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Voldar: KYA , - - Gary Mora . 60- - http://www.kyaradio.com/. . Mora also hosted Roy Orbison's last show, an event he remembers fondly. "He died just shortly after he appeared here. What a show it was!," Mora says. "He'd been retired for 10 years. And Circle Star (Theater, where he appeared locally) was one of the first shows he went back onstage doing. And it was very hard for him. I remember the stage was broken so they were pushing it manually. But he blew that crowd away. I walked offstage with him and to the dressing room. And he was saying he had just recorded an album with the Travelling Wilburys and also that he'd done a song called 'You Got It.' He said, 'I think it's a good one.' And sure enough, he didn't see it but it made it to number one." "He was so unassuming and wonderful," Mora says. "That was the high point of the performers that I got to work with." http://www.examiner.com/beatles-in-national/san-francisco-60s-oldies-station-kya-rocks-on-the-internet-like-it-never-left

Voldar: . Roy Orbison Walk of Fame Star Tile Replica http://store.royorbison.com/royorbisonwalkoffamestartilereplica.aspx

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Voldar: The Roy Orbison Guide To Preventing Imitation Have you ever gone to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? Apart from the fact that its in Northeast Ohio, which means I automatically love it, there are a lot of neat things to see in there. One of my favorites is the room where you can trace influences from one back to another, something that was around long before Pandora came along. Geoff Livingston recently alluded to strings of musical influence, and it got me thinking. As a blogger, its really important that you frame yourself not as someone who can be imitated, but as someone who can influence. In the music world, Roy Orbison embodies that balance perfectly. While a lot of people have been influenced by the man in black, for my money, no one has ever come close to imitating him. So how can Roy Orbison help you prevent imitation? Here are some things to think about. Infuse your soul into your work. Its pretty darned easy to identify a song as one sung by Roy Orbison. With every song you hear, you feel like youre listening to someone just singing those words for the first time, whether they are words of sheer joy or words of tragic misfortune. Roy Orbison felt every song that he sang. Do you feel every blog that you write? Do you pour your soul into it? Its a great way to avoid imitation. After all, who else has your soul other than you (If you have a story about a crossroads and the devil, this may not apply to you)? Tell stories you can believe. Some of Roy Orbisons most famous songs are the ones in which he tells stories. Pretty Woman describes a scene where a fellow is walking down the street and sees a woman that is just too gorgeous to believe. It seems like shes walking away, but oh, guess what? She walks back to him. In Running Scared, the story is of a lovers triangle and the singer winning his ladys love. If you ask me, few song endings are more joyful and triumphant than the endings of those two songs. As a listener, you feel that suspense, and then you feel that surprise joy. Tell your readers stories as you experienced them. Add details that make the stories uniquely yours. Put your own spin on an experience your readers can relate to. Dont pigeon-hole yourself. It would have been easy for Roy Orbison to choose a single type of song and just stick with that throughout his career. He could have been king of the rockabillies. He could have been a crooner. The problem with mastering just one thing is that then youre offering people tons and tons of ways to study how you do what you do. You cant help but develop a technique for doing the same sort of thing over and over. Roy kept exploring until the day he died. He sang solo, he sang duets, and he sang with the Traveling Wilburies. He sang heart-wrenching songs like Crying and silly, catchy songs like Oobie Doobie. Could Only the Lonely and Anything You Want be more different? Yet you know its all him. His voice, his style, keep it all tied together. This doesnt mean niche blogging is bad, by the way. It just means that you can approach that niche in infinite numbers of ways. Try things out. Keep the imitators guessing. Raise other people up. This is something that imitators cant touch. Roy Orbison easily could have worked solo his entire career, keeping all of his fame to himself. But he did just the opposite. He raised KD Lang to greater heights of fame by singing one of his most famous songs, Crying, with her. His famous concert, Black and White Nights, spotlighted tons of other people including Jackson Browne, Elvis Costello, KD Lang, and of course, Bruce Springsteen. When he joined the Traveling Wilburies he shared the spotlight with Tom Petty, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynn quite an unlikely gathering, by the way. No one can imitate your community building techniques because its all about how you interact and engage with people. You just have to do it. All of these things can influence people in major ways, both in general and in the nitty gritty details. You might have people who will come along and try to sing one of your songs. You might run into someone who is compared to you because of a certain nuanced part of how they do what they do. But youll still be you. And theres no imitation for that. http://www.b2cmarketinginsider.com/social-media/the-roy-orbison-guide-to-preventing-imitation-012083/comment-page-1

Voldar: Sony Legacy to Celebrate Roy Orbison's 75th Birthday With Singles Collection Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, is celebrating the 75th birthday (April 23, 1936) year of Roy Orbison with the long-awaited release of Roy Orbison: The Monument Singles Collection, a 2 CD/1 DVD set including all the A&B sides recorded by Orbison for the groundbreaking Monument label during an electrifying peak from 1960-1964. Restored to pristine mono mixes for the first time since their original 7" vinyl releases, Roy Orbison: The Monument Singles Collection presents The Big O's core classic catalog the way it's meant to sound. Roy Orbison: The Monument Singles Collection, a 2 CD/1 DVD set, will be available everywhere Tuesday, April 5th. Roy Orbison - The Monument A-Sides will also be available on a single CD. A small independent record label enjoying modest successes in the late 1950s, Monument Records grew to become a major force in American rock and roll, country, jazz and rhythm & blues, its label identity synonymous with its biggest star, Roy Orbison. Other artists on the Monument label have included Kris Kristofferson, Boots Randolph, Dolly Parton, Ray Stevens, Tony Joe White, Charlie McCoy, Willie Nelson and others. The 75th birthday commemorative release of Roy Orbison: The Monument Singles Collection includes the first-ever DVD release of Orbison performing nine songs from "The Monument Concert 1965," including the official video for "Oh Pretty Woman," digitally restored especially for this collection. Roy Orbison: The Monument Singles Collection includes liner notes by Roy Orbison Jr. featuring new interviews with Fred Foster, Joe Melson, Bob Moore and others. Orbison along with a short list that included Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins was one of the undisputed originators and architects of rock & roll at Sam Phillips' Sun Records. Orbison cut his first chart hit (it reached #1 on the local charts), "Ooby Dooby," for Sun in 1956, staying with the label for two years before a brief stint at RCA in 1958. Roy Orbison signed with the newly emerging independent label Monument Records in mid-1959. While his second single for Monument, "Uptown," became his biggest hit as a performer since "Ooby Dooby," it was Orbison's third single for the label, "Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel)," which announced to the world the true artistry of Roy Orbison. The song peaked #2 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart, crossed over to #14 on the Billboard Black Singles chart, and rocketed up to #1 on the UK charts. He enjoyed an unbroken four-year string of Top 40 Hits "Crying," "Candy Man," "Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)," "Working for the Man," "Leah," "In Dreams," "Pretty Paper," "Blue Bayou," " Mean Woman Blues," "It's Over" during which Roy Orbison became America's top-selling recording artist and one of the world's most celebrated entertainers. Roy Orbison was one of the few established hit-makers from the late 1950s and early 1960s to not only hold his ground, but to actually increase his popularity in the wake of the British Invasion. He maintained his popularity through music which displayed an extraordinary variety of themes, structure, tempo and rhythm and an authentic, emotional connection that transcended mere craft, exemplified in his signature classic, "Oh, Pretty Woman," recorded on August 1st, 1964. Written by Orbison with his new writing partner Bill Dees, "Oh, Pretty Woman" became Roy's biggest hit and is one of the most recognized and popular songs of all time. Released in August 1964 in the US and in September of that year in the UK, the song hit the #1 slot in virtually every country in the world where people had record players, selling some seven million copies that year. And this was only the beginning.... Ahead of Roy were 23 world tours, 12 albums for MGM, his starring role in the 1967 MGM feature film "The Fastest Guitar Alive," the 1988 all-star Cinemax special "Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night," The Traveling Wilburys (with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne), the Class of '55 reunion album (with Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins), television appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and "Austin City Limits," his 1988 Mystery Girl album, the 1992 posthumous collection King of Hearts (Bonus Track) (produced by Jeff Lynne), the posthumous hit singles "You Got It" and "I Drove All Night," not to mention lawsuits, deaths, fires, tragedies, and Grammy awards. When Roy Orbison died in 1988, he had two albums in the Billboard Top 5. In 1990, the Pretty Woman soundtrack topped the charts. In 2010, Roy Orbison got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Capitol Records Building alongside John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Garth Brooks. ROY ORBISON: THE MONUMENT SINGLES COLLECTION Disc One: The A-Sides 1. Uptown 2. Only The Lonely 3. Blue Angel 4. I'm Hurtin' 5. Running Scared 6. Lana 7. Crying 8. Let The Good Times Roll 9. Blue Bayou 10. Dream Baby 11. The Crowd 12. Working For The Man 13. In Dreams 14. Falling 15. It's Over 16. Oh, Pretty Woman 17. Goodnight Bonus Tracks: 18. Pretty Paper 19. (Say) You're My Girl 20. Paper Boy Disc Two: The B-Sides 1. Pretty One 2. Here Comes That Song Again 3. Today's Teardrops 4. I Can't Stop Loving You 5. Love Hurts 6. Summer Song 7. Candy Man 8. Mean Woman Blues 9. The Actress 10. Mama 11. Leah 12. Shahdaroba 13. Distant Drums 14. Indian Wedding 15. Yo Te Amo Maria 16. Only With You Bonus Tracks: 17. Beautiful Dreamer 18. Sleepy Hollow 19. With The Bug The Monument Concert - DVD 1. Only the Lonely 2. Running Scared 3. Crying 4. What'd I Say 5. Dream Baby 6. Mean Woman Blues 7. It's Over 8. Oh, Pretty Woman 9. Goodnight http://www.artistdirect.com/entertainment-news/article/sony-legacy-to-celebrate-roy-orbison-s-75th-birthday-with-singles-collection/8692689

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Voldar: Roy Orbison tribute at Mae Wilson Theatre When Larry Branson first started playing guitar and using Rock n Roll legend Roy Orbison as his inspiration, little did he imagine he would one day be performing in tribute to his idol. But, since 1989 after Orbison died in 1988, Branson has taken the lead role in a variety of shows about the star. He will perform An Evening with Roy Orbison at the Mae Wilson Theatre on March 18 at 8 p.m. But it all started when Branson was a young boy. I used to play guitar with my Dad and he taught me. He said if you are going to play guitar, you should learn to sing as well. When I was 13 years old, I was very shy and you could not get me to say hello to anybody. I had heard Only the Lonely and Crying and a few other songs and I thought wow, if Im going to learn to sing, I would like to sing like Roy Orbison. I just used Roy as my teacher. Over the years I got more and more interested in his music and singing and I adapted my voice around his, he said. http://www.mjtimes.sk.ca/Arts/Entertainment/2011-02-24/article-2276916/Roy-Orbison-tribute-at-Mae-Wilson-Theatre/1

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Voldar: Damien Leith Plans Roy Orbison Tribute Album Ex-Idol Damien Leith is set to release an all-Orbison cover album. Roy will be his fifth studio album, released a week before what wouldve been Orbisons 75th birthday on April 23. The album has actually been endorsed by Orbisons estate and his widow (and President of Orbison Music) Barbara has been enlisted as executive producer. Leith recorded the album in LA and Nashville with US producers Damon Elliott (Macy Gray, Beyonce) and Marti Frederikson (Aerosmith, Faith Hill), and in Sydney with Aussie producers Stuart Crichton (Guy Sebastian, Delta Goodrem) and Wayne Connolly (Josh Pyke, Sarah Blasko). Leith said in a press release, Roy Orbison, his soulful voice and dignified artistry, has touched millions of people across all generations becoming the soul of rock n roll. Today, I am very proud to pay tribute to a man whose work has had a direct and lasting influence on both my songwriting and my singing. Mercy! Roy will be released through Sony music on April 15. http://www.undercover.fm/news/13981-damien-leith-plans-roy-orbison-tribute-album

Voldar: British tribute show honors Roy Orbison's 75th birthday Had he lived, Roy Orbison would turned 75 on April 23. To celebrate his musical impact, a special tribute show will take place on his birthday at The Castle, 452 Finchley Road, London NW11, in the UK. The show stars Dave Collison as the Big O, plus special guests The Trembling Wilburys featuring Glen Knowler as George Harrison, along with guitarist Dzal Martin, drummer Dave Stark and others. The Trembling Wilburys' show features music by the Wilburys and other songs associated with the various members. (You can see a video promo of the Trembling Wilburys at left.) The setlist will include all the Orbison and Wilburys classics, such as "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Only The Lonely," "Dream Baby," "In Dreams," "Crying," "You Got It," "Handle With Care," "End Of The Line" and "You're Not Alone Any More. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost £5, which also includes a free raffle ticket for prizes provided by Roy Orbison Productions, headed by Roy's widow Barbara who is giving the event her official support and blessing. http://www.examiner.com/beatles-in-national/british-tribute-show-honors-roy-orbison-s-75th-birthday

Voldar: Oh yeah, it's the Big O WHEN Joe Piastrino dons his black sunglasses and slings his guitar over his back, he transforms into his hero, Roy Orbison. Piastrinos show, Roy Orbison and the Legends of Rock, has been performed around the country to screaming fans and 1960s musos. His wardrobe for the show also includes an Elvis Presley white jumpsuit, a Buddy Holly jacket and an Everly Brothers tuxedo. Piastrino has been emulating these rock stars for the past eight years. But he said his favourite would always be the Big O, who was a true gentleman with an incredible voice. He really struck me as most of his songs were about his experiences, he said. He was true at heart and he overcame tragedy in his life. Piastrino said he had trained for 10 years to get his voice to sound like Orbisons, which had a three or four-ctave range. The vocal heights and the operatic tones he used took a while to master, he said. I have been doing Elvis since I was seven years old and I can mimic him very well. I study the artists to try and get the voice and the characteristics as close as possible. Then I can just fall into the character. Piastrino said all the songs in the show were performed live and his four-piece band were just as dedicated to making sure their idols music lived on. It brings back a lot of nostalgia for the audience and they know all the songs, he said. They can sing all the songs back to us so I should never make a mistake with the lyrics. http://whitehorse-leader.whereilive.com.au/news/story/oh-yeah-its-the-big-o/

Voldar: Orbison Gets Treatment: Dylan and Rollins Weigh In Next month its Roy Orbison whos booked for what we around here like to call the treatment (like going to a spa but with audio tape and digital recording technology involved). This time out its the release of a big mono singles collection of Orbisons recordings for the Monument label, due April 5. He sounded like he was singing from an Olympian mountaintop and he meant business, wrote Bob Dylan in Chronicles Volume One. Or did he? Following our thread from last weeks revelation about the tight connection between the work of Bob Dylan and Henry Rollins, Scott Warmuths Goon Talk reveals the dynamic duo share an interest in Orbison, as well as an interest in Bono. Theres also the matter of literary lettersby the likes of Thomas Wolfe and Henry Millerwhich they both like to read, which seems to be a key concept here. Look folks, we dont make up the news we just report it so please, try to remain calm. Back to mono: This is the first-ever CD release of the Orbison original mono mixes of all the A and B sides he cut for Monument. The package combines two CDS plus a DVD of nine songs recorded for The Monument Concert 1965, digitally restored, along with the official video for Oh Pretty Woman. With liner notes by Roy Orbison Jr., the Monument A sides will also see release as a single CD. As of now, vinyl isnt part of the treatment plan. In case youre new on the scene, Orbison shares status with Buddy Holly as one of the original bespectacled rockers. Born April 23, 1936 in Vernon, Texas, his 1956 Sun Studios session won him a local hit with Ooby Dooby. Two years later, his Monument recording of Only the Lonely hit #2 in the US and #1 in the UK. It was a career defining performance, featuring the dramatic, operatic, Olympian artistry of Orbison, all wrapped up in a single song. Of course there were more where that came from: Crying, Candy Man, Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream), In Dreams, Its Over, and of course the 1964 hit, Oh Pretty Woman, his signature song and a worldwide #1 record. And lest we forget the comeback, Orbison knew how to throw one: His cable special, Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night, segued into his Traveling Wilbury period which preceded the solo recording, Mystery Girl; all three projects played major roles in the final act of the richness, glory, beauty, wonder and magnificence, of Orbison who died in 1988. Had he lived, Roy Orbison, still singing for the lonely, wouldve been 75 this year. Heres the Olympian himself with a cast of thousands and at least one demigod friend, stage left. http://www.crawdaddy.com/index.php/2011/03/16/orbison-gets-the-treatment-dylan-and-rollins-weigh-in/

Voldar: GRAMMY MUSEUM FEATURE ON ROY! The GRAMMY Museum will debut a new exhibit, Roy Orbison: The Soul of Rock-n-Roll. It kicks off April 29th and is going to make for a very special 75th Celebration. http://www.royorbison.com/us/news/grammy-museum-feature-roy