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Voldar: Rock And Roll Detective (TM) . The Case of the Mysterious Traveling Wilburys Guitar Picks The guitar picks of legendary supergroup The Traveling Wilburys (TW) are part of long and mysterious history of musicial pseudonyms first used by The Beatles; a tradition that dates back well before they were famous. Aside from the near impossibility in locating a complete set of these TW picks, they contain only fictional names of the band members and their friends. Searching for authentic Wilburys picks with the real band member names will yield a dead-end because they simply dont exist. Who are Nelson, Otis, Lefty, Lucky and Charlie T. Jr., and just how did these picks come about? How valuable are they to collectors? Read on... Historically, the pseudonyms used by The Traveling Wilburys were not the first ones ever used by group founder George Harrison or "Nelson Wilbury" as he is sometime known. In order to better understand the rare and unique nature of TW guitar picks we need to travel backwards in time to the 1960s to discover where George and his first band came up with the idea for pseudonyms. In May of 1960, The Beatles were hired to back teen singer Johnny Gentle on a tour of Scotland. In so doing, the group decided to bill themselves as The Silver Beatles (or according to other reports, Long John Silver and the Silver Beatles). Gentle talks about his time fronting The Silver Beatles in his book Johnny Gentle and the Beatles: First Ever Tour - Scotland 1960. Prior to this tour, John, Paul and George decided to create pseudonyms for themselves along the way. This was the first documented use of pseudonyms by The Beatles. George Harrison changed his name to Carl Harrison, no doubt in tribute to his rockabilly hero (and future friend) Carl Perkins. McCartney selected Paul Ramone as his nom de plume and Lennon of course, was Long John Silver. At the time, it was all in good fun. However, as time went on the group (and later as solo artists) began to use pseudonyms for various creative and business purposes. Paul McCartney was a big fan of pseudonyms and continued to use them throughout his career. In the middle 1960s he used the name Bernard Web to disguise his authorship of the song Woman for the British pop singing duo Peter and Gordon. His intent was to see if the song could reach the top of the charts without the help of a Beatle, standing merely on the merits of the song and the performance of Peter and Gordon. In 1967, McCartney produced an album for the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (The History of the Bonzos) under the name Apollo C. Vermouth. This time the intent was to help musical friends on a rival record label, due to record contract obligations that would have prevented his assistance to the band. Again in 1967, McCartney came up with the concept and pseudonym - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - to help free the group to create their latest album outside the confines and expectations of using their Beatles moniker. George Harrison continued the use of pseudonyms in the late 1960s. In 1969, Harrison released an experimental solo LP on the Apple Records/ Zapple label called Electronic Sound. On it, he secretly credited himself as Artur Wax. On a brief liner note he poked fun at himself with the line There are a lot of people around, making a lot of noise, heres some more. hroughout the late Sixties and into the Seventies, George Harrison continued to use various pseudonyms to let fans know he had played sessions on the albums of other artists. This use of pseudonyms was meant to get around entertainment attorneys who had yet to figure out how artists exclusively signed to their labels could be loaned out to work on albums for artists on rival labels. Additionally, George likely did not want his friends to be invoiced by his label for lending his talents. The list of names used by Harrison during his solo career is long and humorous: George Harrysong; George OHara; Son of Harry; Harry Georgeson; P.Roducer; Jai Raj Harisein; LAngelo Mysterioso; and a few more. In a future article of the Rock And Roll Detective Blog, we will further explore the "anonymous" sessions of The Beatles working on other artists' sessions. The birth of The Traveling Wilburys was an organic happy accident. In mid- 1988, Harrison had recently recorded the album Cloud Nine, produced with Jeff Lynne. Warner Bros. Records' International Department had asked George Harrison to come up with an extra track for Europe for the single This Is Love. At the time it was customary to couple an A-side with a never-before-heard track, giving the single extra sales value. Lynne and Harrison were out to dinner with Roy Orbison that night. Lynne was currently producing an Orbison album. Orbison and Harrison were old friends from 1963 when Roy and The Beatles toured England together. They discussed Harrisons need to record another song. When Lynne informed Harrison that one could not find a studio on such short notice, George said, Lets call Bob (Dylan). He has a studio in his garage. The next day, after Harrison picked up his guitar on loan at Tom Pettys house (Tom recalls: "I wondered what I was going to do today")- all five rock and roll legends found themselves hanging around Bob Dylans garage, helping George craft his "b-side. Once Handle With Care was written, George figured, no use wasting all this assembled talent, and put them to work sharing lead vocal duties. No doubt Harrison and Lynne realized they had formed the group they often joked about during the Cloud Nine sessions. A group they referred to early on as Trembling Wilburys. Of course, when the record label heard Handle With Care and found out who was on the song, they suggested Harrison form the group and record more songs. Thus, The Traveling Wilburys were born. As plans for the new group and album were being made, Harrison started to create a logo, and funny names that ended in Wilbury. George recalls, Somebody was making these guitar picks and they said, What should we put on them? Everybody has some smart little thing written on the pick. So, as wed just been talking about these Trembling Wilburys, I had it misspelled on the guitar pick as Travelling Wilburys. But at that point, it was just a drunken thought at the back of my head. As George was creating an extended mix of his hit single Got My Mind Set On You the first Traveling Wilburys guitar pick surfaced. During this session in which Harrison used a borrowed red Hamer guitar to record a solo for the mix, engineer Bill Botrell says, We were sitting around, and George said, Yeah, I guess we are going to have a group or something. Then he handed me a Travelling Wilburys guitar pick. Indeed, Georges group or something formed and each Wilbury came up with their own Wilbury name for the band and for their pick. The first album was titled Traveling Wilburys Volume 1. The picks with their pseudonyms are listed below: Travelling Wilburys = The band name spelled wrong on pick Nelson Wilbury = George Harrison Otis Wilbury = Jeff Lynne Lucky Wilbury = Bob Dylan Lefty Wilbury = Roy Orbison Charlie T. Jr. Wilbury = Tom Petty When Traveling Wilburys - Vol. 3 was recorded a couple of years later, the band members again gave themselves new monikers, however, no Volume 3 picks ever surfaced. This author requested a Traveling Wilburys pick (through a mutual friend) from Jeff Lynne after Volume 3 had been released. Although Lynne didnt have one, he did provide something even more rare Lynne said, "I haven't got a pick, but (pulling it out of his pocket) will this do?" It was a golf game-used Clayton Wilbury golf tee, which, I suppose one could use as a pick. hough no Wilbury picks have surfaced for Traveling Wilburys Volume 3, here are the names each band member used in the album credits: Spike Wilbury = George Harrison Clayton Wilbury = Jeff Lynne Muddy Wilbury= Tom Petty Boo Wilbury = Bob Dylan Harrison did have other picks made during The Traveling Wilburys. They are listed and shown below. Unfortunately, we dont know who all of the true identities are at this point. The author asked drummer and Traveling Sidebury, Jim Keltner about Ken, Biff, Betty, Gladys and Cyril Wilbury. He laughed and said, Some of those picks may have had no meaning at all. The guys would just sit around and think up so many Wilbury names that just made them laugh. For now, the mystery continues. Ayrton Wilbury = Dhani Harrison Sir Edmund Wilbury- George Harrison Ken Wilbury =? Biff Wilbury =? Betty Wilbury =? Gladys Wilbury =? Cyril Wilbury =? Nakihoma Wilbury = George Harrison (Live in Japan 91 tour) The Traveling Wilburys official hardcover book http://www.genesis-publications.com/the-traveling-wilburys/ by Genesis Publications was published in 2009 and contained one photo of all the picks. To say that these original picks are hard to find is an understatement. The Wilburys never toured, never appeared as a group in public and gave out their picks in very small numbers to their closest family and friends. And that was over twenty years ago. Today, some of these picks individually sell for $1,000 or more. And in fact, a complete set showed up on EBay http://cgi.ebay.com/Traveling-Wilbury-Beatles-Dylan-Guitar-Pic-Pick-Picks-/320573173551?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 for $74,000 in August, 2010. But then, no one said collecting is easy. Rather, it is a life time pursuit and passion. In the words of Nelson Wilbury, Keep on traveling folks. Jim Berkenstadt Rock And Roll Detective 2010 Rock And Roll Detective The complete photo set of Traveling Wilburys picks is shown courtesy of Jon Elliott. http://rocknrolldetective.blogspot.com/2010/08/case-of-mysterious-traveling-wilburys.html

Voldar: The Jim Keltner Fan Club I have reviewed hundreds of albums from the sixties through the nineties and one name that pops up with regularity is session drummer Jim Keltner. He has played with a virtual wing of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steely Dan, The Traveling Wilburys, Barbra Streisand, Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia, Joni Mitchell, Brian Wilson, The Bee Gees, and dozens of others have employed him as their session drummer. Not bad for a person whose first claim to fame was for Gary Lewis & The Playboys 1966 hit single, She Just My Style. During the early seventies he was the regular drummer for George Harrison appearing on several albums plus drumming live on The Concert For Bangladesh and the subsequent tour. He also played with Ringo Starr and John Lennon which increased his profile to one of the premier session musicians in the world. It was the only Beatle he did not play for that set in motion one of the great jokes of the seventies. Paul McCartneys Red Rose Speedway contained information about joining the Wings fan club. Harrison and Starr responded by including information about joining The Jim Keltner Fan Club on their albums, Living In The Material World and Ringo. It is not known how many people actually mailed in the required self addressed stamped envelope. Now 68 years old, Kelter has remained active in the studio and on the road. In the last decade he has toured with Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Recently he has drummed in the studio for The Pretenders, Oasis, and B.B. King among others. Still, no matter who he plays with he will always be remembered as the central character in George Harrison and Ringo Starrs creation of The Jim Keltner Fan Club. Read more: http://blogcritics.org/music/article/the-jim-keltner-fan-club/#ixzz0yrxl41cl

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Voldar: . VH1 listed 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time VH1 is hosting 4-night special that is bound to become another addictive countdown special: VH1s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time that features the greatest artists and musicians of all time. The list is prepared by musicians and music experts of whom many will appear on the show. If you will organize a slew of beloved musical artists, list them in order of greatness right up to the very greatest. Jim Shearer is he host of VH1s Top 20 Video Countdown, and will also feature some of the greatest musicians of all time. Over 200 artists voted including Alicia Keys, Diddy, Ozzy Osbourne and Carrie Underwood, as well as members of U2, the Police, Metallica and Aerosmith. With back-to-back episodes at 10/9c and 11/10c starting from Monday September 6, VH1 will count down its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time from whom the five-part countdown will continue every day at 10/9c through Thursday, Sept. 10. The Greatest is a VH1 series. In its each episode count down, either celebrities of a particular category or songs, albums, music videos, moments, musicians is included. Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, these all are not in list. Some other todays artists made the cut. Beyonce is number 52. Eminem is 79 and Alicia Keys makes it at number 100. The remained are filled with the usual suspects. The list of main includes: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Elvis, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. VH1 has revealed the Top 5 (although their specific ranking will remain a secret until the final show airs). In alphabetical order, the list of the Top 5 is as under, 1. The Beatles 2. Bob Dylan 3. Michael Jackson 4. Led Zeppelin 5. Rolling Stones Check out the actual rankings of the other 95 artists on the list below, 6. Jimi Hendrix 7. Prince 8. Elvis Presley 9. James Brown 10. Stevie Wonder 11. Bob Marley 12. David Bowie 13. The Who 14. Nirvana 15. The Beach Boys 16. Madonna 17. Queen 18. Pink Floyd 19. U2 20. Marvin Gaye 21. Bruce Springsteen 22. The Clash 23. AC/DC 24. The Velvet Underground 25. Chuck Berry 26. Neil Young 27. Aretha Franklin 28. Elton John 29. Radiohead 30. Aerosmith 31. John Lennon 32. Black Sabbath 33. Guns N Roses 34. Tina Turner 35. Johnny Cash 36. Paul McCartney 37. Fleetwood Mac 38. Sly & The Family Stone 39. The Kinks 40. The Police 41. Van Halen 42. Metallica 43. Ray Charles 44. Joni Mitchell 45. Al Green 46. Ramones 47. Jay-Z 48. Rage Against the Machine 49. Parliament-Funkadelic 50. Sade 51. Billy Joel 52. Beyonce 53. Little Richard 54. Public Enemy 55. Peter Gabriel 56. KISS 57. Iggy & the Stooges 58. Cheap Trick 59. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 60. Whitney Houston 61. Cream 62. Genesis 63. Notorious B.I.G. 64. Talking Heads 65. The Doors 66. Justin Timberlake 67. Coldplay 68. Otis Redding 69. Tupac Shakur 70. Def Leppard 71. R.E.M. 72. Janis Joplin 73. Van Morrison 74. The Cure 75. Rush 76. Run-DMC 77. Lynyrd Skynyrd 78. Judas Priest 79. Eminem 80. Mary J. Blige 81. ABBA 82. Steely Dan 83. Earth Wind and Fire 84. Curtis Mayfield 85. The Band 86. N.W.A. 87. George Michael 88. Bee Gees 89. Beastie Boys 90. Elvis Costello 91. Green Day 92. LL Cool J 93. Pearl Jam 94. Mariah Carey 95. OutKast 96. Journey 97. Pretenders 98. Depeche Mode 99. Hall & Oates 100. Alicia Keys

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Voldar: .... Stand-in ovation Wilburys Weekend at the Lizard Lounge celebrates the ultimate supergroup From left: Jim Gerdeman, Brendan Boogie, Jason Dunn, Emeen Zarookian, and Naseem Khuri are ready for Wilburys Weekend. (Bill Brett for The Boston Globe) Handle With Care will be handled with care by some of Bostons best local acts this weekend. The Cover-Up concert series hosted by Brendan Boogie will tackle the Traveling Wilburys in a two-night extravaganza at the Lizard Lounge. The Wilburys were the casual 1988-90 supergroup featuring George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and ELO mastermind Jeff Lynne. At the Lizard, Naseem Khuri of Kingsley Flood will tackle Dylan, Jason Dunn (of the Luxury) will take Harrisons parts, Spirit Kids Emeen Zarookian sings Petty, Jim Gerdeman of Mercy James sings Lynne, and Boogie will don Orbison-like shades. Each performer will deliver a half-hour set of songs by their designated superstar, after which they will assemble to perform as the Wilburys. (Boogies drummer, Justin Tibbets, will be the lone Sidebury, a role that originally belonged to drummer Jim Keltner.) To me the Wilburys are inspirational. They sort of capture the idea of what making music is, or what it should be Lets just get together and write some songs and have fun, said Boogie. That spirit of community is what the Cover-Up and the Boston music scene are all about to me. Although the accounts differ on some details, most agree that Lynne was producing a Harrison album in Los Angeles when they met Orbison for dinner. They decided to cut a number together and called Dylan to ask if they could use his home studio. Someone stopped by Pettys house to pick up a guitar. Together they all cut Handle With Care and liked it so much they decided to keep going. The end result was two popular albums, although Orbison died before the recording of the second one. Harrison has also passed away now, but the pleasure in the music remains. Theyre all sort of throwaway songs in a sense, but theyre throwaway songs by geniuses, Boogie said. Its like Van Gogh doodling something for your refrigerator. Theres something so joyful and free in that. If you look at pictures of them, Dylan looks like he just doesnt care at all, Khuri said with a laugh. Boogie organizes the Cover-Up events with Andrea Kremer. Previous honorees over the last two years have included Petty, Queen, and Fleetwood Mac, but the closest to this in scale was a one-night recreation of the Bands farewell concert, The Last Waltz. They all end up being logistical nightmares, Boogie says. But we get so excited about doing it that any kind of problems disappear. Boogie played in a classic-rock cover band when he was in high school and college. As much as that experience left him wanting never to play Sweet Home Alabama again, he says, Songs last for a reason. Everyone covers the Beatles. Its because the songs are so good. The Wilburys never toured, but it wasnt hard to get the Boston musicians involved in the Cover-Up. It becomes very much what the Wilburys were, said Dunn, which is just a bunch of guys who are friends with each other that all play music just getting together to do something as a one-off. Its a lot of fun. Khuris excited about singing Country Pie, a 1:35 obscurity from Dylans Nashville Skyline Its the most fun song ever, he says but admits he had to study up on the words to Dylans Wilburys epic Tweeter and the Monkey Man. Dunn is the only one not playing his set with his regular band. His sidemen will include his father, veteran subway performer Glenn French, on guitar. Hes most looking forward to playing Harrisons Beatles track I Me Mine, partly for music-geek reasons: I just love the 4/4 to 6/8 shuffle in it, although I didnt understand what that was when I was a little kid. Theres plenty of joking about just how far each will go to play their part. Dunn is trying to rent an electric sitar to indulge Harrisons fascination with Indian music. Khuri hints at recreations of moments from Dylans career, so dont be surprised to see Soy Bomb. Boogie may have the greatest challenge in his set. Were going to have strings and upright bass and background vocals and become Roy Orbisons band the best we can, said Boogie. Ill be dressed like Roy. Ill do my best. As Freddie Mercury, I came out shirtless with a cape and crown, so Im prepared to go all the way. http://www.boston.com/ae/music/articles/2010/09/10/wilburys_weekend_gets_a_stand_in_ovation/ http://www.thecoverupboston.com/

Voldar: SWEET LIGHTS Handle With Care. : http://sweetlights.bandcamp.com/track/handle-with-care

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