Goldenday: Новости, материалы и факты о том составе, ради которого мы все здесь собрались

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Voldar: Друзья,привет.Я счастлив,что вилбуристое дело живет и надеюсь побеждает,даже без меня. По вопросу о фотках в книге,могу добавить,что к делюксовому изданию прилагался отдельный фотоальбом. http://www.genesis-publications.com/book/the-traveling-wilburys-limited-edition-book/deluxe

Goldenday: Жуть как хочется!!

Voldar: К сожалению уже все продано,...но все равно хочется.

SLQ: Вроде как цена не заоблачаная, реальная.

Voldar: Bob Dylan content in Scorsese's George Harrison documentary, or the lack thereof Martin Scorsese's documentary, George Harrison: Living In The Material World, premiered in the U.S. over the last two nights on HBO. Bob Dylan, like Harrison, enjoys his privacy and rarely participates in projects such as this. However, Dylan and Harrison were such good friends that it would be impossible to leave Dylan out of the picture entirely. Scorsese and Olivia Harrison, George's widow, must have made some difficult decisions of what to include in Living In The Material World. Harrison did not need to be overshadowed by Dylan as he had been in the Beatles. In part one, Dylan is only acknowledged in two passing images - The chart placing of "Like A Rolling Stone" just below a Beatles' single, and Harrison seen reading the paperback version of Dont Look Back. (See video at left). The start of the second half features a couple of photographs of Dylan and Harrison, presumably taken at Dylan's Woodstock home in late 1968, although his name in not mentioned. Dylan's name is finally uttered during the segment about the unexpected success of the Harrison-produced "Hare Krishna Mantra" by the Radha Krishna Temple. The record was played between acts at Dylan's 1969 Isle of Wight concert. It was up to producer Phil Spector to discuss Dylan's appearance at 1971's Concert For Bangladesh, explaining how he went to Dylan's apartment to retrieve the reluctant musician. Later, while it is not an obvious reference, Harrison's recycled riff from Dylan's "I Want You" can be heard in "Give Me Love (Peace On Earth)." The Dylan-Harrison composition, "I'd Have You Anytime," was used as a juxtaposition for a series of family home movies after a sequence about financing the controversial film, Monty Python's Life Of Brian. It was interesting that an unreleased recording of Harrison covering "Let It Be Me" was used in the film after the report of the 1980 murder of John Lennon. In 1981, Dylan unexpectedly issued his second version of the song as the b-side of "Heart Of Mine" in Europe. I wonder if there is any connection. Dylan's presence is most felt in the Traveling Wilburys' segment. He is first seen in a photograph behind a microphone, wearing headphones and holding up a sheet of paper, while Tom Petty recalled the origins of the band. The video "Handle With Care" was shown next, with Petty describing how the song was written. The previously unseen footage of Dylan snapping his fingers, then swaying back and forth while listening for instructions as he was recording his vocals for "Margarita," was probably the highlight for Dylan fans. There's also a clip from the end of the "Dirty World" recording session, when each Wilbury took a turn at the mic. Some of this footage was used with a voice over in the documentary The True History of the Traveling Wilburys, but this is "clean" with a slightly different edit. Toward the end of the movie, there's a revealing scene when Olivia Harrison interprets George's lyrics of "I'd Have You Anytime" as a way for him to communicate with Dylan about letting Harrison into his life, while a photo of both musicians from 1968 was shown on the screen. The three-and-a-half hour documentary barely scratched the surface of Harrison's life. The pacing reminded me of A Hard Day's Night, which started off claustrophobic, then featured a liberating escape sequence half way through. In the case of Living In The Material World, Harrison was able to free himself from the Beatles and forge his own path, although the pressures of fame still waited in the shadows. Unfortunately, many aspects of Harrison's life were not covered, including most of his solo recording career, the success of Cloud Nine and his 1991 tour of Japan with Eric Clapton. There could also have been more about George and Bob, including the joy of hanging out with Dylan and the Band in 1968 and how it contrasted with the tension within the Beatles, stories of Harrison secretly taping Dylan's performances, and other anecdotes. However, this is Harrison's story. In the first half, Harrison could barely get a word in. In the second, the "Quiet Beatle" finally had his say. http://www.examiner.com/bob-dylan-in-national/bob-dylan-s-lack-of-content-scorsese-s-george-harrison-documentary

Voldar: Listen to George Harrison cover two Bob Dylan songs, from new U.K. box set As previously reported here, the new U.K. only box set, George Harrison: Living In The Material World, includes a bonus CD of ten unreleased tracks, including versions of Bob Dylan's "Mama, You Been On My Mind" and the Dylan/Harrison collaboration, "I'd Have You Any Time." "Mama, You Been On My Mind" (listed as "Mama You've Been On My Mind") is a demo version with simple overdubs. Harrison must have been a big fan of this composition, as he played a beautiful acoustic version during the Beatles' January, 1969, Get Back/Let It Be sessions, and jammed on the song with Dylan on May 1, 1970, at an informal session in New York. "I'd Have You Any Time" is an early take from the All Thing Must Pass sessions. Harrison once said that he used the song to open his first real solo album because he could hide behind Eric Clapton's guitar and (some of) Dylan's lyrics. Mama You Been On My Mind I'd Have You Any Time http://www.examiner.com/bob-dylan-in-national/listen-to-george-harrison-cover-two-bob-dylan-songs-from-new-u-k-box-set

Voldar: Я предыдущему посту добавлю ещё клип. George Harrison & Bob Dylan - If Not For You (The Concert For Bangladesh 1971)

Voldar: Большое трехдисковое издание выпускает "ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME" ,среди треков есть два живых выступления непосредственно касающихся участников нашего коллектива. Best of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum Live Disco: 2 1. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream 2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood, Dhani Harrison and Prince 3. Green River - John Fogerty & Friends 4. Beck s Bolero - Jeff Beck with Jimmy Page 5. Woodstock - James Taylor 6. Won t Get Fooled Again - The Who and the Rock Hall Jam Band 7. Dear Mr. Fantasy - Traffic 8. Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers Band with Sheryl Crow 9. Who ll Stop the Rain - John Fogerty & Friends 10. Fire and Rain - James Taylor 11. Crossroads - Cream 12. Iron Man - Metallica 13. Roadhouse Blues - The Doors with Eddie Vedder 14. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynryd Skynyrd 15. Born on the Bayou - John Fogerty & Friends 16. La Grange - ZZ Top 17. Tired of Being Alone - Al Green Disco: 3 1. Tie Your Mother Down - Queen with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins 2. Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac 3. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith with Kid Rock 4. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 5. Landslide - Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham 6. Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel 7. American Girl - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 8. Blitzkrieg Bop - Green Day 9. The Promised Land - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 10. Running on Empty - Jackson Browne 11. Pink Houses - John Mellencamp 12. Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2 13. R.O.C.K. in the USA - John Mellencamp 14. I Still Haven t Found What I m Looking For - U2 with Bruce Springsteen 15. Handle with Care - Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Steve Winwood and Dhani Harrison 16. Man on the Moon - R.E.M. with Eddie Vedder

Goldenday: Володь, на 3 CD выходит?

Voldar: Да ,на трех.Первый не стал постить,там наших нет.

Voldar: На выставке в музее Гремми,посвященной Джоржу есть отдельный стенд The Traveling Wilburys.

Goldenday: И на этом стенде лица музыкантов изображены гораздо более похожими на себя, чем на обложке 1-го альбома. Смотреть приятно.

Sergey`M: Интересно, восковые фигуры их где нибудь есть?

Voldar: Главное,чтобы нафталиновые не выставляли.


Voldar: Послушал альбомчик новой "супер" группы Мика Джагера в всязи с которой всуе часто упоминали наш любимый коллектив.Не понял.Не понял как это вообще можно сравнивать.Всё думал может дождусь,что нибудь от Дейва Стюарта,нет,не дождался,а мастеринг такой ,что мозги выносит навылет.Даже в оформлении обложки альбома,есть мотивы из антологии Тома. Если кому интересно послушать могу выложить.

Goldenday: А я недавно тоже послушал, Володь. Двоякое ощущение. Часть песен вроде как ничего, а часть - откровенная хрень. По мне, так лучше б дитя Марли вместе с девицей не участвовали. Касательно обложки - действительно ощущение, что у Тома и тут один дизайнер работал. Или кто-то с кого-то...

Voldar: Я бы и не возбухал сильно,если бы не попытки поставить знак равенства некоторыми борзописцами.

Goldenday: Voldar пишет: поставить знак равенства Об этом даже речи не может быть. Те, кто так пишет, пытаются строить из себя умников типа "мы понимаем то, что недоступно массам". Сплюнь и забудь.

Voldar: Один из наших журналюг тоже решил почтить память Джоржа...ну лучше бы не делал этого.В конце статейки он конечно как то акценты расставляет,но вот в середине; 3. End Of The Line Подношение супергруппы Travelling Wilburys их первому покойнику: Рой Орбисон (Roy Orbison) успел записать гитару и вокал для этой песни, но в клипе сняться не успел. Джордж тогда придумал основную идею клипа: давайте сделаем так, как будто Рой просто куда-то уехал, а нам надо снимать клип. Позднее тот же самый прием он предложит Полу и Ринго — над архивными демо Леннона они будут работать по тому же принципу: представили, что Леннон укатил отдыхать в Испанию, а корешам оставил наспех слабанные демо — вот, я тут наваял, а вы делайте, что считаете нужным, я вам доверяю. Безотказный приемчик, Джордж, просто безотказный. Полностью здесь - http://www.zvuki.ru/R/P/26763/

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