Goldenday: Джефф поучаствовал в альбоме Регины Спектор 'Far'. о Регине Спектор: Родилась в 1980 году Москве. В 1989 году, во время Перестройки, вместе со своей семьей переехала в Нью-Йорк и поселилась в Бронксе. Получила классическое музыкальное образование по классу фортепиано, закончила консерваторию в штате Нью-Йорк при Purchase College, по классу композиции. Закончила еврейскую религиозную школу. Автор текстов и музыки, Регина Спектор исполняет свои песни, аккомпанируя себе на фортепиано или гитаре. Трудно определить жанр, стиль и направление творчества Регины Спектор: его называют anti-folk, но в нем есть что-то и от панка, и от инди-рока, и от классической музыки (Регина получила классическое музыкальное образование сначала в России, а затем в Нью-Йорке, у профессора Сони Варгас). Ее сравнивают с Бьорк, с Тори Амос, с Ван Моррисоном. Но она все же совершенно оригинальна. Лирика Регины нарочито интеллигентна, с многочисленными культурными реминисценциями — Эдип, Самсон, Эзра Паунд, Пастернак, а музыка экономна и изящна, как классические японские стихи. Самое главное - то, как она умеет играть голосом.

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Goldenday: Классно! И Росси Сазерленд нам в январе подарочек приготовил. Судя по довольно точно указанным срокам, альбом с участием Линна всё-таки выйдет.

Voldar: Джефф опять засветился в прессе и опять в связи с его футбольными пристрастиями. It is an urban myth that Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra wrote Mr Blue Sky about the teenage Trevor Francis. Lynne, a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City, explained in a radio interview that he composed the song having been locked away in a chalet in Switzerland for two weeks, trying to come up with new material for an album. It was gloomy and misty, but one morning the clouds disappeared, revealing gorgeous sun-blessed Alps. Lynne wrote Mr Blue Sky that day and the rest of the Out Of The Blue LP soon after. That humble Birmingham City could be capable of inspiring such an uplifting piece of music is still a lovely thought, however. And if Lynne retains his enthusiasm for the club, now would be the perfect occasion to put this right. These are good times for Birmingham City. The team are the strongest they have been for many years, balanced and well managed by Alex McLeish and are yet to lose a game this season. To confirm Birmingham's increasing confidence as a Premier League club, Alexander Hleb (below right) has been signed on loan from Barcelona. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1309930/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Alex-McLeish-Jose-Mourinho-hes-Special-this.html

Goldenday: Удивительно, но нашёл ошибку на сайте Портера У него указано, что песня Del Shannon - And The Music Plays On (1974) - нереализована и спродюсирована Линном, в то время как у меня дома есть издание этого альбома и в буклете чёрным по-белому написано, что продюсер - Дэйв Эдмундс. Линн в ней не присутствует. http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2865894

Voldar: Димка,а попробуй отпиши Роберту,интересно что ответит.

Goldenday: Подготовлю материал и черкану ему.

ТНЮ: Дядя обмишурился Ну ничего, и на старуху бывает порнуха.

Goldenday: На Торрентс.ру обновлена мр3-дискография Джеффа.

Voldar: Наш модератор поскромничал,а этот релиз сделан именно его стараниями.

Борис: Суперский релиз - все как на ладони! Спасибо, Дима !

Goldenday: Борис пишет: все как на ладони! Пожалуйста, но пока не всё. Вот когда отдельно залью куда-нибудь те треки, которые перечислены в дискографии (без ссылок на трекере) - вот тогда будет всё

Voldar: Наш коллега Николя в очередной раз порадовал нас информацией.За отсутствием новостей давайте обратимся к старостям. 27 и 28 ноября на британском радио анонсирован повтор передачи о Джеффе MR. BLUE SKY от 2001 года.Николя обещает выложить запись у себя на сайте. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00w66gl/episodes/upcoming 11 ноября на ресурсе с говорящем названием "ELO BEATLES FOREVER" выложено интервью с Джулианой Рей о её работе с Джеффом. INTERVIEW: JULIANNA RAYE on SOMETHING PECULIAR Hello ... Hello ... my old friends ... It's great to see you once again! One of the benefits of getting onto Facebook is that I have managed to touch base with not a few folks who share the same love and interest in in the ELO Beatles Forever [and related artistes] universe. One of those blessings is being able to converse with and interact with those musicians who inspire us so much. I have had the pleasure this last week of conducting an 'interview' with Julianna Raye; who released that critically acclaimed album in 1992 entitled: "Something Peculiar" [SP] - it was produced by Jeff Lynne and also featured Richard Tandy; Mike Campbell and Richard Dodd: I approached Julianna after getting a hold of said album from amazon.com and quite frankly; I think it a fine set of well written; witty and enjoyable songs. The eleven compositions on SP are [1] Limbo; [2] I'll Get You Back; [3] Tell Me I'm Alright; [4] Taking Steps; [5] Peach Window; [6] Something Peculiar; [7] Roses; [8] Laughing Wild; [9] In My Time; [10] My Tribe and [11] Nicola. From a personal perspective; my favourites are "Limbo"; "Peach Window"; the title track; "Roses"; "My Tribe" and "Nicola". I asked Julianna six [6] questions and these are her responses: KJS: What was your goal for this album at the time? JR:. At the time grunge was happening and I didn’t relate to it particularly. I wanted to focus on classic pop songwriting with sing-able melodies people would remember for years to come. Growing up I was very influenced by the Beatles and I think that’s what caught Jeff’s ear and made him decide to work with me. KJS: What was it like working with Jeff Lynne but also the then team that included Richard Tandy; Richard Dodd and Mike Campbell? JR: Well, it was mainly Jeff and Richard on the day to day. Richard Tandy and Mike Campbell came in for some sessions and they played beautifully!! With Jeff and Richard D., it was a bit intimidating because I was so green and they were used to working with people who had spent loads of time in the studio. There was a tremendous learning curve just getting to understand my voice in the mic and how to correct pitch and take direction. Also their British accents sometimes made it hard to understand them! Plus they were used to working with boys, who typically don’t cry when they get frustrated. J Looking back it all seems quite funny now. At the time it was like being in recording artist boot camp! Jeff taught me a tremendous amount about songwriting… he was my first and best editor. He really helped me understand the structure of a pop song. He also defined my sound as a vocalist. He cut the vibrato out and exposed the pure voice underneath. He gave me my foundation as a singer/songwriter. KJS: For me all the songs have a familiar [but not peculiar!] sound but taking aside Jeff's 'flavour' ... could you tell me briefly about the 11 songs inspiration? JR: I was writing about what was familiar and meaningful to me so personal relationships on songs like My Tribe, In My Time, Something Peculiar, etc. and portraits of the people I love, like Laughing Wild, Nicola and Taking Steps. I was writing about people and situations where I had a message or insight I felt strongly about and wanted to communicate. KJS: I particularly like the track "My Tribe" .... but what is your favourite track? The track I always go back to on that record is Laughing Wild. It seems to do all the things I want it to do and I really like the feel of it. KJS: What is Julianna Raye doing now in 2010? JR: My most recent project was a Bossa Nova inspired CD called Dominoes. Dominoes has gotten some cool opportunities. In 2009, it was nominated for an Independent Music Award and Peter Gabriel hand-picked it to be part of his B&W Music Club series. Dominoes has just been licensed by a Japanese label, Vivid Sound for release in Japan in 2011. I’m also a long time meditation practitioner and trainer and I’ve started a company called Pop Go Zen, which integrates meditation techniques with listening to pop music. Lots of people want and need to meditate but sometimes it can be hard to make the time. Pop Go Zen teaches people a method that’s fun and engaging to make the process easier. KJS: Could SP ever be re-mastered and re-released? JR: Well legally it's available for that so if a company came along and wanted to do that it could happen. At this point there are no plans for that. Sadly when people purchase it, I don’t see a penny! You never know what’s around the corner though. When I moved to LA I never expected to get the opportunity to work with someone like Jeff. Life is full of surprises! This writer and hence ELOBF recommends Something Peculiar to all music fans who like the ELO and Beatles genres. "My Tribe" is a musical relative of "I Am The Walrus" and within Jeff's production lies therein that trademark sound that both underlines this strong set of songs. You can still obtain SP from amazon.com [see above link] and amazon.co.uk et al. This CD is something that is not so much peculiar as something that is to be prized! Once again; my humble gratitude and thanx are extended to Julianna for her time and grace in this interview. http://elobeatlesforever.blogspot.com/2010/11/replay-review-julianna-raye-on.html по этому блогу вообще интересно полазить,как то раньше он мне не попадался. Ещё Николя тоже нашел издание ELO - STARCOLLECTION и сообщает,что выпустило его некий лейбл "United Sounds Records" ,он предполагает,что издание скорее всего пиратский бутлег.

Voldar: Я долго охотился за этим альбомом..Сама музыка этой этой команды интересна,но самое главное в этой группе мог бы играть Джефф. Tinkerbells Fairydust Tinkerbells Fairydust was a British pop group in the late 1960s, who hailed from east London. They recorded three singles and one album for the Decca label. Originally known as the Rush, Tinkerbells Fairydust was a late 60s English pop-psych ensemble that changed their name in 1967 upon the release of their debut single (an outstanding cover of Spanky & Our Gang's 'Lazy Day' b/w 'In My Magic Garden'). Band members included Steve Maher (guitar, vocals), Stuart Attride (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Gerry Wade (bass, vocals), Barry Creasy (drums, vocals), Charlie Wade (drums, vocals), Eileen Woodman (organ, vocals) and Dave Church (vocals). In 1968, they released a second single ('Twenty Ten' b/w 'Walking My Baby') which didn't chart high in the U.K., but managed to become a #1 hit in Japan. In 1969, they briefly worked with Idle Race and future ELO guru Jeff Lynn to release a final single ('Sheila's Back In Town' b/w the Lynn penned 'Follow Me Follow'). That same year they released a self titled LP, which had a limited issue of 500 copies and now goes for thousands of dollars on the collectors market. The album includes some original material as well as some great covers, including the previously released 'Lazy Day' and Joe Cocker's 'Marjorine'. Unfortunately, the group split soon after the record's completion. http://psychedelichouse.blogspot.com/2009/03/tinkerbells-fairydust-tinkerbells.html Previously, billed as The Rush, they had recorded two singles with Decca: "Happy" / "Once Again", and "Enjoy It" / "Make Mine Music". Prior to that, various personnel had played in Tommy Bishop's Ricochets (for one single on Decca) and Easy Come Easy Go (previously known as Dave & The Strollers). In 1968, members of the band worked with Jeff Lynne. Lynne's song "Follow Me Follow" was recorded as a demo. Lynne's first proper band The Idle Race released their version on their debut album in 1968. Tinkerbell's Fairydust recorded a proper version as the b-side to their third and final single, "Sheila's Back In Town". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinkerbells_Fairydust самая интересная информация с офсайта группы: http://www.tinkerbellsfairydust.com/ к сожалению весь сайт сделан на флеш,поэтому скопировать оттуда что нибудь трудно,но посмотрите не пожалеете. Там парни из этой команды спрашивают своего агента - Jeff Who? А вот что в итоге из Jeff Who? получилось Tinkerbells Fairydust - Follow Me Follow и что из этого сделал сам Джефф Idle Race - Follow Me Follow ну и сам альбом,Большое спасибо релизеру Dorik Tinkerbells Fairydust - Magic Garden Tracklist: 01. Twenty Ten 02. In My Magic Garden 03. Marjorine 04. You Keep Me Hanging On 05. The Worst That Could Happen 06. Never My Love 07. Lazy Day 08. Every Minute Every Day 09. Whole World 10. They Didnt Believe Me 11. Happy 12. Sheila's Back In Town 13. Jeff's Boogie FLAC http://narod.ru/disk/541140001/Tinkerbells%20Fairydust%20-%20Magic%20Garden(1969).rar.html

Goldenday: Раритет однако! Уже скачался, завтра обязательно послушаю, сейчас никаких сил нет, вырубаюсь.

Goldenday: Приятный группешник. Возможно без ярких хитов (кроме одной узнаваемой темы, не считая Follow Me Follow), зато с большим духом того времени. Поначалу я принялся их сравнивать с 'Idle Race', учитывая, с чего зашла речь, а потом понял, что это и ни к чему: у команды своё лицо. Сейчас так не пишут. В коллекцию!

Voldar: Группа вполне самобытная и слушается как глоток чистой воды из того времени,когда ботинки были большие.

Борис: Follow Me Follow в исполнении Idle Race в сравнении с Tinkerbells Fairydust отличается заметным влиянием Линна. Но все же музыка здесь не столь выразительна, сколь его привычная-хитовая.

Voldar: Как сообщает испанский сайт Петер Эшер собирается выпустить мемориальный диск с песнями Бадди Холли,среди песен включенных им в трек лист,есть версия песни “Words of Love",сделанная самим Джеффом. Music Biz Vet, Ex-Apple Records Exec Peter Asher: The Long Wait for Beatles on iTunes Was 'Silly' THR: You’re equally passionate about the music of Buddy Holly. Tell us about the tribute album you’re putting together. Asher: I am a huge fan. Buddy Holly was one of the things that brought Gordon and I together at school, back in the very formation of Peter and Gordon. I was more of a folkie, Gordon was more of a rocker and he pretty much taught me about Buddy Holly. Those songs always meant a lot to me, so when I was approached to take on the production of a Buddy Holly tribute for the 50th anniversary of his death, I was happy to do so. We've done seven tracks so far: Stevie Nicks, Lyle Lovett, Jeff Lynne who produced his own version of “Words of Love,” which is brilliant, The Fray, Chris Isaac .... Who have I left out? THR: Cobra Starship, featuring your daughter Victoria on keytar! Asher: Yes, they did "Peggy Sue." It was great was fun working with them in the studio and it's a cool version, if I do say so myself. The amazing thing about Buddy Holly was that he was a brilliant record producer as well as a great songwriter. A lot of his records were very unconventional -- the drum parts, weird percussion like using a cardboard box, all that kind of tippy-tappy stuff he did … quite spare, but also very imaginative, cool stuff. So we tried to apply some of that philosophy. THR: And you’re producing every track? Asher: So far, the only one I didn't do is Jeff Lynne because he does all his stuff in his own studio, his own way. So I was happy spectator and visitor, but everything else has been tracked in L.A. at Conway Studios. THR: When do you hope to have it out and who will release it? Asher: I'd like to see it come out in late spring. It may be a direct-to-retail deal, it’s still a bit up in the air. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/music-biz-vet-apple-records-49875

Goldenday: Офигеть. Откуда всё это выкапывается...

Voldar: Похоже Джефф дал отмашку начинать промоушен.На недавно заработавшем офсайте в магазине появился новый постер и три почтовые открытки.Это было бы не очень интересно,если не смотреть что на них изображено.Будем надеяться,что дело одними рисуночками не обойдется. http://www.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/artist?artistName=Electric+Light+Orchestra&sourceCode=ELOWEB

Goldenday: Н-да, заманчиво...заманчиво... Кстати, я тут вычитал, что оказывается альбом 'Out Of The Blue' первоначально планировалось назвать 'Out Of This World', но Джеффу не хотелось употреблять слово 'World' второй раз подряд и название стало таким, каким мы его знаем.

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