio/tom-petty-the-heartbreakers

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Voldar: Larry Crowne Soundtrack Includes Tunes by Tom Petty, Electric Light Orchestra, Smokey Robinson Songs by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and the Electric Light Orchestra are among the eclectic sampling of tunes featured on the soundtrack to the new Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts romantic comedy, Larry Crowne. The 13-track album, which will be released this Tuesday, three days before the film hits theaters, includes two cuts by Petty & the Heartbreakers: "Listen to Her Heart" and "Walls (No. 3)," as well as the solo Petty classic "Runnin' Down a Dream." ELO also contributes a pair of songs to the disc, "Hold On Tight" and "Calling America." Among the soundtrack's other offerings are Billy Squier's breakout 1981 hit "The Stroke" and Smokey Robinson's 1979 slow jam "Cruisin'." Here is the entire Larry Crowne soundtrack song list: 1. Electric Light Orchestra, "Hold On Tight" 2. Tom Petty, "Runnin' Down a Dream" 3. Swingfly, "Something's Got Me Started" 4. Billy Squier, "The Stroke" 5. Sky Ferreira, "Obsession" 6. Electric Light Orchestra, "Calling America" 7. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, "Listen to Her Heart" 8. Smokey Robinson, "Cruisin'" 9. Tyler Hilton, "Faithful" 10. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, "Walls (No. 3)" 11. Jarrod Gorbel, "I'll Do Better" 12. Gigi, "The Hundredth Time" 13. James Newton Howard, "French Toast" http://wplj.com/Article.asp?id=2221968&spid=36851

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Voldar: At Least Michele Bachmann Didn't Use Tom Petty's 'I Won't Back Down' Michele Bachmann's official announcement Monday of her bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination ended with the 1970s song "American Girl" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. That musical choice by her campaign is worth noting, if for no other reason, because of what happened during the 2000 presidential race when another Republican presidential candidate used a popular Petty song. Petty told the campaign of then-candidate George W. Bush campaign to stop using his rock hit of defiance and courage: "I Won't Back Down" which politicians and sports teams have been wearing out for years. (A blog post on Denver Westword lists a few examples where politicians have gotten crosswise of the owners of hit songs.) The rocker's music publisher Wixen Music Publishing Inc., wrote the Bush campaign saying demanding that it cease playing the famous song. "...The impression that you and your campaign have been endorsed by Tom Petty, which is not true," the letter said, according to a Rolling Stone report. Petty later showed up at the vice president's official residence the night Al Gore conceded for the political version of an Irish wake that featured other iconic superstars Jon BonJovi and Stevie Wonder. http://www.npr.org/blogs/itsallpolitics/2011/06/27/137446872/maybe-michele-bachmann-checked-with-tom-petty-first

Voldar: , , ., . "American Girl" , The Hollywood Reporter. , , , 13 . " " (Tea Party), . . Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. 1976 . , . , -. , 2008 "American Girl" , . . 2000 "I Won't Back Down" , . , , . http://www.lenta.ru/news/2011/06/29/petty/

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Voldar: Dia Frampton and Coach Blake Shelton Take On Tom Petty Tune on The Voice Dia Framptonand her coach, country star Blake Shelton, performed the Tom Petty song I Wont Back Down as their duet on the final competition show of The Voice tonight. Its the perfect song to sing on this last show, said Frampton of the Tom Petty tune prior to the performance. Ill stand my ground is the perfect last lyric Ill want to finish on. I remember when I had that look on my face that Dia has when she comes out there, Shelton said of Framptons eagerness. I probably lost that along the way somewhere, and shes helping me find it again. For the performance, the two appeared playing guitars while wearing matching black suits and Ray-Ban sunglasses looking like characters out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Dia tackled the first verse, delivering the tune with a raspy sweetness. Shelton then showed of his powerful country twang on the second verse. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtQr_WpEKuI&feature=player_embedded http://popcrush.com/dia-frampton-blake-shelton-tom-petty-the-voice/ The pair shared vocal duties on the chorus and even threw in a little bit of matching choreography with a couple of head nods here and there. It was a nice performance that showed off Framptons confident ability to not over-sing, and Sheltons restrained country crooning.

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Voldar: Partisan Heartbreaker Tom the Petty In an effort to further promote the message of love, peace, and the type of compassion intrinsic to all dedicated liberals, Alec Baldwin, a paunchy comedian with anger issues, called attention to what he feels is Michele Bachmanns inability to articulate by inarticulately spewing obscenities in the Minnesota congresswomans direction by way of Twitter. Within seconds of Michele announcing shed decided to launch a bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, it became clear that not one iota of liberal negativity toward conservatives has abated. Over the past few days, the rock world has joined the fun by publicly stepping forward in an effort to send a message to the latest object of targeted political ridicule, Michele Bachmann. The goal is to drive home the point that liberal rock musicians disapprove of both Bachmanns politics and her audacity in thinking she actually has a chance to send honorary rock star Barack Obama back to Chicago. Following Alec Baldwins Twitter tirade, Tom Petty, a Mad Hatter in sunglasses, decided it was his turn to deny Bachmann, without explanation, the use of one of his hit songs. Petty is so anti-GOP he forbade Michele Bachmann from playing American Girl as a musical backdrop to her announcement to run for president. Apparently, the last thing Tom Petty wants to be associated with is writing the signature anthem that could accompany a female Republican candidate on the trip from Minnesota to the White House. So, to prevent that from happening, the rocker sent a three-word message to Michele: Cease and desist. Its doubtful that Tom Petty would decline $275 per person ticket proceeds based on who concertgoers supported in the last election. Yet, rock musicians who refuse, due to partisan politics, to let conservative candidates use songs for campaign backdrops forget that many of their fans are conservatives. Its no secret: Tom Petty isnt a fan of the Right. When George W. Bush ran for governor of Texas, the genial GWcomplimented the songwriter by using I Wont Back Down as a campaign song. The unappreciative Petty had his publisher warn the campaign that using the ballad could send a false impression (Heaven forbid) that Petty endorsed Bush, and ordered the gubernatorial team to pull the song. Tom Petty is one of a large herd of liberal singers and songwriters who sell their wares like capitalists on steroids to anyone and everyone, but when a conservative candidate identifies with one of their songs, out of fear of being perceived as leaning to the right hawkers of concert T-shirts and tacky glassware suddenly become all partisan and possessive. Yet when Democrats like Black Socks Spitzer of New York and John My-Wife-Has-Cancer-While-Im-Having-an-Affair Edwards used Heartbreaker music as campaign anthems, Tom the Petty fully endorsed both Lotharios using the extremely apropos Wont Back Down ditty. The You Can Call Me Al and Dont Stop crews are proud to have signature songs associated with Al Crazed Sex Poodle Gore and impeached adulterer Bill Clinton, but Sarah Palin shaking hands and hugging babies in time to Barracuda irked female rock group Heart so much that the duo threatened a lawsuit if Sarah didnt pick another tune. Truth is, in the world of rock and roll, the liberal malady is endemic. In the 1980s, Bruce Springsteen took on the Gipper over Reagans use of the song Born in the USA. During the 2004 presidential election, in an effort to save the USA from a second Bush term, Bruce partnered with über-liberal left-wing group MoveOn.org to headline a star-studded caravan of whiners in a Vote for Change Tour. The 2004 MoveOn.org/rock-and-roll effort failed and Bush won reelection, which proves there are more Republican voters than liberals realize. If, as a group, conservatives boycotted downloading music from iTunes and stopped buying concert tickets, many artists who feel comfortable insulting Republicans for sport would definitely take a hit in the pocketbook. Then again, one has to wonder if someone like Bruce Springsteen even comprehends the concept that the people he slurs with his political invectives have the monetary power to affect The Bosss bottom line. After all, didnt Springsteen say Obama speaks to the America Ive envisioned in my music for the past 35 years? Even still, the liberal Step Away From the Song list goes on and on: Pretty boy Jon Bon Jovi told Sarah Palin not to use Who Says You Cant Go Home. The Foo Fighters and Van Halen dissed John McCain; Bruce Hornsby felt Sean Hannitys use of his song The Way it Is shouldnt be the way it is; and rock group Rush informed Rand Paul hes no Tom Sawyer. By now, Republicans should know better than to provide ammunition for the left by failing to stringently follow copyright laws and respect property ownership rights. Yet, a politically partisan situation still presents an opportunity to learn a profound lesson for those on both sides of the political aisle. Liberal musicians should understand that having a fan base largely made up of those without the ability to pay $1.99 to download a song or lay out close to three bills for a concert ticket isnt going to ensure their rock star lifestyle for very long. For those heartbroken by Petty Heartbreaker, conservatives must take their eyes off the Yes We Can free-for-all where liberal politicians sway and wave in time to music amidst showers of balloons filled to capacity with Democrat hot air. Its time to realize the same standard does not and will never apply to Grand Ole or Tea Party candidates. Just because liberal musicians become gazillionaires with the help of Republican fans doesnt mean those same rich rock stars will show appreciation by treating conservative candidates with respect. For those on the right, the salient point is this: liberal politicians are never denied rights to artists theme songs; quite the contrary, they are encouraged to use them. Conservatives politicians should not be so naïve as to assume similar rules apply to the likes of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. With that in mind, Bachmann and Harley-riding Barracuda Palin should rethink forgoing the mud wrestling fight Michele claims the media is itching for and hit the ring to work out which lady will seek permission to claim Carrie Underwoods All-American Girl and whose anthem will ultimately be conservative rocker Kid Rocks Born Free. http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/jdeangelis/2011/07/03/partisan-heartbreaker-tom-the-petty/

Voldar: Stevie Nicks New Single For What Its Worth Inspired by Tour With Tom Petty Rock and roll gypsy Stevie Nicks revealed that the inspiration behind her new single For What Its Worth stems from a summers worth of touring with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Nicks continues to bask in the glow of the positive reception for her latest album In Your Dreams, and the release of this single ties in nicely with her upcoming August tour dates. Stevie calls the summer touring with Petty, which birthed For What its Worth the best summer of my life, adding, You can interpret that any way you like. Nicks is also very proud of her new album, which she says feels like the best thing Ive ever done. In conversation with the Telegraph, Nicks also details the first time that she ever met Janis Joplin: when I first saw Janis she was very angry. The first band had run over time, and she came on stage screaming, scared me to death. I was hiding behind the amps. She told them to get the you-know-what off her you-know-what stage. And they wrapped it up! Continuing to recall the moment, Stevie moves the timeline forward twenty minutes to when Janis came on-stage, wearing silky bell bottoms, a beautiful top, lots of gorgeous jewelry, feathers in her crazy big natural hair. Lots of attitude, arrogance, the crowd in the palm of her hand. Taken by the spectacle, Nicks was, again, inspired by Joplin: I learned that to make it as a female musician in a mans world is gonna be tough, and you need to keep your head held high. But Jimi Hendrix was also highly influential on her development, making a major contribution by teaching Nicks, in her words, Grace and humility. Previously, Nicks spoke about other important influences, including Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills and Nash and Joni Mitchell. Grab some more knowledge on the Gold Dust Woman via our list of 10 Things You Didnt Know About Stevie Nicks. http://youtu.be/ULrbYPqx4E0 http://ultimateclassicrock.com/stevie-nicks-new-single-for-what-its-worth-inspired-by-tour-with-tom-petty/

Voldar: 1977 . The following interview was originally published in the first issue of FFanzeen (issue dated 7/7/77). I had done a few interviews for groups that were handled by Shelter Records, and the staff was quite excited about a new, freshman album that was about to come out by a yet-unknown Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They gave me an advance copy of the first album, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. While it didnt bowl me over, I enjoyed the quirkiness of it, a feeling which would not be repeated for following albums when the group became the musical mid-ground between John Cougar Mellencamp and Bob Dylan, both of whom would profit from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers success. The first album was sharp and its minimalist production, reminiscent of the Modern Lovers earliest recordings. Songs were based on minor keys and about a wider range of subject matter than just love / hate. The two best cuts were also the two hits from the album, Breakdown, and especially American Girl. The publicity machine let me know that Petty would be playing at CBGB and I could be on the guest list, so I headed on down to the showcase. No one that I asked was interested in going to see the weekday show with me, since Petty was a total unknown. The place was filled with suits and very few of the public, who were possibly turned off by seeing all the aforementioned corporate types, or the lack of product by the artist. They werent a New York band, so they had no following here. I sat in front, which was easy since the record and publicity cogs circled the bar like flies on shit. I had my instamatic camera and took some slides to record the moment. Soon afterwards, I was able to catch Tom Petty and his band again (and again be on the guest list) for his show at the Bottom Line, where he opened for Roger McGuinn. Originally I wasnt going to go, but I thought it would be cool to see McGuinn, whom I had never seen perform before. It is very rare to find a rock writer / critic / reviewer / fan who will admit they want to get on a bands guest list to actually see the group sharing the bill. It was actually a strange billing since McGuinn had just released a cover of American Girl. Both of them sang it during their own sets (and with different arrangements). The day after the McGuinn show, I interview Petty. I dragged Alan Abramowitz along. Petty had two interviews before mine (also college writers, I believe), until finally it was our turn into the conference chamber. You would think that for someone who was facing only his third interview, Petty would be excited and into it. Well, if he was, he sure didnt give any indication. He just droned, in that nasal voice, and went on like we were more in his way than trying to get us on his side, something that might help get a favorable article and serve to produce fans. He sat there and talked with a monotone, giving the impression he was thinking more about doing something else, like his laundry, than being in the moment. As this interview shows, as short as it was, Petty was egocentric and self-important, even back then. When asked a question, hed follow his own course, whether connected or not; and when asked to clarify, hed just go on without even realizing anyone else besides his voice was in the room. All in all, he was quite boring. In fact, after a few minutes, Alan fell asleep in the corner, and began to loudly snore. I envied him. I dont believe that Petty was purposely trying to be nasty in any way, he was just highly involved with himself. That is why I gave the piece its title. Although Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are considered a West Coast band, they have been fairly well accepted by the rockers on both coasts. Theyve played on the same bill with such groups as Blondie and the Runaways. When I interviewed them last March 8, 1977, they were playing the Bottom Line with Roger McGuinn. They had played at CBGB a few months past. They have a definite rocknroll sound that, to some, may take some getting into (remember the first time you heard Television?). While doing this interview, I kept getting the feeling that, at times, Petty wasnt listening to what either I, or he himself, was saying. You may catch this on some of the answers. Despite this, I feel that, in most cases, Petty answered to the best of his ability. FFanzeen: With all the names for the music being played these days, what do you call what you play? Tom Petty: We just consider ourselves a rocknroll band. FF: Have you seen any other New York bands when you were here? Petty: Yeah, Ive seen, well, I just played in L.A. with Blondie for four nights. I saw the Ramones. I havent seen a lot of them but I have a friend here [in New York] at Sire Records who sends me a lot of records for me to hear so Ive heard some of it. Im not really aware of it. No, were not trying to jump in on that one. Were a young rocknroll band and thats it. Gene Benson was punk as far as I mean, he was probably more punk than the Ramones are. So was Elvis. FF: When you played New York, did you find that anyone got confused between Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and [Johnny Thunders and] the Heartbreakers? Petty: Yeah, the first time we came here we didnt know about that band for a long time. We heard about it right before we played CBGBs; that there was another local band called the Heartbreakers. But by that time, I said, I havent heard them to this day, and, well, ours is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and they cant get too confused, and sorry and all that but we aint gonna change our name or nothing. Thats really a New York problem. It doesnt come up everywhere. FF: How did you like playing CBGBs? Petty: Good gig. When we came that time, we wanted to play the street place, you know. All I said about New York is Alright, Ill play there, but I don't want to go to the Bottom Line, come on with a big press party, and I hate that sort of thing. It just aint my nature. Id like to play the street place where the kids go. Went there and all the press came. FF: You picked a bad night, a Tuesday night. Petty: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. I met a lot of people here and it was a really good couple of days. I like New York. FF: Did you like playing the Bottom Line? Petty: Yeah, I had a great time. I think, you know, that the audience, they werent quite ready for what happened on the first show, for either show, but coaxed with it, ya know, they dug it. I could tell they dug it. They were with us. FF: Are you on tour now? Petty: Ive been on tour about at least five weeks and Im gonna be out for another two months. We were with the Runaways the night before we were with McGuinn. Roger was a strong influence on me when he was with the Byrds. They were some of the first records I ever bought. I met him in L.A. I like him, I really do. Hes a cool cat. No matter what he does, I dig him. Hes a legend, ya know? Roger McGuinn. Im really going to enjoy this gig. The last night of the tour is in Long Island at some university. FF: What was it like playing with the Runaways? Petty: Well, weve only played with them once. We have another date in Cleveland. We played with them in Detroit with a band called Cheap Trick. It was just this Detroit rock show, you know, just give me blood, you know. We went down fine. It was really simple for us. I had never seen the Runaways till then. They were what you might call weird. It was kinda like a teen porn show, or something. I didnt get to know the girls really well. I know them but I dont know them. They just look like sex teens. Theyre just some kids trying to play. They just happen to be girls. It was strange to see the guys go nuts. FF: Youre from [Jacksonville] Florida. Petty: Thats where I was born and raised. I havent lived there for ... four years. I live in L.A. FF: How did you meet the Heartbreakers? Petty: Theyre from Florida, too. They were all in different bands. I was in a band there that got pretty popular. We came out to L.A., and got a record deal, and I quit about halfway through the album. The band broke up and the album never came out. Then I signed another record contract, sort of an artist-in-residence thing with Shelter for about three years. I would sit back and play in the studio ... Then the other guys drifted out to L.A., like Michael Campbell, the guitar player, was with me all the time. Were playing together about five years. The rest of them just drifted out for various reasons. Through a series of chance meetings, we showed up on the same demo session and it was so good ... so we got together and we did a couple of tracks and we said all right. I went to a record company ... with my hat in my hand, Im joining a band, the Heartbreakers. They were real understanding. FF: What was the group (you came to California with) ... Petty: The Heartbreakers. FF: No, what group was it ... Petty: Weve been together now for about a year. Its a great band. Im still on the rush. I dont understand how it happened or what went right. I dig this band, and Im pretty hard on bands. No ego trips. No leader and nobodys got more say than anybody else. It works very well. FF: I take it youre satisfied with the way the album came out? Petty: For a first album, its pretty true to where we were at the time. Its getting played on (W)NEW (New York) with moderate airplay. We got a single thats a hit in England. FF: What single? Petty: American Girl. FF: Roger McGuinn has the same single out ... are you satisfied with the way McGuinn did it? Petty: Well, I wouldnt have done it that way. I obviously didnt do it that way. FF: I havent heard his single yet. I heard him do it last night though. Petty: He did it very Roger McGuinn-ish. A lot different. A lot more laid back. We do it like Bo Diddley. Roger does it a little cruizier, and he changes some of the words. When I played one day in L.A., I was teaching the song to Roger. Like, we just sat, and it was a real standoff situation. I came in and they say, Whoa, a real punk. What a punk. Like Roger would call me a punk. Who the fuck are you callin a punk? I aint no punk. I put on my guitar and I say, It goes like this: One, two ... But I respect the guy a lot. He knows what hes doin. His audience is probably better that way, than my audience. This is really sort of a great compliment to me. Im really second generation to Roger. Im flattered he did it at all. FF: What music do you listen to now? Petty: Now? Sort of the same stuff I used to listen to. I listen to everything. I really do listen to all kinds of music. I have not heard Bruce Springsteen. I mean, I heard him once and thats it. Right before I went on tour I listened to the Everly Brothers greatest hits. I listen to Aerosmith and I tend to go by tracks. The ones I listen to all the way are usually classic albums, like the Kinks. The Low album is probably a classic. FF: What do the Heartbreakers listen to? Petty: There isnt really much we disagree on. Stan (Lynch, drummer) is definitely into heavy metal and Rons (Blair, bass) into heavy metal. Michael (Campbell, guitar) is into Stones stuff, Beatles. Bens (Tench, keyboards) a thousand things. FF: Will a time come when a Heartbreaker will sing a solo? Petty: No, I dont think so. It might happen. If it does, it will be a group thing. Im the lead singer because Im the lead singer. We didnt dye our hair, we didnt curl it, no one did any of that. People actually ask me, Did you dye your hair? Were just a straight rock'nroll band. No smoke machines. None of that. Were straightforward guitar, drums rocknroll. Were song-oriented. FF: What is your ultimate goal? Petty: We want to be successful. Not just money. You know, just making a successful record and a successful show. Whatever that means, thats what it is. I just want to be successful. I could feel successful without selling a million records. FF: Do you see yourself branching out into other media, like television? Petty: We ain't never gonna do no TV special. I dont think wed do the Midnight Special. I wouldnt go on with one of those Alright, the stage is gonna go upside down. Heres this camera angle. Heres the same old fuckin set we look at every week. I would like to do a variety show. I could dig that. FF: Do you have any hobbies? Petty: Girls are my latest hobbies. I think thats the Heartbreakers latest hobbies now-a-days. Yeah. Perhaps its only my hometown pride, but I was pissed about the way Petty was dismissive about Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers, as well as the Ramones. Sorry, TP, but the Heartbreakers are not just a local band, and still have an international appeal that, on some level, your Heartbreakers could never reach. While Tom Pettys band may have a wider audience demographic and sell more product, the New York Heartbreakers have influenced many more musicians, even if they didnt have the music business industry behind them (most likely due to the industrys fear of their unreliability and their, er, peccadilloes). Pettys music became ever more mundane and tiresome, while Thunders would be innovative until he died. How many Tom Petty bootlegs compared to Johnny Thunders. And more importantly, how many people have listened to Tom Petty and wanted to play music as compared to Johnny Thunders. For both of these, I would lean toward the latter. In retrospect, Petty comes off a bit hypocritical in the interview. He goes at length to say how hes not in it for the money, but hes responsible for the raising of the retail prices of records in the early 1980s. Yet, he also managed to get himself in enough debt to file for bankruptcy. He claimed money wasnt important to him, but I guess spending it was. I became more convinced of Pettys shallowness if just lack of withallness when he appeared on one of the Friday night concert shows, the very kind he stated hed never be on, within a year or two of his decrying the genre. And sure enough all of the weird camera angles and close-ups were on display. Most likely he thought it was a good gig and dug it. Im not trying to harp on Tom Petty, as I really dont have anything against him, even though Im not a fan (again, except that for that first album). Im sure hes a southern gentleman who plays a decent guitar. With his band, hes done a lot of fine work in his career, especially backing up musicians like brother-in-monotone-nasality, Bob Dylan. What I was disturbed about was his whatever attitude, which made him appear so oblivious (and seemly uncaring) of what is going on around him. On a positive note, Petty was the leading force in getting a headstone for Jackie Wilson, who had died penniless after years of being a shut-in as a result of an on-stage heart attack; so, I guess Petty does have his compassionate side, and assured himself a place in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland. http://ffanzeen.blogspot.com/2009/10/tom-petty-petty-interview.html

Voldar: Tom Petty and Chess Yesterday I wrote about Chess Records and Record Row here in Chicago. I promised a Tom Petty story. Here it is. In 2002, Tom Petty released the album The Last DJ. Many of the songs covered his frustration with the big record companies and how they dealt with music and musicians. He was on tour that fall, and in November came to Chicago for a concert. The day before the show I met Tom in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel to discuss his new album. I have to tell you, I was very nervous! I had never met Tom, and was not used to going to fancy hotels for an interview, unless it was with Yoko or Sir Paul. So I showed up with the best recording device we owned, and met Tom. I went from sort of nervous to really scared. He was very subdued. Not rude, but not the best demeanor for an interview. He seemed tired and down. I was correct in assuming that part of it was jet lag. He had just returned to the states from London. He was one of George Harrisons friends that showed up to play at the legendary Concert For George. The concert was held at Royal Albert Hall on the one year anniversary of Georges passing. Tom and George were great friends and band mates in Traveling Wilburys. Tom was understandably drained physically and emotionally. I started the interview with questions about the concert. He seemed heartbroken about the loss of a dear friend. After awhile we talked about his new album and his frustration with the business of music. He became more animated but visibly agitated about the corporate culture. The interview was going well, but there was that mood of grief and anger hanging in the room. Then I brought up the fact that there was an emerging scene of small, independent labels, and some artists experimenting with the new technology and new ideas on music distribution. I reminded Tom that if we had left everything up to the big companies in the mid-50′s, rock and roll as we know it would never have happened. RCA Victor would never have discovered Elvis Presley if it hadnt been for Elvis first album on Sun. James Brown would never have been the hardest working man in show business if it wasnt for King Records. Little Richard would never have turned music upside down if it wasnt for the Specialty label. And Chuck Berry would not have defined rock and roll guitar playing and songwriting if it wasnt for Chess Records. I was on a roll, and Tom was perking up. We connected with our passion for this music. I told his Chess studios was open for tours, and that Willie Dixons family was working on making it a museum. Told him he should give them a call and go visit. By then his mood had totally lifted and I could tell he couldnt wait to go. And he did! I didnt get to go to the concert the next night, but heard that he did a whole speech about Chess Records and encouraged everyone to go visit that mecca of great blues and R&B. This encounter with Tom Petty goes down as one of my favorite memories of my journey through this marvelous music. For all of the joy and pleasure Ive received from his music over the years, I felt honored to help lift his spirits after a difficult patch. Any self-respecting Beatle fan would want to help someone George loved so much. If someone had taken our photo before the interview, it would have been formal and serious. I think you can tell by this photo that the picture was taken AFTER the interview. We had that experience of reminding each other why we got into this business in the first place. http://youtu.be/0QgKiAHy7xQ http://wxrt.radio.com/2011/07/12/tom-petty-and-chess/

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stvol: dirty.ru "" . : " , , The Heartbreakers. ." imdb.com: "Billy Bob Thornton's character is named Big George Drakoulious. George Drakoulias is a musician and has produced music for The Black Crowes and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Jared Harris' character is named Benmont Tench. Benmont Tench is a member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers."

SLQ: Music Stars Including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffett, Rod Stewart, JAY-Z and Justin Bieber Team up with Live Nation Entertainment, Bravado International and City of Hope to Raise Awareness, Funds for Cancer Research LOS ANGELES --(Business Wire)-- Fans of Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, George Michael, Green Day, Shakira and more than 25 other top musical acts can rock out in collectible edition t-shirts showing off their favorite artists and their support for City of Hope, a leading research, treatment and education institute for cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Beginning this month, fans who visit the artists' official websites and CityofHopeShop.com can purchase "Hope, Love and Rock & Roll" t-shirts featuring their favorite artists, with not less than 50-percent of the retail price benefitting research and treatment programs at City of Hope. "I'm a big believer in the power of music to connect and heal," said Irving Azoff, chairman of Live Nation Entertainment. "I'm so grateful to the many artists and friends who are contributing to the unique 'Hope, Love and Rock & Roll' merchandise program supporting City of Hope, an organization my wife Shelli and I are deeply committed to." Added Shelli Azoff, a longtime member of the City of Hope Music and Entertainment Industry Group, "The artists in this program inspire millions of fans through their music and example. I'm personally inspired by City of Hope's doctors and researchers, who work every day to develop treatments and cures for life-threatening illnesses, and am delighted that music fans can join Irving and me in supporting this important organization just by purchasing one-of-a-kind t-shirts." Featured artists in the program include: Avenged Sevenfold Avril Lavigne Barbra Streisand Eminem George Michael Green Day JAY-Z Jimmy Buffett John Lennon Journey Justin Bieber Kiss Lady GaGa Madonna New Kids on the Block Nickelback No Doubt Ozzy Osbourne Rihanna Rod Stewart Shakira Shania Twain Slipknot Stone Sour Sublime Sugarland Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ZZ Top "Music plays such a vital role in our lives, comforting us in our times of need or galvanizing us into action to make a positive change," said Alexandra M. Levine, M.D., chief medical officer, City of Hope. "We are grateful for the support of these talented musical artists and rock n' roll merchandise companies, Live Nation Merchandise, Bravado International and FEA, which will help City of Hope raise awareness and funds for research to help patients and families who face a life-threatening disease." The launch of the new merchandising program is the latest in a long history of music industry programs in support of City of Hope. Since its creation in1973 by key music industry leaders, City of Hope's Music and Entertainment Industry Group has raised more than $96 million. Irving Azoff, chairman of Live Nation Entertainment and a member of the Music and Entertainment Industry Group, and his wife, Shelli, were recently honored with the Spirit of Life Award, City of Hope's most prestigious honor that recognizes individuals who have committed their time and resources to helping those in need. Irving Azoff is the first person ever to be honored twice with this philanthropic honor and the Azoffs were the first couple to receive the award. For more information and to purchase the limited edition "Hope, Love and Rock & Roll" artist t-shirts benefitting City of Hope, please visit www.CityofHopeShop.com.

stvol: . Petty: http://www.qwiki.com/q/#!/Tom_Petty

Voldar: Randall Marsh New Music and Website Mudcrutch drummer Randall Marsh has a new EP, video and website! Head on over to randallmarsh.net to see the latest site updates, plus the video for "Tiny Town" from the new "Crazy World" EP. The video was shot in and around Bushnell, FL by Randall and original Mudcrutch photographer Red Slater. You can also listen to the entire "Crazy World" EP on the site. The EP is available now for download at iTunes Store and Amazon , and on CD at CD Baby. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/new-music-and-website-from-randall-marsh http://www.randallmarsh.net/

Voldar: . TomPetty:TheEnigma Tom Petty, the man who wouldnt back down, hangs over Gainesville, as an ethereal hazealways there, yet not always perceptible. By all accounts, he hasnt returned to the city since the documentary Runnin Down a Dream filmed his performance at the OConnell Center in 2006. Efforts to tie his art to the city havent always worked out either. The legend that American Girl was about a coed who committed suicide off Beaty Towers was vehemently denied in the book Conversations with Tom Petty, printed in 2005. He called it an urban legend and said, Thats just not true at all. The song has nothing to do with that. Yet, still, he is the citys icon. Emmitt Smith was not born here or Tebow or Wuerffel. No one of his stature can walk through Gainesville bearing the title: homegrown. Buster Lipham, owner of Lipham Music, recalled the last time Petty visited his store. It was about 15 years ago. He had a straw hat on; he had his hair pulled down, kind of in front of his face, Lipham said. After finishing with a customer, Lipham approached his old friend and former employee, but Pettys security guard intervened, placing a large hand on his chest. (Petty) said, This is my body guard; I said, You dont need a bodyguard in Lipham Music Company; he says, Well, Buster he goes with me wherever I go they pull at my hair; they pull at my clothes, Lipham recalled. So he invited Petty back to his office for some privacy. They entered the room; Lipham shut the door, but it was immediately pushed open by Pettys muscle. Lipham was incredulous. It was weird, he said. Flashback to the young Petty. Marty Jourard knew him well. His band Road Turkey often opened for Pettys Mudcrutch from 1973-1974. Stan Lynch, of Road Turkey, would later join the Heartbreakers. One night, while taping a radio commercial, the bands realized they shared a similar sense of humorreally sarcastic and ironic, Jourard said. That bonding forged a friendship that remained as they played together, and slowly, Petty began to differentiate himself. You knew there was something going on with Petty at the time because of his songs, Jourard said. It wasnt like he was this phenomenal singer or showman; I mean, you know, he was just a regular old hippie; we all were. At the time, Jourard said, he was writing five, six, eight originals that sounded great. That made him unique because very few others were writing songs. Members of these bands were like siblings then; they were constantly mocking each otherall in good spirit. We would make fun of the way Petty would aim the mike down when he would sing, he said. Wed just goof on him. Showing his talent for leadership, Petty had assembled Mudcrutch. He was really good at organizing he was a main guy in Gainesville, Jourard said. As a rocker though, his trim physique could work to his detriment. He was one of the guys that was getting hassled by rednecks and big football player dudes, Jourard said. Now he has his own football player dude. But where does he fit into the pantheon of great rock n roll artists? William McKeen, a rock historian and journalism professor at Boston University, sees Petty as a traditionalist. I put him in the category with Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, sort of heartland musicians, McKeen said. Even though hes from Florida, hes very traditional in a way, McKeen also likened Pettys sound to that of Roger McGuinn, the Byrds lead singer. (Petty) is a guy that really reveled in being a rock star and producing albums like Southern Accents (which) was the sort of album an artist in the 60s would have produced, McKeen said. Meanwhile, Indian University Bloomington rock n roll historian and music professor Glenn Gass puts him elsewhere. I think one of the nice things about Tom Petty is he doesnt really fit in anywhere, Gass said. He came along with new wave and punk really he didnt get socked in that sort of niche and obviously hes proved to be much more than that, Gass said. He also appreciated Pettys work because it acted as a counterbalance to another genre. You have to go back to disco and the stranglehold that it held to remember how wonderful his early songs soundedyes, right, guys with guitars in their hands playing real drums, Gass said. It was joyous. http://www.gainesvilletoday.com/2011-august/2011/07/28/tom-petty-the-enigma/

Voldar: (Ryan Adams) , 2008- Cardinology. Q Magazine 36- . , Ashes & Fire 12 --. (Norah Jones) Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers . , The Rolling Stones The Who. Ashes & Fire . , 2009- The Cardinals . -: - Orion, The Cardinals III/IV. http://music.com.ua/news/alternative/2011/08/02/33649.html

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Voldar: , , . Petty, almost, performs A tribute to Tom Petty​ will hit the stage at the Charlie White Theatre this weekend. Petty: a solo tribute to Tom Petty showcases the talented guitarist/vocalist, Frank Murray, performing an intimate, yet energizing show that features acoustic and electric renditions of 30 years of Tom Petty hits. Murray has an uncanny visual, musical and vocal similarity to Petty and many times after a performance will have to explain to members of the crowd that he is not Tom Petty. Purchase a ticket for the Petty solo show and get $5 off the Petty full band tribute slated for the Mary Winspear Centre this fall. http://www.bclocalnews.com/vancouver_island_south/peninsulanewsreview/entertainment/126435593.html

Voldar: Warren Zanes. Montclair author and educator Warren Zanes creates new musical life for himself ROCK REUNION Zanes has known Tom Petty since his Del Fuegos days: Petty was a supporter of the band, hiring them to open shows and guesting on their 1987 Stand Up! album. They hadnt seen each other in more than a decade, though, when Zanes wrote a 2003 book on Dusty Springfields Dusty in Memphis album (part of the 33⅓ series of paperback explorations of classic albums) and Pettys management company contacted him, saying Petty would like to take him to dinner. When they met, Petty told him he loved the book so much he read it twice, and that it inspired him to write Down South (which wound up on his 2006 Highway Companion album). They stayed in touch, and Zanes edited Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin Down a Dream, the coffeetable book released in conjunction with the 2007 Peter Bogdanovich-directed documentary of the same name. He also wrote liner notes for the 2009 Petty and the Heartbreakers boxed set, The Live Anthology. Then Petty approached him with the idea of writing a biography. He just came to me and said, You know, Ive always turned down the book idea, but I want to do it. Its your book, but Ill help you wherever I can,  Zanes says, adding that hes now pretty deep in the process of writing it. Yet another golden opportunity came when Zanes was asked to participate in the Harrison documentary, which couldnt be more eagerly anticipated by Beatles fans. Scorsese, after all, has received nearly as much acclaim for his music documentaries (including The Last Waltz, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones concert film Shine a Light) as he has for his other movies. Among Zanes interview subjects were Beatles producer George Martin, Harrisons Traveling Wilburys bandmate Jeff Lynne, bassist and visual artist Klaus Voorman, and Monty Python members Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam Youre getting lots of time with these people, because of the Scorsese factor, says Zanes. Everybodys really giving themselves to this, I think, with the mind-set that this is going to be the big George document. Theyre very emotional interviews. It was definitely a privilege for me to be doing it, and I learned a lot about George along the way. http://www.nj.com/entertainment/music/index.ssf/2011/08/montclair_author_and_educator.html

Voldar: 35 . Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel Could Soon Own Their Own Classic Albums Theres a little bit of light in the darkness for artists like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and the Eagles, thanks to copyright laws that will soon allow them to regain control of their famous master recordings. Copyright laws were revised in the 70s to give artists the right to regain control of their output via termination rights. Albums become eligible 35 years after they are released. The New York Times reports that albums from 1978 will be the first to gain that eligibility, which makes Springsteens Darkness on the Edge of Town and Billy Joels 52nd Street two of the most notable moneymaker whose ownership could soon change hands. Theres two hitches though first is that artists must file two years in advance of the eligibility date in order to claim their albums and the royalties that go along with them. Artists also have the ability to claim ownership of individual songs, which is something that Dylan, Petty, Bryan Adams and others have already begun pursuing. Second, and more concerning to the artists, the record labels arent exactly willing to let these cash cows walk out of the door without a fight: We believe the termination right doesnt apply to most sound recordings, states Steven Marks of the lobbying group Recording Industry Association of America. Artist advocate and Eagles principal Don Henley, a founding member of the Recording Artists Coalition, says that the recording industry has made a gazillion dollars on those masters, more than the artists have. So theres an issue of parity here, of fairness. This is a bone of contention, and its going to get more contentious in the next couple of years. Representatives for both Springsteen and Joel have declined comment on any plans that their artists might have to take advantage of these copyright issues. The United States Copyright Office processes those termination claims manually, which makes it impossible to get concrete information regarding how many artists have filed to date. Songwriters Guild of America president Rick Carnes says year after year after year you are going to see more and more songs coming back to songwriters and having more and more influence on the market. We will own that music, and its still valuable. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/bruce-springsteen-billy-joel-album-rights/ , , , , , , . 70-, " ." 35 . - , 1978 , , , ' " '52- , . , - , , , . , , , , . -, , , , : " , ," . , , , " Gazillion , , . , . , ". - , , , . Copyright , , , . , " . , , - . "

Voldar: , , . Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty 'Stop Draggin My Heart Around'' http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XmktGqdiLWk#!

Voldar: Pastor Links Sermons to Rocker Tom Petty ERMA The music of rocker Tom Petty is not generally thought of as the topic of Sunday sermons and his hit songs are not generally played in church. Those passing by the intersection of Seashore and Tabernacle roads may have noticed The Gospel & Tom Petty, posted as the sermon title on Tabernacle United Methodist Churchs sign. Rev. Michael P. Smith, age 32, grew up with the music of Tom Petty as did almost anyone who has listened to rock n roll radio since Pettys debut album in 1976. Smith said he was inspired to start the series after watching a Tom Petty concert on television. Certain lyrics from Pettys songs caught the pastors attention, items that were biblical truths. He said while Petty probably did not intend to communicate Biblical truth, I found my faith nurtured by his poetry and how he expressed certain themes. All truth is Gods truth, continued Smith. Smiths 11 weeks of sermons this summer each use a different Petty song, which began with Free Falling on July 3 and wrapping up the series on Sept. 11 with Runnin Down a Dream. The sermons begin with a snippet of a Petty song played from a CD. As an example, in Pettys song The Refugee, the lyric tells the listener You dont have to live like a refugee. Smith found a link to the Bibles story of the prodigal son and Ephesians 2:11-22, speaking of how salvation breaks down barriers and walls of hostility. Smith said the Bible also speaks of how to treat a stranger in the land. How do his congregations most senior members relate to Petty? Smith said some were not familiar with the blonde-haired rock star and some members asked, What in the world are you doing? Half way through the sermon series, some church members have told Smith they began downloading Pettys music to preview his next sermon. He listed all the song titles in advance. Smith said preparing the Petty sermons have been among the most creative and fun experiences he has experienced as a pastor. He said the sermons show how the message of Jesus Christ translates into everyday life. Smith recalls as a child listening to Breakfast with the Beatles on the radio while riding to church with his mother. The lives of many of the rock n roll generation were shaped more by the themes of John Lennon than the Apostle John or Paul McCartney rather than the Apostle Paul, said Smith. Smith said God can speak truth to an individual and may use a random person to do so. Weve seen a lot of people this summer begin to decide to give church a second chance, he said. Smith said his sermons are presenting the gospel, hence the title The Gospel & Tom Petty. Those attracted by the sermon title have come into the church and found people there who will love them and not judge them, he said. People have responded by saying I want to give God a second chance in my life, said Smith. What would Smith say to Petty if he met the rock star? You can say things in a much more creative way than I ever could, Smith said hed tell Petty. Smith said he would also tell Petty that he helped communicate love, truth and beauty in a way that has supplemented and helped connect his life with Biblical truth, which has helped him grow in his faith. The Petty song Runnin Down a Dream, connects to Tabernacle United Methodist Churchs 208th anniversary and where the church hopes to be in 2020, said Smith. He said the church has a dream to see lives changed, to see the community transformed and to see the church renewed. We want people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, said Smith. http://www.capemaycountyherald.com/article/religion/erma/75512-pastor+links+sermons+rocker+tom+petty

Voldar: click989 NOAH AND THE WHALE . Plagiarism: Noah And The Whale VS Tom Petty Here we have a couple of songs, one by Noah and the Whale and the other by Tom Petty. If you listen to the music you can hear similarities between the two. Judge for yourself though, listen and let us know! Tom Petty Dont Come Around Again Noah and the Whale L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.:

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Voldar: Autographed 'Long After Dark' LP is Part of Blues Foundation Auction Tom Petty has once again provided The Blues Foundation with a unique item for their monthly auction. This time he has autographed the 1982 LP 'Long After Dark', an item surely suitable for framing! http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/autographed-long-after-dark-auction-to-benefit-the-blues-foundation

Voldar: . Behind the Scenes with Stevie Nicks Relaxed in black and looking ever the rock star, Stevie Nicks proves she's still got it in these just released behind-the-scenes photos for her new music video, For What It's Worth. The song is the second single off Nicks' first studio album in ten years which was released early this May. The Fleetwood Mac legend produced and co-wrote much of the CD In Your Dreams with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Keep an eye out for Stewart and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty + The Heartbreakers who make a special cameo in the video. Dont miss Stevie when she Performs live in Central Park this Friday on Good Morning America. http://www.etonline.com/music/113729_PICS_Stevie_Nicks_Films_For_What_It_s_Worth/index.html?photo=1

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Voldar: Petty Fest 2011 Returns to New York City in October Once again Petty Fest will take place in New York City this Fall. This year's event has expanded to two nights - At the Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 5th and at the Bowery Ballroom on October 6th. Artists currently confirmed to appear include: Norah Jones, Nicole Atkins, Jesse Malin, Har Mar Superstar, Ryan Miller (Guster), Will Forte, Jody Porter (Fountains Of Wayne), Jessie Baylin, Sammy James Jr. (The Mooney Suzuki), Cory Chisel, The Sheepdogs, Ben Trokan (Robbers On High Street), Antony Ellis (5 OClock Heros), Tad Kubler (The Hold Steady), Josh Lattanzi (The Lemonheads, The Candles), Jack Dishel, Justin Long, Alia Shawkat and Jonny Corndawg. Several additional guests are expected! Check out TomPetty.com's coverage of last year's Petty Fest here! Tickets for both events can be purchased beginning Thursday September 1 at Noon Eastern here: October 5 - Music Hall of Williamsburg October 6 Bowery Ballroom http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/petty-fest-2011-returns-to-new-york-city-in-october-

SLQ: , . "Sometimes when you request an interview, publicists will try to strike a deal. It typically works like this: Yes, you can interview [insert name of well-known musician here], if your publication also agrees to also do an interview with [insert name of lesser-known musician here]. Sometimes this is even applied within a band. Around the time Stevie Nicks Stop Draggin My Heart Around was a hit, I wanted to interview Tom Petty about songwriting and rhythm guitar. At the time, I didnt even have any Heartbreakers albums, although I liked some of their songs. A deal was struck: If we wanted to interview Tom Petty for Guitar Player, we had to run his image on the magazines banner and do a companion feature on the bands other guitarist, Mike Campbell. I was happy to agree, since Campbell plays beautifully. Flew down to L.A., took a cab to the Beverly Hills office of a super manager, and had a great hour-plus conversation with Campbell, who seemed delighted to be getting some coverage. As we spoke, I could see Tom sitting on a couch in another room. Once wed finished, the publicist came in to inform me that I would not be interviewing Tom. I called her bluff: We agreed to publish articles on both musicians. If I dont get to interview Tom, Im pulling the article on Mike, and you can explain to him why this happened. Flustered, she left the room for a few minutes. She returned and said, You can talk to Tom for 15 minutes thats it. And no questions about drugs or sex. A few minutes later Tom walked in. I guess theyre afraid Im gonna ask you the wrong questions, I said. Oh, yeah? Petty said. Fuck em. He locked the door behind him and pulled his chair so close to mine that our knees touched. Hows your sex life? he began. Great, I responded. Getting some good drugs? Yes, I answered. Good. We can talk about anything you want. Ignoring the knocks on the door, Petty went on to give me a no-nonsense 45-minute interview. I found him to be exceptionally charismatic and walked out of that room a diehard Tom Petty fan, which I remain to this day." : http://jasobrecht.com/interview-musicians/

SLQ: THE HOLLIES: LOOK THROUGH ANY WINDOW 1963 - 1975 . Thu, September 22

SLQ: Oracle Appreciation Event Sponsored by CSC, Intel, and NetApp, Inc. On Wednesday night, Treasure Island becomes legendary. Few concerts you've attended can match the musical magic of this one, featuring music industry-award winners Sting, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. There'll be unlimited refreshments at this private concert, plus games to add to your experience. It's our way of saying thanks to you for supporting Oracle and our flagship conference. Complimentary shuttle service to and from Treasure Island will be provided, so all you have to worry about is having a legendary night of your own. When: Wednesday, October 5, 7:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Where: Treasure Island, San Francisco Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released their debut album in 1976. They have since sold more than 60 million records. Between the Heartbreakers' recordings and his solo work, Tom Petty has won two Grammy awards and been honored with lifetime achievement awards including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Billboard's Century Award, and MTV's Video Vanguard Award. Tom Petty, with the Heartbreakers at his side, has become a rock and roll icon lauded by fellow musicians and music lovers worldwide. Petty's SiriusXM radio show, Tom Petty's Buried Treasure, is one of the most beloved and popular shows on satellite radio. It features Tom Petty spinning favorite tunes from his extensive private music collection. A philanthropist as well as a musician, Petty and his wife, Dana, were honored on May 9, 2011, at the 11th Annual Golden Heart Awards for their work with The Midnight Mission, a human services agency offering emergency services, drug and alcohol recovery, and transitional programs for homeless men, women, and children in Los Angeles. . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.oracle.com/openworld/connect/face-to-face/appreciation-event/index.html

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Voldar: Tom Petty to Release Live Album, Play Benefit Concert 'Live Heartbreakers' LP will come out on Record Store Day's Black Friday Tom Petty famously railed against the corporate takeover of the record industry with his 2002 album The Last DJ, and he hasnt stopped fighting. Rolling Stone has learned that to mark Record Store Days Black Friday on November 25th, which supports independent record stores, Petty and the Heartbreakers will release a live vinyl LP consisting primarily of tracks from last years Mojo. It will also include a new version of his obscure "Sweet William," a heavy blues stomper that was a originally a B side to 1999s Echo track "Room at the Top." Petty revived the track on the road in 2008. Theres more good news for Petty fans. On October 29th, the Heartbreakers will perform a rare intimate show to benefit Cal State University Northridge's noncommercial, public FM public radio station KCSN. The struggling station lost federal funding last year because it did not meet the Corporation of Public Broadcastings minimum audience and fundraising requirements, causing them to lose their weekday hosts and drastically change programming. "I remember when radio meant something," Petty told Rolling Stone in 2002. "We enjoyed the people who were on it, even if we hated them. They had personalities. They were people of taste, who we trusted. And I see that vanishing." The gig may be Pettys only show of 2011, and his last for a while. "I kind of don't want to get on the same merry-go-round again," he told Rolling Stone recently, adding that hes working on new album with his band. "But I don't know. It's early." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-petty-to-release-live-album-play-benefit-concert-20111012

Voldar: Tom Petty on lending a hand to underdog radio station KCSN-FM Even the losers, Tom Petty sang in his 1979 song by that title, get lucky sometimes. That tune could become a theme song at radio station KCSN-FM (88.5) at Cal State Northridge, where Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Petty, a longtime champion of underdogs of every stripe, and his band the Heartbreakers will play at an Oct. 29 benefit for which tickets will be sold as part of the stations fall pledge drive. Tiny KCSN lost federal funding last year because it wasnt able to meet minimum fundraising requirements set by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Enter a new program director, radio industry veteran Sky Daniels, who has landed Petty to play the benefit show, and also has lined up some primo donations from U2, Coldplay, Mick Jagger, Sheryl Crow and others as outlined in a story appearing in Thursdays Calendar section. I feel like theyre the underdog in this, Petty told me Tuesday. Theyre trying to do something different and that means a lot." Daniels, who championed Pettys music early on, said hes trying to build KCSN into a station with a broad-based format closer to the way FM radio existed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where formats were less rigidly compartmentalized than they are on todays commercial stations. A big emphasis, he said, will be discovering and developing new talent: To find the next Tom Petty and evangelize for that artist to the Los Angeles market, is how Daniels put it in his open letter seeking Pettys support. And to continue to evangelize the new music of artists like you. Who else will in L.A.? The idea clearly struck a chord with Petty, who quickly agreed to be part of the show in the university's 500-seat Performance Theater. Tickets will be offered up during the pledge drive that starts Friday. (Details are available at the stations website.) I come from a time when young musicians knew that new music could be heard on the radio, said Petty, who also has his own satellite radio show, "Buried Treasure," each week on Sirius XM. Now there is college radio, but even thats gotten a bit predictable. Public radio is about the only thing left -- the last man standing. He was echoing one of the key themes in his 2002 album The Last DJ, in which he raged against the dying of the light in the record and radio industries, but also held out hope for better days. For them to try to go forward with this concept of playing new music is great, he said. Theres a lot of great new music still being made. So we look forward to playing this show. We like to play small theaters -- I think its going to be a lot of fun. KCSN isn't the only underdog Petty's stumping for right now. He's also just announced that his first two albums -- "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers" and "You're Gonna Get It!" -- will be reissued next spring in limited-edition vinyl releases in conjunction with National Record Store Day activites that help promote independent brick-and-mortar record retailers. A total of 4,500 copies of each title will be pressed, 2,500 for the U.S. and the rest for distribution in Europe and Asia. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2011/10/tom-petty-kcsn-benefit-concert.html

Voldar: Tom Petty Autographed Guitar Auction To Benefit Doctors Without Borders Tom Petty has signed two beautiful guitars generously donated by Rickenbacker and Fender which are currently being auctioned off to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The auction was initiated in conjunction with Petty Fest and if you were at the October 6 Petty Fest at Bowery Ballroom you saw these autographed guitars displayed on stage. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/tom-petty-autographed-guitar-auction-to-benefit-doctors-without-borders

Voldar: Gaslight Anthem "Refugee" (Tom Petty cover) Although Gaslight Anthem frontman Brian Fallon has been keeping busy with his side-project the Horrible Crowes, the New Jersey rockers found some time to record a new EP. As previously reported, the iTunes Sessions was to be released on December 13, but "due to an overzealous member of the press who leaked the album," the eight-track album will be available next Tuesday (October 18), and right now you can stream their version of Tom Petty's "Refugee" off the release. The EP features four covers, one new song, new reworked Gaslight Anthem tracks and an interview with the band. You can check out the group's cover of Tom Petty's "Refugee" below. The other tracks covered on the iTunes Sessions are the Who's "Baba O'Riley," Pearl Jam's "State of Love and Trust" and classic folk song "House of the Rising Sun." http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/gaslight_anthem-refugee_tom_petty_cover

Voldar: 'Kiss My Amps (Live)' Vinyl-Only Coming November 25 Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers are excited to announce the November 25th vinyl-only release of Kiss My Amps (Live). This limited edition, individually numbered album will only be available at independent retailers in support the Back To Black Friday Record Store Day event. Kiss My Amps (Live) features 6 tracks from Mojo recorded during the 2010 Mojo Tour and also includes "Sweet William," a fan favorite recorded live during the 2008 Tour that has previously only been released as a b-side to "Room At The Top" from Echo. The release of Kiss My Amps (Live) will be limited to 5,000 individually numbered pressings. Each copy will include a unique code to allow purchasers to also download the album at no extra charge in High Resolution FLAC or 320k MP3 formats. For information on where to find this special release on Back To Black Friday Record Store Day (November 25), click here. **Please note: Although these albums are exclusively available at a limited number of independent record stores we have made a special arrangement to provide a small quantity of Kiss My Amps (Live) for sale to members of the Highway Companions Club. Members should stay tuned closer to the release date for more information on how to order. Kiss My Amps (Live) Track Listing: Side One: "Takin' My Time" - July 22, 2010 - The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI "I Should Have Known It" - June 16, 2010 - Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta "Sweet William" - June 14, 2008 - Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA "Jefferson Jericho Blues" - Aug 1, 2010 - Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA Side Two: "First Flash Of Freedom" - Aug 1, 2010 - Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA "Running Man's Bible" - Sep 18, 2010 - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, Raleigh, NC "Good Enough" - July 31, 2010 - Wachovia Arena, Philadelphia, PA http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/kiss-my-amps-live-vinylonly-coming-november-25-

Voldar: ! Happy Birthday, Tom Petty: 5 Petty moments ts hard to believe that that skinny blonde kid who emerged on to the rock scene the 1970s is in the over 60 sector now. Tom Petty, that Heartbreaker, is 61 years old on October 20th. Here we take a look back at five of our fave Tom Petty moments. 8.98 Debate Back in 1981, Petty raised all kinds of hoopla when he protested the rising cost of record albums. When MCA wanted to release his Hard Promises album at the list price of $9.98, Petty refusedand even threatened to change the album title to "8.98." He won in the end, but so did the record company: Hard Promises went platinum. Stop Draggin Stevie Around That same year, diehard Petty fans may have been a tad miffed when he teamed up with songbird Stevie Nicks for the duet, Stop Draggin My Heart Around back in 1981. Why? Because the song was featured on Nicks Bella Donna album, not on a Petty album. Side Gig What do you get when you take Tom Petty and add a Dylan a Harrison and an Orbison? The Traveling Wilburys, of course! The all-star bands Handle Me With Care was a surprise hit before Orbisons death in 1988. Video Killed the Radio Star Petty tapped Hollywoods elite for some of his greatest music videos. Johnny Depp starred in Into the Great Wide Open and Kim Basinger starred in Mary Janes Last Dance. And in 1997 Petty himself appeared in the movie The Postman. Check out his scene with Kevin Costner here. Walk of Famer! In 1999, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Location: South side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard. Check out a pic of it here. Tom Petty last performed in the Philadelphia area in August, 2010. Happy Birthday, Tom! http://www.examiner.com/pop-culture-in-philadelphia/happy-birthday-tom-petty-5-petty-moments

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Voldar: . Second KCSN Benefit Show At Cal State Northridge, CA Added For October 30 We are pleased to announce that Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will play a second benefit show for KCSN 88.5 on Sunday, October 30. Like the first show on October 29, the second engagement on October 30 will take place at the 500-seat Plaza del Sol Performance Hall, on the campus of Cal State University, Northridge, CA. http://www.tompetty.com/news/title/second-kcsn-benefit-show-at-cal-state-northridge-ca-added-for-october-30

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Voldar: Jakob Dylan to join Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for two KCSN/LA Benefit shows! The Benefit Concerts will be held Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th, at the 500 seat Plaza del Sol Performance Hall on the campus of California State University, Northridge. Tickets for this second show will be available by listening to KCSN on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd. When KCSN listeners hear the cue-to-call they will call to make Pledge For Petty. Joining Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers on this bill will be Jakob Dylan as well as breakout new artist, Lissie. Jakob Dylan will be joined by Russ Pollard, Jason Soda, and Eli Thomason from the Los Angeles-based band Everest. Proceeds from the Pledge Drive will be used to support growth initiatives for KCSN, including signal improvements and community outreach. A portion of proceeds will also go to benefit National Public Radio's Music Initiative. KCSN launched its "Smart Rock" format on July 15th, 2011. Tickets to see Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will be available through supporting pledges to KCSN. The station will offer the chance to pledge for tickets at random times throughout the Pledge Drive, beginning on Saturday October 15th. Orchestra Pit tickets will be made available to KCSN members only via the station's Pledge Auction taking place between October 14 and October 23 at auctions.kcsn.org. The auctions will also include one-of-a-kind autographed memorabilia from U2, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Mumford & Sons, Mick Jagger, and more. All ticketing and KCSN membership details are available at kcsn.org and by listening to 88.5 FM KCSN. Jakob will also be out on the road this fall for an upcoming Mid West tour. The tour is set to kick off at The Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri on November 9th, making multiple stops in Missouri and Oklahoma before wrapping up in Bloomington, Illinois on November 14th. https://www.jakobdylan.com/news/jakob-dylan-join-tom-petty-heartbreakers-two-kcsnla-benefit-shows

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SLQ: Live: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers bring a rebel spirit October 30, 2011 | 7:53 pm Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers band tie in last week's firing of longtime L.A. DJ Jim Ladd as part of the anti-indie pressures in radio today. How's this for a screenplay idea? Rock superstar with a soft spot for underdogs swoops in to headline a benefit for an idealistically ambitious but woefully underfunded public radio station in the same week that corporate overlords at a bottom-line-conscious media conglomerate fire a beloved veteran DJ at a crosstown station -- the same iconoclastic DJ who had championed the rock star when he was a nobody. It sounds laughable even by Hollywood standards if things hadn't played out exactly that way this past week leading to Saturday and Sunday's fundraising shows Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played for tiny Cal State Northridge-based station KCSN-FM (88.5). After Atlanta-based Cumulus Media acquired Citadel Broadcasting and laid off dozens of Citadel employees last week, including L.A. rock radio stalwart Jim Ladd from his longtime post at KLOS-FM (95.5), both Petty and KCSN program director Sky Daniels pounced on the news Saturday as further evidence of why fans need to support a rock radio station with an independent voice. "I should say something about why were doing this," the 61-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member told onlookers who had pledged support to KCSN for the chance to see him and the Heartbreakers in the university's intimate 500-seat theater. "Jim Ladd was fired this week," Petty said, referring to the man he has cited as an inspiration for the title character in his 2002 concept album "The Last DJ" and who was slated to appear at Petty's second KCSN benefit Sunday night at the campus' Performing Arts Theater. "What is so tragic about what is going on is that we're seeing acts breeded by record companies to go on game shows and win. "We're all for KCSN," he said. "We think people can understand a lot of different kinds of music. When we started out, people in radio took a chance on this band, and I'll tell you what -- we would not have won on American Idol.'" Fans cheered, and in a segue that couldn't have been crafted any more effectively on the silver screen, Petty and the band revved up his 1989 solo hit "I Won't Back Down," in which he sings: "Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around/ And I'll keep this world from dragging me down," lyrics drawn from his own battles over the decades with forces that would squelch creativity in the pursuit of profit. For the most part, however, Petty and his colleagues chose to celebrate rather than commiserate, taking the opportunity to dig into their estimable song catalog. "We're going to play a lot of deep tracks tonight," Petty said early on and made good on his word, pulling up songs including "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)," "Have Love Will Travel," "Angel Dream," "Good Enough," "I Should Have Known It" and "To Find a Friend" to supplement the smattering of cornerstone numbers such as "Listen to Her Heart," "Refugee" and "Running Down a Dream." "We've never played this one [live]," he said before taking a swing at "Lover's Touch," from 2010's blues-rooted "Mojo" album, which he dipped into for several numbers. Those allowed the Heartbreakers to stretch out, both referencing and transcending their foundation as a first-rate bar band. Through the evening they acknowledged primary influences such as Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry while filtering their heroes' songs through their own fertile musical imaginations. Jakob Dylan also came aboard to, in the words of one of the songs from his 35-minute set that preceded Petty's, "Lend a Hand." He was backed for the evening by the three members of young L.A. rock group Everest, who supplied tight and powerful support on three songs from last year's "Women + Country" album and a handful of others from his Wallflowers and solo outings. "You'd like to help everybody, but obviously you can't. But since this is my own backyard and I like radio, I'm happy to be here." Singer-songwriter Lissie opened the show with a set of soul-infused rock that made her seem ideally positioned to capitalize on whatever fallout Adele-mania may have for sandy-voiced singers who can reach to the gut. Lissie exhibited an impressive stylistic range that runs from foot-stomping rock to emotion-drenched gospel -- just the kind of artist Hollywood might cook up for an upstart radio station to get behind

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Voldar: Pettys Tirade Against Corporate Radio Rings Hollow Few musical artists have benefited from FM radio more than Tom Petty. Can you hit the scan button on your car radio and not hear something from the nasal singers canon? And bully for that. Petty with and without the Heartbreakers has been delivering consistently great rock music for decades. Long may he reign. ut Pettys recent comments concerning corporate radio werent music to our ears. The band was playing a pledge-drive benefit for KCSN, Cal State Northridges public radio outlet. The longtime classical music station switched to a genre-mixing smart rock format this year, and its fall pledge drive is aimed at boosting the station power to reach a much wider audience. Petty mixed in some deep cuts along with standard hits like Refugee. But he also sided with public radio versus the model which cant stop playing his songs. I guess I should say something about why were here, Petty said about a half-hour in. First of all, nothing scares corporate radio like public radio. He then addressed the big story of the week on Los Angeles airwaves: The sacking of Petty pal and The Last DJ inspiration Jim Ladd from Cumulus-owned KLOS. Jim Ladd was fired this week for having an imagination, he said. No one likes to see talented deejays head for the unemployment line. Terrestrial radio continues to endure growing pains due to both the lousy economy and the changing nature of todays media. That too often means listeners lose the locally produced shows they had enjoyed for decades. So why doesnt Petty put on more shows for public radio? Why dont his peers? It still feels odd to hear Petty slam a media outlet which has done so much to spread his music to the masses. But if he really wants to support public radio, he should do more than an occasional benefit concert for the cause. http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/hollywoodland/2011/10/31/pettys-tirade-against-corporate-radio-rings-hollow/

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Voldar: , THE HIGHWAY COMPANION CLUB MEMBERSHIP . $45 Annual Membership Fee ($40 for renewing members). http://www.tompetty.com/service/subscribe/ - . "Can't buy me love", . .

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Voldar: Tom Pettys Dont Come Around Here No More Used in Trailers for Cameron Crowes We Bought a Zoo When it comes to the music in his movies, director Cameron Crowe is very particular about his selections. Anything less would be out of character from the former Rolling Stone writer and the maker of 1992′s Singles and 2000′s Almost Famous. A common theme in some of Crowes films has been music by Tom Petty. That trend continues with a pair of trailers for We Bought a Zoo, which includes a taste of Pettys Dont Come Around Here No More. Based on a true story, We Bought a Zoo stars Matt Damon as a single father of two in search of, as he puts it, a new everything. I shall try to start over, Damon says in the films trailers over the familiar psychedelic sitar that defines Dont Come Around Here No More, a hit for Petty and the Heartbreakers 1985 Southern Accents album. Damons character gets his wish and gets in way over his head when he assumes control of a property that comes with more than 40 different animal species. Scarlett Johannson also stars in the movie, which is expected in theaters by the end of the year. Crowe, whose previous directorial project was the Pearl Jam documentary Pearl Jam 20, last had a non-doc film hit the big screen in 2005. That movie, the romantic dramedy Elizabethtown, included Pettys Learning to Fly from the 1991 album Into the Great Wide Open, and Itll All Work Out from 1987′s Let Me Up (Ive Had Enough). Crowe also had a Petty song in Jerry Maguire, with star Tom Cruise singing along to Free Fallin during one scene. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-we-bought-a-zoo-trailer/

Voldar: Tom Petty Lists His Top Ten Elvis Presley Songs Tom Petty has been a major Elvis Presley fan since the age of ten. When Rolling Stone asked him to pick his ten favorite songs for their special playlist series, Petty had a lot to say in regards to the man many regard as The King. In 1962 Pettys uncle got a job on the film set of Presleys film Follow That Dream and Petty had an opportunity to stop by for a visit. He arrived in a fleet of white Cadillacs and people were screaming, handing records over a chain-link fence for him to sign Petty recalls. I remember his hair was so black that the sunshine was glowing off of it, says Petty. That moment was pivotal for Petty and it lit a fever in him to get every Presley record he could. Petty seems especially impressed by the fact that Presley knew some of the old songs he later made his own, such as the obscure Thats All Right by Arthur Crudup and Baby, Lets Play House by Arthur Gunter. Petty admits that he prefers the pre-Army Presley and states that Heartbreak Hotel could have been the national anthem. Petty has fond memories of being a young kid and hearing the lyrics She kiss so hard she bruise my lips/ Hurts so good my heart just flips, in Mean Woman Blues and he describes One Night as heavenly. Rightly so, given Presley changed the lryics of Fats Dominos version from One night of sin is what Im paying for to One night with you is what Im now praying for. Now, if that doesnt earn Presley the good ol boy title often associated with him, what does? Pettys love of Presley was largely about the sense of discovery; as he says, Elvis became the soundtrack of my early years. Tom Pettys 10 Favorite Elvis Presley Songs: 01.Thats All Right 1954 02.Baby, Lets Play House 1955 03.Heartbreak Hotel 1956 04.Hound Dog 1956 05.Mean Woman Blues 1957 06.One Night 1958 07.Santa Claus Is Back In Town 1957 08.Cant Help Falling In Love 1961 09.A Mess Of Blues 1960 10.(Maries The Name Of) His Latest Flame 1961 http://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-top-ten-elvis-presley-songs/

Voldar: Tom Petty Guitarist Mike Campbell Auctioning Off Lunch and Guitar Lesson Guitarist Mike Campbell is ready to dine out and rock out with you if you are the high bidder that is! Campbell is holding a Lunch And Guitar Lesson Auction to benefit Rock The Dogs, an organization he and Petty founded in 2008. The two Heartbreakers started Rock The Dogs to help out our furry four legged friends. (no, not Ted Nugent). The non profit works in conjunction with The Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund of Burbank, California, and has been very succesful thus far. Rock The Dogs has been raising money by holding some very interesting auctions, mostly centered around rock and rollers. Need an autographed Stevie Nicks tambourine? Maybe a rare concert poster from Tom & the boys? You know where to find them! This luncheon is obviously a very unique opportunity, so if you are a huge Heartbreakers fan and want to help out those who bark, this is your lucky chance. Happy bidding! http://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-guitarist-mike-campbell-auctioning-off-lunch-and-guitar-lesson/

Voldar: Foo Fighters - Breakdown Live 11/13/11 MSG, NYC w/ Bob Mould (Tom Petty Cover)

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Voldar: Tom Petty and others donate autographed guitars for auction benefiting GTIC Musicians Tom Petty and Switchfoot members Jack Johnson and Jon Foreman have signed and donated instruments to the Encinitas, California non-profit group Guitars In The Classroom, in an effort to raise funds through an 11-day online auction, entitled Peace & Love Through Music. The auction will run from November 18 through the November 28 at peacelovethrumusic.com. Musicians, music fans and those wanting to contribute to a good cause can bid on an alluring selection of items, in addition to the autographed instruments. In doing so, the winners will help benefit programs that support students. A longtime radio staple and multi-platinum selling group, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers autographed a solid cedar top Greg Bennett Rio Grande OM15 CE guitar for GITC, and Petty and Switchfoot front man Jon Foreman also signed a sunburst Fender Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster provided by the Fender Music Foundation. Petty, himself, took guitar lessons at one point from Don Felder of The Eagles. The seminal version of his band the Heartbreakers, featuring world class guitarist Mike Campbell, was originally called Mudcrutch. Early on, the band used to play gigs in Florida, and on various occasions, they served as the opening act for the iconic Southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd. From there, Petty and bandmates soared into international stardom. Despite his incredible guitar playing, the Heartbreakers' lead guitarist Mike Campbell has often stated that he has never released a solo album, because he considers Petty as one of the finest songwriters around. Notes Campbell, "So what's the point?" http://www.examiner.com/rock-music-in-national/tom-petty-and-others-donate-autographed-guitars-for-auction-benefiting-gtic

SLQ: Tom talks about George... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is from the Rolling Stone magazine '100 Greatest Guitarists" issue......George came in around 10 or 11. Incidentally, Mike Campbell was in the top 100, not high enough for me though. Here's Tom talking about George......... --------------- George Harrison and I were once in a car and the Beatles song "You Can't Do That" came on, with that great riff in the beginning on the 12-string. He goes, "I came up with that." And I said, "Really? How?" He said, "I was just standing there and thought, 'I've got to do something!' " That pretty much sums him up. He just had a way of getting right to the business, of finding the right thing to play. That was part of that Beatles magic they all seemed to find the right thing to play. George knew every obscure Elvis solo; his initial influences were rockabilly Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Chet Atkins, Scotty Moore but he always added something to it. Even going way back, I used to just swoon over that solo in "I Saw Her Standing There." You just can't imagine anything else there. He had that knack. And how many Rickenbacker 12-strings did that guy sell? That was a whole new sound too Roger McGuinn got the idea from George, and then Roger took it to his own place with the Byrds. When he moved over to the slide guitar later in the Beatles' career, it was a really beautiful thing to hear him play that. He once said to me, "I think modern guitar players are forgetting about pitch," and that was something he really cared about. He was very in tune when he played, the slide was very precise, and just a beautiful vibrato on it. It really sounded like a voice, like a very distinct, signature voice that came out of him. Just listen to those records. They're so immaculate, so inventive. He was a guy who could just add so much. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-guitarists-20111123/george-harrison-19691231#ixzz1eYcAk8kI

SLQ: 79 100 next Tom Petty's lead guitarist for more than 40 years, Mike Campbell never clutters up a song with notes when two or three bull's-eyes will suffice. "It's a challenge to make your statement in a short amount of time," he has said, "but I prefer that challenge as opposed to just stretching out." Listen to the skeletal hook that holds "Breakdown" together or the laconic, tone-bending solo in "You Got Lucky" to hear Campbell's ingenious use of negative space. "Michael is not one to show off," Petty once said. "What he says is essential." Key Tracks: "Breakdown," "You Got Lucky Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/100-greatest-guitarists-20111123/mike-campbell-19691231#ixzz1ecd9feyc

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SLQ: RS Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have been taking it easy this year - aside from Kiss My Amps Live, the vinyl only set they just released for Record Store Day's Black Friday event. But they're looking forward to cutting a new disc in 2012. "I'm writing," Petty says. "I haven't had much time to get to the studio yet, but that's my next move." Why a live album now? "I heard tapes [from 2010's Mojo Tour] and thought that it was really good playing, and that we should put it out somehow. It was as simple as that. Then I thought we should make it sound as good as we can - so we're just going to put it out on vinyl. I take it you agree with Neil Young about the inferiority of digital media. "Yeah. I've had that discussion with Neil, actually. I completely agree. In its highest form, the Blu-ray level, digital is incredible - but below that, it starts losing fidelity. I got back into vinyl a few years ago. It's hard to beat the sound" At the show last year, you seemed to have the most fun with newer tunes. If you didn't have to please the audience, how many old hits would you play? If I wasn't worrying about that at all, I probably wouldn't play any! We just did some shows last weekend at a little place and most of the show, we did pretty deep album cuts. I wouldn't be surprised if that becomes more the rule than the exception" Have you thought about making another Mudcrutch album? "I think about it every day [laughs]. We talk about it. I cant say it'll happen - but I think it is very probable." (Brian Hiatt)

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SLQ: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have joined Bruce Springsteen, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Biffy Clyro and Noah and the Whale on the line-up for the Isle of Wight Festival 2012. Marking Petty's first UK festival appearance - and his first major UK show in 20 years -Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers will be the headline act for the main stage on the Friday (June 22) of the Isle of Wight Festival. Tom Petty has been announced as the second headliner of next summer's Isle Of Wight Festival. The singer, who released his latest album 'Mojo' last year, will headline the first night of the festival with his band The Heartbreakers. It is Petty's first ever UK festival show and his first show of any kind in the UK for over 20 years. Isle Of Wight Festival takes place from June 22 24 next summer. Tom Petty will headline the opening night (June 22) with support from Elbow, Example and Noah And The Whale. Biffy Clyro and Madness are confirmed to play the second day (June 23) with that night's bill topper still to be confirmed. Bruce Springsteen will headline the final night (June 24) and will be joined by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and The Vaccines.

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SLQ: Tom Petty will be live on Twitter for a chat session with fans December 15, 2011 at 2:30pm PST. Use the hashtag #TompettyTCS to join the session with Tom Petty live on Twitter from 2:30pm - 3:30pm PST. Login in to your Twitter and create a search for #tompettyTCS. Remain on this stream throughout the session to view the conversation. To ask a question click on the compose new tweet at the top of right of the screen. Ask your question and be sure to include #tompettyTCS Remember to include #tompettyTCS with your questions in order for them to be seen by @tompetty. Be aware that Twitter accounts with the Tweet Privacy setting enabled will not show up in the #tompettyTCS feed. You can disable this feature for the press conference in Settings under Account and uncheck the Tweet Privacy box to ensure your questions appear. Quick tip, copy the #tompettyTCS then paste it at the end of each question.

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Voldar: . Tom Petty Talks New Album, Tour, Sandwiches in Twitter Q&A There were a few modest news flashes from Tom Petty during a Q&A session on his official Twitter page ( @tompetty) on Thursday. Petty told Billboard.com that a new album is planned "but too soon to know details. it`s early days." He did, however, tell a fan asking about his remaining ambitions that he "should make another great album." An expanded edition of his 1994 solo album "Wildflowers," with other songs recorded during the sessions has "been recently discussed. i'd say a good chance" of release. There will be a seventh season of his "Tom Petty's Buried Treasure Radio Show" on SiriusXM. And there will "definitely" be more activity for his band Mudcrutch -- "maybe even next year" -- and "absolutely" some Blu-ray releases of his albums. "I believe it's the future," he tweeted. And his favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly. In all Petty spent 90 minutes answering tweets from fans and reporters, though he wrote at one point that he found the short-answer format "very frustrating" and noted that there was "not enough space to answer" an inquiry about how he compiles a set list. Petty also described social media as the "end of the world. everybody has their head up their own ass. thinking their every breath is important." But he did indicate that he'd be tweeting more in the future. One of the participants tweeted on their own page during the session that, "god, so many of tom petty's answers are so half-assed. i love it." Petty and the Heartbreakers have announced a batch of tour dates for 2012, with nine U.S. shows beginning April 19 in Denver and including an April 28 stop at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The group will play St. John's, Newfoundland on June 3, followed by Halifax, Nova Scotia, then begin its first European trek in 20 years on June 7 in Dublin, Ireland, with a June 22 headlining date at the Isle of Wight Festival in the U.K., where he promised one fan he'd play the song "Learning To Fly." He also promised to bring a diverse setlist to the tour. Petty was asked about playing in other territories, such as Australia and Mexico, and tweeted that "we only work three months every two years. we've decided this year 2 focus on europe, maybe down the road aus." As for more U.K. dates he responded "maybe, I hope so," but he didn't answer inquiries about more North American shows. A few other notes from the session: the most talented musician alive today is "either jj cale or regina spektor;" "melissa etheridge doing refugee was the best (cover) i've ever heard); and that he truly has never seen Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell in a pair of shorts ("...and i hope i never do"). Petty signed off by tweeting "thanks everyone. dropped my phone. gotta go. http://www.billboard.com/news/tom-petty-talks-new-album-tour-sandwiches-1005685352.story#/news/tom-petty-talks-new-album-tour-sandwiches-1005685352.story

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SLQ: Rock musician Tom Petty watches the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center on December 31, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

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SLQ: Tom Petty attends a game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

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