Goldenday: Джефф поучаствовал в альбоме Регины Спектор 'Far'. о Регине Спектор: Родилась в 1980 году Москве. В 1989 году, во время Перестройки, вместе со своей семьей переехала в Нью-Йорк и поселилась в Бронксе. Получила классическое музыкальное образование по классу фортепиано, закончила консерваторию в штате Нью-Йорк при Purchase College, по классу композиции. Закончила еврейскую религиозную школу. Автор текстов и музыки, Регина Спектор исполняет свои песни, аккомпанируя себе на фортепиано или гитаре. Трудно определить жанр, стиль и направление творчества Регины Спектор: его называют anti-folk, но в нем есть что-то и от панка, и от инди-рока, и от классической музыки (Регина получила классическое музыкальное образование сначала в России, а затем в Нью-Йорке, у профессора Сони Варгас). Ее сравнивают с Бьорк, с Тори Амос, с Ван Моррисоном. Но она все же совершенно оригинальна. Лирика Регины нарочито интеллигентна, с многочисленными культурными реминисценциями — Эдип, Самсон, Эзра Паунд, Пастернак, а музыка экономна и изящна, как классические японские стихи. Самое главное - то, как она умеет играть голосом.

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Goldenday: Попытаюсь, ребят. Voldar пишет: Это почти готовая часть нашей истории Вилбурис для сайта Меня тоже такая мысль сразу посетила

Voldar: Попалось статья с обзором радио программы одной тёти,интересно,что её клиентом был Джефф.Кто бы только перевел поточнее.. Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack - review There is a lot to like about Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack (Radio 4), a series of sketches with the emphasis on ludicrous scenarios and voices. Some sketches were funnier than others, but there wasn't a dud one in the first programme. A few moments were a little too Catherine Tate-y, and there were a couple of top notes of Little Britain and Russell Brand vocally. That is, however, the comic milieu for this small team of writers, and from that they shape their own kooky material and some very ticklish interludes. A masseuse, obsessed with her one famous client (Jeff Lynne from ELO), offers a customer the option of whale sounds while she works. "I thought you were going to put on a CD," he cries in horror, as she begins impersonating whales. "No need," she says brightly, adding a talking dolphin, shark, Neptune, and Popeye into the mix. It takes the funny potential of being at the mercy of the therapist, and twists it nicely. The Mona Lisa speaks in another sketch, explaining how frustrated she gets by the comments people make about her. "Does she have a moustache? No, it's the shadow of the paint," she thunders. On the student posters, showing her smoking a joint, she says dismissively: "I was young. It was the Renaissance. No biggie." http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/2010/nov/25/lucy-montgomery-variety-pack-review

Voldar: 7 декабря Джефф посетил шоу Петера Эшера "A Musical Memoir Of The 60's And Beyond",которое прошло в музее Гремми в ЛА. Peter Asher at the Grammy Museum: a review (and pics with familiar faces) вместе с Chris Reay,не путать с другим Крисом. Chris Reay saw the Peter Asher show last week (Dec. 7) at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Here is his review of the show, with a few pictures of some others who attended: Got there with 10 minutes to spare; due to crazy traffic for a Lakers game. Fortunately I've been to the museum before, so I knew the quickest way to park and get inside. Arrived at the same time as Peter's wife?, ex-wife?, well, mother of his daughter... who was with her. I found out later that the daughter is a member of Starship Cobra; which I've heard the name of, but knew nothing about them. Looking at a photo of that group, other members of the band were also there. The theater, which seats 200, was maybe half full, which surprised me. There were a lot of "reserved" seats that were empty. I think it was due to traffic, because the place filled to capacity. I was sitting in an aisle seat, watching various "interesting looking" people come in. And then I noticed Jeff Lynne walk in. Nobody else seemed to recognize him, or maybe they didn't care, but I was thrilled. My wife could tell something was up because I just got this "look" on my face. I mean, Jeff Lynne is up there in my book of favorite musicians. So here he comes and sits next to me. The show starts in about five minutes. It's Peter and four other guys. Then a video starts to play, with an introduction by Eric Idle. Funny stuff. Peter tells stories. He sings. He shows video clips that relate to stories. Stuff from the Beatles' Anthology program... other clips. Turns out the band leader/keyboardist/guitarist is Jeff Alan Ross of Badfinger. So the band played "Day After Day", and it sounded wonderful. There were a couple of sing-a-longs; so I'm sitting there hearing Otis Wilbury singing Peter & Gordon songs. It was awesome. A couple of Beatles-related items: Peter said things went really sour at Apple when Allen Klein came aboard. To describe Mr. Klein, a clip of Ron Decline from "The Rutles" was shown. "That's pretty much what he was like", according to Peter. He said Magic Alex was wasting money left and right on worthless junk, plus the other assorted hangers-on. Peter took James Taylor and left before Allen Klein could fire him. But Paul and John would constantly argue about Mr. Klein. Peter said he thought Paul had it right. Peter also said, "Here's one for the Beatles revisionists; I introduced John to Yoko at the Indica; so you could say I'm responsible for breaking up the Beatles." Jeff Lynne got a big laugh out of that one; as did the rest of us. The band played "I Want To Hold Your Hand" after Peter told the story of its writing in his basement. John and Paul played it on one piano together for Peter to hear. Peter Asher is currently working on a Buddy Holly tribute album, and Jeff Lynne recorded "Words of Love" for it. I, of course, had to get a photo with Jeff. I also spoke with Peter Asher (and got a photo), and literally backed into Eric Idle (whom I apologized to, and got a photo). If the Peter Asher show comes to a town near you - do not hesitate - buy tickets immediately. http://www.examiner.com/vintage-rock-n-roll-in-national/peter-asher-at-the-grammy-museum-a-review

ТНЮ: Этот Крис выглядит чуток моложе Джеффа, но совсем седой. Интересно, наш тёмно-очкарик не седеет или волосы красит?

Voldar: Потихоньку тырит у подруги Камелии в ванной комнате краску...

ТНЮ: Ну это ещё терпимо. Кобзон вообще ходит в приклеенном парике - на краске экономит.

Goldenday: ТНЮ пишет: на краске экономит Насмешила. Наверное, откладывает на чёрный день

Voldar: Кстати о Серебряном Дожде - Билет на луну ,попал в ротацию в категории самые красивые и романтичные хиты.

Goldenday: Кто знает, быть может эта штука вдохновила Джеффа в 74-м на создание очередного альбома ELO ?

ТНЮ: Напиток с какого года производится?

Goldenday: Без понятия :)

Voldar: Думаю, вряд ли - неправильный это ром: всего 37,5 объемных %, а Джефф - довольно здоровый мужик.

Goldenday: Я пошутил, а вы тут за научный подход взялись

Voldar: А мы тоже

Voldar: Ко дню рождения Джеффа,испанцы приготовили (к сожалению ) шуточный коллаж,но как известно в каждой шутке есть доля шутки.

Goldenday: Voldar пишет: Ко дню рождения Джеффа,испанцы приготовили Молодцы они.

Voldar: Joe Walsh To Release First Album In 18 Years In 2011 you will have a new Joe Walsh album, his first in 18 years. The yet-to-be named album will be Joe’s first since ‘Songs for a Dying Planet’ from 1992. Joe has been working on the new record with Jeff Lynne producing at least half of the songs. He has done the rest. “I’ve been working on it for a long time during the Eagles downtime,” Joe tells undercover.fm. “I’ve got new stuff after about 18 years that I haven’t done an album. I really like it. It’s Rock and Roll and its new songs. Hopefully it will get out April/May.” Joe can easily explain the gap between records. “I finally got sober in 1994 and I had to learn actually to write and play and do everything sober,” he says. “I just didn’t write for quite a while. Also the Eagles have really been busy. During downtime I can work on doing an album and I just decided that however long it took would be okay. Its nice to do one because I want to and not because I have to and I’m really happy with it”. Joe Walsh has had some of the best album titles ever. ‘You Bought It, You Name It’, ‘The Smoker You Are The Player You Get’ and ‘You Can’t Argue With A Sick Mind’ are just some of his gems. So what will the new one be called? “I got a couple of them. I wish I had some funny ones for you so I guess I don’t have a title,” he says. “I went to this Whole Foods Market and the bags that they put the food in, it’s all recycled. On the side of the bag it says, “I used to be a plastic bottle”. And I thought that's a brilliant title. This may be a green album titled “I Used To Be A Plastic Bottle”. Although the Eagles released ‘Long Road Out Of Eden’ in 2007, Joe only co-wrote the one song ‘Last Good Time In Town’ and sang lead vocal of ‘Guilty of the Crime’ on it. He also wrote ‘One Day Out A Time’, the song he performed live on the Farewell 1 tour in 2004. It is only available in live form on the ‘Farewell 1’ DVD. http://www.undercover.fm/news/13170-video-joe-walsh-to-release-first-album-in-18-years P.S.Вот интересно они действительно альбом так назовут “I Used To Be A Plastic Bottle”?

Goldenday: Посмотрим, ждать уж недолго осталось - каких-то 4-5 месяцев.

Voldar: Думаю врядли вчера Джефф пропустил матч своего любимого клуба.Бирмингем играл с Манчестер Юнайтед на своем поле - земляки не смогли преподнести полноценный подарок своему знаменитому болельщику,но все таки вырвали ничью на последней минуте 1:1.

Борис: Я правильно понял, что Линн продюсирует новый альбом Eagles (Joe has been working on the new record with Jeff Lynne producing at least half of the songs. He has done the rest). Ранее об этом сведений не было?

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