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Voldar: , . Pretty Woman. . The Story Behind The Song: How Roy Orbison Wrote (Oh) Pretty Woman In the fall of 1964, girls around the world gathered around their dial radios waiting, wishing for (Oh) Pretty Woman to play again. They werent kept waiting long, as the Rob Orbison song coated the airwaves that autumn, reaching the top of the charts in both the U.S. and the U.K. Todayit remains Orbisons best-known song, selling seven million copies and winning a Grammy in 1991, several years after his death. In his mid-60s heyday, Orbisons popularity rivaled the Beatles, in part because of the wild success that was (Oh) Pretty Woman. Those same girls whod listened so raptly to their radios were the ones who pushed their ironed blouses longingly against the front of stages where Orbison stood; they were the ones who created mobs outside any hotel where he stayed. Orbison later said his image wasnt deliberate, but hisdark glasses and clothingmade him seem mysterious.Most important was his great, tumbling voice one of the most expressive and beloved singing voices of all time. Though (Oh) Pretty Woman doesnt showcase the otherworldly capabilities of his voice quite as impressively as hits like Only The Lonely, the song remains Orbisons calling card, 21 years after his death. But few know the backstory behind his biggest hit, including that it was written on his 12-string acoustic Epiphone. Orbison is best associated with the Gibson ES-335 that he was so often pictured with on-stage, but Pretty Womans signature barreling guitar riff was indeed first plucked on his 1962Epiphone Bard 12-string, which Gibson recreated in his honor this year. Orbisons guitar choice wasnt the only thing uncharacteristic about (Oh) Pretty Woman. The tune was a light-hearted change of pace for the songwriter, who built his reputation on heartbreakers like Only The Lonely and Crying. But it was written during acalm spot in an otherwise turbulent relationship, several years before the death of his first wife Claudette, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1966 and his two eldest sons, who died in a house fire in 1968. Orbison himself died of a heart attack in 1988, but not before remarrying to a beautiful teenager named Barbara, whom hed met while on tour. Today Barbara Orbison tends the Orbison estate and carefully guards the memory and the song collection of her beloved husband. Of his biggest hit, she has said, Its like Bruce Springsteen said; (Oh) Pretty Woman is the best girl-watching rock and roll song ever. The year was 1963 when Orbison sat down with his friend and fellow Texan Bill Dees who also helped generate Orbisons hit Its Over. In a 2008 interview with NPRs All Things Considered radio program, Dees recalled the fateful night when he helped Orbison write (Oh) Pretty Woman. [Roy and his wife] had been separated and divorced actually and had gotten back together, said Dees.When they got back together, he was just a changed person. The night we wrote Pretty Woman ... she came bopping down the stairs and said, Give me some money. He said, What do you need money for? And she said, Well I have to go to the store. And as she walked away they were whispering and kissing bye. And he came back to the table, and I said, Does this sound funny? Pretty woman dont need no money. He laughed and said, Theres nothing funny about pretty woman. He right away started, pretty woman walking down the street. By the time she got back, we had it written. Of Orbison laying down the word mercy over that barreling guitar riff, Dees said, He turned to me with the guitar lick, and he said, I feel like I need to say something while theyre playing [that guitar lick. I said, Well, youre always saying mercy, why dont you say mercy? You know, I said, Every time you see a pretty girl you say mercy. Whether Pretty Woman brings to mind Orbisons early stage presence his smiling eyes hidden behind Ray Ban Wayfarers or Julia Roberts sashaying hips in her tawdry street walker dress, its a song that continues to delight generations of people. Its lived on in covers by everyone from Van Halen to Green Day, and has played in the soundtracks to dozens of TV shows and movies, most memorably Pretty Woman, the Roberts movie that borrowed its title from Orbisons song. Its Epiphones hope that Orbisons limited edition 12-string also helps to keep his memory and his songs alive. The guitar is a faithful reproduction of the 1962 original includes a replica of Roy Orbisons signature on the back of the headstock, as well as the notation for the first measure of (Oh) Pretty Woman. Also included is a hard case with Roys signature and sunglass icon on it, a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Barbara Orbison and Roys son, Roy Orbison, Jr., a black and white photo of Roy with his original 12-string, a sunglass lapel pin and a copy of the Oh, Pretty Woman sheet music. As a young brilliant guitar player growing up in West Texas, Roy would have never dreamt that he would one day have his own Epiphone signature guitar named after him, Barbara Orbison has said. Roy wrote (Oh) Pretty Woman on his Epiphone 12-string acoustic guitar. [The song] features one of the most instantly recognizable rock and roll guitar riffs I hope the next generation of artists will feel inspired to write another great rock and roll song thanks to this guitar.

Voldar: . . The Gibson Interview: Barbara Orbison Its a blustery December day in Nashville, and Barbara Orbison is holed up in her office, granting interviews with various news agencies. I could ice skate its so bad, she says of the weather, her elegant German accent tempered by years of residence in Nashville and Malibu. You dont even want to send a dog out. Despite the dreary weather, you cant help but to imagine that Barbaras green eyes shine just the way they did when she met her late husband, Roy, 41 years ago as a teenager. And when she says, I loved him, madly, you know its true and you know she still does, even 20 years after his death. Speaking intimately, like an old friend, Barbara remarks, Roy would have told you that we had five different relationships because at the end I managed him, too. He would say, We have the relationship from a lover to a lover, and from a husband to wife that means Should we buy a washer and dryer? and then a friend to a friend and from a mother to a father meaning, Oh whats happened to the kids? Are they flunking in school? Do they need braces? And then last but not least was the manager to the singer. We learned to separate those and have fun with all of them. The consummate businesswoman, Barbara talks enthusiastically of her new Pretty Woman perfume, of Roys upcoming induction onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame and of her hope that her publishing company will cinch this years Grammy for Song of the Year with a certain ubiquitous Taylor Swift song. Barbara talks, too, of the new Epiphone Roy Orbison 12-string of which she is so proud. Now that the guitar is finished, whats your impression of it? I love it. Especially when I talk to Sammy Ash of Sam Ash and he tells me how good its going and that he has interest from lots of females and young girls. We have one Epiphone guitar that is like the exact model that Roy wrote Pretty Woman on in 64. On the next guitar, we put the Pretty Woman logo on the front and thats going to be our girly guitar. And I love that idea. I just think girls and 12-strings are so sexy. Lots of girls have picked up 12-strings from Epiphone. Do you remember Roy playing his Epiphone 12-String around the house? Yes, I do. It always was around. It was always upstairs in his writing room. He loved the way a 12-string sounded. Was he a big guitar collector? Did he have a lot of guitars around? I dont know if he was necessarily a guitar collector. What he was is a really good guitar player. That started in West Texas when Roy, at the age of 7, had his first radio show. It was Saturday in Vernon and he would leave his house with his brother or his mother and one of them would carry the guitar and another a stepstool so Roy could reach the mic. He would have to get prepared each week to play on the air for half an hour. He showed me some of the songs he used to play; they were all Western songs. He would have to play standards and practice all week long. He loved playing the guitar. He said it was like his best friend. He said you just go to it when youre troubled or upset or sad and when youre happy. It was just a special relationship he had, and he was first famous for being a guitar player. He was very famous in Texas for being a smoking guitar player. The fame for his voice came later? Yes, when the voice came along, I guess nobody really cared about anything else. But I never hardly saw Roy without a guitar. How can you be a rock and roller and not love your guitar? Its like somebody being a rodeo star and not loving your horse. Rock and roll and guitars go together. He was famous for certain guitars, like the Gibson 335. That was one of his favorites, but he would have different guitars throughout the years. And he loved guitars and all the pieces and parts. I remember a story. I met Roy in 68 and not long afterwards his house burned here in Tennessee. It was a big house fire and he lost his two sons in it. After I arrived and we had a new house, there were boxes that survived the fire. One of them was a box and it was marked Jimmy Page. And he had another box that was marked Paul McCartney. And he explained to me that Paul is a left-hander and he had found parts for left-handed guitars. And then there were certain parts that Jimmy always looked for and Roy would find them and take them to him. Jimmy has told me that story many times. A lot of people love Roy Orbison, The Musician. What made you fall in love with Roy Orbison, The Man? He was just so special. I always say, kiddingly, as a pun, that he was a much better husband than he was a singer. Just the way he sang and the way he looked I thought he was so extraordinary looking with that black hair and the black glasses and those tight pants and those heeled rock and roll boots. He was so designed and he had such a vision. In life, as a human, he was the same way he was so extraordinary, not just from the outside or his voice but his inside. He was sweet and he was funny and he was patient and he was non-judgmental. I dont think in 20 years he ever told me I told you so. He loved me, and I loved him. How can you not be so in love with somebody who lights up everytime you walk in? We had good laughs together. We had good times together and we had hard times together. You know I met him right after he had lost the two boys. Did that tragedy end up binding you together? I dont know about that. We had already met before and fallen madly in love and made plans for the rest of our lives together and then that happened. But I think it shows the strength of that love because neither one of us derailed. We just followed through, and as soon as Roy felt better he got on the plane just like he had intended and flew to Germany and asked my parents for my hand and to come live in America. We had 20 years together and not every day was a sunny day but we had a bond and we knew we just had to work it out and we belonged to one another. There was one child, Wesley, left from the marriage to Claudette and then we had two more boys, Roy Jr. and Alex. And Roy loved my parents and I loved his parents so it was a good love. Describe what life was like with Roy. Did you tour with him? I was totally a rock and roll wife. So that meant I traveled with him and when we had kids, our kids traveled with him. We were together 24/7 whatever we did. We liked spending time together. We got up in the morning together, and we went to sleep at night together and it was a great life because I always felt that Roy totally was 100 percent my partner in life, that he shouldered everything with me. Thats what life was about. We had a good thing going. We learned to live with one another. You know, first you fall in love and nothing ever can wrong and then after two or three years you see, oh, somebody has clay feet or theyre human. Then you go through a rough patch, I think, to really make it work. I went through all of those stages. Im so happy I had him for 20 years. Whats compelled you to keep his memory alive all this time? Its not just his memory, its my memory. I was 36 when I was widowed and I had two kids and there was no sign of being a widow and there were decisions that were made before Roy died. I mean, he was part of the Traveling Wilburys, he had A Black And White Night, one of the kids was graduating, the other was 13 and still needed me, and I had a mother-in-law that depended on me here in Tennessee. I had certain things that were just my everyday life and then the legacy just sort of came to me to handle. And I dont know what else I could have done. I could have hired somebody but I didnt and now thats what I do. So life goes on. Its fun.

Voldar: Epiphone 12- . EMI Music Publishing Latin America. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/ArtistsAndEvents/Stories/roy-orbison-1214/

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Voldar: Chris Isaak, 'Mr. Lucky'. , . . http://www.cleveland.com/popmusic/index.ssf/2009/12/chris_isaak_took_his_time_writ.html

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Voldar: NASHVILLE SKYLINE: Willie Nelson's Timeless Christmas Song Chet Flippo NASHVILLE SKYLINE , "Pretty Paper" Willie Nelson , . Roy Orbison made it a standard of his forever when he recorded it, but Willie Nelson wrote his lovely Christmas song, "Pretty Paper," about a guy I knew slightly. He was a man who had lost both his legs above the knee and -- in those pre-miracle artificial limbs days -- had his leg stumps covered with heavy leather padding and wore thick gloves to pull and slide and scoot his way up and down the sidewalk by the palms of his hands and on his stumps. He sold pencils from a tin cup affixed to his back and also peddled paper and ribbons at Christmas time, as I recall. He mainly worked the sidewalks by Leonard's Department Store in Fort Worth, Texas, where I was working parttime in high school. I have sadly forgotten the man's name, but he always had a smile for everyone and a great sales pitch, and I sometimes would stop and say hello when I would see him. Every time I hear "Pretty Paper," I see this man in my mind's eye, to this day. Willie, who was then also living in Fort Worth (I met Willie years later and asked him about the source of "Pretty Paper"), obviously noticed this man, too, and was affected enough to write a lasting tribute to this now-anonymous, handicapped street peddler. Willie later recorded the song, but when Orbison found it in 1963, he made it famous worldwide. Other artists who have recorded the song include Glen Campbell, Kenny Chesney, Chris Isaak and Freddy Fender. Here are some of the lyrics to "Pretty Paper": Crowded streets busy feet hustle by you Downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh There he sits all alone on the sidewalk Hoping that you won't pass him by Should you stop better not much too busy Better hurry, my, how time does fly And in the distance the ringing of laughter And in the midst of the laughter he cries Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue ... http://www.cmt.com/news/nashville-skyline/1628773/nashville-skyline-willie-nelsons-timeless-christmas-song.jhtml

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