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Voldar: В теме рассматриваются материалы о группах и исполнителях,пытающихся сочинять и играть музыку в стиле Джеффа Линна.

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Voldar: Sweet Lights YShai Halperin has, in the past, expressed a curiously devout regard for ELO. And it's true that on the string of terrific albums he has released as leader of The Capitol Years, there are indeed certain shades of Jeff Lynne and co, but admitting such a debt to that most divisive of bands is to limit and somewhat belittle the superbly inventive mixture of wider influences that is all Halperin's own. Now recording as Sweet Lights, his sophisticated and gorgeous songwriting has hit new heights. This is an outstanding record, and one that beautifully showcases the two sides of Halperin: the ability to craft an economical and immediate pop hook, as well as his love of heavy instrumental layers, interweaving parts and rangy, opus-like songs. Though not on this album, the mesmerising 'You Let Me Down', a single released last year, gave a hint of what sort of thing was on Halperin's mind. About three songs in one and six and a half minutes long, it suggested his artistic peak was near and that more ambitious arrangements were within his grasp after four albums of The Capitol Years' more straightforward and heavily Beatles-inspired AOR. As lovely as those records were, this one – and we can include 'You Let Me Down' as part of the same wider project – is on another plane, so wide-ranging in its scope that it is somewhat difficult to rein in with the shackles of description. Some elements of ELO certainly remain, such as on the bouncy and relatively unchallenging 'Are We Gonna Work It Out'. However, a more accurate comparison for the album's profounder moments would be George Harrison, in that it marries instant accessibility with an idiosyncratic kind of existential insight on the superb 'Waterfall', with its strings, harpsichord, synthesiser and Halperin's instantly recognisable harmonies. These are all qualities, fans of sophisticated and sincere songwriting will be aware, that made up John Grant's 2010 album Queen of Denmark as well as his previous band, The Czars – even if Halperin is a bit less grimly emotional than that. The lyrical wit and imagery also bears out that comparison, while anyone disappointed by Rufus Wainwright's latest might find what they were seeking from that arch duke of complicated pop, in Halperin. One final reference point is that, in its up-tempo but unthreatening softness, Wilco's post-A Ghost Is Born work is recalled. So there are touchstones aplenty (one track, 'The Ballad of Kurt Vile #2', hints at his complex and affectionate relationship with that particular peer), but there are many things about Sweet Lights that could only come from Halperin. One is the undemonstrative drawl with which he delivers his songs. Another is words that comically and pleasantly hint at such first-world problems as urban alienation and disorientation of self, while the 30-second snippet 'Tell Us All About It' demonstrates his peculiarly subtle way of dealing with current affairs. The whole Halperin package comes together to absorbing effect on opener 'Message On The Wire', which is just about his best ever song. Less than three minutes in length, tight, immaculately produced and immensely satisfying melodically, this is a blissful introduction to Halperin's current sensibilities. Meanwhile, the closest he comes to the sprawling chapters of 'You Let Me Down' is on climactic closer 'Here Comes The Son'. The journey from the precision of Sweet Lights' first track to the elegance of its last is one that is completely engrossing, and represents an unadulterated masterpiece from a perennially underrated man. http://thequietus.com/articles/08883-sweet-lights-review

Voldar: Swedish punk band the Hives to lay down the law The half-decade gap between the fourth full-length platter from the Hives, 2007's "The Black and White Album," and the fifth, this year's "Lex Hives," is a bit long for a punk-rock band. (Just for contrast, consider that the Ramones pushed out their first five studio albums between 1976 and 1980.) The Hives, who play www.summerfest.com">Summerfest on Friday, admittedly burned at least a couple years of the gap touring the wheels off "Black and White," but, as lead singer Howlin' Pelle Almqvist pointed out, every new album they make is another high-wire challenge. "We spent a lot of time trying to advance ourselves, reinvent the wheel and attack in a different way," Almqvist said during a recent phone interview. "It's hard for us to make just another album in a line. It needs to feel like the first and last thing we'd ever do." Truthfully, "Lex Hives" isn't that apocalyptic, but if Almqvist and his fellow Swedes - Nicholaus Arson, Chris Dangerous, Dr. Matt Destruction and Vigilante Carlstroem - were spontaneously to combust tomorrow, they'd leave behind a crisp summary of their power. "We were trying to make it sound clear," Almqvist said. "We were really into the way we play with each other, and we really wanted that to be heard. It was very hi-fi recording of some really crappy instruments." The hi-fi recording carries across the entire album, from the quick, introductory goading of "Come On!," which periodically adds the word everybody to the intensely repeated title refrain, to the sneering teddy-boy swagger of the finale, "Midnight Shifter." Perhaps the hi-fi quality also made the Hives realize that they'd been inadvertently sticky-fingered with at least one song, "Go Right Ahead," the album's first single. Classic-rock fans who hear it should almost instantly recognize the basic riff from a 1979 Electric Light Orchestra hit. "We recorded it before we realized it was 'Don't Bring Me Down,' " Almqvist said. "It took a month for us to realize that. We had to man up and call Jeff (Lynne, ELO bandleader and songwriter) about it and ask him if we could credit him. And he said yes." That common-sense attitude extended to the band's formation of a label, Discques Hives, to release this Hives disc. The band's association with a major record company ended with "Black and White," providing an opportunity to reassert a punk-based do-it-yourself ethos. "There was no reason to involve anyone else before we were done writing and recording it," Almqvist said. "We had enough money that we could do it, and we really wanted for the five of us to do everything. It was fun to do again." The Hives essentially spray-painted their signature cockiness across the album credits with such listings as "by for with and because of" and "very special thanks to" themselves. They value style for its own sake, as evident from their natty, always-matching attire (in this case, tuxedos and top hats on the album cover), and they believe that what you see is what you get. "If you like records a lot, you can see from the cover if you'll like this," Almqvist said. "Science is not there yet, but you can see if something sounds good. A record actually sounds better if it was recorded by a guy in a suit." http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/musicandnightlife/swedish-punk-band-the-hives-to-lay-down-the-law-g75satr-160148255.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngiSiPAtlzY

Goldenday: Благодарим Влада! Наконец, в нормальном качестве доступен последний альбом 'Pugwash' 'Olympus Sound' (2011) Допиздание 2012 года впридачу содержит три бонус-трека, об одном из которых, по слухам, высоко отозвался Линн. 01 Answers On A Postcard 02 There You Are 03 To The Warmth Of You 04 Fall Down 05 Be My Friend Awhile 06 Dear Belinda 07 15 Kilocycle Tone 08 I Don't Like It But I Gotta Do It 09 Here We Go 'Round Again 10 Such Beauty Thrown Away 11 See You Mine (Coda) 12 Four Days Bonus Tracks: 13 Heal Me 14 Happy Again 15 Waltz With Me FLAC - http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4136087

Voldar: Goldenday пишет: Допиздание 2012 года Димка получилось неплохо.

Goldenday: Кому как Вот ссылка на скачивание с Народа: http://narod.ru/disk/58077281001.211cbd1e428c63acb2a55ae4d8137894/POS.rar.html

ТНЮ: Да, матерно читается, точечки не хватает.

allamina: мне как мило, хоть и занудно чуть Спасибо!

Voldar: Ещё последователи Джеффа. Bubble Gum Orchestra BGO RECORDS - As a follow up album to the late 2011 / early 2012 CD release of Out Of This World, singer-songwriter Michael Laine Hildebrandt returns at the end of 2012 with Bubble Gum Orchestra II, the second album from his band Bubble Gum Orchestra. Although much younger then his mentors from the original classic rock crowd from the mid to late 1970s, Hildebrandt maintains a reverence for the classic bands from that era including Electric Light Orchestra, The Buggles, ABBA and scads of other top 40 favorites and he gets to live out his sonic fantasy once again with BGO II. Hildebrandt's upbeat musical demeanor is quite contagious on tracks like “Today Is Beautiful”, “Oh Can We Save It” and “Loving One Another”. Sure you can hear traces of upbeat Steve Miller meets The Buggles meets Jeff Lynne but there’s also a cool futuristic 21st century thing in play on the new BGO CD. The CD packaging is excellent and the enclosed lyrics booklet shines a light on just how well BGO mix words and music. послушать можно здесь http://www.bubblegumorchestra.com/fr_bgoii.cfm

Goldenday: Да, названия песен просто поражают своей оригинальностью: Prologue 2. Today Is Beautiful 3. Loving One Another 4. Distant Song 5. Blowin' Away 6. Cloud 9 (When We Were Young) 7. To You from Me 8. Carrie in My Dreams 9. Movements in a Major 10. Oh Can We Save It 11. Symphony of Sorrow 12. A Trillion to One 13. Epilogue Неужели до этих деятелей не доходит, что сделать похожие названия песен и аранжировки - это далеко не всё? Я бы сказал, даже очень не всё. Какая-то очередная "Оркестра".

Sergey`M: Это же бубль гум!

Voldar: Telephone Line? http://music.yandex.ru/#!/track/4144484/album/468114

ТНЮ: Что за Гриша Ургант?

Voldar: Нина,а послушала?

ТНЮ: Немного только. Володь, а стоит весь альбом слушать?

Voldar: Нее,только одну песню на которую ссылка...да и вообще я пошутил,хотя песенка вроде неплохая.А когда я Ваню нашел на фото с почти похожей абревиатурой,то подумал что это неспроста.

AlexYar: Voldar пишет: подумал что это неспроста. Ага, затащит Джэффа на "Вечернего Урганта"!

Voldar: Саш,идея канешна богатая только Ургант наверно будет Утренний,так как Ване придется перется в ЛА.Хотя ,если вспомните,в Прожекторе парни однажды спели тыкет. Кстати я похоже кривую ссылку дал и песенку вы так и не послушали.Там на яндекс музыке можно поиском найти альбом Estrada,песня По проводам.

ТНЮ: Voldar пишет: песенку вы так и не послушали я послушала Вчера краем глаза видела, "Старый Приятель" были в гостях в "Вечернем Урганте".

ТНЮ: Про Линна складывают былины и поют песни

Goldenday: Сразу понятно, что англоязычные ребята хорошо знают, о ком поют, а вот амиго странный какой-то: почему, помимо всего прочего, он вместо "Линн" поёт "Лайн"? Прикалывается, что ли? p.s. у Пола Меланкона студийная версия лучше звучит: А этот шикарный трибьют всё время вспоминаю:

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