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Voldar: . ? 2007 Trey McIntyre "In Dreams". Ballet Memphis to perform at Kennedy Center By Christopher Blank Ballet Memphis will take a slice of Tennessee music and dance to the nation's capital this summer. The professional dance company will perform in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts "Ballet Across America" biannual program, showcasing dance companies from across the country. It will present a 2007 original work, "In Dreams," set to music of Roy Orbison and choreographed by Trey McIntyre. Other companies appearing on the same program include Pacific Northwest Ballet from Seattle and Ballet Arizona from Phoenix. "This is a very important watermark for Ballet Memphis and the city we represent," said artistic director Dorothy Gunther Pugh. "The Kennedy Center came to us, and they have a very high standard for dance presentation." The Kennedy Center appearance marks the Washington debut for the dance company. "In Dreams" has become a favorite touring piece for Ballet Memphis. It was among the works the company took to New York City for its 2007 debut at the Joyce Theatre, and also to the 2008 Spring to Dance Festival in St. Louis. "It's a really good piece for us to perform because it sets us apart in terms of the different ways we create work to reflect the community," Pugh said. Orbison's early recordings were at Sun Studio in Memphis. http://www.balletmemphis.org/index.php

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Voldar: merican hinker( ?) -- , - . Roll Over, Roy Orbison By Pedro Primavera Roy Orbison died a few years ago. He did not die prematurely with groundbreaking music going with him to the grave. Nor did he die from his own excesses or cruel fate. He just passed away, his body old and tired and his impact on the culture long faded away, though some of his music timeless. There is irony in a rock and roll icon dying of old age. A long list of performers lived and died young; that does not endear old age well. It starts with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper and the list is too long to mention. Don't trust anybody over 30, said Roger Daltry during the Viet Nam War, rock and roll's cultural heyday. Roy Orbison lived to almost twice that age. Because of this, there is no shrine to him and his music, no ashes from some mystical funeral pyre, no self-imposed martyr status. No, he passed away from heart failure, like many his age when they outlived their cultural usefulness. Time always shows the music almost runs dry and Orbison gracefully stepped aside following personal tragedy in 1966. When he died in 1981, the first rock and roll icon to die from old age, he signaled an end to the genre. There will be no other phenomenon like rock and roll. The music itself is an ill-tempered aria with built-in imperfections. The term comes from an earlier colloquialism for a one-night stand. Double entendres are mixed throughout. Thrills are found on Blueberry Hill and Miss Molly sure likes to bump. It has an easy beat, two guitars and three chords and is not meant to appeal to a "civilized" nature. Later, rock and roll -- any rock and roll -- becomes an anthem for a disillusioned youth. It almost defies reality that only a handful of years after Roy Orbison came disco music. Once anathema, established acts take on corporate sponsors. Soon, mindless music videos become part of the recipe for "success." When Roy Orbison dies, rock and roll simply morphed into rock music with loud, big-haired, pencil-thin, drug-obsessed performers. And with rap music to follow, prison time is considered a career step toward stardom. Since WWII, music always targeted a teenage audience. It used to rely on payola, now the recipe includes hype and angst, real or contrived. The music today has little to do with quality or that other word that seems lost these days: art. Nobody will ever define art satisfactorily. As a cultural phenomenon, it is culture's willingness to be led. It is not the universal voice from within, but the clamor of culture, otherwise Skid Row would be full of aspiring artists. If Elvis Presley had introduced his music a generation earlier, he would have been hit over the head with his guitar by unruly Teamsters and gone to work in the local foundry. Only his mother would have thought of him as creative. For the "artist" today, the craft only follows the post-Modern motif of passing off bad art for good, all for a buck. If art mirrors reality today, then we are a dim view of ourselves. With each passing year, each passing morphing of the music, the less it resembles music. Executives fret over dropping record sales when they need to realize the music today sucks. Worse, we who have turned from the popular culture are no longer old, we are the enemy. There will be no more Roy Orbisons, no more British Invasion. There will be no more Woodstock, although it didn't stop the media conglomerates in 1994 and 1999. Karl Marx apparently had Woodstock in mind when he said that history comes about first as tragedy, then repeats itself as farce. Anathema of anathemas, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now exists, another irony of going mainstream. Roy Orbison was elected there in 1987. He died a year later from a heart attack, probably from the shock that there was such a thing. http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/03/roll_over_roy_orbison.html First, rap is not music. While rock was criticized for only having three cords, rap barely uses one. Second, people are still listening to 50s and 60s rock. It has not died. Think anyone will remember much less listen to Jay Z in 50 years??? 50cent??? Third, it was the repugnant big music industry that for greedy reasons decided to throw rock music and rock groups under the bus in favor of rap and hip hop. They have forced two generations of kids both white and black to listen to rap and hip hop. It was their way of comporting with EEO/AA policies sweeping the nation. Lastly, rock lost its edge when it aligned itself with rap-I blame Aerosmith and MTV for this. And real musical talent has given way to computers and synthesizers. Music today is not music. It is mind-numbing noise.

Voldar: . Roy Orbison's Lost Rolling Stone Cover http://blogs.villagevoice.com/dailymusto/archives/2010/03/roy_orbisons_lo.php

Voldar: Buddy Buie: The best part of his years in the business? "Traveling the world with Orbison, seeing the world with Orbison, having the thrill of him cutting one of my songs," he said.

Voldar: Beatles and the 'Big O' are heading back to The Maltings THE music of Roy Orbison and The Beatles will delight audiences in Berwick with the return of a popular show next week. Barry Steele returns as the 'Big O' together with The Complete Beatles for a show at The Maltings on Saturday, April 10. Barry has toured extensively across the UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium and Germany. He performed as Roy Orbison to rave reviews in the hit show 'Rockin on Heavens Door,' before leaving in April 2009 to concentrate on his own show. The Complete Beatles are one of the UK's premier tribute bands to the Fab four, and have toured across UK, Europe and the Far East in their own show and perform regularly with Gerry and the Pacemakers in theatres across the country. Opening the show, their performance is totally live, capturing the atmosphere and excitement from those Fab early years! From the early days in the Cavern, to the record-breaking Shea Stadium Concert, they will transport the audience back to the swinging sixties. Opening the second half of the show is Barry Steele, accompanied by a five-piece band. The audience is asked to imagine it is September 30, 1987, and Roy Orbison is in the Coconut Grove Nightclub in Los Angeles recording the sensational 'Black and White Night'. With a rollicking set including 'Ooby Dooby', 'Mean Woman Blues', and 'Uptown', plus the classics, 'Only the Lonely', 'Crying', and 'Blue Angel', right through to Orbison's later hits 'California Blue', and 'You Got it', plus his work with the Traveling Wilburys whose music also features in the show. Both Barry and The Beatles are very excited to be performing together and they will be delivering all the classics from both the Fab Four and 'The Big O' just like in 1963 when both these legends actually toured the UK together. It was during this tour that Roy Orbison and The Beatles forged life long friendships, which lasted right through to the creation of The Travelling Wilburys. For tickets, contact The Maltings on (01289) 330999. http://www.berwickshire-news.co.uk/leisure/Beatles-and-the-39Big-O39.6194566.jp

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Voldar: 23 74 - . . Roy Orbison's birthday to be celebrated in special events around the world April 23rd would have been Roy Orbison's 74th birthday. Several events are scheduled in Nashville and elsewhere to pay tribute to the man they called "The Big O." 1. Benefit birthday party/Hard Rock celebrations: The Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville will host a birthday bash to benefit Musicians On Call on April 23. And other Hard Rocks around the world will feature his music and videos that day. 2. Roy Orbison Night in Nashville: The Nashville Sounds Baseball Club, a Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, has declared their April 22 game vs. the Oklahoma RedHawks as Taco Bell Throw Back Thursday and Roy Orbison Night. Barbara Orbison, Roy's widow, will throw out the first pitch. Fans are being asked to wear their best Roy memorabilia and the first 1,000 fans will receive a pair of Roy Orbison sunglasses. Special in-game promotions will feature giveaways of the Roy Orbison "Soul Of Rock and Roll" boxed set and a bottle of Pretty Woman perfume. And Sounds mascot Ozzie will honor some lucky fan as "Pretty Woman of the Game." Gibson also will donate a limited edition "Pretty Woman" guitar. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.nashvillesounds.com or by calling 615-690-HITS. 3. Times Square visions: The Jumbotron in Times Square will feature photos of Orbison on his birthday. And Gibson Epiphone will launch a photo campaign of images featuring Roys trademark glasses. 4. Special playlist: TouchTunes Interactive Networks will promote a special two-week long birthday playlist featuring over 20 Orbison songs. More information on special celebrations to honor Roy Orbison's birthday can be found at his official website, which also says a previously unreleased Roy Orbison album will be released soon. http://www.examiner.com/x-19248-Vintage-Rock-n-Roll-Examiner~y2010m4d6-Roy-Orbisons-birthday-to-be-celebrated-in-special-events-around-the-world

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Voldar: Gibson Proud to Join Roy Orbison 74th Birthday Celebrations on April 23 Launching the week of Roy Orbisons birthday, Epiphone will initiate a photo campaign of iconic images wearing Roys trademark glasses. The campaign will culminate on Roys birthday with a classic photo of the Big O himself on the Jumbotron in Times Square. This Friday, April 23, the Hard Rock Cafe Nashville will host a benefit bash for the charity Musicians On Call. Barbara Orbison will be joined by family, friends and fans as musicians including Harold Bradley & Mallary Hope, Rodney Crowell, Chris Rodriguez & Eden's Edge, Jeffrey Steele, JD Souther, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, plus surprise guests will perform songs spanning Roy's 5 decade career. A rock and roll pioneer, Orbison was one of the first to find international and cross-genre success. He is one of the few artists to have won Grammys in pop, rock and roll and country categories. His hits, including Ooby Dooby, Oh Pretty Woman, Only The Lonely, Blue Bayou, Crying, Its Over, In Dreams, You Got It and Handle with Care (as a Traveling Wilbury with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne) are known throughout the world. Funds raised through the event will create a dedicated "Roy Orbison" program at the Bordeaux Long Term Care Facility. The Hard Rock Cafes of Texas, including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, will honor their native son with a limited edition giveaway of Roy's trademark dark sunglasses and limited edition sunglass-pins. Hard Rock Cafes around the world will be playing Roy's music and videos in all their locations. April 23, 2010 will also see the release of the album Roy Orbison: Live in Las Vegas 83. Recorded live in the very city where Elvis crowned him "the greatest singer in the world, Live in Las Vegas is comprised of select cuts from live shows (April 14th-21st, Sept 9th-20th 1983) performed in the Congo Room at the world-famous Sahara Hotel. Live in Las Vegas is available for digital pre-order from the iTunes Music Store. The CD is available for pre-order at the Official Roy Orbison Store. On the eve of Roy's birthday, the Nashville Sounds baseball team, a triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, has declared their April 22, 2010 game vs. the Oklahoma City RedHawks Taco Bell Throw Back Thursday and Roy Orbison Night at historic Greer Stadium in Nashville. Fans are encouraged to wear their best Roy memorabilia. The first 1,000 fans will receive a pair of Roy Orbison sunglasses. Sounds mascot Ozzie will present the "Pretty Woman of the Game." Barbara Orbison will throw the first pitch, and Gibson will donate a limited-edition Oh Pretty Woman guitar. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.nashvillesounds.com or by calling 615-690-HITS. Two free tickets will be given away on www.royorbison.com every day from April 15-22. In addition, TouchTunes Interactive Networks, the largest interactive in-venue entertainment network in North America, will promote a special 2 week birthday playlist featuring over 20 hits dedicated to the rock legend. Learn more at www.royorbison.com. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/roy-orbison-0419/

Voldar: . CD. NEW! Roy Orbison - Live In Las Vegas 83' CD Release Date: April 23rd 2010 Roy Orbison - Live In Vegas 83' Recorded live in the very city that Elvis crowned him "the greatest singer in the world, Roy Orbisons "Live in Las Vegas" breaks the famous rule that "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." "Live in Las Vegas" is comprised of select cuts from live shows (April 14th-21st, Sept 9th-20th 1983) performed in the Congo Room at the world-famous Sahara Hotel. These performances, originally found in poor condition, have been fully restored and digitally re-mastered by the industry's finest audio engineers. Every performer dreams of playing "the Entertainment Capitol of the World," and Roy Orbison was no exception - he loved Vegas! We hope you enjoy this fabulous performance by a true legend. Track listing by date From Best of Sept 9th -20th 1983 - Las Vegas Sahara Hotel/Congo Room Only The Lonely Hey Leah Sweet Dream Baby In dreams Candy Man Crying Ooby Dooby Hound Dog Man Down the line It's Over From Best of April 14th -21st 1983 - Las Vegas Sahara Hotel/Congo Room Blue Bayou Mean Woman Blues Pretty Woman http://store.royorbison.com/newroyorbison-liveinlasvegas83.aspx

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Voldar: , . Roy Orbison Day Is Friday (Growl) Its hard to believe but one of the greats, Roy Orbison, the man with sunglasses and the growl (see Oh, Pretty Woman) has been gone for 22 years. On Friday, he would have turned 74. Luckily, Roy left behind a devoted widow and three terrific sons who keep the flame burning. Theyve got all kinds of stuff planned to commemorate the day, most of which you can check out at www.royorbison.com. Roys widow, Barbara, is a force of nature. Like Olivia Harrison, Barbara just keeps on making the right moves so that the public never forgets this great icon. On Friday, for example, shes got the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville hosting a benefit for Musicians On Call with a bunch of musicians like J.D. Souther and Rodney Crowell playing Roys music. Down in Texas, the Hard Rock cafes are also saluting Roy on Friday. Barbara is also releasing a new album, Live in Las Vegas 83, with newly remastered performances by Roy from the Conga Room. So light a candle for Roy Orbison on Friday. There was no one else like him, and he cant be replaced. He was one of a kind. http://www.showbiz411.com/wp/2010/04/21/roy-orbison-day-is-friday-growl

Goldenday: Voldar : So light a candle for Roy Orbison on Friday. There was no one else like him, and he cant be replaced. He was one of a kind. " . , . ." .