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Goldenday: Обсуждения и материалы раннего творчества Джеффа здесь

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Шубидуба: Димка! Это первый микс. Он отличается от того известного варианта, звучит попроще, без наворотов.

Goldenday: Аа... теперь понятно.

Voldar: The Idle Race - Birthday Party ( 1968) не ремастерированное издание All tracks composed by Jeff Lynne; except where indicated "Skeleton and the Roundabout" – 2:16 "Happy Birthday" (Patty Hill, Mildred J. Hill) – 3:16 "Birthday" – 2:09 "I Like My Toys" – 1:45 "Morning Sunshine" – 2:45 "Follow Me, Follow" – 2:45 "Sitting in My Tree" – 2:50 "On With the Show" – 2:20 "Lucky Man" – 2:35 "Don't Put Your Boys in the Army, Mrs. Ward" – 2:10 "Pie in the Sky" (Dave Pritchard) – 2:23 "The Lady Who Said She Could Fly" – 2:17 "End of the Road" – 2:05 Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitar, piano Dave Pritchard - guitar, vocals Greg Masters - bass guitar, vocals Roger Spencer - drums, vocals О альбоме http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Birthday_Party_(The_Idle_Race_album) WAV http://rapidshare.com/files/298300538/The_Idle_Race_-_Birthday_Party___1968_WAV.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298302555/The_Idle_Race_-_Birthday_Party___1968_WAV.part2.rar

Voldar: The Idle Race - Back To The Story (2007) [Remastered and expanded] 2 CD CD1 01. 01 - Skeleton And The Roundabout 02. 02 - Happy Birthday 03. 03 - The Birthday 04. 04 - I Like My Toys 05. 05 - Morning Sunshine 06. 06 - Follow Me Follow 07. 07 - Sitting In My Tree 08. 08 - On With The Show 09. 09 - Lucky Man 10. 10 - Mrs Ward 11. 11 - Pie In The Sky 12. 12 - The Lady Who Said She Could Fly 13. 13 - End Of The Road 14. 14 - Come With Me 15. 15 - Sea Of Dreams 16. 16 - Going Home 17. 17 - Reminds Me Of You 18. 18 - Mr Crow And Sir Norman 19. 19 - Please No More Sad Songs 20. 20 - Girl At The Window 21. 21 - Big Chief Woolly Bosher 22. 22 - Someone Knocking 23. 23 - A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows) 24. 24 - Hurry Up John 25. 25 - Lucky Man 26. 26 - Follow Me Follow 27. 27 - Days Of The Broken Arrows CD2 01. 01 - Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree 02. 02 - My Father's Son 03. 03 - Impostors of Life's Magazine 04. 04 - Knocking Nails Into My House 05. 05 - Days of The Broken Arrows 06. 06 - Worn Red Carpet 07. 07 - In the Summertime 08. 08 - Told You Twice 09. 09 - Neanderthal Man 10. 10 - Victim of Circumstance 11. 11 - Dancing Flower 12. 12 - Sad O' Sad 13. 13 - The Clock 14. 14 - I Will See You 15. 15 - By the Sun 16. 16 - Alcatraz 17. 17 - And the Rain 18. 18 - She Sang Hymns Out of Tune 19. 19 - Bitter Green 20. 20 - We Want It All FLAC http://rapidshare.com/files/298259198/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298262120/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298265628/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298269043/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part4.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298273316/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part5.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298276412/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part6.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298280074/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part7.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298282723/The_Idle_Race_-_Back_To_The_Story__2007___FLAC___Remastered_and_expanded_.part8.rar

Voldar: The Move-Message from the country(1971) remastered 2005 01. 01. THE MOVE - Message from the country 02. 02. THE MOVE - Ella James 03. 03. THE MOVE - No Time 04. 04. THE MOVE - Don't Mess Me Up 05. 05. THE MOVE - Until Your Moma's Gone 06. 06. THE MOVE - It Wasn't My Idea To Dance 07. 07. THE MOVE - The Minister 08. 08. THE MOVE - Ben Crawly Steel Company 09. 09. THE MOVE - The Words of Aaron 10. 10. THE MOVE - My Marge Bonus Tracks: 11. 11. THE MOVE - Tonight 12. 12. THE MOVE - Chinatown 13. 13. THE MOVE - Down on the bay 14. 14. THE MOVE - Do ya 15. 15. THE MOVE - California Man 16. 16. THE MOVE - Don't mess me up (Alternate version) 17. 17. THE MOVE - The worse of Aaron (alternate version) 18. 18. THE MOVE - Do ya (alternate version) 19. 19. THE MOVE - My Marge (Session version) FLAC http://rapidshare.com/files/298286303/The_Move-Message_from_the_country_FLAC_remastered.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298289321/The_Move-Message_from_the_country_FLAC_remastered.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298294609/The_Move-Message_from_the_country_FLAC_remastered.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298298340/The_Move-Message_from_the_country_FLAC_remastered.part4.rar

Goldenday: Прекрасные альбомы для открытия форума.

Игорь г.Дзержинск: Соглашусь. Альбомы супер! Удивляюсь тому, что в своё время альбомы The Idle Race не оценили по достоинству. Я познакомился с этой группой слушая передачи Владимира Ильинского (Эхо Москвы).

Voldar: The Move - Anthology 1966-1972 (2008) 4CD CD1 01. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #01] You're The One I Need 02. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #02] I Can't Hear You No More 03. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #03] Is It True 04. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #04] Respectable 05. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #05] Night Of Fear (alternate version) 06. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #06] Disturbance (undubbed alternate version) 07. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #07] I Can Hear The Grass Grow (full-length version) 08. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #08] Move 09. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #09] Wave The Flag And Stop The Train 10. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #10] (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (original stereo) 11. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #11] Flowers & Lemon Tea - Tony Visconti talks to the players ...) 12. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #12] Flowers In The Rain 13. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #13] Cherry Blossom Clinic (enhanced stereo) 14. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #14] Vote For Me 15. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #15] Fire Brigade (early piano version rough mix) 16. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #16] Useless Information 17. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #17] Yellow Rainbow (enhanced stereo) 18. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #18] Kilroy Was Here (enhanced stereo) 19. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #19] Fire Brigade 20. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #20] The Girl Outside (alternate take) 21. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #21] Mist On A Monday Morning (enhanced stereo) 22. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #22] Flowers In The Rain (acoustic version rough mix) 23. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 1] #23] Simple Simon (backing track take 6 rough mix) CD2 01. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #01] Move Bolero (live at the Marquee) 02. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #02] It'll Be Me (live at the Marquee) 03. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #03] Too Much In Love (live at the Marquee) 04. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #04] Flowers In The Rain (live at the Marquee) 05. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #05] Fire Brigade (live at the Marquee) 06. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #06] Stephanie Knows Who (live at the Marquee) 07. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #07] Somethin' Else (live at the Marquee) 08. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #08] So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star (live at the Marquee) 09. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #09] The Price Of Love (live at the Marquee) 10. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #10] Piece Of My Heart (live at the Marquee) 11. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #11] (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (live at the Marquee) 12. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 2] #12] Sunshine Help Me (live at the Marquee) CD3 01. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #01] Somethin' Else (EP version) 02. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #02] Sunshine Help Me (EP version) 03. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #03] Wild Tiger Woman (UK single edit) 04. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #04] Omnibus (enhanced stereo) 05. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #05] Blackberry Way 06. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #06] A Certain Something (piano version rough mix) 07. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #07] Curly 08. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #08] Second Class (She's Too Good For Me) Part1 09. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #09] Second Class (She's Too Good For Me) Part2 10. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #10] Beautiful Daughter (reduced mix) 11. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #11] This Time Tomorrow 12. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #12] Hello Susie (abridged) 13. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #13] Don't Make My Baby Blue 14. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #14] The Last Thing On My Mind 15. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 3] #15] Open My Eyes (live at the Fillmore West 1969) CD4 01. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #01] I Can Hear The Grass Grow (live at the Fillmore West 1969) 02. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #02] Brontosaurus (US promo edit) 03. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #03] When Alice Comes Back To The Farm 04. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #04] Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (take 5 rough mix) 05. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #05] Feel Too Good 06. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #06] Lightnin' Never Strikes Twice 07. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #07] Ella James 08. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #08] Tonight (US edited version) 09. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #09] Do Ya (edited version) 10. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #10] Chinatown 11. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #11] California Man 12. The Move - [Anthology 1966-1972 [Disc 4] #12] The Duke Of Edinburgh's Lettuce Online Tracks 1. The Move - ['THE MOVE ANTHOLOGY 1966 - 1972' box set Bonus Content] Don't Hang Up (mastered) 2. The Move - ['THE MOVE ANTHOLOGY 1966 - 1972' box set Bonus Content] Too Many Fish In The Sea (mastered) 3. The Move - ['THE MOVE ANTHOLOGY 1966 - 1972' box set Bonus Content] Il Torrente_Something (mastered) 4. The Move - ['THE MOVE ANTHOLOGY 1966 - 1972' box set Bonus Content] Fire Brigade (Early Undubbed Mix) mp3 320 http://rapidshare.com/files/298668478/The_Move_-_Anthology_1966-1972__2008_.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298670403/The_Move_-_Anthology_1966-1972__2008_.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298671535/The_Move_-_Anthology_1966-1972__2008_.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298672879/The_Move_-_Anthology_1966-1972__2008_.part4.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298673682/The_Move_-_Anthology_1966-1972__2008_.part5.rar

Voldar: The Move BBC session (1968-1969) 1 You'd Better Believe Me 2 Night of Fear 3 Stop, Get a Hold of Myself 4 Kilroy Was Here 5 Walk Upon the Water 6 I Can Hear the Grass Grow 7 Morning Dew 8 Flowers in the Rain 9 So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star 10 Stephanie Knows Who 11 Cherry Blossom Clinic 12 Hey Grandma 13 Fire Brigade 14 Weekend 15 It'll Be Me 16 Useless Information 17 Kentucky Woman 18 Higher and Higher 19 Long Black Veil 20 Wild Tiger Woman 21 Piece of My Heart 22 Blackberry Way [outtake] 23 Going Back 24 California Girls 25 Christian Life FLAC http://rapidshare.com/files/298675192/The_Move_BBC_session_1968-1969__FLAC.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298684328/The_Move_BBC_session_1968-1969__FLAC.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298685675/The_Move_BBC_session_1968-1969__FLAC.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298686466/The_Move_BBC_session_1968-1969__FLAC.part4.rar

Voldar: The Move - Hits & Rarities - Singles A's & B's (1999) 2CD APE http://rapidshare.com/files/298688537/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298690178/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298691743/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298693543/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part4.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298694927/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part5.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/298696359/The_Move_-_Hits___Rarities_-_Singles_A_s___B_s_-_2CD_APE.part6.rar

Voldar: Какая штука интересная!

Goldenday: The Move - 'Anthology' (2008) 4CD - FLAC Продолжительность: 57.42 + 39.06 + 59.01 + 50.57 min. CD 1: 1966-1967 01. You're The One I Need ** 02. I Can't Hear You No More ** 03. Is It True ** 04. Respectable ** 05. Night Of Fear (alternate version) ** 06. Disturbance (undubbed alternate version) 07. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (full-length version) ** 08. Move 09. Wave The Flag And Stop The Train 10. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree 11. Flowers & Lemon Tea (Tony Visconti talks to the players...) ** 12. Flowers In The Rain 13. Cherry Blossom Clinic (enhanced stereo) * 14. Vote For Me 15. Fire Brigade (early piano version, rough mix) ** 16. Useless Information 17. Yellow Rainbow (enhanced stereo) * 18. Kilroy Was Here (enhanced stereo) * 19. Fire Brigade 20. The Girl Outside (alternate take) ** 21. Mist On A Monday Morning (enhanced stereo) * 22. Flowers In The Rain (acoustic version; rough mix) ** 23. Simple Simon (take 6 backing track; rough mix) ** CD 2: Live at the Marquee 1968 01. Move Bolero ** 02. It'll Be Me ** 03. Too Much In Love ** 04. Flowers In The Rain ** 05. Fire Brigade ** 06. Stephanie Knows Who ** 07. Something Else ** 08. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star ** 09. The Price Of Love ** 10. Piece Of My Heart ** 11. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher ** 12. Sunshine Help Me ** (all Marquee live tracks newly mixed to stereo from recently recovered multitrack tapes) CD 3: 1968-1970 01. Somethin' Else (EP version) 02. Sunshine Help Me (EP version) 03. Wild Tiger Woman (UK single edit) * 04. Omnibus (enhanced stereo) * 05. Blackberry Way 06. A Certain Something (piano version; rough mix) ** 07. Curly 08. Second Class (She's Too Good For Me) (part 1) ** 09. Second Class (She's Too Good For Me) (part 2) ** 10. Beautiful Daughter (reduced mix) ** 11. This Time Tomorrow 12. Hello Susie (abridged) * 13. Don't Make My Baby Blue 14. The Last Thing On My Mind 15. Open My Eyes (live at the Fillmore West 1969) ** CD 4: 1969-1972 01. I Can Hear The Grass Grow (live at the Fillmore West 1969) ** 02. Brontosaurus (U.S. promo edit) ** 03. When Alice Comes Back To The Farm 04. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (take 5; rough mix) 05. Feel Too Good 06. Lightnin' Never Strikes Twice 07. Ella James 08. Tonight (U.S. edited version) 09. Do Ya (edited version) 10. Chinatown 11. California Man 12. The Duke Of Edinburgh's Lettuce ** - Previously unreleased * - Previously unreleased on CD Ремастированное юбилейное делюксовое издание 2008 года: 4-дисковый бокс-сет, охватывающий творчество Move, включает редкие и ранее нереализованные треки. Рипы с оригинала, сканы в наличии (кроме внутренности книжки). FLAC, tracks CD 1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VWLZLG40 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ODO7Y2YV http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LRQ834YI CD 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZVO1BBCF http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6GBE7JK7 CD3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S998KFLM http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7B05UYC3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D8S7AUC5 CD4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2UBDVF54 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M8APE4AL http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XE6JTELV

Voldar: Отлично,у меня только мр3 было.

Goldenday: IDLE RACE (BBC sessions, live & bootlegs, 1969-71) (мр3 - 192) 01 The End Of The Road (Instrumental) 02 Lucky Man (alternative early version) 03 I Like My Toys (Singing occapella) 04 I Like My Toys (Instrumental) 05 On With The Show (BBC sessions) 06 Mrs Ward (BBC sessions) 07 Live - Mr Crow & Sir Norman (Tops Of The Pops) 08 The Lady Who Said She Could Fly (Tops Of The Pops) 09 Skeleton And The Roundabout (Tops Of The Pops) 10 Days Of The Broken Arrows (Tops Of The Pops) 11 Please No More Sad Songs (BBC sessions) 12 Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree (Tops Of The Pops) 13 Impostors Of Life's Magazine (Tops Of The Pops) 14 Follow Me Follow (BBC sessions) 15 Sea Of Dream (BBC sessions) 16 Follow Me Follow (alternative version) 17 Knocking Nails Into My House (BBC sessions) 18 Born To Be Wild (BBC sessions) 19 Pie In The Sky (BBC sessions) 20 Love Me Two Times (BBC sessions) 21 Hey Grandma (BBC sessions) 22 Sea Of Dreams (BBC sessions, alternat. version) 23 Days Of Broken Arrows (BBC sessions) 24 The Lady Who Said She Could Fly (BBC sessions) 25 Skeleton And The Roundabout (BBC sessions) 26 I'm Trying To Write A Letter (BBC sessions) 27 Someone Knocking (Tops Of The Pops) 28 Worn Red Carpet (Tops Of The Pops) 29 Hey Grandma (Tops Of The Pops) 30 Told You Twise (BBC sessions) 31 Love Me Two Times (Live) 32 Blueberry Blue (BBC sessions) СHADS (bootlegs feat. Jeff Lynne, 1965) мр3 - 192 01 Hugging And Tuging 02 Short Dressed Women 03 Green Onions (instrumental) 04 Preachin' The Blues ссылка на мегаплоад ссылка на торрентс.ру - вся дискография IDLE RACE в мр3 192-320 Всевозможные бутлеги IDLE RACE, куда вошли выступления IDLE RACE на BBC, концертные выступления в программе 'TOPS OF THE POPS' и пр., которые долго собирал, сортировал и отсеивал (за массу материала спасибо Шубидубе! ). Заранее прошу прощения за качество бутлегов. Оно самое разное - от вполне приличного до убитого напрочь (в лосслесс нет смысла заливать). Лучшее на данный момент достать вряд ли возможно, учитывая, что выпуск обещанной в 2008-м году официальной пятидисковой антологии IDLE RACE, куда должны были войти все номерные альбомы и реставрированные выступления на BBC, приостановлен на неопределённое время. Кроме того добавил папку с четырьмя редкими бутлегами CHADS (одна из первых полупрофессиональных групп, с которых начинал Линн. В СНADS он играл на гитаре. Эти треки с его участием.)

Voldar: Вот это да .Я уж думал,что чедов никогда не услышу.

Goldenday: В общем-то, ничего особенного музыка не представляет, но быть в курсе, с чего начинал Джефф, никогда не помешает.

Voldar: Тогда,за тобой Andicaps,раз ничего особенного.

Voldar: Очень редкая запись,где Джефф играет на белом стратокастере,а Рой аж на двух гитарах сразу.

Voldar: The MOVE ALLIVE Группа в составе Trevor Burton (guitar, vocals), Bev Bevan (drums), Phil Boom (bass and vocals), Neil Lockwood (keyboards) and Gordon Healer (guitar) выступит на закрытие фестиваля 22 º FESTIVAL LABADOUX ( это в Бельгии) в день победы.

Goldenday: А Локвуд разве не участник "Оркестры"?

Voldar: По оркестре у нас народ как то не очень разбирается,ну я так надеюсь.

ТНЮ: Да, был Нил Локвуд (гитарист), у меня есть такой на видео с Московским симфоническим оркестром.

AlexYar: Goldenday пишет: А Локвуд разве не участник "Оркестры"? Ээээээх, люблю я это дело...., в смысле покопаться в творческих биографиях отдельных музыкантов! Дим, Локвуд, как оказалось, личность достаточно известная, и не только членством в ЭЛО Парт тю и Алан Парсонс Прожект! Так или иначе он пересекался еще с достаточно внушительным количеством выдающихся музыкантов современности, да плюс ко всему еще и сам songwriter! Собственно, не буду далее перессказывать его биографию, читайте сами: http://www.neillockwood.com/biog.php

Voldar: Оказывается весьма заслуженный дядечка.

Goldenday: Да, действительно послужной список богатый у мужика.

Voldar: В продолжение темы брамрока.Как дружно сообщают наши коллеги осенью этого года по UK пройдет тур бирмингемских музыкантов в следующем составе:BRUM ROCKS "LIVE": BEV BEVAN, Raymond Froggatt, Geoff Turton, Trevor Burton, Hartley Cain and Danny King .Подробности можно посмотреть на сайте Raymond Froggatt - организатора этого коллектива,в ранней группе которого играл на басу Луис Кларк. сайт - http://www.raymond-froggatt.com/home.htm BRUM ROCKS "LIVE" - AUTUMN TOUR 2010 историческая фотка брамрока Birmingham Rain this song written and performed by Raymond Froggatt and the Frog Band at the Birmingham Town Hall 2008 Singer~Raymond Froggatt

Goldenday: ELO & Wizzard + Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin - с ума сойти от такого коктейля!

AlexYar: Не раз ловил себя на мысли, что мне почему-то очень близка тема Бирмингемского Бита... Сам не знаю почему, но почему-то всегда с особым трепетом отношусь к творчеству музыкантов, так или иначе связанных с этой меккой британской рок-музыки.... Всегда приятно посмотреть, что люди, достигшие такого уровня помнят о своих корнях и, что особенно важно, не из-за каких-то коммерческих интересов, а просто потому, что эта их малая родина.... Володь, огромное спасибо за этот ролик! Это просто великолепная вещь, особенно когда идет перечисление всех тех, кто вырос из этой музыки, прославил Бирмингем и навсегда остался в его рядах. Вот это истинный пример патриотизма в современном его понимании, на мой взгляд!

Voldar: Саш,я тоже думаю,что браммбит имеет свое собственное лицо в английской рок музыке и это очень симпатичное лицо.

AlexYar: Кстати, "в природе" существует DVD "Brum Rocks Live", однако, судя по всему, ооочень редкая весчь... Может поищем? Очень интересно было бы посмотреть полностью.

Voldar: Саш,спасибо за информацию и ролик многообещающий.Будем искать.

Voldar: THE MOVE - BBC RARITIES Как сообщает наш коллега Николя Жильбер на ВВС найдено 32 редкие записи живых выступлений Move ранее не издававшихся, среди них 5 песен с участием Джеффа- Looking On", "Message From The Country", "Brontosaurus", "She's A Woman" and "Ella James"

ТНЮ: Когда же они в сети появятся?

Voldar: К сожалению ещё нет ясности,что вообще с ними будет,но ты права Нин,может какой альтруист из ВВС и выложит в сеть.


Voldar: Самый авторитетный энциклопедист - эломан Роберт Портер раскопал информацию о ещё одной записи The Chads. Chads, The - Baby Please Don't Go * Running Time: 2:06 * Record Date: 1965 * Record Location: Unknown (live performance only) * Written By: Big Joe Williams * Produced By: Unknown * Engineered By: Unknown * Performed By: John Williams (vocals), Jeff Lynne (guitar), Margaret Reiss (keyboards), Joe Parsons (bass), Keith Warrender* (guitar), Keith "Noddy" Harrison (drums) -- *uncomfirmed * Released On: Unreleased This is a cover of the 1935 Big Joe Williams song, although more than likely they performed it because the band Them (featuring Van Morrison) had a UK hit with the song in 1964. "I asked [Keith "Noddy" Harrison] if Jeff's quality as a musician was easy to see back then. 'We could all see he was a bit tasty as a guitarist, he used to play Baby Please Don't Go and he totally nailed it, he was spot on.'" Author Unknown (June 20, 2006 - Coventry Evening Telegraph) http://www.jefflynnesongs.com/jlworks6.php

Voldar: На амазоне и itunes стали доступны для скачивания песни Idle Race,с живых вытуплений группы на BBC. Symonds On Sunday from 16 Spetember 1969 * Someone Knocking * Come With Me * Please No More Sad Songs The David Symonds Show from 7 January 1969. * Days of the Broken Arrows * Worn Red Carpet http://www.amazon.com/David-Symonds-Show-January-1969/dp/B003ND3SD2/ref=dm_ap_alb2?ie=UTF8&qid=1277725962&sr=8-1

Goldenday: Не знал, что Move такими озорниками были. Впрочем, самого Джеффа как-то трудно представить в упомянутом случае. Рассказывает музыкант группы Magnum: А вообще вот краткие впечатления музыкантов Magnum от английских групп, вышедших из Мидлендз (само собой, не обошлось без ELO и Wizzard):

Voldar: Мдя,прямо анекдот вспоминается про молодость поручика Ржевского.

AlexYar: Интересный случай, наводящий на некоторые размышления в плане его правдивости.... The Move конечно известны скандальными выходками на сцене в начале своего недолгого творческого пути, но чтоб докатиться до такого.... Что-то не верится мне, честно говоря.... Кромсать телевизоры, разбивать аппаратуру, устраивать пиротехнические эффекты на сцене, да даже над политиками открыто издеваться - все это элементы их шоу и имиджа: психоделические настроения витали в головах многих музыкантов того времени, знаете ли.... Но описанный товарищем из Magnum случай, сродни, как бы, несколько другому типу "музыкантов", появившихся попозже и ознаменовавшим эпоху панк-рока, где именно подобные выходки уже становились элементами имиджа.... Поэтому я сильно сомневаюсь, чтобы в 60-х вот так прилюдно, "хором", товарищи Мувовцы выстроившись в шеренгу подмочили не кого-нибудь, а как сказано - киношников, которые навряд-ли смогли без согласования с менеджментом группы производить съемку концерта.... Всетаки г-н Кэтли чего-то привирает.... Вместе с тем, учитывая, что концерты того времени как правило имели место проходить в атмосфере питейных и прочих увеселительных заведений, то можно конечно предположить, что участники МУВ тоже не ограничивались стаканом минеральной воды перед и в ходе выступления.... А может и чем-нибудь более серьезным чем алкоголь мозги себе запудривали.... Однако, об этой стороне жизни музыкантов группы МУВ я не встречал информации ни разу. Ну, а уж ко временам присутствия в группе Джэффа это точно не имеет никакого отношения, ибо даже с психоделией они к тому времени слава богу завязали.

Voldar: Как сообщает наш коллега Николя,на интернет аукционе был продан весьма редкий диск IDLE RACE американского издания "The Birthday Party". Интересен фотоколлаж на одной из обложек.

ТНЮ: И за сколько ушёл?

Voldar: Неизвестно,лот можно посмотреть здесь: http://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=467846

Voldar: Как будто специально в мейлинг листе шоудауна есть отличное продолжение темы "The Birthday Party".В рубрике Met Jeff Lynne? некто june woods описал свои воспоминания из босоногого бирмингемского детства и возможный вариант написание этой песни "The Birthday Party". Hi all, In reply to recent posts re: met Jeff Lynne, well, yes, I knew Jeff when he was a member of the brill band The Idle Race. My friends and I would see them every week at gigs from 1965 for a number of years and became quite friendly with them. I only know the "Idle Race" Jeff and have not met him since those days although I love his later music and would love to meet up with him again. Some snippets of information which you may or not find interesting: A friends relative used to live opposite Jeff in Shard End, Birmingham. He wore a military style jacket and come running down the garden path and jump over the gate to greet the other band members! We would sometimes have a lift in their van from one gig to another. As the van veered round a corner, i fell down what i called a "slot" and jeff thought this was totally hilarious! Apparantly, he loves (or loved) unusual words! We often had a laugh and a joke and Jeff would nearly cry laughing as he has a brill sense of humour. I can still see/hear him laughing now. I made Jeff a birthday cake in the shape of a guitar for his 18th birthday (yikes, a lifetime ago). I took it up to the "Carlton Club" where they were playing a gig. As i wasn't 18, i wasn't allowed in the Club so one of the band collected it and gave it to him. They said they ate cake at their rehearsals for a week afterwards and the cake was so sickly sweet. When it was my 18th birthday a few years later, I invited Jeff and another band member to my birthday party as we knew then so well. My mum baked a birthday cake (well 18 was very young in them days) and i was so looking forward to it and told all my friends about the day. However, they didn't make it. I felt so dissapointed and rang him up to tell him so, but i forget why he couldn't make it. About a month later, he released The Birthday Party! Coincidence??? dunno, but my mum has forgiven him for not turning up. I still see the other members of the Idle Race regularly as we all live local to each other (they sing the "Birthday Party" when they see me even after all these years). They were/are THE nicest, unassuming and talented guys you could ever wish to meet - and their partners - an I would love to see an Idle Race reunion at some time in the future - well i can live in hope! I will save any other info for another time as I'm sure there must be other List members who also have stories to tell. I have no problem with Jeff reading any of this authentic information if indeed he does have a 'peek' at the List.

Voldar: Ребята,а что так никто и прочитал?А это между прочим реальный свидетель юности Джеффа.

Goldenday: То, что Джеффу нравятся мудрёные словечки, я уже понял, столкнувшись с переводом некоторых его песен

Goldenday: Jorge Devincenzi from the "ELO Secret Messages" blog posted a very rare live recording of the Idle Race at the BBC. It's a cover version of "Debora" by Tyrannosaurus Rex. It contains an amazing solo guitar by Jeff Lynne. Хорхе Девинчензи на своём блоге "тайные послания ELO" разместил чрезвычайно редкую концертную запись Idle Race с BBC сессий. Это кавер-версия "Дебора" группы T-Rex. Она содержит удивительное гитарное соло Джеффа Линна. Признаться, такого соло в те годы я от Джеффа не ждал

Игорь г.Дзержинск: А ведь, вещичка получилась гораздо интереснее, чем у Болана. Очень задорно звучит (кажись тема из Get Back проскакивает). Очень порадовало.

Goldenday: Порадовало точно. И там не только Get Back, там ещё как минимум две вплетены: Dragnet из известного в те годы кино-сериала, а вторую надо название вспомнить (возможно, проигрыш из Doors)

Игорь г.Дзержинск: а мне показалось, что ещё присутствует Good Gally Miss Molly.

Voldar: Да ,Джефф красавец.

Voldar: Это можно послушать на подкасте радио ЭЛО. Zoom 2011 Special - Brumbeat: The West MIdlands music from the 60´s A mix with great Brumbeat music and artist from the sixties created by my with material played in Radioelo podcast in the last years and more. Acid Gallery - Dance Around The Maypole Carl Wayne & The Vikings - Mi Girl Carl Wayne & the Vikings - You Could Be Fun Copperfield - I´m Not Good For Her Danny King & The Mayfair Set - Pretty Things Denny Laine & The Diplomats - Forever An A Day Denny Laine's String Band - Say You Don't Mind Gerry Levene And The Avengers - Dr. Feelgood~ Idle Race - Come With Me Idle Race - Days of Broken Arrows Idle Race - Sea of Dreams Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions- Sugar Babe Mark Stuart & The Crestas - St. Louis Blues Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders - Mr Postman Mike Sheridan´s Lot - Don't Turn Your Back On Me Paradox - Like the Day Goes Raymond Froggatt - Callow La Vita Shades Of Blue - Love One Sight & Sound- Our Love is in The Pocket Sight And Sound - Little Jack Monday Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running Spencer Davis Group - It's Gonna Work Out Fine Live Spencer Davis Group - My Babe The Aplejacks - Tell Me When The Applejacks - Like Dreamers Do The Casuals - Caroline The Casuals - Naughty Boy The Diplomats - Put You Down - For Teenagers Only - ATV`s Live 1964 The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles The Fortunes - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again The Hellions - Dream Child The Mad Classix - My Honey-Bunny The Montanas - Ciao Baby The Montanas - You've Got To Be Loved The Moody Blues - Go Now The Moody Blues - Love And Beauty Live At BBC The Move - (Here We go round) The Lemon Tree The Move - Fire Brigade The Move - It Is True The Nightriders - It´s only the Dog The Strangers - What Away The Ugly`s - Wake Up My Mind The Rockin' Berries - He's In Town The Rockin' Berries - Dawn (Go Away) The Rockin' Berries - Pain Tinkerbell Fairydust - Happy Traffic - Smiling Phases http://radioelo.podomatic.com/entry/index/2011-04-13T10_53_19-07_00

Goldenday: Довольно подробная (и грустная) статья про судьбу Move (Classic Rock №3,2011)

Voldar: Очень познавательная статья.Жалко,что также подробно не освещен период с Джеффом.

Goldenday: Меня тоже поразило, что до Джеффа не добрались. Статья, как я понял, изначально англоязычная и во многом интересная благодаря Робу Кайгеру.

Goldenday: Кто-нибудь слышал эту песню? Я, признаться, наткнулся на неё впервые. Поскольку видеонарезка из разных фрагментов, трудно понять состав участников песни, но в композиции местами явно слышен голос Джеффа. Очередной официально нереализованный трек из творчества Линна.

Voldar: Я тоже не слышал никогда,хотя выложили этот ролик два года назад.Вот что сообщает о этой песне Роберт Портер: The Move - Falling Forever [Live Promotional Performance] Details This song is known only to have been played live. No known studio recording exists. This is an original Jeff Lynne composition. "In one of [The Move's] other BBC shows they played the still officially unreleased Jeff Lynne composition Falling Forever live." Patrik Guttenbacher, Marc Haines, & Alexander von Petersdorff (1996 Unexpected Messages) Running Time: 2:47 (approximate) Record Date: 1971 Record Location: Unknown Written By: Jeff Lynne Produced By: Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne Engineered By: Unknown Performed By: Roy Wood (guitar), Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar), Bev Bevan (drums, percussion), other artists and instruments unknown Released On: Unreleased (bootlegged) http://www.jefflynnesongs.com/jlworks7.php На форуме eloforever(http://eloforever.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=moveidlerace&action=display&thread=1039) этот ролик обнаружили пораньше и там один из эломанов посчитал,что звучание похоже на The Byrds.Мне же песня живо напомнила поздние сочинения какой то ливерпульской группы ярым фаном которой всегда был Джефф.

Voldar: 20 октября Роберт Портер добавил в список песен Джеффа 4 песенки исполненные на концерте в составе Idle Race в 1968 годы,эти песни никогда не издавались,даже на бутлегах. Idle Race - Paper Sun [Live Performance] This song is known only to have been played live. It is a cover of the Traffic song. "On the dance floors of Birmingham, folks [heard] Dave Pritchard's vocal interpretation of Paper Sun, Roger Spencer's Cool Jerk or Jeff Lynne's Darlin' or even Runaway [performed live by Idle Race]." Laurie Hornsby (2003 - Brum Rocked On) Running Time: Unknown Record Date: 1967 Record Location: Unknown (live only) Written By: Jim Capaldi & Steve Winwood Produced By: Unknown Performed By: Jeff Lynne (guitar), Dave Pritchard (vocals, rhythm guitar), Greg Masters (bass), Roger Spencer (drums) Released On: Unreleased (live performance only) Idle Race - Cool Jerk [Live Performance] This song is known only to have been played live. It is a cover of the Capitols song. "On the dance floors of Birmingham, folks [heard] Dave Pritchard's vocal interpretation of Paper Sun, Roger Spencer's Cool Jerk or Jeff Lynne's Darlin' or even Runaway [performed live by Idle Race]." Laurie Hornsby (2003 - Brum Rocked On) Running Time: Unknown Record Date: 1967 Record Location: Unknown (live only) Written By: Donald Storball Produced By: Unknown Performed By: Jeff Lynne (guitar), Dave Pritchard (rhythm guitar), Greg Masters (bass), Roger Spencer (vocals, drums) Released On: Unreleased (live performance only) Idle Race - Darlin' [Live Performance] This song is known only to have been played live. This is a cover of the Beach Boys song. "On the dance floors of Birmingham, folks [heard] Dave Pritchard's vocal interpretation of Paper Sun, Roger Spencer's Cool Jerk or Jeff Lynne's Darlin' or even Runaway [performed live by Idle Race]." Laurie Hornsby (2003 - Brum Rocked On) Running Time: Unknown Record Date: 1967 Record Location: Unknown (live only) Written By: Brian Wilson & Mike Love Produced By: Unknown Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar), Dave Pritchard (rhythm guitar), Greg Masters (bass), Roger Spencer (drums) Released On: Unreleased (live performance only) Idle Race - Runaway [Live Performance] This song is known only to have been played live. This a a cover of the Del Shannon song. "On the dance floors of Birmingham, folks [heard] Dave Pritchard's vocal interpretation of Paper Sun, Roger Spencer's Cool Jerk or Jeff Lynne's Darlin' or even Runaway [performed live by Idle Race]." Laurie Hornsby (2003 - Brum Rocked On) Running Time: Unknown Record Date: 1967 Record Location: Unknown (live only) Written By: Del Shannon & Max Crook Produced By: Unknown Performed By: Jeff Lynne (vocals, guitar), Dave Pritchard (rhythm guitar), Greg Masters (bass), Roger Spencer (drums) Released On: Unreleased (live performance only) http://www.jefflynnesongs.com/jlworks6.php

Voldar: В феврале должен выйти концертник Move. First out of the gate in 2012 appears to be a 2-disc live set from The Move. Live at The Fillmore 1969 is so far slated for a 13 February 2012 release. It includes a bonus track featuring Bev Bevan talking about The Move's USA Tour. Track List... Disc 1: Open My Eyes Don't Make My Baby Blue Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited The Last Thing On My Mind I Can Hear The Grass Grow Disc 2: Fields Of People Goin' Back Hello Susie Under The Ice Additional Night Performances: Introduction Don't Make My Baby Blue Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited The Last Thing On My Mind The Move's 1969 USA Tour Recalled By Bev Bevan (Bonus Track) http://unofficialjefflynne.blogspot.com/

Goldenday: Чуть ли не первый официальный концерт Move на аудио. Я только не понял, зачем на первом и втором CD дублируются три трека. С разных концертов, что ли?

Voldar: Каверочек от Пагвош. PUGWASH - "On with the show" (Idle Race cover - First mix)

ТНЮ: супер!

Goldenday: Кавер хороший. Я только удивлён, что Николя сейчас о нём заговорил. Песня ведь болтается в инете уже несколько лет.

Goldenday: 10 дней назад в сеть выложили издание 2012 года - Move - The Lost Broadcasts в DVD-качестве: Blackberry Way - 3:37 (B+W Playback January 69) Brontosaurus – 4:30 (Сolour, Live Studio 13th April 1970) Curly – 2:49 (BW playback August 69) The Words Of Aaron – 5:21 (Colour, Live, Rare 25/11/70) Ella James - 1:18 (Aborted 25/11/71 Colour, Live Aborted Take) Ella James - 4:04 (25/11/71 Colour) Down On The Bay - 4:52 (Colour, Live 25/11/71) Down On The Bay - 4:49 (Colour Live, Same Clip With Blue Key Used 25/11/71) Fire Brigade - 2:23 (BW Playback March 68) When Alice Comes Back To The Farm - 4:08 (Colour Live 27/12/70) Wild Tiger Woman - 2:31 (BW Playback September 68) http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=56582557#56582557

Voldar: Вот так по крупицам и будем собирать материал. Meet Birmingham's most showbiz family - The Spencers Meet the Spencers – Birmingham’s most showbizzy family. Mum Olga, dad Roger and children Bonnie, 41, Oliver, 36, and Holly, 29, could each write a book about their collective mission to entertain the nation. Mum Olga, dad Roger and children Bonnie, 41, Oliver, 36, and Holly, 29, could each write a book about their collective mission to entertain the nation. The Spencers can even claim some of the credit for Oscar-nominated hit movie Les Misérables. * When Trevor Nunn opened the original musical at The Barbican in London in October 1985, Gavroche was played by Oliver Spencer, an unknown ten-year-old schoolboy from Sutton Coldfield. *Twenty-five years later, kid sister Holly Dale Spencer is appearing alongside Anne Hathaway in the all-star film version of Les Misérables, as well as playing the lead in the West End’s Kiss Me Kate. * Elder daughter Bonnie starred in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Phillip Schofield. She’s still singing and married to Dave Reilly, former drummer with China Crisis. * Dad Roger Spencer used to be the drummer in Brumbeat bands such as Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders and The Idle Race, playing alongside the likes of Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne. * And mum Olga was a dancer with some of Britain’s biggest stars including Morecambe & Wise, Tommy Cooper, Des O’Connor and Harry Worth. Dad Roger Роджерс крайний справа. The son of Freddie Spencer, a Melody Maker award-winning dance band drummer, Roger grew up on Sladefield Road in Ward End and started work as an aerial fitter with Sweeney Radio. He joined Mike Sheridan and the Nightriders as drummer, and saw Roy Wood go to The Move, then Mike Sheridan replaced by Jeff Lynne, who would go on to found supergroup ELO. The band changed their name from Nightriders to The Idle Race and Roger says: “We went from having a line-up like Cliff Richard and the Shadows to being like The Beatles. “Jeff was soon running the show musically but he was never a speaker on stage, so I was the frontman. Eventually Jeff ended up going to The Move as well, any my final years were with the Steve Gibbons Band. “I’m still great friends with Jeff. I took him out for a curry in Sutton Coldfield only last autumn when he was over here. I’ve been over to Jeff’s house in Beverly Hills, too. “When I was there I bumped into an old friend called Pete Conway – and discovered he was Robbie Williams’ dad! “That’s a bit like my life. I know everyone, but things haven’t always quite worked out for me, Still, I’ve had a great life, I’ve got a lovely family and I couldn’t want any more.” Roger re-invented himself as comic Ollie Spencer and appeared in 1970s’ TV hit The Comedians, later becoming warm-up man for Tiswas. “I used to appear onscreen with characters like Barbara Woodhouse, and knew everyone like John Lodge while they waited in the wings, but I never became an integral part of the show.” Ollie is currently organising his 70th birthday party for next month, while still doing ‘bits and bobs’ like after-dinner comedy and entertaining on cruise ships. And in March he’ll play Spike in Malcolm Stent’s Go And Play Further Up Your Own End. “It will be my first stage musical... at the age of 70!” http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/lifestyle/showbiz/meet-birminghams-most-showbiz-family-1228470

Voldar: Я уже с некоторым опасением делаю очередной пост на тему релизов,так как подозреваю,что изначально альбом выкладывал в сеть Димка. The Idle Race - The Best of Idle Race featuring Jeff Lynne (1990) Tracklist: 01. The End of the road (2:08) 02. The Morning Sunshine (1:48) 03. The lady who said she could fly (2:19) 04. Happy birthday (0:23) 05. The birthday (2:57) 06. Girl at the window (3:44) 07. Big chief woolly bosher (5:19) 08. Here we go round the lemon tree (2:44) 09. My father's son (2:14) 10. The skeleton and the roundabout (2:21) 11. Come with me (2:43) 12. Going home (3:43) 13. Mr Crow and Sir Norman (3:18) 14. Please no more sad songs (3:20) 15. Follow me follow (2:48) 16. On with the show (2:22) 17. Lucky man (2:37) 18. Imposters of life's magazine (2:19) 19. Days of the broken arrows (3:49) 20. I like my toys (2:10) 21. Sea of dreams (3:15) 22. A better life ( The weatherman knows) (2:48) 23. Warm red carpet (3:02) 24. Someone knocking (2:55) 25. Hurry up John (3:33) http://www.avaxhome.ws/music/rock/Idle_Race_Best.html

Goldenday: Не, этот я не выкладывал

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