Voldar: В этой теме материалы о инструментах Тома Петти.

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Voldar: 16 Rickenbacker guitar and bass stars по версии http://www.musicradar.com Both Petty and his Heartbreakers bandmate Mike Campbell are Rickenbacker fans. Petty's 1979 Damn The Torpedoes album cover shoot saw Petty posing with Campbell's 1963 fireglo 620/12. A Rickenbacker owner since the age of 16, Petty's own signature model, the limited edition 660/12TP, arrived in 1991. Petty still uses the prototype tuned down half a step for live performances of American Girl.

SLQ: О гитарах Тома в туре 2006 года

Voldar: Лена,большое спасибо.Отличное иследование,а можно попросить тетеньку разместить его у нас полностью?

krasnovenator: Кстати, Лена, Рик №2 - это культовый 12-струнный инструмент, благодаря которому зазвучал (с подачи Битлз и The Searchers) Роджер Макгуин, а потом пошло-поехало и докатилось до Петти.

stvol: Как известно, одна гитара Петти висит в московском Hard Rock cafe (хочется верить, что настоящая).

Voldar: То что висит это точно,на последнем этаже прямо рядом с лестницей.

Goldenday: Точно. Прошлым летом удалось с ребятами сняться рядом с ней.

Voldar: Надо,нашего Ленка потрясти и ещё можно фоток вставить.

Goldenday: Voldar пишет: можно фоток вставить. С этой гитарой? Или вообще по Хард-Рок кафе?

Voldar: На фоне этой гитары как раз ,кажется групповуха была.

Goldenday: Да, но к сожалению, я у себя не нашёл.

stvol: Позаимствовал картинку с фермы Мадкратчей click here

Voldar: Gibson Les Paul favoured for new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album A Gibson Les Paulguitar has been widely used on the new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album Mojo. According to Petty, the band particularly liked the sound of guitar player Mike Campbell's Les Paul on one track. As a result, he suggested that Campbell stick with the same electric guitar for the entire record. "We got a great sound on it right away," Petty commented. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, he said he deliberately wrote songs that would allow Campbell's guitar to act as "another voice" on the record. "He's very tasteful and doesn't overplay, but I wanted to create stuff where he could play a lot," Petty remarked. Mojo is the 12th album from the veteran rock band and will be issued later this month. Petty is also well known for his solo material, as well as his Traveling Wilbury's project with ex-Beatle George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and ELO frontman Jeff Lynne. http://www.gear4music.com/news/article/Gibson-Les-Paul-favoured-for-new-Tom-Petty-and-the-Heartbreakers-album/1RF/2010-06-02

SLQ: A look at Tom Petty's touring rig: Left guitar boat (left to right): ’70s Guild D25-12 12-string, stock ’05 Gibson J-200, ’05 Gibson J-200 Tom Petty Wildflower model, ’87 Gibson Everly Brothers model (Tom also has a duplicate Everly model on tour, though not pictured), and another ’70s Guild D25-12. All of the acoustics are fitted with prototype L.R. Baggs stereo pickups (that were installed by Mr. Baggs himself.) Continuing on, the electrics are: ’66 sonic blue (refin) Fender Telecaster, ’60 blonde Fender Telecaster, ’64 fireglo (cherry sunburst) Electro (made by Rickenbacker) model ES-17 single pickup solidbody, ’80s fireglo Rickenbacker 620/12 solidbody 12-string, ’67 Gretsch Tennessean 6119. Right guitar boat (left to right): ’67 mapleglo Rickenbacker 360/12 hollow-body 12-string, ’64 Fender Stratocaster (Tom’s main guitar from the early days.), ’76 sunburst Gibson Firebird V (two mini humbuckers, reverse-style body, with “banjo” tuners), ’63 white (refin) Fender Stratocaster, ’97 fireglo Rickenbacker Tom Petty Model (un-bound 330 style hollow-body with f-hole and early-style trapeze tailpiece), mid-’60s fireglo Rickenbacker “Rose-Morris” (UK export) model 1993 hollow-body 12-string, ’66 white Vox Mark VI teardrop, ’67 blonde Fender Esquire, and a ’63 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman (George Harrison-style). PEDALS From Tom’s electric guitar, the signal is sent to (right to left): vintage Maestro Phase Shifter, daisychained to: RMC wah, Boss CE-2 Chorus, Demeter Amplification Tremulator, Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay, Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, Way Huge Electronics Red Llama (overdrive), and through a modified Boss on/off pedal (The on/off switch operates the Lexicon processor in the rack.), then to the input of the Marshall head. The black on/off switch in the lower left corner activates the acoustic guitar signal. A Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 supplies D.C. to the pedals. AMPLIFIERS & SPEAKER CABINETS The red ’69 Marshall JPM50 “plexi” head— with both channels jacked together— drives the left Vox speaker cabinet (nicknamed “George). The matching late-’60s Vox Super Beatle head (120-watts, solid-state) occasionally drives the Vox cabinet to its right (nick-named “Ringo”). The right Super Beatle head is not used. The Super Beatle cabinets are loaded with four stock 12-inch Vox Bulldog speakers. The white ’07 Hiwatt Custom 50 head is a backup. RACK Tom’s acoustic rack contains (top to bottom) a Lexicon MPX 500 (digital reverb processor), a Fender Mini-Twin (used for emergency tuning checks), an Ampeg Tube DI (spare), a Peterson StroboRack Tuner, a generic input bay, six more Ampeg Tube DIs (one for each of the acoustic guitars), a Furman PM-Pro Series II Power Conditioner, and four Avalon U5 Pre-amps. Нашла тут http://www.guitaredge.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107:backstage-pass-tom-petty&catid=48:backstage-pass&Itemid=69

Voldar: Офигительный материал!

Daria: Tom Petty's guitar from the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore подруга недавно ездила, решила меня порадовать картинкой :) смазано немного, но видно.

Voldar: В связи с выходом нового альбома Тома,фирма Гибсон тоже решила отметиться на свой лад и вспомнила гна их взгляд лучшие песни команды в которых использовались произведенные этой фирмой гитары. 5 Tom Petty Gibson Classics Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are back this week with a new album, Mojo. On the group's first album together since 2002's The Last DJ, the 59-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee uses the occasion to delve deep into his love of blues, paying particular tribute to the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf. We think it's the perfect excuse to dig through three decades of hits and come up with some of Petty's finest moments using Gibson guitars. "Free Fallin'" The opening track from Petty's 1989 solo album, Full Moon Fever, has been covered by everyone from Stevie Nicks and Keith Urban to John Mayer and the Jonas Brothers. None of them can top the original, which in many ways has become Petty's signature tune. Produced and co-written by Jeff Lynne, the tune captures his easygoing tone, mastery of the acoustic guitar and unconscionably dark soul. "Room at the Top" Another one of Petty's deceptively laidback acoustic tunes that builds from casually strummed chords into a powerhouse rocker. Taken from the underrated Echo album, it puts the sunken-eyed singer's resolve on full display: "I've got a room at the top of the world tonight/ And I ain't coming down." "I Won't Back Down" Another track from the blockbuster Full Moon Fever, recorded after an arsonist burned down Petty's house in Encino, California. One of the only things saved from the fire was his Gibson Dove, which he used to write the songs on the album. Its theme of determination and survival has since been embraced by troops, presidential candidates and spurned lovers. "I just write them," Petty said. "I can't control where it ends up." "Learning to Fly" This song was also written with Lynne, who produced Mojo. It's a perfect example of what Petty can do with a few simple chords. Taken from the 1991 album, Into the Great Wide Open," it has since become a staple of the band's live shows. "Refugee” Sure, Petty delivers a knockout melody and vocal performance but this song is all about Heartbreaker Mike Campbell's riffs. When the band played it at Live Aid in 1985 it all but secured its place in the classic rock ranks for the next quarter-of-a-century. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/Features/tom-petty-0614/

Voldar: Вышла целая книга о 12-ти струнном Риккенбакере,в которой в том числе есть интервью с Томом и Майком. Backbeat Books has recently published “Rickenbacker Electric 12-String: The Story of Guitars, the Music, and the Great Players,” written by Tony Bacon. The book is a history of the Rickenbacker 12-string guitar popularized at first by The Byrds and George Harrison that went on to be a prominent element of the sound of many artists including Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. http://www.backbeatbooks.com/feature/viewProduct.do?itemId=332751&refer=searchResult&referurl=%2Ffeature%2FsearchProduct.do%3Fkeywords%3Drickenbacker%26htmlonly%3DN&totalResults=1

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