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Voldar: Beatle George Harrison's son Dhani announces release date for his band thenewno2's second album Dhani Harrison, son of late Beatle George Harrison, announced with his band, thenewno2 (pronounced The New No. 2), that their new album, thefearofmissingout, will be released on July 31. The album follows Harrison's 2010 release, As I Call You Down, with side project band Fistful of Mercy and thenewno2's 2008 debut album, You Are Here. Our new album 'thefearofmissingout' Available July 31st, 2012, the group wrote on Twitter revealing the new album's release date along with a link to a teaser video. The new album's trailer features candid behind-the-scenes shots of thenewno2 dispersed with clips of the band having a jam session. Harrison looks like a younger version of his father with his long brown hair and guitar in hand, but Dhani looks to be rocking out harder than George ever did in the Beatles. Three new songs from thefearofmissingout can be heard in the trailer's background, previewing the album's new sound. A press release for the album describes the band's new direction as a combination of live and programmed instruments and adding in obscure samples to create an intricate collage of electronica sounds. thefearofmissingout's theme takes exact inspiration from the album's title. While the pop charts are hung up on rapper Drake's popularization of Y.O.L.O., meaning you only live once, Harrison and company are more concerned with F.O.M.O., which is the fear of missing out. "Everyone suffers from it in a different way. We all have a fear of missing out on something," Harrison says in the press release. The band's musical direction borrows heavily from this fear theme, which results in the creation of its upcoming experimental album. Consequence of Sound reports that thenewno2 will perform at Lollapalooza music festival this August to support the new album. http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/05/beatle-george-harrisons-son-dhani-announces-release-date-his-band-thenewno2s-second- http://thenewno2.com/email/thefearofmissingout/

Voldar: . George Harrison's son finds electronic soul Its a far cry from The Beatles, but when youre the son of a Beatle, its probably a good idea to avoid comparisons. When listening to thefearofmissingout by thenewno2, any Beatles comparisons are unlikely to come up, even though the band is built around George Harrisons son Dhani. He sings as well as plays lead and rhythm guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, ukulele, drums and synthesizers. It sounds like he does it all, and in some cases he does. Technically, there are five other band members and thefearofmissingout also features a few guest artists, including RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, who drops a verse or two on thewaitaround. Thats only one example of how thenewno2 is decidedly non-Beatles. While he might have some vocal similarities to his father, Harrisons music here is predominantly electronic based, often with programmed beats and robotic-sounding synths. At first, the electro-fuzz of the lead track Station might be off-putting, but with repeated listens, it begins to reveal its intricacies. The next couple of tracks are somewhat more accessible as Harrison channels a mellow Radiohead vibe on Wide Awake and grabs hold of a gorgeous melody on Timezone. Staring Out To Sea features an appearance by Ben Harper on vocals and lap steel guitar. Harper and Harrison are also members of the trio Fistful of Mercy with singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur. While Staring Out To Sea retains some electronic textures that tie it to the rest of the album, its also quite lush, especially with Harpers luxuriant steel guitar and female harmonies by Thorunn Antonia, who also brings her gentle touch to a couple of other tracks. Its actually the final track, The Number, that sounds the most Beatles-like, and even then, its really only in Harrisons acoustic guitar that is faintly reminiscent of some of his fathers work. For the most part, thefearofmissingout finds a nice groove in its subtly ruminating electronic soul with a nice helping of the family flair for melody. Joining thenewno2 as an electronic band with heart is the Swedish group Niki & The Dove. At first listen, the music of Niki & The Dove might seem like just another Nordic dance-pop production. This is no Ace of Base, though. Their music is deeper than that but just as infectious. Coupled with the indie-rock vibe common among sub pop releases, the bands debut, Instinct, references other acts while remaining disarmingly original, thanks to Gustaf Karlofs shimmering keyboards and Malin Dahlstroms strong yet refined vocals that manage to deliver hook after hook. Last Night has elements of a Tegan and Sara-like rhythmic quirkiness while The Gentle Roar channels the arena-ready anthemic style of Florence and the Machine. Meanwhile, DJ, Ease My Mind is huge. Thats the only way to describe its sound, which is full of drama and emotion but still danceable. Thats the beautiful thing about Niki & The Dove: They manage to create dance music with emotion. So often the genre is cold, almost lifeless, but not so with Instinct. This is a dance album you can truly feel. http://www.thespectrum.com/article/20120823/ENTERTAINMENT/308230017/George-Harrison-s-son-finds-electronic-soul?odyssey=nav|head&nclick_check=1

Voldar: , . I was an only child. I hung out with my parents. I was always trying to be with the big kids, and the big kids at my house were like (ELO frontman) Jeff Lynne. 'If you do well they curse you, and if you do badly they curse you': Dhani Harrison on why he's finally ready to step out of the shadow of his famous father George Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2226272/Beatless-George-Harrisons-son-Dhani-If-curse-you-badly-curse-you.html#ixzz2BQeCCtOY

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Voldar: George Harrison's son records in Abbey Road Studios George Harrison's musician son, Dhani, says he had an emotional experience recording music for the movie "Beautiful Creatures" because he made the album in the legendary Abbey Road Studios. When he was young, Dhani often tagged along with his dad to the fabled London studio, which became synonymous with Harrison's group the Beatles and even lent its name to the band's 1969 album. But it was only when Dhani's band, thenewno2, was tapped to score the supernatural movie "Beautiful Creatures" that he was presented with his first opportunity to record there. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I spent my whole life in and out of Abbey Road. Recording at Abbey Road was emotional: my first time recording there, my first time hearing something we composed for an orchestra of that size and my first major Hollywood film soundtrack." The 34-year old-came up with soaring arrangements for the orchestra and recruited guests including Ben Harper and the Hollies' Tony Hicks, who is the father of Dhani's bandmate Paul. Dhani adds, "I was able to put a 54-piece orchestra in Studio 2, which is really weird. It's where my dad spent a lot of his formative years, as well as Paul's dad [Hicks], who recorded in Studio 1." http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=787140&affid=100055