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Goldenday: Джефф поучаствовал в альбоме Регины Спектор 'Far'. о Регине Спектор: Родилась в 1980 году Москве. В 1989 году, во время Перестройки, вместе со своей семьей переехала в Нью-Йорк и поселилась в Бронксе. Получила классическое музыкальное образование по классу фортепиано, закончила консерваторию в штате Нью-Йорк при Purchase College, по классу композиции. Закончила еврейскую религиозную школу. Автор текстов и музыки, Регина Спектор исполняет свои песни, аккомпанируя себе на фортепиано или гитаре. Трудно определить жанр, стиль и направление творчества Регины Спектор: его называют anti-folk, но в нем есть что-то и от панка, и от инди-рока, и от классической музыки (Регина получила классическое музыкальное образование сначала в России, а затем в Нью-Йорке, у профессора Сони Варгас). Ее сравнивают с Бьорк, с Тори Амос, с Ван Моррисоном. Но она все же совершенно оригинальна. Лирика Регины нарочито интеллигентна, с многочисленными культурными реминисценциями — Эдип, Самсон, Эзра Паунд, Пастернак, а музыка экономна и изящна, как классические японские стихи. Самое главное - то, как она умеет играть голосом.

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Goldenday: Очень круто! По стилистике здорово напомнило Free As A Burd. И пацанчика хорошего подобрали. Наверное, лучший клип ELO.

Voldar: Ещё один трек Джефф дал послушать. ELO - One Step at a Time (Jeff Lynne's ELO - Audio) Hear Electric Light Orchestra's Upbeat New Song 'One Step at a Time' Lush textures of clickety-clackety keyboards, slide guitar and disco-ish drums open up "One Step at a Time," a new Electric Light Orchestra single that will appear on the group's upcoming LP Alone in the Universe. When frontman Jeff Lynne, who recorded nearly every instrument on the record, sings, though, it sounds like classic ELO, as he pleads for understanding before a relationship totally breaks down. When it comes out on November 13th, Alone in the Universe will be the first Electric Light Orchestra LP since 2001's Zoom and it finds Lynne flying solo mostly. "I did everything except the shaker and the tambourine, which my engineer Steve [Jay] played," he told Rolling Stone earlier this month. "It was just a two-man exercise, with him manning all the lifeboats and me doing all the singing and playing." So far, Lynne has released two songs from the album, the reggae-tinged "When the Night Comes" and the piano ballad "When I Was a Boy." He has also put out a quasi-autobiographical video for the latter song, which depicts him as a young man looking up at the group's trademark spaceship logo. Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hear-electric-light-orchestras-upbeat-new-song-one-step-at-a-time-20151029#ixzz3q2kgy9je

AlexYar: Voldar пишет: Ещё один трек Джефф дал послушать. ELO - One Step at a Time (Jeff Lynne's ELO - Audio) Если кратко, то это стопроцентный "back in early 80-s"!!! Более того скажу, что у меня лично даже возникло какое-то подспудное ощущение как будто бы это еще одна вещица из тех previously unreleased к Flashback'у, которые на меня тогда произвели просто потрясающее впечатление!

Goldenday: Для меня, наверное, навсегда останется загадкой какое-то непостижимое умение Линна сплавливать дух и стиль песен 30-40-х годов с ритмами поп-музыки. Ну чё, классно! ВВП в России активно реанимирует 84 год, а Джефф в мире 86-й. И вот Джеффу я верю.

SLQ: Call him Mr. New Sky: How Jeff Lynne revived ELO for 'Alone in the Universe' Before it was Jeff Lynne's recording studio, the barn-like structure on his property in Beverly Hills housed a previous owner's collection of vintage pinball machines. "The guy was just mad for them," said the British musician best known for masterminding Electric Light Orchestra, as he stood in the airy, wood-floored space on a recent afternoon. "Had them all the way around, like it was an arcade." Lynne, who prefers recording at home over working in any of the high-end studios in Los Angeles, filled the room with different stuff, including guitar amplifiers, a grand piano and a blown-up reproduction of the cover of his 1990 solo album, "Armchair Theatre." But the way this 67-year-old talks about making music suggests he thinks about it in the same way the other man might've viewed those pinball machines: as a retiree's diversion, something undertaken primarily to keep himself amused. "My songs have been very successful, so I kind of don't have to do anything, really," Lynne said, referring to meticulously arranged, addictively melodic hits such as "Evil Woman," "Strange Magic" and "Mr. Blue Sky," which established ELO as a radio fixture in the late '70s and continue to turn up in movies and commercials. "I do this because I just really love making up tunes." Even so, the outside world keeps listening. At February's Grammy Awards, ELO's performance of "Mr. Blue Sky" with the British singer Ed Sheeran scored that night's biggest reaction among users of Shazam, the popular music-discovery app. Hip acts like Tame Impala and Daft Punk are attracting young fans with songs that bear Lynne's pop-psychedelic influence. And now there's a surprisingly strong new ELO album, the band's first in more than a decade, on which Lynne sounds freshly rejuvenated, his songwriting and production skills back at the level that made him a reluctant rock star and later led to collaborations with legends such as George Harrison and Roy Orbison. Due Nov. 13, "Alone in the Universe" — which features Lynne playing nearly every instrument — seems poised to shift the spotlight back to a vaguely mysterious figure who says he's happiest tinkering away in his private studio. "I guess that means I haven't been wasting my time," he said with a chuckle, though it was clear that the prospect of wasted time could hardly trouble him any less. Seated behind a large mixing board in a gear-stuffed control room, his eyes hidden as always behind his signature aviator shades, Lynne acknowledged he's not entirely indifferent to praise. In fact, it was the warm reception ELO got last year at a concert at London's Hyde Park — the group's first big show since it broke up in 1986 — that persuaded him to accelerate work on the follow-up to "Zoom," a so-so comeback attempt from 2001 that failed to inspire widespread interest. "I was going to make an album anyway," he clarified. "But, I mean, 50,000 people all going mad and singing along with every song — that was pretty nice." You can hear traces of ELO's trademark sound throughout "Alone in the Universe," in the shimmering guitars and movie-score strings and elaborate vocal harmonies. Yet Lynne says his songwriting was crucially shaped by his experience making "Long Wave," a small-batch 2012 solo record featuring his loving renditions of standards like "At Last" and "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered." "Learning those songs was a bit like going to university," he said. "I had to sit and play them hundreds of times to get the chord changes and the bass parts and everything." And that, he added, led him to try different things with his own songs. "They're a little bit more adventurous; they go to places I haven't been before." In a sense, Lynne's internalizing those classic structures is in keeping with his reputation as an expert copycat, a skilled craftsman capable of creating pristine knockoffs of styles pioneered by the Beatles and Chuck Berry, among others. (There's no doubting that the surviving Beatles themselves were responding to Lynne's obvious devotion when they hired him in the mid-'90s to produce "Real Love" and "Free as a Bird," two ostensibly new Beatles songs using archived vocals by John Lennon.) But the copycat role doesn't quite allow for the vivid emotion Lynne brings to "Alone in the Universe." Singing in his still-pliant voice about romantic longing and his fascination with outer space, Lynne makes the crisp, clever music feel like his, not someone else's. More impressively, he keeps the nostalgia at a minimum, even in "When I Was a Boy," a reminiscence of his childhood in Birmingham in which he describes music as an escape from a life he might have spent working as a milkman. Perhaps that shouldn't come as a surprise: After all, Lynne, unlike many rockers, happily adapted to disco (in his case, on ELO's 1979 album, "Discovery") back when it was threatening to put guitar bands out of business. And today if you want to hear ELO's biggest songs on Spotify, you won't find "ELO's Greatest Hits," that decades-old record-store staple, but a set of re-recorded versions that Lynne made at home in 2012. In person, Lynne was no more sentimental about the good old days. When a plaque was pointed out on the studio wall congratulating the producer for 8 million copies sold of the Beatles' "Anthology," he didn't appear especially bothered by the idea that such a sales figure is unlikely to be matched in the age of digital streaming. New technologies excite him more than old revenue streams. Or some new technologies do, anyway. One exception to Lynne's embrace of the current moment is his avowed distaste for social media, which most pop stars (even many his age) use to maintain their fans' loyalty. Lynne doesn't get it, saying his talent is creating music, not tweeting or Instagramming. Of course, that's an easy position to hold when you're generally uninterested, as Lynne insists he is, in being a public figure. "Yeah, I don't want to be one of those," he said with a laugh. But if Lynne has no qualms about forever being the least visible member of the Traveling Wilburys — the late-'80s supergroup that briefly joined him with Harrison, Orbison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty — he seems to be thinking at least a little about his musical legacy. In 2012, he took part in a documentary called "Mr. Blue Sky" tracing the long arc of his career (while mostly avoiding his personal life). And for the first time in the group's history, the new Electric Light Orchestra album is billed to Jeff Lynne's ELO, the same name he's planning to perform under in a handful of rare concerts tentatively planned for this year and next. As with Twitter, Lynne is unsparing about his lack of enthusiasm for the road. "I hated it when we were playing arenas," he said. "You wake up at 9 o'clock, have a horrible hot dog at the airport for breakfast, then do three flights to get where you're going. As soon as I was able to stop, I said, 'That's it.'" Still, given the success of the Hyde Park gig, he's willing to play some shows if it buys him some more time in the place he loves most. "It's the detail that makes the music whatever it is," he said, gesturing toward several racks laden with equipment and instruments. "That's why I can't ever stop in here, adding bits to my songs. "I'll probably have another listen to the new record and go, 'Ah, what else could I have done?'" http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/music/la-ca-ms-jeff-lynne-alone-in-the-universe-20151101-story.html

Voldar: BBC Radio 2 presents Jeff Lynne’s ELO In Concert On Thursday 12 November, Jeff Lynne’s ELO will be giving an exclusive performance in the BBC Radio Theatre for the Jo Whiley Show. We have 128 pairs of tickets for this event. The ticket giveaway is open from now until Thursday 5 November at 10pm. Tickets are free and will be allocated at random. Applicants must be 16 years of age or over. Anyone attending this show under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years or older. http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/radio2_in_concert_elo http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/2yfF1s7vcWwvFbxS1yPWqlC/jeff-lynnes-elo

Goldenday: А почему такие возрастные ограничения?

AlexYar: Goldenday пишет: А почему такие возрастные ограничения? А этому маразму они наверное у нас научились - у нас ведь где ни поподя пишут эти ограничения и даже некоторые музыкальные радио-программы можно слушать с определенного возраста!!!! Идиотизм, однако! Интересно на посещение концертов Мэрлина Мэнсона есть какие-то ограничения для их граждан? По идее должны быть ограничения для всех, кто в нормальном сознании и здравии души!

Goldenday: AlexYar пишет: А этому маразму они наверное у нас научились К сожалению, наши у них, Саш. У меня дома есть игра 2010 года, где стоит родная вполне конкретная американская маркировка 18+ (ограничения по сценам насилия и крепким выражениям), что на мой взгляд, уже неактуально: по цинизму наши новости сто очков форы дадут. Наш закон по обязательной маркировке появился года 2 назад или вроде того, позже евро-американских. Меня волнует другое: какого черта ограничения песням Линна (и многим в том числе другим первоклассным группам) создавать?? Хотя сейчас припоминаю, что год назад в последнем, наверное, магазине, торгующем фирменными дисками в Санкт-Петербурге, под названием "Диез", на альбомах ELO я обнаружил маркировку 18+. Тогда ещё мрачно пошутил с продавцом. Но видать, эта история имеет продолжение. Просто не могу понять, за что??????? Софи Ротару даёт концерт - 6+. Алёна Апина - 6+. Мирей Матье (Уважаю!) - 6+. А тут 18. В чем разница???? Не рекомендовано слушать более сложную музыку? Или подразумевается, что дети в 15 лет легко владеют английским, чтобы развратиться текстами? Пропаганда наркотиков? Курения? Выпивки? Насилия? Секса? Оружия? Бред какой-то... Я не могу подобрать чёткого ответа для себя, кроме распила бабла для этих организаций, но это же дурь полная уже. Помогите, плиз, найти хоть какой-то альтернативный ответ, чтобы я ложился спать, не промочив последний носовой платочек. В чём вред такой музыки на неокрепший ум пятнадцатилетного российского подростка (каким я был сам)? (кроме растления патриотических чувств)

SLQ: Jeff Lynne: “Bob Dylan Wanted To Call Us Roy & The Boys” Jeff Lynne tells MOJO how an idle chat with George Harrison led to possibly the most super super-group ever: the Traveling Wilburys. IF IT HAD been up to Bob Dylan the Traveling Wilburys would have been simply known as Roy And The Boys, Jeff Lynne has told MOJO. The ELO leader speaks in the MOJO Interview in our latest issue (December 15 / #265), and in a career-spanning look back he recalls how a late night conversation led to him forming a super-group that included Bob Dylan, who really wanted to be “just one of the lads”. “I’d been working with George Harrison on Cloud Nine for maybe two months. We would always end the night having a couple beers and [smoking] a thingy, and he said, ‘You know what? Me and you should have a group.’” Lynne tells MOJO’s Bob Mehr. “And I said, ‘Really, a group? That’d be great. Who would you have in it?’ I thought he was going to say, ‘Oh, Fred Trilby from up the road,’ or whatever, but he didn’t. He said, ‘Bob Dylan.’” From there the recruitment process escalated quickly. “[After Bob] I said, ‘Well, can we have Roy Orbison as well?’” laughs Lynne. “Once George had said Bob Dylan, I thought, ‘Fuck, the world is my oyster.’ He said, ‘Yeah, of course we can – I love Roy.’” When the high-end team, including Tom Petty, convened, the Traveling Wilburys sessions proceeded on a surprisingly even footing. “I think everybody was kind of looking up to Bob. He didn’t take any leadership role, he just wanted to be one of the lads,” explains Lynne. “He actually wanted to call the band Roy And The Boys.” Get MOJO now for the full interview, including details of the Fab Four’s rivalry with Orbison, not to mention plenty more on Lynne’s journey that has seen him transform from Brumbeat hopeful into Electric Light Orchestra’s sonic visionary and producer of legend. http://www.mojo4music.com/22257/jeff-lynne-bob-dylan-traveling-wilburys/

AlexYar: Недобрая конечно традиция, но и на этот раз альбом выкрали до официального релиза... Со вчерашнего вечера он висит "В Контакте", ну и качнуть при желании, правда в простецком качестве для ознакомления, также можно из многих источников уже.

Voldar: Мдя,только вчера на фейсе демонстоировали свежий отпечатанный альбом,всё похоже как обычно фонограмма ушла из дистрибуции.

Goldenday: Ну, парни, неделей раньше или позже... всё равно все понимали, что его выложат тут же. Тут одно утешает: кто хочет, тот всё равно пойдёт и купит себе оригинал. Общее впечатление от альбома по комментам: минорный и очень мелодичный. (хотя какой там минор, если как минимум три выложенные песни в до мажоре.)

AlexYar: Классный альбом, просто суперский!!!! Послушал на одном дыхании и практически словно за одно мгновение, в результате чего возникло явное ощущение того, что как-то вроде бы и не хватило, и хочется еще и еще "ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЯ ЭТОГО ПРАЗДНИКА ДУШИ"! Что хочу заметить, мне кажется, что Джэфф и его менеджмент (если он есть) сделали очень правильный ход с поэтапным (почти еженедельным) ознакомлением поклонников с тем или иным треком с альбома, в результате чего мы официально до релиза услышали практически половину альбома (3 вещи были официально представлены каналом ELOVEVO и еще 3 участвовали в промоушне на радиостанциях). А 9-го ноября в Лондонском Rochester Hall Джэфф еще и вживую отыграет новый материал! Так, что все эти официальные даты релизов не более, чем некая условность! Согласен с Димой, что те кто хочет, тот все равно купит себе в коллекцию эту пластинку, а те кто в принципе не делает это, так и не сделал бы ни при каких-то иных обстоятельствах! Намеренно не хочу пока делать свой личный попесенный анализ и искать какие-то аналогии с предыдущими работами маэстро как в составе ELO, так и вне группы (а они явно заметны), просто хочу уже после появления оригинальной записи какое-то время насладиться этой прекрасной работой великого музыканта.

SLQ: О. Мне очень понравился альбом. В некоторые песни просто влюбилась первого раза. Да, именно такого мы и ждали. Теперь жду, когда можно будет с ituns скачать в хорошем качестве и с бонусами.

Voldar: Dirty to the Bone - 'это просто песня

Voldar: И The Sun Will Shine on You тоже

Voldar: JEFF LYNNE'S ELO UK TOUR 2016! April 2016 Tue 05 Liverpool Echo Arena Thu 07 Nottingham Capital FM Arena Sat 09 Leeds First Direct Arena Sun 10 Manchester Arena Tue 12 Glasgow The SSE Hydro Thu 14 Newcastle Metro Radio Arena Sat 16 Birmingham Genting Arena Sun 17 Birmingham Genting Arena Wed 20 London The O2 Fri 22 London The O2

Voldar: MORE DATES! The following tour dates have been added to Jeff Lynne's ELO Alone In The Universe Tour: April 2016 Fri 29 Dublin 3 Arena May 2016 Sun 01 Amsterdam Ziggo Dome Tue 03 Zurich Hallenstadion Thu 05 Oberhausen Koenig Pilsener Arena

AlexYar: Ураааааааааа - Европа стала появляться!!!! Надеюсь, что список все же еще будет дополняться!!! Сэт-лист концерта в Лондонском Rochester Hall впечатляет! Новые вещи исполнены просто потрясающе!!!

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